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UK: Muslims agitate against Christian patrol in Luton: ‘We will take over! Just watch.’ – Video

See it yourself, it’s not a “minority Muslim problem”. One after another Muslims come forth to assure the team from political group Britain First who created the video that they will and intend to take over. It never started as a minority Muslim problem in Israel either and look what it grew into… now portrayed through Muslim PR and propaganda, as a Israeli occupation of Muslim land while facts are completely the opposite.

Muslims commit hijrah (immigration) to a non-Muslim country with intentions to take over, not to escape from some war they themsleves start and parttake in.

DailyMail’s Anon Reporter Edited Clip

DailyMail ran a story on this march into Luton by Britain First. But they edited out all the constant Muslim expressions of “we will take over” to deceive people with the report. The journalist responsible published the story under “DM reporter” anonymous title, which already tells us what background that employee has!

14 thoughts on “UK: Muslims agitate against Christian patrol in Luton: ‘We will take over! Just watch.’ – Video

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  2. People in the West need to recognize that Islam is not an ideology that will assimilate. Moreover, the command from Mohammad is to emulate him in every way. He also instructed Muslims to conquer the world for Allah! Consequently, Islam rapes, slaughters, and wages war where ever it plants its feet. Any one with a brain who studies Islam will recognize that the Islamic doctrine violates the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Why then is it allowed to exist? Not all religions are lawful! For example, religions that practice human sacrifice are illegal for obvious reasons. So, why then is Islam legal when it advocates pedophilia, slavery, the slaughter of non-believers–Christians and Jews in particular. The fact that the followers of Mohammad count into the billions should not be the justification for giving this evil ideology legal standing. In deed, the sheer numbers of Muslims necessitate the destruction of Mosques in every state of the World. With respect to the UK and other EU Countries, the people must rebel! They must take up arms and dispatch their treasonous political class forthwith. Time is not on the side of good Christian people. Fight! Sell your cloth and buy a Sword, Jesus said!


    • Please contemplate the wisdom of maintaining a Pledge of Allegiance that swears loyalty to “one nation under God”.

      This has already been presented to American school children as “one nation under Allah”.

      How about “one nation free from Theocracy”.

      My personal goal is an Islam-free American Hemisphere [this most specially includes the Islamic Republic of Canada].

      Fashioning our Pledge of Allegiance to reflect this sentiment I consider a necessary first step. I propose legislation to effect this be introduced early in the new Congress.


  3. What a legacy of utter failure by the British Queen, Charles and the so called British Parliament to allow unnecessarily and abet the absurd path that was implimented all across Europe! Well, those who abandon they’re own lands and People by threats and attempts to shame any citizens who NEVER advocated Multiculturalism by the civilized manner of Protests. The wealthy and so called Lords who tested the population by importing large numbers of Asian Indian and Orientals who understood a adherence to order and then through absolute eccentric folly demanded the people shutdown any thoughts of reality based alarm and take in hordes of Paks, Afgans, Saudes and African Muslims as if the mere exposure to peaceful Briton would take the salafism out of the violence prone opportunists who have many inciter Imans strirring the pot to silently invade and take the countries they have long veiwed with loathing and greed to enslave the white race, what stupid arrogance1
    This will be remembered forever by the regular north Europeans and I can’t help but implicate the US Gov. as a incomprehensible accomplice. The US people are also under treasonous management that has resorted to striring ultra liberal attacks onto all who point to the facts of dumping trillions into people incapable of integration and dropping ancient scores blown as if the “didn’t participate in the horrific 400 years of raids on Europe for the need to insult the white race and few others to be rendered into sexual slavery and the vilest kinds of hatred as a rebuke to being run out of Europe after shameful treatment onto all people they could swarm on.
    Face the facts people, the governments stance to force the integration upon the long term axe to grind masses of traditional unreprogrammable muslims is as groo mistake!!!
    The only way the towns and cities will be liberated from these aggressive people whose BRAINWASHING is to take over when they have the might of a horde and FORCE the original inhabitants to surrender be robbed or die or flee,
    I cannot fathom the liberal rainbow mentality as if the rest of people from countries that live in an eternal state of war and driven by Islamic veiws will suddenly drop their racist hatreds and be your best friend if given the opportunity!



    First off, excuse my use of capital letters, they’re just for emphasis, ’cause there’s no italics, bold or underline available.

    I’m a German-born Aussie who moved to Berlin (where I was born, way too many years ago ☺) just over 14 years ago. I grew up Down Under with parents who had experienced the Third Reich (my Dad got conscripted and stuck into an AA-gun crew near the Franco-German border when he was a 16-year-old in the Hitler Youth Air Cadets; he was 17 when the war ended), but who blessedly (I say that even though I’m an atheist) instilled in me two very important values: Tolerance and Respect For The Individual, be they white, black, yellow, red or green (just to keep all the Political Correctness fans happy: Caucasian, African, Asian, North American Native or Martian ☺).

    Once upon a time, I used to be neither anti-Jew nor pro-Jew, just neutral, but I was definitely VERY anti-Israel (which I’m now just as “definitely VERY” ashamed of, having had my eyes opened and learning more and more during the last six months or so). The “Wir schaffen das” situation here in Germany motivated me last year to do a bit of research, as a result of which I then made the effort to obtain authorised English translations of the Quran, Ibn Kathir’s Al Sira, and Sahih Bukhari’s Ahadith. I had NO IDEA what I was getting into … Oh my [insert Deity-Of-Your-Choice here], the bile, the hate, the Islamic “Übermensch” (there’s no other way to describe it) ideology. I started visiting SO-CALLED “hate sites” that tell people exactly what sort of ideas and TWISTED principles are taught in Islam. More importantly (for me, personally), these “hate sites” also tell me things that the German media won’t. By the way, I did not get “sucked in” by what I read about Islam and M….MAD on those sites, as I had read exactly those things myself in the afore-mentioned authorised translations of the Islamic “scriptures”.

    I need to state that I don’t hate Muslims per se, I actually do know some very decent ones (I honestly do), but I utterly hate and despise this megalomaniac, violent, illogical, nonsensical, semi-plagiarised “religion” of vomit, chunder and spew.

    By the way, I’m bald (by choice – I started shaving my head in my early twenties), with tattoos on either side of my skull. You can imagine how often I get to hear “Nazischwein” and similar things screamed at/after me by groups of young “persons of a different cultural or religious background”. We’ve got a Jewish quarter in Berlin and I’ve NEVER EVER gotten any hateful looks there, and certainly never had any prejudiced comments screamed at/after me. I’ve been treated with the utmost courtesy and respect, despite my appearance. My neutrality towards Jews has transformed into very amicable feelings. I’m very appreciative of the way I’ve been met with a “let’s see what he’s really like first, before we condemn the man”-attitude in the Jewish quarter. I don’t dare to walk into certain other neighbourhoods of Berlin, of course (certain streets I wouldn’t even walk down in broad daylight!). I’m not a pussy, I just don’t feel like being knifed for the way I look (I’m not expressing prejudice here and I’m not being paranoid, it’s just an unfortunate risk reality).

    My anti-Israel stance is now pro-Israel. I have the greatest respect for how humanely Israel has defended itself against unspeakable animosity and hatred. The sum of the last few months’ newly acquired knowledge and subsequent (belated) realisation of the truth reminds me of Martin Niemöller’s famous quote (google it, if need be) except that today’s National Socialism is Islam.


      • That’s right, mate, and there’s really not a helluva lot of Jews telling us to “worship YHWH or else(!)”, is there now? To be fair, however, surely NONE of the many religions in the world would inspire its followers to act like that, don’t you agree?! ☺ ☺ ☺ (falling off my chair) ☺ ☺ ☺


    • Addendum:
      Picked up this little beauty at

      In 2007, Islam and Judaism’s holiest
      holidays overlapped for 10 days.
      Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies
      in 94 terror attacks across 10 countries
      during this time… while Jews
      worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.


  5. The Muslim invasion of the UK started 50 years ago and the Islamisation of our country is now unstoppable , much of it financed by the evil Saudi Arabia. This is happening in almost every country in Europe.


    • Only because officials and our government stupidly have allowed it, and continue to mistakenly believe that Islam will integrate. It will not, it can only dominate and eventually threaten our lives.


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