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Video: Chinese Uyghurs infiltrate into Syria to fight alongside ISIS “rebels”

The Sunni hijrah is taking place on a massive scale around the world, except to Australia where they failed to infiltrate. Australia has a zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration and will push all boats back no matter how many children they use as props. That saves Australia.

Uyghurs are now exporting themselves out of China under the usual forged explanations: they are “refugees” fleeing “persecution”. Once they enter the country they join terrorism camps. They then begin to have a lot of children and at least one child is offered to be trained and groomed for jihad.

The Muslims want their Caliphate. Europe’s insipid leaders have given all of them tremendous hopes so the floods will now grow into an Ocean, as we can see in this situation where Sunni Muslims with their families and children (used as cover) travel all the way to China. Sunni’s have also infiltrated as “refugees” into Thailand, Burma and Indonesia although they were disappointed to be pushed to Indonesia when their real aims was a non-Muslim country.

Uyghur families colonise Syrian villages as Uyghurs keep streaming into Syria to fight alongside “Syrian rebels”.

Mayadeen TV recently reported on Uyghurs fighting alongside ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra in Syria. A Syrian village was being transformed into “a settlement for hundreds of Uyghur Turkistani families who are fleeing China,” according to the TV report, which aired on September 3, 2015. The report also said that hundreds of Uyghur children were learning how to fight in ISIS schools and training camps.

4 thoughts on “Video: Chinese Uyghurs infiltrate into Syria to fight alongside ISIS “rebels”

  1. And some IDIOT US international journalist figures Russia is out to overtake the bloody world! In view of this as always from Muslim Issue erudite and well researched piece of writing the Yank journalist is clearly spreading propaganda in the hope of changing world opinion there are others up to the same tricks. Let’s watch Putin and reserve our judgement till he & China have wiped out Wahhabi & Shiia (don’t believe Putin or China are gonna be dictated to by a bunch of crazy Ayatollah’s!) ISLAM.


  2. And Obama wants the same for the U.S.A. If he gets his way he will import hundreds of thousands of Sunni immigrants into the U.S. from Syria, Iraq, China and whomever else if fighting for IS.

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