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Australia: Muslim race card against police backfires

This report from Australia illustrates a common problem.

Remember: A Muslim can only be a victim. They can never be responsible for their own conduct or be guilty of a wrong. That can simply never happen… Rule one is that a Muslim is always right. And should he or she ever be wrong, rule one automatically comes into force. Anything other claim is simply… racism.

8 thoughts on “Australia: Muslim race card against police backfires

  1. Seven kids? Is it possible she doesn’t know what causes it?

    Six months? Bullshit. Deportation for her and her spawn.


  2. These crazed fanatics shall reap what they sow!
    When they see the door closing the’ll resort to every kind of juvenile self imposed indignant and vicious attrocities since the last time the sultans tried to invade the lands and women with light skin they so enviously desire.
    Nothing drives the jihadis more than dangling the European girls and women and “mansions’ from what they have deprived each other for centuries. They are a violent lawless breed generally with only a few culturally intolerant “non combants” who give the impression that the whole lot are OK. The Western world became soft due to taking that leap forward of civilized non vicious infighting, and these illiterate muslim salafists simpily see the whole scene as ripe for them to take a portion, town at a time and in their new stolen homes that the liberals forced everyone to hand over. These muslim men absolutely dream about having their own “infidel slave harem” to parade around and subject to as much humiliation as their indoctrinated fascist type ideology can conjure up!
    Thanks to a completely delusional set of mostly self hating western governments whose naive feelings on inclusion is on track to result in tragic consequences for all of us! Apparently trying to show how ignorantly open minded they can be against their own cultures, we will once again have to experience the real racists of Islamic tyrrants as they try to force their grossly anti-western muslim laws on other far superior cultures. They are a shameless violent breed that as openly intent on invading everywhere to wipe out any other culture like any invasive species without natural predators. We’ll hold our stupid fool governments accountable for their insolent arrogance! This craziness is the reverse of extremist nationalism but equally disasterous
    However,the muslims are out of control in the advance hordes


  3. This sort of bullying is an attempt to make them exempt from normal laws but also they want to then impose their laws on non moslems.
    It needs to be robustly resisted at all times otherwise we are finished, they will never be satisfied with half measures.

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  4. This event, although not very recent, is typical – even in Australia. I dont think she ever went to prison for it though – got off on appeal with the excuse that it could not be proven to be her behind the veil or her “sister” – they both came to court. While their “Brothers” refuse to stand up in Australian courts before female judges and are getting away with it, claiming that only the Law of Alllahblablablabla has their respect, and we all know the example their prophet and messenger of allah showed to women, once he stopped being a gigolo to his first wifey.

    Incidentally, Kaysar Trad – the one named as the whatever of the “Muslim-Australian Friendship association” (members: him, his wives and children they say) was the “assistant and translator” to that infamous Grand Mufti of Australia, who defended the pack rapes of white Australian girls by arabo-muslim “youth” a few years ago with the “cat will take uncovered meat” defence. And who later on, claiming that his mosque in LAKEMBA (near Sydney) got vandalised – the poor sod however had forgotten to switch off the security camera in his own mosque, camera who later revealed HIM the “oh-so-Grand” mufti of Australia to be the vandalist.

    All this, of course, would be approved under Sharia – in the interest of spreading the “religion of pieces” (*)

    (*) one piece of you here, another piece of you over there…..


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