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Sweden: Complaint filed against incompetent, whimpy PM over poor migrant management

Sue them, sue them, sue them – and never give up. The only reason politics changed in the course of history and shaped into democracies is because the public raided their head quarters and executed them over disasterous leadership. That taught them a lesson not to overstep their boundries.



Swedish PM reported for slow refugee response
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven takes questions from the media after Sweden’s parliamentary question time. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT


Swedish PM reported for slow refugee response

Published: 29 Jan 2016 07:38 GMT+01:00

Sweden’s centre-right opposition has reported Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to a parliamentary scrutiny committee over his government’s failure to take rapid action when authorities were overwhelmed by last year’s refugee crisis.

In the notification, reported to parliament on Friday morning, the government is accused of failing to respond to an alarm signal from the city of Malmö in August, warnings giving to foreign minister Margot Wallström in September, and continual police complaints that the situation was spinning out of control.

“We felt that no one stepped forward and took responsibility,” Jessica Polfjärd, who leads the centre-right Moderates in the Swedish parliament, told DN newspaper. “The person ultimately responsible is the Prime Minister.”

Sweden’s government in mid-November introduced a sudden tightening of asylum and border policies after a month when the country was receiving at times more than 10,000 new asylum registrations a week, completely overwhelming the authorities. The number arriving has since fallen to just 776 a week.

The inquiry will be carried out by the parliament’s Constitutional Committee (KU) — which is responsible for checking that Swedish governments follow regulations for government work.

“Because the government has the ultimate responsibility for emergency management, we feel that there are issues we need to get to the bottom of so we can tell the Swedish people why there have been delays. Despite having received information on the emergency situation, the government has chosen not to act at once,” Polfjärd said.

Polfjärd said that the government had taken up to three months to respond to concrete information from various authorities that they were becoming overwhelmed.

“Look, for example, at the housing situation, where the government, and even the Prime Minister, were well aware that there was an emergency situation which meant that people had to sleep on the street in Malmö,” she said.

“But the most serious thing is in the big picture. We were facing one of Sweden’s most difficult crisis situations but felt that no one stepped forward and took responsibility.”

As well as the prime minister, the notification mentions interior minister Anders Ygeman and foreign minister Margot Wallström.

… and how delusional is Sweden’s prime monster?

Swedish PM ignores the 1,472% rise in rapes and sex attacks on Swedish women since Muslim migration began in Sweden. 



Some people argue that Sweden’s rape statistics are particularly high for their small population because recent changes to laws now record each separate incident of rape as as a new crime.  But this is already done in many other countrie, ex. the US where two separate incidents of rape by the same person and against the same victim is recorded as two rape cases. The argument is simply not valid because Sweden’s rape statistics began to escalate long before these new changes to the laws took place. In addition, Sweden’s rape statistics escalate in tandem with the country taking in more migration, not European migratyion  but – Muslim migration. We also need to take in consideration that the majority of rapes and attempted rapes go unreported. Reports say by as much as 64%-96% which are fairly consistent numbers in most Western counries including Sweden, and which means the real statistics are almost double to the official ones:

Rape statistics by country (chart)
Scandinavian rape statistics (chart)
Sweden rape statistics (chart)
UNDOC 2008 Countries by rape statistics
FBI stats: Rape in Sweden vs USA (chart)



2 thoughts on “Sweden: Complaint filed against incompetent, whimpy PM over poor migrant management

  1. Hmmm! Just had an idea about organizing a few thousand Americans and going to the offices of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, (not to execute them as the article suggests) but to demand their resignations, deportations to a desert island, and cancellation of any benefits they are due in the disservice of their constituents and their country!!!


  2. Sorry but part of the above is absolute nonsense: Malmö has been off limits to Jews and non muslims for a decade at least. All the Swedes did here was cover it up and ignore it. More than two thirds of Malmo is “No Go” for police and has been for at least FIVE years.
    this is the CONSPIRACY between LYING MSM controllers(see Rupert Murdoch for one), Incompetent leftist fools voted in by idiotic voters, and the hard core excommunists who have simply morphed into the left’s version of the SA of old along with military like harassment of any group that dares demonstrates or disagree with them. In the last such demonstration here I noted that two of the aggressors were the same ones who tried to indoctrinate me as a teenager. These leftists never give up. It is almost as though the Cold war is still on as the “children” of these old reds are the budding lunatic university students who are convinced that be such makes them intelligent and hence, always correct. These are the trolls who flood the net with insults and sneers if you disagree.

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