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Germany: Muslims in Berlin scream ‘Jew, Jew, coward pig, come outside and fight alone’

Arrested for hate speech? Of course not. Muslims have some form of special previleges in society.

6 thoughts on “Germany: Muslims in Berlin scream ‘Jew, Jew, coward pig, come outside and fight alone’

  1. Yeah, fight alone against eighty ragheads.

    When they face the IDF Muslims become Olympic sprinters.


  2. The weather matters not as long as it is recent, do you understand?No, you only wish to speak about the weather Arab! We have lured your fighters into a trap they will not return from, and god has NOTHING to do with this human treachery by ISLAM!


  3. > Is it that warm in Germany right now or is this an old video?

    It’s useful to click on the “Youtube” icon (lower right part of the video screen), which will take you to the original Youtube page. There it shows that the video was filmed in July 2014, though it was only just posted on Youtube yesterday. Perhaps more interesting though is that this also automatically gives you a bunch of related video links on the right side of the page. I watched a few of those – most interesting to me was this one:

    BBC Documentary – Blaming The Jews (Muslim Antisemitism) (2005)

    It may be from 10 years ago, but it’s more true today than ever. Too bad that so few Europeans heeded its warning and have allowed the Muslim immigration to continue. They are paying the price for this now.

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