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Swedish police rush to protect Merkel-Muslim sex attackers from ‘hooligans’ in Stockholm while media report is blocked

According to Swedish reports the Mail Online article could not be accessed from Sweden and had been blocked. Unreal. There is no freedom of speech or freedom of press in the leftist-hijacked Sweden. They just pretend there is. How is this issue never addressed in Sweden’s EU membership?

Look at the picture of 6 foot tall “15-year old” Somali migrant Youssaf Khalif Nuur who killed a lone, unarmed shelter worker Alexandra Mezher. When was his 15th birthday; a decade ago?

It’s pretty astonishing to listen to the reporting from Sweden on this “racist attack” which is only a group of fedup Swedes chasing intimidating Muslim “child” migrants at Stockholm’s train station who hang around pickpocketing, robbing, threatening, selling drugs and sex attacking the natives. The Swedish media claim that pamphlets distributed by the “hooligan” mob was racist. Read the text from the pamphlets in the article. Where is any reference to racism even mentioned anywhere?

Does no one in the Swedish media want to grow some balls and wake up to the fact that the murder victim was a LEBANESE IMMIGRANT, not a Swede? So are the Swedes racist when they react and go after the Muslim invaders who killed a Lebanese immigrant and create endless problems? Besides, it should be a wake-up call to the politicians who seem to think they can continue lying and ignoring the problems. They can’t. And if they continue, crowds will eventually come after the Zika virus infested dogs in the parliament.

What’s happening in Sweden?

Pamela Geller saves us time from repeating past posts and puts it in a nutshell:

Swedish towns have become terror hubs. [Muslim] Lawlessness is rampant, violent crimes skyrocket. There is this now constant state of [Muslim] violence, terror and fear.

It begins, appropriately enough, at a major train station. I say appropriately, because it was at scores of railway stations in Europe that the New Year’s Eve terror attacks took place. Mass sexual attacks, raping and robbing of non-Muslim women. Christians in Sweden have been warned, in blood-chilling messages, “convert or die,” with beheadings threatened; “We will bomb your rotten corpses afterwards.”

Swedish police warn that Stockholm’s main train station is now overrun by [Muslim] migrant teen gangs “stealing and groping girls.” Hundreds of Muslim migrant youth are living on the streets in Stockholm. They attack security guards at the main station. Police say they sexually assault girls and “slap them in the face when they protest.” [Muslims also threaten staff at the station and refuse to pay for tickets].

“Gangs of young, [Muslim] male refugees over-powered women and children at a train station in Stockholm, Sweden in recent days, and then robbed and groped them. Some of the migrants, who may be as young as 9, roam the streets day and night, according to Daily Mail. They have been offered help from Swedish Authorities, but have refused it, living in the streets instead.”

The enemedia is painting it as though “far right hooligans” are going after “Moroccan” or “Somalian” “children.” [Reality is that] These [Muslim] “children” are raping, killing, gang-raping seniors, robbing and attacking on a daily basis.



‘Hundreds-strong’ mob of masked men rampage through Stockholm station beating up refugee children in revenge attack for female asylum centre worker killed by Somali ‘boy’ 

  • Black-clad masked men targeted refugees at Stockholm train station
  • The mob, linked to football hooligans, targeted unaccompanied minors 
  • Before attack they handed out racist leaflets with message ‘Enough now’
  • They also refer to alleged murder of Swedish aid worker Alexandra Mezher
  • She was stabbed to death breaking up fight between two migrant boys


A mob of black-clad masked men went on a rampage in and around Stockholm’s main train station last night beating up refugees and anyone who did not look like they were ethnically Swedish.

Before the attack, the group of 200 people handed out xenophobic leaflets with the message ‘Enough now’.

Swedish media reported that the thugs, allegedly linked to Sweden’s football hooligan scene, were targeting unaccompanied minors with a ‘foreign’ background.

Mob of black-clad masked men went on a rampage in and around Stockholm's main train station targeting refugee children 

Before the attack, a group of people started handing out xenophobic leaflets with the message 'Enough now'

Authorities said the mob was linked to the Swedish football hooligan scene 

Authorities said the mob was linked to the Swedish football hooligan scene.

The mob, wearing all-black balaclavas and armbands, ‘gathered with the purpose of attacking refugee children’ Stockholm police spokesman Towe Hagg said.

‘Police are now looking into the leaflets that were handed out by masked people before the attack’.

Authorities confirmed that at least 40-50 people went on a rampage at 9pm on Friday night attacking migrants.

Witnesses told Aftonbladet newspaper that they saw a gang of black-clad thugs attacking refugees at the station.

‘I saw maybe three people who were beaten. That was no football brawl or something similar. They targeted migrants. I was quite scared and ran away,’ a witness said.

The leaflet handed out before the attack refers to the alleged murder of Alexandra Mehzer, a 22-year-old aid worker knifed to death at the child centre where she worked in Molndal, Sweden.

A Somali-born 15-year-old migrant has been accused of killing her during a fight between two asylum-seekers.

‘All over the country, reports are pouring in that the police can no longer cope with preventing and investigating the crimes which strike the Swedish people,’ reads the leaflet.

‘In some cases, for example, in the latest murder of a woman employed at a home for so called ‘unaccompanied minor refugees’ in Molndal, it goes as far as the National Police Commissioner choosing to show more sympathy for the perpetrator than the victim,’ it continues.

‘But we refuse to accept the repeated assaults and harrassment against Swedish women.’

‘We refuse to accept the destruction of our once to safe society. When our political leadership and police show more sympathy for murderers than for their victims, there are no longer any excuses to let it happen without protest.’

Alexandra Mezher, 22, a Swedish social worker who was allegedly stabbed to death by a 15-year-old asylum seeker at a shelter for refugee children

‘When Swedish streets are no longer safe to walk on for normal Swedes, it is our DUTY to fix the problem,’ the leaflet reads.

‘This is why, today, 200 Swedish men gathered to take a stand against the north African ‘street children’ who are running rampage in and around the capital’s central station.’

‘Police have clearly showed that they lack the means to stop their progress and we se no other way than to hand down the punishment they deserve ourselves.’

‘The justice system has walked out and the contract of society is therefore broken – it is now every Swedish man’s duty to defend out public spaced against the imported criminality.’

‘Those who gathered today are neither your politician, your journalist or your policeman. We are your father, your brother, your husband, your colleague, your friend and your neighbour.

‘Swedish men and women deserve safety in their everyday life and we are therefore calling on all others who also see the problem to follow in our footsteps, both in Stockholm and in other places around the country. For a better future together’

On Saturday, a 47-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault for punching a police officer in the face.

Three youngsters have also been arrested on Friday night for disturbing public order.

Last week, Swedish police warned that Stockholm’s main train station has become unsafe after being ‘taken over’ by dozens of Moroccan street children.

The all-male migrant teen gangs are spreading terror in the centre of the Swedish capital, stealing, groping girls and assaulting security guards, according to Stockholm police.

Members of the gangs, some as young as nine, roam central Stockholm day and night, refusing help provided by the Swedish authorities.

Youssaf Khalif Nuur, accused of killing 22-year-old aid worker Alexandra Mezher, sits in Court 1 at Gothenburg District Court (centre). He is flanked by his is lawyer and translator

Sweden has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Moroccan under-18s who apply for asylum without a parent or guardian in the past four years, with many later running away from the housing provided to live on the streets in the capital.

Stockholm police estimate that at least 200 Moroccan street children move in the area around the main train station in the centre of the capital, sleeping rough, and living off criminal activity.

The issue of the Moroccan teen gangs first made headlines last year, and the situation has since escalated with Stockholm police demanding authorities to take action.

Desperate officers have started arresting the teens for public drunkenness in order to get them off the streets for a few hours, with the policeman adding that they are ‘on our knees’.

The gangs are made up of orphans who have grown up on the streets of Casablanca and Tanger in Morocco, where authorities estimate there are around 80,000 homeless ‘street children’.

They have all applied for asylum Sweden as unaccompanied minors after travelling through Spain and Germany, a journey which may have taken them years.

But their troubled backgrounds have made them distrusting and wary of adults, and more than one in five have run away from migrant housing and foster families after applying to stay in Sweden.

Mail Online article was blocked in Sweden from Swedish ip-addresses trying to access the article as the age of the “15-year old” Muslim murderer was being questioned.



Dailymail journalist confirm that her article was geoblocked in Sweden. No freedom of press or freedom of speech in the extremist left socialist country. [h/t Anna]




3 thoughts on “Swedish police rush to protect Merkel-Muslim sex attackers from ‘hooligans’ in Stockholm while media report is blocked

  1. The men taking action aren’t hooligans or xenophobic. The media is simply labeling and attacking Swedes for taking responsibility in the security vacuum created by politicians, bureaucrats (the later includes security officials) the media, and the remaining elites who have betrayed ethnic Swedes and are exercising a campaign of genocide against their own people.

    “‘Those who gathered today are neither your politician, your journalist or your policeman.” – Why not selectively persecute the politicians and journalists who are practicing and enabling this genocide ? They should pay for their social crimes and in so doing get the message that they must change or are on their way out.

    The rank and file police, and other security forces, see the migrants’ crime firsthand. A substantial majority must be conflicted in their roles as those responsible for protecting Swedes and the stewards of a civil society while they watch Swedes suffer at the hands of the migrants. They are potential allies of Swedes who would take back their society. So, their is no good reason to show enmity to them.


  2. !!! – “Sweden’s Parliamentarians must now, shoulder their blame and responsibility for the Crime and Chaos resulting from for their abandon of their assigned duties under the various Government Ministries! The Citizens’ rely, and depend on the various Government Agencies to see to the administrative stability of an orderly and functioning State! This aspect of Bureaucratic responsibility, was totally abandoned, at the expenses of Swedish Citizens! Reprehensible in all and every aspect!”


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