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MSNBC apologizes for embarrassing and false “Palestinian loss of land” map

MSNBC (has to) apologizes for using a wrong Palestinian propaganda map during their broadcast. However, why do they never mention that the origin of the Muslim occupation was jihad and the establishment of a (Saudi) caliphate? Why do they NEVER mention that the so called “Palestinians” do not come from “Palestine” at all, but illegally mass migrated (hijrah for jihad) after the Israeli borders were already drawn to fill the land and force the jews out, or kill them. During that mass migration period, the British were so concerned for the safety of the jews that they did not allow anymore jewish people to relocate to Israel. Thus, the maps of a Muslim ‘majority’ are of recent and illegal mass migrants.

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4 thoughts on “MSNBC apologizes for embarrassing and false “Palestinian loss of land” map

  1. Thank you Admin for posting this article, I received it earlier on Twitter. I am heartily sick to death of the propaganda coming out of so called palestine. Today’s politicians are not only young and stupid they have no concrete grounding in history including Merkel who grew up in Eastern Germany. None of them have the ability to deal with the political power of ISLAM dominating everything in today’s world. They are incapable of putting 2 & 2 together and coming up with 4. None of them have any idea of pre-world 1973 when Wahhabi Islam (all of the middle east except IRAN) jointly attacked the west through the OIL crisis. Since ’73 the Petro dollar has given these bloody islamic arabs more power than Peter the Great or the last Empire (British) even the Yanks can’t handle them. I pray like hell WWIII will see the back of political islam’s strangle hold on the world economy, banking and land gains. Gaining land in Europe just by parking their damn backsides on our streets in our cities and praying to MECCA 5 times a day.

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