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India wants it culture back: Was the Taj Mahal originally an ancient Hindu temple?

India’s culture minister is more likely closer to truth than not. It wouldn’t be too hard to research. Just invite the best international historic archeologists and have them do a thorough investigation of the Taj Mahal.

Like everywhere else around the world, they may discover the usual Islamic supremacist stamp all over a native ancient monument. That’s how Islam shows it’s superiority. Suffocating the religious structures of others and replace their symbols with the Islamic ones.

India wants it culture back. It’s severely raped, shredded and destroyed culture that lost 400 million of its own people massacred to death by Muslims during a 1,200 year period. And the association has been toxic. Today, India is not a Hindu nation. It’s a “Hindufied” copy of Islam – it’s brutal slave keepers. All the brutalities of Islam has become a naturally accepted part of Hindu culture after the population forgot their origin. Their own religious culture did not even accept the killing of animals. Today, ‘Indistan’ is one of the most extreme countries in the world always topping the charts in atrocities and human rights violations.



Was the Taj Mahal originally an ancient Hindu temple?

Indian culture minister dragged into controversial legal case calling for Taj Mahal to be classified as a Hindu temple.

Taj Mahal

 Andrew Marszal

By Andrew Marszal, New Delhi
5:19PM GMT 01 Dec 2015, Telegraph

India’s government has been dragged into a bizarre row over whether the Taj Mahal, widely seen as a masterpiece of Muslim architecture, should be converted into a Hindu temple.

A legal case, first brought by six lawyers in Agra in April, claims that the monument famously built by a seventeenth-century Mughal emperor as a tomb for his beloved wife was originally an ancient shrine to the Hindu god Shiva.

The petition, which was accepted by the Agra Court, names a Hindu deity as its main plaintiff.

It calls for ownership of the monument to be transferred to Hindus for worship and, most controversially, for Muslim religious activity to be blocked and graves to be removed.

Currently, only Muslims are allowed to worship at the site, offering Friday prayers at a mosque attached to the Taj Mahal.
Questioned in parliament on Monday, Dr Mahesh Sharma, India’s culture minister, said he was aware of the suit, but that “the government has not found any evidence which can suggest that Taj Mahal was a Hindu temple of Shiva”.

However, experts warned this alone will not be enough to quash the suit, which has inflamed tensions in India at a time when growing religious intolerance is already a daily talking point.

The Yamuna River (pictured) in 2008. According to Indian MPs the Yamuna River is now more toxic than at any other time in its long history  Photo: Bloomberg/ Getty


“What the culture minister has said will be the government’s official stand on it, but the court has yet to decide,” said Dr Bhuvan Vikrama, of the Archaeological Survey of India, which manages the mausoleum.

Theories over the Taj Mahal’s supposed Hindu heritage have abounded for decades, albeit well outside the historical mainstream.

In his 1989 book Taj Mahal: The True Story, revisionist historian PN Oak claimed the monument was built in 1155, decades before the Muslim invasion of India. He said its name is a corrupt form of the sanskrit term “Tejo Mahalay”, signifying a Shiva Temple.

However, Oak is the author of many outlandish and discredited theories, including bizarre claims that the Hindus once conquered Italy, and even that Westminster Abbey was once also a Shiva temple.

That, though, has not stopped his writings being widely circulated online.

As British historian William Dalrymple noted, Hindu supremacists “have found it hard to believe that such a masterpiece was built by the same Muslims they despised”.

Today, the same claims have been taken up by some members of the ruling BJP, the Hindu nationalist party led by prime minister Narenda Modi.

Lakshmikant Bajpayee, the BJP president of Uttar Pradesh state, where the monument is located, said in December that the Taj Mahal was an ancient temple that was sold by Hindu king Jai Singh to Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor widely believed to have built it.


n Indian worker cleans a water pond inside the grounds of the Taj Mahal ahead of US President Barack Obama's visit in AgraAn Indian worker cleans a water pond inside the grounds of the Taj Mahal ahead of US President Barack Obama’s visit in Agra  Photo: AFP


“I am not saying this in air but there are documents to prove this,” he said.

Likewise, the Agra court case was filed by lawyer Hari Shankar Jain, who claims to be a sympathiser of the RSS, a Hindu nationalist organisation with close ideological links to Mr Modi’s BJP.

While government ministers have now been forced to pour cold water on the claims, some in the tourism industry surrounding the Taj Mahal believe the damage is already being done.

Speaking at the Agra district court in May, a collection of tourist bodies warned: “The Taj Mahal is a major tourist attraction and a symbol of national pride not only for Agra but also for the entire country.

“Making the Taj Mahal controversial would affect not only the source of attraction for the world but also tourism in the country.”

7 thoughts on “India wants it culture back: Was the Taj Mahal originally an ancient Hindu temple?

  1. Taj may or may not be muslim heritage, but here is another example umer kot a historic city in sindh province (pakistan), was amar kot . Ruler of soomra dynasty umer is a mythlogical in great epic of “shah jo risalo”. there is no historical evidence that umer ruled sindh!
    Second thing is present sindhi script, it was proposed that sindhi did not have its own script therefore script should be invented/ islamized. And they chose arabic. Sindhi had had highly developed script ‘landa script”, and scores of modifications (khudabadi/ shikarpuri, thattai, wanki/hat wanki, multani, gurmukhi/punjabi ….. )


  2. Actually there IS no Islamic architecture as the Taj Mahal is a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture which they stole from the numerous Byzantine archives that they captured over the years plus the Byzantine slave architects. Islam is THGE most sterile of ideologies and even Nazism and Communism were more creative and by a very long margin. Name ONE useful muslim/Islamic creation? Camel urine as a medication??? Yes that is about it(it does not work anyway)


  3. ““Making the Taj Mahal controversial would affect not only the source of attraction for the world but also tourism in the country.”

    OMG, don’t confuse us with the likely truth!!! Tourism is more important that the truth. Squash this thing.

    Oops, damage’s been done. WOOHOO.

    I look forward to the irrefutable evidence being presented to the world that this was once a Hindu Temple.

    Not unlike the Muslims “inventing” the number zero, and all sorts of stuff they happened to eat up in other cultures and claim for their own.

    More books were translated from foreign languages in Spain in one year than have been in Islamic lands in the past 1000. What does that tell you?


  4. After we throw all the Muslims out, I’d like to acquire all the mosque properties and turn them into a chain of rib joints.


    • Yep, and it wouldn’t surprise me.

      The number one goal of the Moslem today is to get the Caliphate back and get back to the Golden Age of Islam. Because they think they did all those things, and it’s amazing that all they ever did was threaten death and kill and then claim advancements were theirs.


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