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Relatives of Paris massacre blame France’s government

Well, they are right.



Relatives of Paris massacre vow to boycott day of mourning because France’s ‘weak’ government ‘allowed’ the terror attack to happen

  • Families of Paris attacks victims call for boycott to the day of mourning
  • They accuse the French government of allowing the murders to happen
  • Hollande has called for people to hang Tricolour flags outside homes


Families of those slaughtered during the Paris terrorist attacks today called for a boycott of a day of mourning after accusing the French government of allowing the murders to happen.

President Francois Hollande has called for people to hang Tricolour flags outside their homes on Friday as a service of hommage takes place at Les Invalides in the capital city.

It will be exactly two weeks after the massacres, which saw Islamic State terrorists kill 130 people using bombs and Kalashnikov.

President Francois Hollande has called for people to hang Tricolour flags outside their homes on Friday as a service of hommage takes place at Les Invalides in the capital city

Mourners pay their respects to the victims of the horrific Paris attacks, in which 130 people were murdered

But the loved ones of some victims said the government knew an attack was going to happen, and did hardly anything to prevent it.

Jean-Marie de Peretti, the father of Aurelie de Peretti, a 33-year-old musician killed in the Bataclan concert hall along with 88 others, said he would not be going to the service.

Referring to the Charlie Hebdo murders earlier this year, when IS-linked gunmen again brought carnage to the streets of Paris, Mr De Peretti said: ‘I remember the January attacks.

‘The very next day, there were strong announcements. For the protest rallies in the streets of Paris, security became a national cause. I believed it all! But what’s happened?’

Mr De Peretti, who has another daughter called Delphine who lives in London, told Nice Matin that Europe’s porous borders had allowed the killers to travel freely from Syria and back.

Emmanuelle Prevost, whose brother was also killed in the Bataclan, also called for a boycott of the day of mourning.

Writing on Facebook, Ms Prevost said: ‘As the family of François-Xavier Prevost, victim of this slaughter, we will not participate. We refuse the hand extended by the political representatives of France.’

Ms Prevost, from Lille, said there were too many French radicals being left alone as they amassed guns and prepared for jihad.

Some of the families of the victims have called for the day of mourning to be boycotted due to the government's failure to stop the attack

Paris remains on high alert following the devastating terror attack nearly two weeks ago

People gather outside Le Carillon restaurant, where one of the gunmen opened fire on diners

Some people in France have questioned how the security services were unable to halt the attack following the lapse in security during the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier this year

Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel pay their respects to the victims of the attacks

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo (right) also attended the memorial at the Place de la Republic in Paris

All three officials left a single white rose in memory of the 130 people killed in the terror attacks

Hollande has called for people to hang French flags out of their window on the day of mourning

‘In France, it is possible to have a link with a terrorist network, to go to Syria and to come back freely,’ she said.

Referring to Jawad Bendaoud, a landlord who allowed the Paris terrorists to use his flat, she said: ‘Because in France, a man who committed a murder in 2006, was sentenced in 2008, was free in 2013.’

Also mentioning the Hebdo attacks, Ms Prevost said: ‘Nothing was done and ten months later the same men were able to start again, killing ten times as many people.’

In a personal message to Mr Hollande, Ms Prevost said: ‘No thank you Mr President. Your extended hand, your homage, we don’t want it and you are partly responsible for what has happened to us. It was necessary to act earlier. The attacks in January should have been enough!’

Police monitor the crowds as people are slowly evacuated from the stadium on Friday night, afraid of the violence outside the stadium

Hundreds of supporters made their way out of the Stade de France after being held there for their safety

Referring to Jawad Bendaoud, a landlord who allowed the Paris terrorists to use his flat, Ms Prevost said: 'Because in France, a man who committed a murder in 2006, was sentenced in 2008, was free in 2013'

6 thoughts on “Relatives of Paris massacre blame France’s government

  1. It has been many years France open arms welcoming these devil’s followers to let them take over the country. Now they take the innocent lives first! How can Islam be peaceful. How cam Islam has love? The devil is hatred and destruction and is clearly encouraged in the Quran! France France it is too late, now these evil people are taking over France! France has betrayed the Christians and invited thieves who came to steal and to destroy! Is not this the prophesy ? The Thein is Mohammed and following are the spirits of doom!


  2. Fools, this is the inevitable result of simultaneously wanting to allow literally anyone to live in, and move to, THEIR OWN COUNTRY while at the same time demanding absolute risk-free security.


  3. I am absolutely DISGUSTED by these political Media Whores who ARE actually the killers. At least 3 jihadists came in via Greece on the “invitation” of MERKEL who hates her own people to a point, that she murders the reputation of brave and middle class Germans, only because they demonstrate – peacefully – with PEGIDA etc. on the streets of Germany, against the influx of millions of unchecked muslims, calling them “extreeeeeeeeeeme rrrrrright wing ” at best, but also “Nazis”.

    Hollande is at the head of a fully corrupt government, he follows ALL orders of his bosses: QATAR – he also has over his years positioned Arab-Muslims into key ministerial positions: the minister for EDUCATION !!!!! is an Arab/Muslim with DOUBLE NATIONALITY (just like the Jihadists) Moroccan/French. Le Ministre de Travail is an Arab muslim – just appointed (with no other qualification than her “ethnicity” and extreme left affiliations).

    And dont even talk about the greatest Whore-for -Islam in France, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. She fellates any and every camera in the wake of tragedies – eg “Je suis Charlie” and now. While at the same time persuing in JUSTICE (*), brave French Patriots (**), who are warning against the Islamification of France – incl. with carricatures for “defamation”. (Incidentally Hidalgo was introduced into Politics by sleeping with Hollande, while he was still married to Segolene Royal.)

    The Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve has been actually defending/promoting islamists in France: “It’s not a crime to promote Jihad” he said. He is also suing “Riposte Laique” for defamation because they pointed out that he collborates with Islam.

    And last but not least, the MINISTER FOR JUSTICE: All the jihadist killers in France (including Charlie/Kosher Deli) were on the streets, thanks to Christiane Taubira (the “Minister”). She is the most virulent anti-white Racist, she comes from the former Colony of La Guyane Francaise and HATES the French and France. She changed laws to protect “la Canaille” – (mainly Arabo/Sub-Saharan Muslims) because she says: “They are carrying all the weight of Colonised people on their young shoulders – we must not traumatise them even more”). So, while most of them are “on the police radar” because they actually are recidivists and most of them had prison sentences which they would never have to serve, they are roaming the Street of France, freely.

    (*) Justice in France ? Ha ! Justice Taubira and google “Mur de Cons” .

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    • Thank you for this Rita, I have book marked your comment so I don’t forget. Your piece puts a completely different picture on the politics of France. Islam does not mix with our European societies. Christians Jews Buddhists Hindu’s Sikhs integrate well don’t over breed and work hard and pay their taxes. The same cannot be said of any Moslem of any nationality – they are idle and expect differential treatment where ever they go, their lies are abundant and can no more be trusted than a Viper crawling in the desert sands.

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