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Germany: Merkel’s Govt ordered CCTV videos of Cologne sex attacks to be erased

They may have tried to erase evidence so Merkel will not face treason charges during her lifetime and be hanged, like she deserves, but they can’t hide hundreds of witness accounts. Plus they can’t hide the mobile videoclip of Muslims going rampant in Cologne, armed with guns and shooting in all directions.



By Pamela Geller on January 25, 2016


For weeks I have been asking, where are the videos? Now we know. The iron hand of Merkel erased them. The German people have no shot at overcoming this invasion unless they rebel. Merkel’s war is a stealth nazism — importing a hostile army by the millions. There is no law and order if the government destroys evidence — evidence of mass crimes against law-abiding citizens. Attacks against young girls.

When a nation abandons its women and children, as Germany did on New Year’s Eve, and covers it up as the UK did when it ignored the thousands of Muslim child sex gangs raping and trafficking in young, non-Muslim British girls, that country is finished.

Young girls are the future of any nation. Warriors may defend a nation, but it’s the women who give birth to them.



German admin ordered CCTV of Cologne attack, erased

The discussion was on Polish state TV’s TVP Info channel- in the “Po przecinku” (“After the comma”) program, shown on 9 January 2016.

The guests were Dr Magdalena El Ghamari, an expert on terrorism from Białystok university and Dr Ryszard Żółtaniecki, a sociologist and former diplomat.

[If the Liveleak link below doesn’t work, try this one as a backup option]

Germany Merkel's Govt ordered CCTV videos of Cologne sex attacks to be erased 1Germany Merkel's Govt ordered CCTV videos of Cologne sex attacks to be erased 2

10 thoughts on “Germany: Merkel’s Govt ordered CCTV videos of Cologne sex attacks to be erased

  1. I was in Europe and the UK in 1951. I returned again in 2002 for a last look. I couldn’t believe how much it had changed, … for the worst. I mourn for the older, more elegant, Europe I fell in love with. Most Germans of today haven’t lived long enough to see the changes I have seen, and they have nothing to compare with. They can’t see what they have lost by falling for Merkel’s Marxism and her absurd myth of multiculturalism. She may be permanently killing Germany and the historic German culture, where Hitler and WW2 could not. She is a witch.


    • That’s white genocide.

      Supposedly Germany had as many people at the start of WWII as they do now.

      So in a way, many did die. Many of the best on both sides who would never have allowed our culture to be corrupted like this.

      The Soviet Marxism was much worse in any case, millions of their own, anyone who wouldn’t advance in battle (even without weapons), and anyone who was even remotely loyal to the czars, aka the White Russians.


  2. Merkel is either insane or a traitor in the worst sense. Without question she is not just destroying Germany as a nation, she is destroying the 3,000 year-old German culture and the German population. … as fast as she can.

    If they want Germany to survive, loyal Germans must rebel and throw her in prison as fast as possible. It might already be to late.

    And pray for America during Obama’s last 11 months of despotic rule. Marxism is running rampant here, too.


  3. Is it possible that these EU countries are just importing a future slave labor force? You know … capitalism was built on slave labor. How else can anyone explain this madness?


    • 1, Jihad

      2, everyone thinks that in order to pay for the massive amount of ancients still breathing you need either birth rates or immigrants. These are immigrants. Except they’re going straight on welfare instead of working.

      For some reason the fact that whites are 8% of the global population and decreasing daily is no problem at all for anyone.


      • Populations cannot increase exponentially for ever. A natural level consistent with resources to sustain life will be reached if allowed and the population will stabilize at that point. It Is madness and mathematical impossible to keep adding people to a countries numbers based on an ancient and unsustainable metric dreamed up by politicians and totally inept economists. Growth is not and cannot be good once a tipping pint is triggered. Plenty of examples in history. When a population declines it goes suddenly – just do the homework.


      • I am aware, that’s what I was saying.

        But you have not asked the question of just who is the population?

        Just so you know, as is currently projected, Muslims become the GLOBAL majority in only about 80 years. Without any deaths.

        With 1/3 of muslims being openly pro-jihad and the rest employing taqqiya and kitman there is already a problem.


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