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Video: Merkel Muslims in shelter rampage in Suhl, Germany

This is taken from their own $800 smartphone video footage from a migrant shelter in Suhl, Germany, in August 2015. Watch the big knife sweep by the screen at 3:35 while Merkel’s guests scream “Allahu-Akhbar, Allahu-Akhbar” in one of their endless brawls. They fight amongst themselves all the time now when militias belonging to Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda, Syrian “rebel” forces, Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram, and more coming all the way from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, North Africa and everywhere in-between are suddenly housed together under one roof.

And this lot was picked up by the navy-ship loads by Merkel and her Brussel’s Eurocrats all the way from the Tunisian and Libyan shores and deliberately brought into Europe, to roam the streets and attack men, women, children and the elderly. When Greece and Italy wanted to down the illegal ships and dingies and shoot at them they were immediately yelled down and forbidden to defend their borders. This entire fiasco will have to be paid by the Euroccrats in both monetary compensation and blood soon to come.

Why doesn’t the army come in and just drop a chemical bomb on the facility and finish the rabid Mohamedan dogs off in one scoop?

5 thoughts on “Video: Merkel Muslims in shelter rampage in Suhl, Germany

  1. Pay heed America. Act swiftly, because we’re next.

    The Canadians already have their heads in the oven, pilot light off, gas full on. Voluntarily.


  2. Madame Merkel, thank you for making Germany and Europe so much more culturally enriched, this will usher in a new era of enlightment in Europe.
    Undoubtably, Merkel is commiting the ultimate treason while the majority of Germans are still in a state of stupor, others are just plain stupid welcoming alien savages. At the present, Pegida is to weak to stop this madness.
    In the video above, those creatures rather looked like zombies and rabid dogs, they’re not worth the oxygen they’re breathing.


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