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Belgium mayor wants to ban Merkel Muslims from using pools after sex assaults

Listen to the lame statement by Stockholm City police chief Elisabeth Anestad regarding Muslim sex attacks on Swedish women in public pools (and everywhere else):

‘We do not wish to point fingers to a specific group, but we are talking about boys without a parent or guardian’.

What parental guidance does an adult Muslim male need? In addition, Muslim males are never assigned guardians. Only women are assigned a male guardian to serve as a private security guard to protect them from other Muslim men.

Frankly, police chief Elisabeth Anestad should be fired. If she can’t even make an honest statement about the crimes and problems in society, she is concealing facts from the public and distributes lies. Her position requires her to give accurate information and facts.



Four girls sexually assaulted by ‘young migrants’ while swimming in Sweden as Belgium mayor tries to BAN asylum seekers from using pools in his town

  • Four girls under 18 sexually assaulted at public pool in Stockholm
  • Perpetrators of alleged assaults ‘underage unaccompanied migrants’ 
  • Comes as Belgian mayor suggests ban on male refugees at pools


A number of girls have reportedly been sexually assaulted by young male asylum seekers at a public swimming pool in central Stockholm.

The identified alleged perpetrators are all ‘unaccompanied minors’ – young refugee boys who have arrived in Sweden seeking asylum without a parent or guardian.

The four cases involve girls under the age of 18 and all sexual assaults have taken place in hot tubs, pools or in the changing rooms if Eriksdalsbadet, Stockholm, in the past three weeks.

‘We do not wish to point fingers to a specific group, but we are talking about boys without a parent or guardian,’ Stockholm City police chief Elisabeth Anestad told Expressen.

Eriksdalsbadet, which is the biggest aquatics centre in Stockholm, has previously reported an spike in sexual assaults – mainly incidents involving boys and young men groping women.

As a result, Stockholm police will not have uniformed police regularly patrolling the swimming centre, and the pool’s hot tubs are now segregated by sex.

It comes as a Belgian mayor announced that he would propose banning male refugees from a swimming pool for a month on Monday after complaints from female bathers.

‘We had women complain because they felt stared at and selfies had been taken with them. It’s escalating. We never had any complaints before,’ said Marc Vanden Bussche, mayor of the coastal town of Kokzijde.

Marc Vanden Bussche, mayor of Kokzijde, Belgium, has proposed a temporary ban on male asylum seekers in the town's public pools

Marc Vanden Bussche, mayor of Kokzijde, Belgium, has proposed a temporary ban on male asylum seekers in the town’s public pools.

Bussche said he had decided to act after police were called in to investigate an Iraqi man who had caught an 11-year-old girl as she came off a slide.

The politician from the Dutch-speaking liberal party Open VLD, said he would propose a one-month ban at a council meeting on Monday to allow tempers to cool. The town recently took in 300 asylum seekers.

‘In the meantime we will teach them about our way of life and explain the rules of the pool to them,’ he said, adding the ban would not affect children and their mothers.

Belgium’s state secretary for migration, Theo Francken, advised against the move.

‘It’s never wise to punish a whole group for the transgressions of a few,’ he said in a tweet. ‘Asylum seekers live in open centres, they’re free to go swimming. But hands off!’

These are only the latest incidents reported in mainland Europe in recent weeks involving sexual assaults allegedly committed by male asylum seekers in public swimming pools.

The German town of Bornheim, 19 miles south of Cologne, temporarily banned male asylum seekers from its pool this month after receiving complaints of sexual harassment.

Last week,  the historic baths Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony banned all migrants after male asylum seekers had been caught masturbating in a hot tub and sexually assaulting women.

Others had reportedly been seen ’emptying their bowels’ in the children’s end of the main swimming


6 thoughts on “Belgium mayor wants to ban Merkel Muslims from using pools after sex assaults

  1. Muslim males don’t give a fuck about your humanitarian view on life..muslim females are females…and they play into the whole muslim ideology…submisive (doggy style). Lets face it…muslim men prefer men….such a gay, i mean seriously gay gay religion

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    • PADDY .You are right about ” such a gay, I mean seriously gay gay religion ” Please go to YouTube and type ” bacha bazi-afghanistan ” and see


  2. Stop the fucking screaming.

    So the problem isn’t the rapists, its the targets and their parents?

    Having Muslim child molesters infiltrate into child-rich environments is acceptable?

    Do you have a callus upon your forehead where it touches the floor five times daily?

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    • There’s a key on the far left titled “caps lock”. You’ll have to work out the rules for grammar and syntax on your own.

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    • They don’t believe it’s real.

      They don’t believe Jihad is real.

      They don’t believe that Islam is nothing but a conquest.

      They believe that anytime anyone tells them about what Muslims do they are simply bigots who understand nothing.

      Then when their child, sister, or mother is raped and then murdered some of them will think it was just one bad person among the great Religion of Peace.


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