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Germany: Berlin bus driver, ‘When I ask for a bus ticket, I get a knife held to my throat.’

Having to pay for a bus ticket is apparently a provocation to the Muslims, so they threaten or attack the drivers. Weak countries ike Sweden, where national defense against foreign intruders seem to not exist has solved the problem by subjugating to Islam and just allow Muslims the special treatment of being allowed to travel for free. The natives don’t enjoy the same rights.

One of the drivers conclude that German society has “become more violent”. No it hasn’t. It’s become infested with too many Muslims – who are more violent than other people.

10 thoughts on “Germany: Berlin bus driver, ‘When I ask for a bus ticket, I get a knife held to my throat.’

  1. I am furious that that Bitch Merckel and her PANSEY (not Panser) pukes that hijacked the whole EU are allowed anything but being slow roasted. I’ve got three words for you suffering good people GASOLINE PETROLPETROL in one liter bottles can be useful! And a good steak knife as close range DEFENCE!


  2. When I was in the public transport industry, anybody doing this sort of thing would cause a shutdown, “Leave or wait for the police” were the options I gave to them.
    Giving into bullies simply leads to more of the same or worse.


  3. i make a conscious effort o avoid muslims at every turn but they won’t go away. they really are uneducated, illiterate savages with an arrogance that knows no bounds. i await the day when some people start eliminating their numbers by putting then on a boat/train/plane out of the civilised world.


  4. The solution is to encase the driver’s compartment with bullet proof glass ? – That’s a metaphor for German society’s treatment of the Muslim problem. Seal the driver in his bubble – like the political elites and the lackey media in their bubbles (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil). How long before the Muslims turn on the other passengers, if they haven’t already because those crimes are ignored/suppressed too.


  5. !!! – “Judging from the ‘trend’ of events and occurrences throughout Europe, – the MUSLIM “Take-over” of European Cultural Society, is progressing exceedingly Well! Public Transportation Personnel, are under Threat, to allow “Free-loaders” to monopolize Bus and Rail Car passenger traffic out of fear for their personal Security! This “Trend” has not ‘Yet’ made its Debut in North America, but rest assured, – it Will! Under “Shari’ah Law, – “Might, is Right!” If it can be done, – just Do It!”


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