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What’s your Aylan Kurdi picture?

Hundreds of millions of Alyan Kurdi’s from all backgrounds, non Muslim religions, cultures and nations have lost their lives due to Muslim jihad in far more brutal manners than this little boy since the birth of Islam.

And that brutality never ends. It’s as strong as ever, kept alive by the followers of Islam. It is a 1,400 year continuous war created by the Mohammedan “tradition” of a flame fueled by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The oil and trade revenues they get from countries around the world who refuse to stop dealing with them has made terrorism stronger than ever. So, millions of more Alyan Kurdi’s will continue to die around the world.

Alyan’s father was living in full safety in Turkey. There was no need at all for him to try and persuade his family to be smuggled and taken on boats anywhere. There is no war in Turkey. Even in Syria people live away from the war zone. The mother was worried and did not feel it was safe to take small children at night on rugged waters, and did not want to travel. But as a Muslim woman who would listen to her? Her opinion does not matter and it’s the man who makes the final decision. The same man who had no problems saving himself but left his family to drown. So he caused the death to his entire family by his assumption he could receive quick money in a foreign country. All because the European government keeps feeding these ideas into their heads, dangling a carrot in front of them, sending ships to pick them up and encourage them to take the risks and giving reinforcement to the fairy tales of people smugglers. Alyan’s father is a perfect example of what is happening. Thousands of these refugees don’t come from any war zones. They are economic migrants, not refugees. Furthermore, it’s interesting that he managed to save himself but not even one of his family members. It gave him a quick ticket to Canada. For some ‘odd’ reason we have little faith in the compassion of the Muslim male.

These problems do not originate from the West. It’s a creation of Saudi Arabia. The war in Israel also originates from Saudi Arabia’s manipulations. The Arab Spring was a Saudi initiated movement. ISIS is a Saudi cleric creation. And terrorism all over the world, be it in India, Burma, Thailand, China, Russia, Africa, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and so on – all comes from funding and “donations” held in Saudi Arabia with support of Qatar. Saudi Arabia is funding the expansion of Salafism all over the world, by superimposing training materials onto mosques everywhere.

The West’s fault in all of this is their continuous engagement and trade with barbarians and their continuous stupidity on to deal with these people. For this they should be dragged to court. No wonder none of the Gulf countries want to take even one Muslim “refugee” into their own countries! They know the dhimmis have to be conquered and are too stupid to resist. These people are not refugees. They serve a purpose to expand Islam. They are promoted and encouraged to commit hijra-jihad whether they are aware of it or not – to occupy the infidel by mere volume and baby making. The infidel will become the minority in his own country and he will never be able to stop Sharia or Islam to eventually rule over him. Thereafter the Saudi Salafi agenda can be developed to millions of them. For years people who understand the evil of Islam has warned about this. This kind of mass-mobs of Muslims is what Israel went through in the last 1920’s and 1930’s which has now created an impossible security situation for them and over 65 years of war, while the rest of the world does not allow them to even defend themselves.

With Muslim immigration terrorism and a struggle to survive becomes a permanent feature in society. It’s downhill after that.

So what to do with this mass-hijra?

It’s actually not impossible or difficult to stop these crowds from coming. The extreme left socialists just don’t want it to stop. They masturbate themselves to sleep playing Florence Nightingale. In some sick way it gives them a false euphoria cloaked in selfish greed to pat themselves on the shoulder while their delusional reasoning only create more chaos and more problems.

  1. First of all, the asylum and refugee policy has to immediately be stopped and ended. No one should be handed any right anywhere to apply for any form of residency through illegal means and by arriving illegally, trespassing on borders. When they find out that their chances of residency is stopped by pouring in illegally and being forced to turn around, they will eventually stop coming and stay at their jobs and towns and villages.
  2. They must immediately be turned around and forced back on trespassing. There is no excuse to say they have no documents to verify where they come from. if they have no documents, emulate Saudi Arabia and just dump them on Muslim shores and let these countries deal with their own problems. That’s the way to do it. Saudi Arabia has the largest food waste in the world, so they have plenty to feed these people. Saudi Arabia also has the lowest accommodation costs in the world.
    Its completely insane to arrange for ships to pick them up and serve as government appointed human smugglers! What insane nutter does that? Whoever made that decision created a huge crisis that escalated to a quadruple problem within a month. It’s criminal. Now over 100,000 have flooded into Germany alone and the volume is only increasing, not reducing.
    Before the Eurocrat political criminals began “saving” them at shores and sending huge ships to pick them up their numbers were in the hundreds. Those decision makers responsible and supportive of the action to pick them up must be arrested and charged with treason. Drop them off in the Gulf countries, if nowhere else. They have the money to manage the very problems they have created all over the world.
  3. Stop buying oil from these Muslim savages, and stop engaging in trade with these bestial animals, and the funding for terrorism will begin to dry up.
  4. The real “refugees” and “asylum” seekers are the Christians, the gays and the Yazidis. Muslims are not asylum seekers. They are the cause of the entire asylum problem. Now the asylum system is being exploited to bring in the persecutors, not the persecuted.

The Koran states that no emigration should be made by a Muslim after Mohammed conquered Mecca, except in the name of Jihad or for the sake of Islam (for proselytism):

Hadith - Hijrah for jihad - Book of Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad) - Sahih al-Bukhari -

Hadith - Hijrah for Islam - Book of Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad) - Sahih al-Bukhari -

So what’s your Aylan Kurdi picture?


Saudis Terror Alyan Kurdi




Turkish government employees get a good photo op.

13 thoughts on “What’s your Aylan Kurdi picture?

  1. I wish I could share a photograph with you, but since I cannot, I will try my best to explain. Something about the picture of Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach just doesn’t sit right as there seem to be many discrepancies.
    First, the direction of the body does not suggest that the child had simply washed up with the surf as he is facing the wrong way. For all intents and purposes, it looks as though the body had been placed on the sand.
    Second, don’t you think the little boy’s shirt would have been disheveled from the impact of the waves?
    Thirdly, his hair is flattened as though his head had been dunked in the water and then quickly lifted back up, causing the hair to lay flat against his head. Surely, the waves would have tousled his hair, don’t you agree?
    For a drowning victim, supposedly in the sea for hours, his skin is remarkably pink, even his fingertips. No blue or purple discoloration at all.
    Lastly, his arms and legs are perfectly straight, his arms aligned at his sides, as if he had simply fallen asleep at that spot. The arms of a drowning victim would never be aligned at his sides like that.


  2. To be fair, the Turks have begun ethnic cleansing the Kurds, attacking and burning down houses in Kurdish cities within their borders. While the Turks are claiming to have begun to bomb ISIS, which may or may not be so, they have also been bombing the Kurds in Northern Iraq, at the same time. Which is obviously at least wrong if not evil since the Kurds are virtually the only ones on the front against ISIS.

    That said, that father is absolutely the only one at fault. The response should not be that the planet earth is responsible for this “humanitarian crisis” and needs to import more bad actors. It has been the response, and those few truly deserving of being saved are never mentioned and are left to die.


    • He was safe to fly back to Kobani to attend a funeral. So Kobani is certainly not fully occupied by ISIS and if he doesn’t like Turkey, since Abdullah claimed he didn’t want to stay in Turkey as it’s “not his country” he can return to Kobani and live there.


      • I had figured he was from Turkish-occupied-Kurdistan. That’s where they’re attacking the kurd cities as far as I know. So far as I know they aren’t attacking kurdish areas in syria, but that’s probably a ‘yet’. They definitely aren’t helping them at all against ISIS though.

        But yeah, as far as this guy goes it was just opportunism.

        I’d rather see people getting angry at the Yazidi/Christian slavery and beheadings instead of this. But it really is just a photo op, and many people engage in easy outrage like at this picture and that one dentist and the lion.


      • @admin I don’t know why you want to vilify the Kurds so badly, when the Kurds are the only boots on the ground fighting ISIS. This little boy was found by a bartender who plucked him out of the water and placed him there until the Turkish police arrived. That article is here:

        Next you claim that their city was never hit. Yes, it was. They were from Kobane, a city that was hit hardest by ISIS. See that here –>
        As for Turkey being safe, it was not safe. ISIS bombed Suruc where this family was staying, and the Turkish government is coming Cizre as we speak. Turkey is the #1 funder of ISIS as well as Saudi Arabia.

        The Kurds have always been pro-Israel and pro-West. They have always protected minorities. They helped the Jews flee persecution during WW2 and there are many Kurdish Jews in Israel today. Judaism has it’s roots in Kurdistan. Abraham was a Kurd from UR. The Garden of Eden is believed to be located in Kurdistan. The first monotheistic religions of Zoroastrianism and Yezidism were founded in Kurdistan. . ISIS has decimated the Kurdistan region and still the Kurdish peshmerga fight hard. They stole 5,000 Yezidi Kurdish women and children, and killed all the men in Shingal and the Kurds still fight.

        This poor man, Abdullah Kurdi, was a Kurd from Kobane. Kobane was hit hardest by ISIS. Then he fled to Suruc which was also bombed. The Canadian government needed a Syrian Passport and Turkish work permit from the older brother. The Kurds are denied citizenship rights in Syria, they are not allowed passports. And the Turkish work permit? Really? Do you think they would grant a Syrian refugee, and a Kurd at that, a work permit? Theres a difference between IMMIGRANTS and REFUGEES. Identification papers should have been sufficient. A Turkish work permit is useless in Canada anyways/

        I can’t believe that you vilify this family and use that poor little baby’s image in such a cold hearted cruel way. He’s an innocent child. It’s not just Arab muslims fleeing ISIS, it’s Kurds and Christian and Jews as well. Seriously, this family have suffered enough. If it wasn’t for the Kurdish peshmerga ISIS would have spread to all of Europe and North America by now.

        You seem as if you want to vilify everyone without checking your facts.


      • Kobane was hit last year by ISIS, then it was liberated by YPG. Just when the residents thought it was safe and began returning home, ISIS militants wearing YPG uniforms snuck back into the city and slaughtered hundreds of Kurds June 2015. When this poor man went back, he went with Turkish military police and a huge convoy of people who wanted to support this family. The Turks wanted to save face, not to mention they wanted to keep Kurds from Turkey attending the funeral. Kobane has been reduced to rubble. ISIS is out but the entire city has been decimated. There’s nothing left! It’s not fit for children to live there anymore. There’s not running water, electricity, etc.


  3. If the cadavers of all the victims of jihad were placed head to foot the file would stretch some half-million kilometers, depending upon the mix.


    • The Yezidi children, the Children in Kobane, the Children in Cizre…we are lucky this little boy caught the attention of the media. We should be grateful. It doesn’t make the deaths of others less significant. It just brings attention to the whole crisis in general. It’s not a competition on whose death is more important. Rather, the fact that the world is finally waking up and paying attention to whats going on is important


      • What is going on that’s important is the tsunami of non-Europeans chanting Allah-hu Akbar sweeping into the continent.

        What should be going on is systemic DE-Islamification.


      • It actually is, the second I saw this picture I knew they would use it as emotional leverage for more claims of “for humanity, we must import everyone forever until this stops happening”. And that’s exactly what has happened. They focus on saving Muslims instead of people who deserve saving.


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