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Egypt: Muslim grampa rapes his 2-yr old grandchild – mother drowns her for ‘honor’

This act characterize the general mindset. And it originates from a whole life spent around and with the doctrine of Islam. This is how they are and how they think. It’s not even normal human psychology. Of course this mentality is much more prevalent in rural areas, but Islam is tribal in nature and it’s just a common mentality within the Muslim community insulated by Islam.



Man rapes grand daughter, mom kills her

Mother drowns her in water bucket to avert scandal.

By Staff, Emirates24/7
Published Thursday, December 10, 2015


An Egyptian man pulled his two-year-old granddaughter from her mother’s arms while she was asleep and raped her, prompting the mother to kill her daughter to avert a scandal, newspapers in the Arab country reported on Thursday.

The 59-year-old grandfather, identified as Faraj, waited for his daughter Merfat, 23, to go to bed before pulling her daughter out of bed and raping her in his room at their house in the East-central town of Sohag.

Newspapers said the mother, after discovering what happened, drowned her daughter in a water bucket to avert a scandal in the conservative countryside town.

Police arrested the mother and her father on murder and rape charges, they added.



38 thoughts on “Egypt: Muslim grampa rapes his 2-yr old grandchild – mother drowns her for ‘honor’

  1. What about Susan Smith?. Staged a carjacking story. Come to fund out later she had drowned her two small sons. strapped into their car seats.

    What about Richard Spicknall II, again carjacking story.. Find out later, he shot his son and daughter. Babies Strapped in car seats.

    What about the millions of aborted babies?

    This is America? The land of the free and home of the brave?

    Maybe, we have the same disregard for life as the Muslim young lady here. Don’t be so quick to judge all Muslim by this act.


    • Neither is acceptable however if you look at the ideology these things are actually indoctrinated and accepted in many Muslim countries and are practiced regularly including FGM. There are roughly 28 honor killings per year in the US and that is probably not showing all reported cases as many don’t get reported as such. Please support The Muslim Reformation Movement started by Moderate Muslims. They need our support.
      Democracy and Human Rights for all.


    • Are you seriously comparing the US to those savage barbarians??? Really?
      We do not teach, condone or indoctinate this kind of behavior in the United States, THOSE PEOPLE do


  2. I propose that anybody that follows such ideology has become warped and mentally ill and there is no coming back from it…no telling how many severely abused boys are now those fathers and grandfathers who commit such acts… I think mohammad is to blame for ALL of this…it has been passed on from generation to generation… He was a very sick man… Add all that to the verses in the quran about jihad and honor killings and you have mayhem!!!!

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  3. Omg poor baby girl so sad but she is better off where she is now, saved from a life of abuse. It’s obvious the daughter was raped all of her life and suffers from mental issues because of it. The grandfather needs to be stoned to death.

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    • Are you serious? “Mental issues”? What happened here is straight up Muslim practices. The worst thing that can happen to a muslim is to have his/her honor broken. There’s a lot of pedophilia goes on in muslim communities. Children are basically just another mouth to feed, in many families.


      • well, cut the men’s dicks off and there won’t be any more mouths to feed… oh wait, don’t they use their kids as kamikaze bomb deliveries??? scum of the earth….


  4. ALL Moslems are Satanic, lying, murdering, raping, intolerant, delusional, two-faced scum. NEVER TRUST A MOSLEM. NEVER BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY. Never give in to their demands. Don’t help them. Don’t hire them. Drive them out of your countries.


    • And these people are who our president want’s to let into America …….i have a idea why don’t he house them with his wife and kids with out secret servace protecting him for a week then we will gladly accept the muslims because if he wont accept the challenge and let them stay with his family then why should we? oh and another part of this challenge would be he couldn’t have one single gun in the white house to protect him and his family during this week …….think he would accept?

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  5. Sounds incredible but sadly seems true! Both father and daughter seem to be mad persons – one for raping a baby child and the other for killing her! I would like to know what was the reaction/response from clerics over there.


    • What could their reaction be? Both the woman and child was the PROPERTY of the male members of the family. Its not a crime for a Muslim man to abuse or kill his own property. Its a crime if he kills someone else’s property. Its a crime, however, if a Muslim woman kills (say) her husband in self-defense or for any other reason.

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  6. THEY say Muslims are kind but turn a blind eye when this happens or they stone women to death and treat women like dogs and make them wear black head to toe in the Qur’an it states 119 times to kill non believers it states Mohammad said its ok to have sex with 5 year olds long as they can take your weight the world is bonkers its upside down what is right is wrong we live in a world where if your white your a racist but if your black brown or any other colour and say the same thing its OK its a statement
    the world wants us to bomb ISIS but people don’t want us to bomb Syria but isis is in Syria ? the UK don’t want people to leave and join ISIS and get killed but they welcome them back if they Do Live, We want to leave the EU and the only one that wants us in is the one Leading the UK its a mad world I tell YA

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    • That is what broke my heart. How could ANY mother allow that!
      Animals don’t even do that to their young. They will defend them even if it costs their own lives.

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    • Lynne, if we think about it….they are WORSE than any animal. An Animal wouldn’t do that. Animals lick the wounds of their own offspring. They, physically love them. There is an “emotional attachment.” An animal will fight to the death for one of their own.

      These people (if that’s what we want to refer they are)…are “Clinicallyand Criminally Insane”. due to 1,500 years of inbreeding combined with a horror of programming what it is to be a Muslim.

      I don’t usually get all biblical..However, .they remind me of “Satan’s Children” IF Satan had them….they would be this population of people.

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  7. This is the beauty of Islam repeated again and again, from country to country. This is the insanity of Islam, that enslaves a mother’s mind, so that the only option .. solution, she could find is to, drown her own 2-yr-old, innocent, raped, daughter.

    If the news media, Muslims, or Liberals were confronted, they would say this is the ignorant of Islam. How come there is so much ignorance by Muslims, of their own religion? How comes mother can’t think of the welfare of her daughter??

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    • At the core of any society is the family. The Islamic family is the most corrupt institution on the planet. The Islamic family is made up of predators and prey. Men prey on women and children and women protect men at all costs. Their children are nothing, nada, zilch, zero just like their mothers. When Obama asks “Are we afraid of women and children refugees?” We should be. They are immigrating not to run away from Islamofascism nor to assimilate with the West. They are coming to establish a home for their Islamofascist men to establish a caliphate. In America we already have Sharia law. Our Attorney General,the highest ranking prosecutor in the country, publicly stated that anyone who criticizes or profiles Islam for terrorism will be investigated and prosecuted. Our latest terrorist attack occurred because the community in which these murdering Islamic terrorists lived was too worried about being accused of profiling Islamics if they reported their strange activities to the police. Everything about Islam is corrupt. They are born to kill or be killed.

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