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Turkey: Syrian anti-ISIS blogger is found decapitated in Turkey in his own home

Syrian anti-ISIS activist who blogged about terrible conditions in Raqqa is found decapitated in Turkey alongside beheaded corpse of his friend

  • Ibrahim Abdul Qadar, 20, an anti-ISIS activist found dead in Turkey
  • He and his friend Fares Hamadi were beheaded at home in Sanliurfa
  • ISIS are suspected of being behind the horrific murders but have yet to claim official responsibility
Syrian activist Ibrahim Abdul Qader, 20, was beheaded at his home in Sanliurfa

Syrian activist Ibrahim Abdul Qader, 20, was beheaded at his home in Sanliurfa.

The beheaded bodies of a Syrian activist opposed to the Islamic State group and his friend were found early Friday in the southern Turkish city of Sanliurfa.

Ibrahim Abdul Qader, 20, and his friend Fares Hamadi were found beheaded at home this morning.

The shocking news was confirmed by Abu Mohammad, a founder of the ‘Raqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently’ group, who posted hte news on social media.

The acctivist group, which documents abuses in areas under IS control in Syria, accused the jihadist organisation of the murders on its Facebook page.

Several prominent ISIS accounts on social media have claimed the vile jihadi group was responsible for the horrific assassination in Turkey.

‘I don’t know what to say. One of our member called ‘ Ibrahim ‘ and another friend ‘Fares’ was found slaughtered in their house today morning,’ activist Abu Mohammad wrote.

‘I’m sorry I could not do anything for you. We promised each other to return to our country I’m sorry I can’t fulfill my promise, I could not protect you.’

Ibrahim's friend Fares Hamadi was also murdered in the same attack in Turkey. ISIS supporters have claimed they were behind the assassinations but no official statement has been released by the jihadi group

Both victims were from the ISIS held city of Raqqa but had fled to Turkey around a year ago.

Members of the activist group had been killed inside Syria in the past, but this is the first time a member had been killed outside the country.

The jihadi group released a video on social media yesterday showing the execution of four media activists.

All four men were forced to wear red boiler suits and were taken out to a remote part of the Syrian countryside before they were executed.

Seven Syrians were arrested by Turkish police following the beheadings, according to Dohan media agency in Turkey.

Both men were from the Syrian city of Raqqa, which was overtaken by the jihadi group ISIS

Sanliurfa is 55 kilometres (35 miles) from Turkey’s border with Syria’s Raqa province, a major IS stronghold in the country.

Turkey has long been accused by Syrian opposition activists, Kurdish fighters and sometimes even Western partners of allowing IS members to slip back and forth across its 911-kilometre (566-mile) frontier with Syria.

Bloody bomb attacks in southern Turkey, including an attack in July that claimed 32 lives in Suruc, have been blamed on IS, though the group has never claimed responsibility for the blasts.

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