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Lawless Muslims in Slovenia torched their own shelters and make V-sign while taking selfies

We have always said that they commit their own arson in refugee shelters all over Europe. This is how they operate.

There are two reasons for this. One is that they are in constant wars with other migrants. There are so many feuding Muslim from different tribes, regions, dominions being mixed together that they target each other to kill. Another reason is that they have been told exactly what to do to get their own apartments, and where to go to milk the maximum money out of these countries.

Today they burn the shelters, tomorrow someone’s homes, cars, schools, offices.

UK Migrants TORCH tents and take SELFIES of carnage in protest at ONE DAY transfer wait

ANGRY migrants looking to reach Britain have SET FIRE to their own tents in protest at being made to wait just ONE DAY for transit papers, it emerged today.

By Nick Gutteridge

PUBLISHED: 08:29, Thu, Oct 22, 2015

Migrants at the camp, left, and police, right
Migrants burnt down their tents at a camp in Slovenia.

Lawless migrants at a camp in Slovenia torched their own living quarters and took SELFIES of the carnage in a shockingly dangerous act of vandalism.

Hundreds of women and children fled the Brezice Camp in terror and plumes of smoke billowed into the sky as the ferocious blaze spread like wildfire between the closely-spaced tents.

Photographs from the scene showed groups of young men wearing hoodies were the only ones left behind, with one apparently making a ‘V for victory’ sign for the cameras as a tent burnt down behind him.

Police said the gang of young men were chanting “let us go! let us go!” after they used blankets donated by the UN to set fire to the tents.

A migrant makes a 'V for Victory' sign as he takes a selfie in front of a burning tent

Muslim refugees put their own shelter on fire and take selfies with victory signs
A migrant makes a ‘V for Victory’ sign as he takes a selfie in front of a burning tent.

Police at the scene of the fire in Brezice
The migrants torched their tents in protest at conditions

Shocking drone footage also emerged showing the full extent of the damage at the camp – which houses thousands of men, women and children – with a huge area reduced to a blackened pile of ash.

Witnesses said that a group of young men became riotous after learning that it would take at least 24 hours to register them and move them on to the nearby border with Austria.

It was reported that they were also angry about a lack of food, water and blankets at the camp.

Police at the scene of the fire in Brezice
Witnesses said migrants were chanting ‘let us go’

Police at the scene of the fire in Brezice
Hundreds of women and children had to flee the camp as the blaze spread.

But there were reports that the fires decimated supplies at the camp to the extent that their fellow migrants had to burn clothes donated by charities in an effort to keep warm.

Ari Omar, a migrant from Iraq, bemoaned his treatment at the hands of Europeans, saying: “I am sorry for Europe. We did not think Europe is like this: no respect for refugees, not treating us with dignity. Why is Europe like this?”

Slovenia has been thrust to the forefront of Europe’s migrant crisis by Hungary’s decision to close its border with neighbouring Serbia to stem the tide of people.

Let us go! Let us go!

Rioting migrants

Local media reported that the biggest ever group of migrants entered the country overnight, with 3,000 crossing the border in the early hours.

Photographs of the huge convoy, which was flanked by police on horseback, showed that the vast majority of those were young men.

The embattled eastern European country has dispatched its army to the border as tensions continue to grow between EU members states.

Today Slovenia’s interior secretary of state, Bostjan Sefic, blamed the violence on neighbouring Croatia, which is shipping migrants onwards towards Western Europe.

Police at the scene of the fire in Brezice
The camp was designed to hold 250 people, but has seen 4,000 pass through in 48 hours.

Migrants enter Serbia at the border with Croatia
Unprecedented numbers of migrants are entering Serbia.

In a statement he said the Brezice camp was designed to hold just 250 people, not the 4,000 who have passed through in the last 48 hours, and added that tensions had been caused by “unannounced excessive numbers of people deliberately sent to the border by Croatia”.

European leaders have been at loggerheads over how to deal with the deepening migrant crisis, with deep divisions emerging between member states.

The Schengen free-movement agreement has effectively been scrapped as more and more countries look to shore up their own borders, whilst rows have broken out over who should take in the hundreds of thousands of people flooding into the continent.EU President Jean-Claude Juncker today called for yet another summit to achieve “greater cooperation, more extensive consultation and immediate operational action” between member states.

9 thoughts on “Lawless Muslims in Slovenia torched their own shelters and make V-sign while taking selfies

  1. Oh dear what a lovely little church.Where are the european men? Why aint these retards gettin the shit kicked out of them? The burn their mosques down here when they want a new one and leave graffitti pointing to us,but i think,i say think the police have caught on to that! We don’t want them here i hope the rain gives them all pneumonia and they die,infact i pray for it!!!


  2. “Today they burn the shelters, tomorrow someone’s homes, cars, schools, offices.”

    Today a Frankfort saucisse – tomorrow the world !

    My heart crys out help for that little wayside chapel (image above) who has just seen its destroyers walk by. 😦


  3. These people don’t want much. Their needs are simple and are very much like yours. In fact, they are exactly the same. They want your houses, your food, your women and your space upon the planet.

    And, they are heirs to all the lands, even those they have not seen. So, if you don’t like it, convert. And don’t keep Allah waiting, there’s lotsa believers in line for your stuff.

    Allah-hu Akbar, you unclean suckers.


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