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ISIS threaten an attack on Britain so horrific it will ‘turn children’s hair white’

Sounds like they’re referring to a chemical attack. One of our readers reported a huge network of Muslims around the world, creating chemical weapons and plotting an attack. Although one of the main contacts was arrested and put on trial, the authorities treated the threat far, far too lenient. Unless they take the Islamic ideology more serious, they can never battle this evil.


ISIS threaten an attack on Britain so horrific it will ‘turn children’s hair white’ as latest video shows white jihadi warning of further outrages in Europe and shooting captives

  • Terror group’s newspaper warns UK will suffer ‘lion’s share’ of attack
  • Meanwhile, a video warns of attacks which will make the West forget 9/11
  • But the French-speaking jihadi suggests Spain will be main target
  • Killer says this is because Muslim rule was overthrown there 500 years ago

ISIS have threatened an attack on Britain so horrific it will ‘turn children’s hair white’ as latest video warns of further outrages across the continent.

The terror group has warned the UK will suffer ‘the lion’s share’ of the slaughter it intends to wield in Europe, according to its Arabic language newspaper, al-Naba.

However, in a video released on Saturday, the millitants suggest it is Spain which will come under the strongest attack as the West is forced to ‘pay dearly’ for having crushed Muslim rule in Andalusia – more than 500 years ago.

Anger: The white ISIS fighter, concealing his true identity behind a balaclava, warns the terror group are still angry about the overthrow of Muslim rule in southern Spain more than 500 years ago

The attack on Britain is fueled by the more recent decision to bomb ISIS strongholds in Syria, an article which eulogised evil London murderer Mohammed Emwazi said.

According to the Sunday Times, the attack will be so dreadful ‘it will turn the children’s hair to white’.

This is thought to refer to a doomsday prophesy in the Koran.

Meanwhile, the video released at the weekend features a long-haired jihadi, who appears to be white, who warns ISIS is going to carry out atrocities which will make the West forget the September 11 attacks against the United States, or the Paris massacre in November.

Despite being Francophone, his wrath is turned particularly towards Spain, which he says will ‘pay dearly’ for having crushed Muslim rule in ancient Andalusia, the southern Spanish region where the Moors ruled from 711 AD to 1492.

He speaks of Cordoba and Toledo and says the ancient land of Andalusia is Muslim and has not been forgotten.

Violence: He and his fellow fighters then murder five men they claim were apostates and spies

The man, who waves a gun as he talks, brands the US-led coalition fighting the terror group in Syria and Iraq ‘imbecile miscreants’ and warns that they will be unable to crush the jihadist group.

The footage, posted on jihadist websites, is said to have been produced by the ISIS media office in Iraq’s Nineveh province, and shows young men testifying to have acted against the jihadists before being shot dead, execution-style.

At the end of the almost eight-minute video, the French-speaker and other IS fighters shoot dead five kneeling men in orange jumpsuits.

The ‘execution’ appears to take place in the ruins of a building which destroyed in an air strike.


The Moors first arrived on Spanish soil in the early part of the eighth century, and would remain in the region for another 800 years.

The first group arrived from Damascus, in Syria, and created a capital in exile in Cordoba.

Three centuries later, they were followed by groups from north Africa with the Nasrid dynasty establishing the Emirate of Grenada in the 13th century.

They ruled for another 200 years, before the last ruler Boabdil surrended to the Christian armies, eventually returning to Fez in Morocco. 



9 thoughts on “ISIS threaten an attack on Britain so horrific it will ‘turn children’s hair white’

  1. I suspect Merkel is compromised through hypnosis as the USSR was losing its footing and/or likely in conjunction with the Arabs in Saudi and “others” even Irans mutual involvement!
    Time to remove the Chancellor and declare her mentally ill in order to “return to sender” the hordes! these times are no time to allow openly crazy demands to prevail by the EU politians!!! Or Obama as well!!!!!


  2. Expulsion. Expulsion. Expulsion.

    Let your candidates know if they don’t support Islamic Expulsion, they will enjoy Electoral Expulsion.


  3. Time to start incarcerating en masse for security reasons and declaring martial law for muslimes while shooting/hanging anyone guilty of ideological (see “Islamic”)violence .THIS is the only thing that works..check the WW2 Germans…the “Maquis” were a joke until the French realized Germany was losing as German retaliations had effectively controlled them and most conquered nations. The soviet area has a different story but muslimes only do it now 90% of the time as they know they will be minimally punished. Make it maximally and they will NOT be so keen.
    ONLY violence works with these scum and I have witnessed its impact.


  4. I have tried several times to click on “Read More Of This Post”, and it won’t load, I went to the bottom where it says, “Trouble Clicking?” so I did what it said to do, I copied and pasted the link to another window. Still not working. All other pages of your site work. Just can’t get this one. Please let me know when this one is fixed, as I’m very interested in reading it. Thank You in advance, Joan C.

    On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 1:29 PM, The Muslim Issue wrote:

    > Admin posted: “ISIS threaten an attack on Britain so horrific it will > ‘turn children’s hair white’ as latest video shows white jihadi warning of > further outrages in Europe and shooting captives Terror group’s newspaper > warns UK will suffer ‘lion’s share’ of attack Me” >


    • Not sure what problems you are experiencing? The post does not have any “read more” link. Have you perhaps accessed it via some external site or link outside of


  5. We all need to read the book “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America”. This is one of the phases of Jihad – the political takeover. (The other 2 being first arrivals = “Its a religion of peace”, then, finally military / terror.)

    This 3 pronged approach has been going on for 1400 years – quite simply , it works. But each phase is multifaceted. Every Muslim plays a part , even if “only” by breeding. (The Koran is, in essence, a War Manual, thinly disguised as a religious “holy book”.

    And of course, search TROP thereligionofpeace

    You could always ask yourself ” Why was Islam booted out of Spain?”.

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