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Sweden: Muslim killer beheaded IKEA victims ‘because they looked Swedish’

Remember how one of the fake “refugees” wanted to seek asylum in Norway because they had “good prisons”? What does this mean? It means he has a questionable past and he is not worried to repeat it, because he knows prison sentencing in Scandinavia is weak and rewards criminals for their crimes.  The IKEA killer willingly got arrested and happily explains the details of the murder he committed. The Swedes need to grow some balls and give him the death penalty, or send him to his homeland of Sudan to be given the death penalty.

The level of self-deprivation Sweden has sunk into can be seen today after a frustrated Swede knifed two Muslims to death yesterday at a multi-cultural school with a 90% non-Swedish student population in Trollhattan, South Sweden.

The Prime Minister traveled to location to offer his firm condemnation and even the King has offered his condolences and expressed ‘shock’. The killers picture and full name, and all details are widely published by all the socialist media outlets in the entire country. Someone commented under the articles about the Trollhattan murder: “The problem isn’t individuals who want to become famous by murdering innocents, it’s an immigration problem. Driven by a strong sense of nationalism they feel powerless when they see their country being swamped by immigrants who are changing their country. The same thing will and is happening in a lot of countries where the indigenous population are being slowly outnumbered by migrants and their traditional way of life is being eroded and disappearing. Multiculturalism in the extreme. This is not multiculturalism this is a take over. And unless this is addressed there will be similar crimes carried out by frustrated individuals.”

But here is our question: how come the PM, the King and the media – none of them – came out with the same horror and shock when poor Carola Herlin, a 57-year-old native Swede, was apparently beheaded by a Muslim “refugee” alongside her son while shopping at IKEA according to witness reports? None of them said a word. No one traveled to the location where the murder took place at IKEA, condemning the racist crime. The Muslim killer’s face, background and name was withheld in media (we found them through facebook) and police even offered the killer to cover his face from media intrusion when he was in court. No one in the government or the palace came forth to call for an end to the Islamic racist and fascist violence. No one blamed Islam while the Trollhattan killer is now accused to have been egged on by the country’s “right wing political party”. Sweden is 100% socialist and extreme left. They don’t even know what right wing means!

It shows us that the Swede’s must somehow hate themselves and hate their own people. Well, they’ll get what they’re asking for because the Sunni’s will certainly be more than happy to give them all the violence and hatred they can imagine.

The IKEA killer Abraham Ukbagabir appears to be a forged identity which is a common problem with most asylum seekers. A Forged identity and forged passports can be acquired for as little as $750. A rumor persisted in the asylum shelter that Ukbagabir was actually of Somalian origin. Ukbagabir was “shouting something” as he attacked his victims and was later recorded at the bus stop outside IKEA shouting Allahu-Akhbar, the scream of victory in jihad, when the police tried to arrest him. His accomplice got away scot free.

The article below has been translated with Bing and Google to make sense of it.

IKEA-killer selected his victims: “they looked Swedish”

Sweden Abraham Ukbagabir had planned to murder someone if he was to be deported. In the photo he shows how he held the knife during the killing.
Abraham Ukbagabir had planned to murder someone if he was to be deported. In the photo he shows how he held the knife during the killing.

[Abraham Ukbagabir gabs the knife he used to stab the shoppers with]


Published October 22, 2015
Fria Tider

Ikea killer Abraham Ukbagabir’s strategy when he picked out a 55-year-old woman and her son to be his victims was simple.

– They looked Swedish, he explains in the forensic investigation.

The trial of Abraham Ukbagabir is starting on 28 October but already now a forensic report states that the 36-year-old Eritrianen national is mentally sane, and that he was mentally sane at the moment of the offense.

The citation from the forensic investigation is quoted by Vestmanlands Lans Tidning in which psychiatrists describe Ukbagabir as completely self-focused and self-centered. VLT writes that the 36-year-old wanted the murder to get the maximum attention and therefore chose to murder the two Swedes. The murdered woman and her son, he chose completely random because “they looked Swedish”.

The 36-year-old asylum seeker missed the right to reside in Sweden at the time of the murder. In 2005, he left Eritrea to avoid having to complete the compulsory military service, and made his way through Sudan and Libya to Italy where he was given a temporary residence permit. For financial reasons, he went to England and sought asylum but was rejected and sent back to Italy. Then he took himself to Sweden in 2013 where he went on welfare, committed crimes and lived in an asylum accommodation until 2015.

The man had decided to murder the Swedes if he was deported from Sweden.

Today he is still staying in a hospital as a result of the injuries he incurred in connection with the murder.

[Carola Herlin, a 57-year-old native Swede, was beheaded by the Muslim “refugee” alongside her son while shopping at IKEA. The drawing was made from witness accounts by other shoppers at the scene. Ukbagabir was shouting Allahu-Akbar repeatedly as police arrested him at a bus stop outside IKEA]

25 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslim killer beheaded IKEA victims ‘because they looked Swedish’

  1. It all hinges upon his persuasion.

    If he is Christian the full weight of the yoke of secular justice is his fate.

    If he is Muslim, we must consider that the deceased had rejected Allah which is an abomination not to be tolerated. As a Muslim, he needn’t show contrition, although a contribution to internment costs warrants the prolific display of gratitude by the family, specifically by kissing the Muslim’s feet on Al Jazeera.

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  2. This is insane. Back to scholl and do your research! Both of the victims were not beheaded – the woman was stabbed several times in the stomach and the man was stabbed only once, also in the stomach. I’m from Sweden and do know the circumstances.


    • Another dumb arrogant and complacent Swede must be! Your damn press does not print the truth, your press is censored! It is true what they say about Sweden “Sweden can only hold one thought at a time” The most gullible people in Europe and Scandinavia – even NORWAY has more sense than Sweden. If you are a Swede you will know the ambivalence the Swedes hold against Norwegians.


  3. What about the irony? A illegal immigrant decided that if he was refused asylum he would “punish” Sweden by killing the most Swedish looking people he could find. This is a tragedy, that a poor immigrant was forced to such drastic means since he was deemed unworthy of permanent resident status. This guy ( was deemed insane and his action labeled as a “hate-crime”! Hmmmm, so an immigrant decides to try to kill random Swedish people, a mother and son, in response to being refused asylum and and somehow, he is a victim. Then a swede decides to go to an predominantly non-swede school with similar motives and this is labeled a hate crime. Sweden must be the most gullable, two-faced, double-standard, reveres racist country in the world.


  4. And HA! you useless fooker no virgins for you,and i think they may deport you rather than house you in one of their prisons wheres your allah akbar now twat! Imagine being on the same ward as him you would have to sort it wouldnt you.


  5. Sweden has fallen and should be taken as an example as to what happens when you let wet assed liberals take charge 1 in 3 women have been raped,where are the swedish men? Merkel the slag has decided after her invite she is going to extradite them in army planes,so what do you think the ones left will think of that? Well with a bit of prodding from the left i expect more killings,they hope to scare us into submission lol,NOT going to happen!


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