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Video: Muslims kill dogs and puppies with acid injections

Muslims kill dogs and puppies with acid injections. Using acid to cause damages to living tissues is highly popular in Muslim countries. If they are not busy using concentrated acid to splash and disfigure the faces of girls and women to revenge or punish them for going to schools, they are using it to kill (dogs in this case), chemically burning and destroying the internal organs and tissues while causing extreme metabolic disturbance (acidosis) that promptly shuts down the physiological systems of the victims.



26 thoughts on “Video: Muslims kill dogs and puppies with acid injections

  1. Did you see that wog injecting a dog with acid? I hate wogs. I shall kill a wog. Can anyone have a reason why I should not? They are not progressive are they? What the Fuck are they? I am sure they will be exterminated but I am old and impatient.Come on , let’s do it before end of June and have a nice Summer.


      • I’ve been thinking. One, the camera man is just as guilty as the ones that are doing this to these dogs. And two…how does this film and other evil ones like it, get to this website? Where did this film come from? The person who had this film, perhaps spreading copies around, should be found, arrested, and tortured untill he told where this took place! Why have I seen soooo many horrifying films on this website? Doesn’t ANYONE catch these camera men/women and demand where these things happened or the names of who done these acts?? I’ve signed up for a lot of sites about islam, and all I see or hear is horrifying videos, but not ONE where people who do these acts of horrifying violence, get caught and punished. . It’s said that satan’s time is short, and that time is going to be going to be like a woman with child, with the labor pains coming faster and faster. I can’t hardly see things getting any more horrifying. It’s saddening but at least I know how it all ends. Too bad these evil ones don’t know there’s a place waiting for them, unless they change.


  2. They can be so happy & grateful I was not there ,I swear I would do exactly that & more to these savages ,how can you cal, yourself human & do this to animals ,I would make them suffer & they would beg for mercy ,yet recieve none Islam must die

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  3. Islam is defined by the cruel savagery of its unspeakable adherents towards innocent terrified starving animals. It is not a religion. It is a murderous pathology that is a burden to the earth. Hell is too good for these cannibals. Islam like every other fascist and murderous society is such a burden to the earth, it must be destroyed.

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  4. This is too much. When are we going to stand up to these parasites and eliminate them all together? How many more animals need to die, how many more women have to be raped and stoned before we say enough? Not just as a country, as a world? Any other country, religion or whatever, found doing this and the world would be all over them. Why are we treating these things with kid gloves?

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    • When are we going to stand up to these parasites and eliminate them all together?

      Can I assume you are a citizen of the Good Old U.S of A?

      When a new President inaugurates in January, 2017. Thereafter our security apparatus can be scrutinized for Islamic compromise, which combined with a moratorium upon immigration is step one.

      Here is some food for thought. Compare these two versions of our Pledge of Allegiance:

      I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under Allah,
      indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation free from Theocracy, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      American public school students have already been led to recite the first version.

      Please consider the implications.

      Why should we allow the first, if we wish the second?

      How can we successfully prosecute and remove the conspirators against the Republic without a clear statement of our political will?

      Let’s get our Representatives off their asses and force them to do their jobs.


  5. Knowing the brutality of the insect called muslim, I can’t even begin to watch the horror of them killing any more animals. Already saw a video, a while back, of two of these worthless insects, pushing a little goat off a cliff & laughing as it fell to it’s death.

    I guess I’m a big wussie when it comes to harming animals. I’ve no need to watch a video of it. I’ll just take it for granted that the video is accurate.

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  6. In many societies and cultures, dogs are rightfully valued as guardians, protectors, loyal companions, and in general as social animals with much use and value. Muslim males on the other hand, are among the most base of the human species, anti-social, destructive, bestial, and something to avoid stepping in at all costs.


  7. I have just played the video of a stinking ape injecting dogs with acid. My dog was most disturbed by the sound track.Those people are criminally insane. I can’t quote chapter and verse, but I seem to remember that Mohammad said that anyone who harmed an animal without just cause would answer for it on judgment day.Even if they weren’t brought up to behave compassionately, surely they should instinctively know that it is wrong to cause pain to any creature. I am losing patience with people who think muslims should be allowed in Europe. I wish I had a 12 bore and a truck load of cut shells.

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  8. Time for a one billion (at least) culling on this planet. It will keep the piggeries supplied with food for decades as it will be waste to burn them. hanging takes too much time, so just mow them down on the conveyor belt to the piggery. I guess that we could feed then to the pigs alive as that is about what they deserve but I guess some pretence of humanity towards these UnterMenschen is necessary.

    I never thought that the day would come when after spending years saving human lives, I would prefer to see a group of admittedly subhuman creatures removed rather than animals. In my book one cat or dog or and a even pig is worth more than any dozen muslimes.

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    • As a service to the Muslim world and to accommodate their fondness for viewing decapitations on line, I suggest we offer them a video demonstration of the superiority of Western traditions.

      Equip the Muslim offender riding the gallows to divine eternity, with one of those new “body cams” [Aren’t science and technology wonderful?]

      Replace the hemp rope with piano wire and increase the drop to six meters (twenty feet).

      Record and disseminate the moment the wire tightens and the brain case pops cleanly free.

      Gather the head, put it in a jar preserved with formaldehyde and send it and the recording to the bereaved family. Assure the family that the headless cadaver has been vended to a porcine feed lot to ameliorate costs to the public and relieving them of the cost of a mortician’s services. [This is Win-Win.]

      Celebrate their martyr’s memory by making the memorial release of the happy moment available on YouTube for all to enjoy.

      Allah-hu Akbar


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