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UK: Newly arrived Muslim ‘refugee children’ gang rape teen for five hours at care home

Teenager claims she was gang raped by five young Syrian migrants: Girl, 18, ‘deeply distressed’ after being ‘subjected to five-hour ordeal’ at care home in Kent

  • Vulnerable teenage victim received supervised care in residential home
  • Says she was raped by five men from Syria in horror attack last weekend
  • Four men have been arrested and detained, with two charged with rape
  • Accused all claim to be under-18 but police said to be doubting their ages

By Euan McLelland For MailOnline
Published: 05:34, 6 November 2015 |

An 18-year-old woman says she was raped by a group of migrant teenagers while staying in a supervised facility in Kent.

The victim claims her attackers were all Syrians who had only recently arrived in the UK.

She says last weekend’s horror ordeal lasted a terrifying five hours at the home she was staying in in Gillingham.
The four men arrested have already appeared at a youth court hearing held inside Medway Magistrates (pictured). They were remanded in custody and will appear again on November 20 

The four men arrested have already appeared at a youth court hearing held inside Medway Magistrates (pictured). They were remanded in custody and will appear again on November 20.

Her accused attackers had been given accommodation in the same building by the local council.

Four men – who all allege they’re under 18 – have been arrested so far, with two charged with raping the vulnerable teen.

A source told The Sun: ‘She is deeply distressed.

‘The victim thinks there were five attackers. The issue is what were they doing there in the first place?’

The four men arrested have already appeared at a youth court hearing held inside Medway Magistrates.

They were remanded in custody and will appear again on November 20.

Another two men arrested have been released without charge.
The European Commission has estimated that roughly one million migrants will have arrived in Europe from the likes of Syria by the end of the year (stock photograph)

The European Commission has estimated that roughly one million migrants will have arrived in Europe from the likes of Syria by the end of the year (stock photograph)

Despite claiming that they’re teenagers, police are said to believe the alleged attackers to be older than stated.

The European Commission has estimated that roughly one million migrants will have arrived in Europe from the likes of Syria by the end of the year.

Net migration into the UK increased by more than 38 per cent to 243,000 in 2013-14, government statisticians have said.

53 thoughts on “UK: Newly arrived Muslim ‘refugee children’ gang rape teen for five hours at care home

  1. It’s a deliberate ploy by the globalists to enforce martial law and a one world government they want Muslims to create global chaos. No one is asking why are they letting so many immigrants into Europe this is the reason


  2. How on earth were these people housed by the council when there are so many homeless who were born and bred here…its a joke !

    This gang-rape is just the tip of the ice berg…. and it shows a few things which are a problem. Typically, there’s no way to prove who the rapists are….how old they are….what diseases they carry….and to me, its obvious that they’ve done this disgusting act before (no doubt many times before).

    That poor young woman…. apart from the pain and fear she must have endured, she now has the severe worry of waiting to see if she caught anything from these vile pathetic filth.

    The people of the UK need to open their eyes, their ears, and most certainly their mouths, when it comes to Muslims…..because they have to realise, just like the rest of the world is realizing…..THIS IS ISLAM !!


    • What can we do ? The police & government will not do anything about it. It’s like Islam have a hold on us what is going on . The army need to step in 😑


      • Who said this is true? It is not a reliable source and some other people claimed to be raped or to been robbed by those people what wasn’t true.


  3. There is a media block on anything concerning muslims,the question is why? If me or say a chinese person did half of these filthy crimes we would be all over the papers,so why are muslims getting so much protection,what’s the agenda and who is pulling the strings? And stop calling them asians it’s an insult to all other asians,just tell it how it is.Jill Dando they reckon was about to blow the top off the pedoing going on at the BBC so was assassinated,and you could tell it was a professional hit,they think we are stupid.So maybe other reporters are scared of getting the same treatment.I really do not think most of the UK realises how much danger we are in.The stabbings will start soon,and of course if it does make it onto tv they will say it was a mentally disturbed person,we know they are all bloody mentally disturbed,but FFS say it as it is a muslim! Give people a bit of a heads up so they can stay safe!


    • This is the media for you. They never identify a person as being muslim if it is some vile act (and let’s face it always is) committed by a muslim.

      However, when it is an event that may ingratiate the vile savages then they cannot give enough praise to them, just like the bomb attack in Turkey when ALL MEDIA made a point of “Peaceful Protesting muslims” hurt by the bomb blast.

      When do we ever hear “Savage Barbaric muslim” beheads innocent Christian?


      • Yep a man had his hand chopped off in an attack in Waltham abbey a few weeks ago again Waltham Abbey a group of scum beat someone at a bus stop with baseball bats.People should not go out alone.


  4. Was told by FBI that Isis and AlQuido was dressing and telling people that they where Syerian Refugees and going and raping,, and murdering all non Muslims..


  5. This is almost a “Non news” story! The truth is the “Brits” just really don’t give a rats rumpus, about their daughters being raped! They are more concerned with being “tolerant” and not “offending” MUSLIMS.
    If it were my daughter, the stinking rapist would be dead and/or missing his penis! I’d have fed it to the pigs!
    But, the “Brits” are too sensible, law abiding, and tolerant to do anything like that! Brits are “sheeple” and they are being slaughtered!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Let me guess another arrogant yank.

      Tell me what are you doing back home?

      You yanks have the firearms and the bigmouths yet all you do is stuff them with McDonalds while you run down everyone else.

      When you get rid of your lousy muslim President whom YOU VOTED FOR TWICE, then you can run down other countries, until then keep your arrogant opinions to yourself, and remember that it was THE BLOODY AMERICANS that created this whole mess.


      • Don’t fret about her.

        She actually advocates the idea that those falsely convicted of capital crimes be hanged immediately to prevent abuse of the appeals process.

        You’d be taking seriously someone proposing killing innocent people as the standard process of a justice system.


      • Angry Citizen – Didn’t see your post way back when, but I now… double down on it! Yeah, I said I double down!
        We’ve put Donald Trump in as president, you Brits voted for a muslims, with ties to al Qedea, into the position as mayor of London; by the way, how’s his advise that you Brits need to realize & get use to terrorism working for you ? Or Theresa May’s “carry on”.
        Do you bury your dead with tears, or are you all on auto pilot?
        And hows that wonderful multiculturalism working for you…
        Enjoying force feeding your kids “halal” meat?
        The continued rape of your daughters?
        The terror attacks the continue & continue… on & on! With your leaders showing the same pathetic “sell out” attitude.
        Oh & then there’s the dead that mount up like cord wood; & your muslims are ever favored.

        You are a dead ppl who have disgraced your once fine heritage! You are dead as a culture, as a country & a ppl.
        And you apologize instead of fighting, every time you do nothing!!

        Sooo… just lay down & die, the Muslims you defend are running things anyway! You aren’t needed!


    • “Resettlement contracting” earns six-figure compensation for the fat cats of these religious groups that are putting daggers into the back of the West, and they’ve been at in the US, operating in obscurity, for three decades.

      Task number one is shutting down all US immigration summarily, which is the battlefield equivalent of stop the bleeding, clear the airway, protect the wound and treat for shock if there is to be hope of survival.


    • Yep, somehow people think Christianity means being dumber than dumb! Jesus didn’t ask us to be stupid, dumb or commit unwise acts. He asked us to spread the Godpel; but if the Gospel is rejected we are to shake the dust off our shoes and walk away!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Its crazy how some Christians take ‘turning the other cheek’ to another level. They forget Jesus’ warning “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.” Which is exactly whats happening across the Western world

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well the leftist ideology that gets indoctrinated into people is quite successful. If they weren’t doing this it may have permanently held. But now there is external evidence that is causing a few every month to wake up and realize how horribly wrong everything they believed was.

        Like Reagan said “It’s not that liberals are ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that just isn’t so.”


  6. Most people here will freak out if I say this, but Islam isn’t the problem here, but PTSD. Needed here are psychiatrists having access to powerful anti-depressants like Abilify (aripiprazole).


      • Go away, are our war heroes and veterans raping and plundering? I am sure many of them have PTSD, but no one except these islamic thugs behave in this manner. There is really no need for more pseudo intellectuals like you, there are enough of you grafting plans to destroy Europe, America and Australia forever!

        Liked by 1 person

    • So you’re saying we should triple the cost on the taxpayer for a total longshot that they might be useful to society eventually? Except in about 3 years the government will collapse because people who pay taxes are getting on average what is spent on these people.


    • Ooganhand – Yeah… Drug the victims, make them more dossile.. & open to anything!

      The Brits need to stand up & FIGHT… to REVOLT!! It should be REVOLUTION TIME in England. But I won’t hold my breath!


  7. It is taught in the Koran, and has been practiced for 1400 years. The UK politicians knew this and imported them anyway. They took down borders but live in Gated Communities. They exposed daughters to the supremacist ideology, but not their daughters: the voters’ daughters. It is terribly sad, but easily predictable. Islam forbids criticism of Islam and now the UK has imposed the Sharia blasphemy laws through “hate speech” laws.
    Perhaps the Islamic supremacists are, in fact, supreme over the UK inhabitants.


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