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Video: Watch Muslim faithfuls massacre French infidels for Allah

France pushed Eurabia onto the rest of the world. Here is the consequence.

50% of EU’s fake Muslim “refugee” disappear into Europe without even being recorded anywhere. There is no database to monitor them or find them. Those who are rejected are not even deported. Only 4% of all rejects are deported.

When Italy and Greece wanted Muslim invaders to be removed on arrival and block ships from arriving or proposed military action against them, the European Union put a stop to it and sent the navy to pick up these savages up from Libya. By doing this they sent a message to the entire Middle East that they are incapable of protecting their own borders, and it’s a take-all situation. Now they have created a huge avalanche of terrorists who will pour in and endlessly target European cities. They never handle the “refugee” bogus properly.

Raw footage of French infidels jumping out of windows and being shot in the back while running from their Francois Hollande invited Muslim occupiers:

More mobile footage from Paris’ chaos:

The infamous beheading gestures to TV cameras by Muslim “refugees” and their children a few months back:

Here’s the Islamist attitude being imported in millions into Europe by Angela Merkel and her socialist left-wingers in the European Union:

Angela Merkel’s promise: “No limitation to Muslims coming into Germany”.

In this video Angela Merkel reveal how truly stupid of an old German cow she is. She imagines Muslim terrorism is “mainly in Syria, Libya and Northern Iraq”. Has she not read the 1,400 history of Islam? Muslim terrorism is active and rampant ALL OVER THE WORLD. It has never had a break through history. Never. Dhimmis like Merkel didn’t experience it before because Muslims were basically banned from being allowed to immigrate into Europe until France pressures that ban to be lifted in the 1970’s.

Unpopular Merkel booed in Germany:

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