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Sweden’s police: We can’t protect the country from Muslim terrorists

Police: we can't protect Sweden from terrorists
Swedish police guarding the government building in Stockholm. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Police: we can’t protect Sweden from terrorists

Published: 27 Nov 2015
The Local

After Sweden raised its terror threat alert to record high levels last week, more and more police officers on the beat warn that their weapons are not good enough to prevent a potential terror attack.

Officers filed the reports after Sweden’s security police Säpo put the country on ‘high’ (our ‘four’) alert for a terror attack for the first time in history (the second-highest on a five-point scale where ‘five’ is ‘very high’) after launching a nationwide manhunt for an alleged terrorist.

The 22-year-old terror suspect was cleared of all suspicion just days later and the investigation was dropped. However, Sweden’s terror threat alert has remained at level ‘high’ with police presence stepped up across the country since.

But in the wake of the Paris attacks, officers themselves fear they have neither the protective gear nor the weapons needed to fight any potential terrorists if they launched an assault on Swedish soil.

“We are sent out without adequate weapons, only a nine millimetre service pistol. We are also told that there may not be enough protective vests and ballistic helmets,” wrote one police officer, named only as ‘Christian’, in an internal incident report written between November 18th and 20th, and seen by investigative news agency Siren.

“It feels like being sent out on a lion hunt with a pea-shooter and a jumpsuit made out of zebra meat,” he added.

One of his colleagues, ‘Niklas’, wrote that he was forced to patrol a location considered at risk of terror attacks without a protective helmet, as those available were the wrong size for his head.

“Without the right equipment and with inadequate training in tactics and shooting we still had to work as live targets without any kind of chance to defend ourselves or our [locations] against a potential attack,” he wrote.

Sweden has only experienced one terror attack on home soil – a suicide bomber who launched a failed attempt in a busy shopping street in the run-up to Christmas 2010, managing to kill only himself. But officers complain that they have not been given more training after the incident.

“To be sent out on this kind of mission without training and proper equipment does not feel safe at all and creates an enormous sense of insecurity being faced with a scenario where you encounter perpetrators, which would in principle spell your death sentence in those cases you did not have time to escape,” wrote a police officer named as ‘Johan’ in another internal incident report.

The national police did not comment the reports when approached by Swedish public broadcaster SVT.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said last week his country had been “naive” about the possibility of a terror attack.

“Perhaps it’s been hard for us to accept that in the middle of our open, democratic society there are people sympathizing with the Isil killers,” he told journalists at a press conference in Stockholm on Thursday, referring to militant extremist organization Isis (also known as Isil).

Säpo revealed last month that around 300 Swedish nationals are believed to have left the country to travel to fight with Islamic extremist groups in Syria and Iraq. The security service has said it fears some of them may return with the purpose of preparing an attack in or on Sweden.

Listen to Sweden’s insane legal and asylum system. Clearly the country’s socialist political elite is misusing human rights to the most ridiculous levels:

9 thoughts on “Sweden’s police: We can’t protect the country from Muslim terrorists

  1. We do not win points by killing people outright, that is what terrorists do – instead you should REVOKE their citizenship, DEPORT them to their country of origin and close your border to them. “Terrorists are either being killed or preparing for or killing others” there is no middle ground – they require a support base and any mosque or group or individual who is sympathetic and gives them support IN ANY WAY needs to HAVE THEIR CITIZENSHIP REVOKED as well and DEPORTED; if they continue in their mischief then they should be droned…


    • Noble as your POV is, 1400 of this scum has gone underground because they want to stay and wage both rape Jihad and Jihad in Sweden. The also carry a deadly weapon many of them and that is HIV-AIDS. Europe cannot afford to risk every rape victim to acquire AIDS through rape – think of the consequences a) if conception takes place b) how fast could not only this disease syphilis TB and other diseases travel? Aids is not immediately diagnosed further more this scum are carrying a new virulent strain. Shoot on sight my friend if apprehension can be made slam into jail till they can be shipped out. Quarantine & deportation. The women need checking too!


      • Dead right Baconator, Altruism and Islamic immigration just don’t go together. This idiot obviously is as backward as the bloody MOSLEMS imported to Europe & Scandinavia. Merkel has suddenly realized half this uneducated scum is unemployable and they ain’t gonna sweep the streets and clean lavs if that’s what she thought?. According to one journalist she is considered sick in the mind – could be. You know some women turn funny at 62 in the middle of the menopause! Think on this guys and gals, maybe she is suffering from hot flushes and short term memory loss, two symptoms of the menopause. BTW German hospitals have to be controlled by the Canine Division of the Police force! Not a single case – but one mentioned, some moslem scum thew his syphilis infected urine into a German nurses face what do you suppose will happen to that poor nurse? I’m telling you syphilis will become pandemic in our society due to the high rape incidences and our poor women will really suffer. Boys we have to have WAR and NOW.


  2. Right as we know all terrorists are muslims do you think they will accept volunteers? What we need to be doing is rising up and escorting all followers of Islam out of christian countries as there is no space for them here!
    Lets go at it another way and “Stop Christian Persecution!”


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