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Austria: Muslim jailed for blackmailing underaged Muslim girls for sex

This is a Muslim although the article doesn’t mention it. Besides, he was saving for a BMW… A popular car by choice in the Muslim community.

These kind of tactics are common with Muslim sex-grooming and rape gangs in the UK and across Europe. In Sweden a study reported Muslim male sex assaults and rapes of Muslim women in Malmo was just as common as their assaults and rapes of non-Muslim women. But rape of Muslim women sadly escaped statistics and was kept very silent for the very reasons stipulated in this story. In the UK Muslims are engaged in grooming Sikh and Hindu girls in exponential scale. But due to culural shame within the community this is not reported to police and not properly reported in official figures, and communities deal with it by clashing. This Muslim problem is portrayed in media as a “white girls” problem.

Ship him to Saudi Arabia to Riyadh’s chop-chop square.



Man jailed after blackmailing underage girls for sex

Vienna regional court. File photo: Flickr/Sebastian Baryli

Man jailed after blackmailing underage girls for sex

Published: 28 Jan 2016 10:59 GMT+01:00
The Local

He persuaded three girls, one aged 13 and two aged 14, to have sex with him and filmed it without their knowledge. He then showed them the videos and threatened to send them to their families if they didn’t perform further sex acts and give him money.

He even demanded that one of the 14-year-olds persuade her friend to sleep with him, which he also filmed.

He told the judge that the girls had slept with him of their own free will and had voluntarily given him €8,000 and jewellery worth €5,400. [hm, yeah right!]

Judge Beate Matschnig said that she didn’t believe a word of his defence and told the court that he targeted “young, exclusively Muslim girls on Facebook because he knew they would have a higher sense of shame and could be more easily blackmailed after being talked into having sex.”

He threatened one of the girls that he would tell her devoutly religious father that she was not a virgin and persuaded the terrified 14-year-old to steal her mother’s entire savings. Another girl handed over her family’s jewellery to him, after he threatened to tell them of their secret relationship.

The 21-year-old worked in a supermarket and blackmailed the girls because he was saving up for a BMW. He has previous convictions for assault and blackmail and has served an 18 month conditional sentence.

The girls gave their testimony before a closed court with no media present, in order to protect their privacy.




One thought on “Austria: Muslim jailed for blackmailing underaged Muslim girls for sex

  1. 3 years for this pedophilia and blackmailing after “previous convictions for assault and blackmail”? Muslims have already infected Austria’s institutions. Misogyny is now the cultural norm.

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