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Oldest Koran predates ‘prophet’ Mohammed: Islam was plagiarized for political agenda

Should we become historians, or what? For how many years now have we relentlessly – and been the first – stated that the Koran is not one book but a compilation from torn bits and pieces acquired from loot during the raids and robberies committed by an illiterate Arabian desert band of criminals. The only authentic sections of the Koran that actually was written from the time of the warlord of Islam is the Hadith, which reveal the most heinous and vicious savagery that sounds too cruel to be real. The new findings basically give a strong historic argument to the claim that Mohammed was no prophet. Nor did he get the message of the Koran “from heaven” so he was also no messenger of Allah either.

The Mayo clinic describe signs and symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia may include:

Auditory hallucinations, such as hearing voices
Delusions, such as believing a co-worker wants to poison you
Emotional distance
Self-important or condescending manner
Suicidal thoughts and behavior

The list serves as a tailored description of the ‘prophet’ of Islam.

The Koran has no real story-line. That’s the first give-away of it containing fragments from something else. The belief system endlessly contradicts itself. For this reason Muslims have abrogated the texts over and over again through history, replacing older versions with new versions. This is an accusation they make against Christianity, while it’s actually Muslims who keep rewriting their own religion all the time to try and fill in the gaps of inconsistent and incoherent content.

We came to this conclusion years ago studying the different religions and histories in the East. The Koran itself is a give-away and clearly gives the indication that it’s a book compiled from theft. Many Muslims argue that the Koran promotes peace. Yes indeed it does. But we argue that those are the sections from other faiths with no association to Mohammed and his actual laws, which do not promote anything but conflict, wars and brutality.

Islam has always from day one been accused of being a false religion of “demons” even in medieval Arabia, after the local population in Yathrib (now Medina) got attacked and killed at nights by Mohammed while they were peacefully sleeping in their beds. The same accusation came from old Christian reports on the origin of Islam and Mohammed. The “prophet” and his faith was referred to as anti-Christ.




Entire history of Islam may have to be rewritten as fragments of the world’s oldest Koran (found in Birmingham) may be older than the prophet Mohammed himself

  • Fragments of the oldest Koran were discovered last month in Birmingham
  • Carbon dating found the pages were produced between 568AD and 654AD 
  • But several historians now say that the parchment may predate Muhammad
  • They believe that this discovery could rewrite the early history of Islam  

Fragments of the world’s oldest Koran, found in Birmingham last month, may predate the Prophet Muhammad and could even rewrite the early history of Islam, according to scholars.

The pages, thought to be between 1,448 and 1,371 years old, were discovered bound within the pages of another Koran from the late seventh century at the library of the University of Birmingham.

Written in ink in an early form of Arabic script on parchment made from animal skin, the pages contain parts of the Suras, or chapters, 18 to 20, which may have been written by someone who actually knew the Prophet Muhammad – founder of the Islamic faith.

Discovery: Fragments of what is believed to be the world's oldest Koran. Several historians have said it could even predate the Prophet Muhammad 

Discovery: Fragments of what is believed to be the world’s oldest Koran. Several historians have said it could even predate the Prophet Muhammad.  

The pages were carbon-dated by experts at the University of Oxford, a process which showed the Islamic holy book manuscript could be the oldest Koran in the world.

The discovery was said to be particularly significant as in the early years of Islam, the Koran was thought to have been memorised and passed down orally rather written.

But now several historians have said that the parchment might even predate Muhammad.

It is believed that the Birmingham Koran was produced between 568AD and 645AD, while the dates usually given for Muhammad are between 570AD and 632AD.

Historian Tom Holland, told the Times: ‘It destabilises, to put it mildly, the idea that we can know anything with certainty about how the Koran emerged – and that in turn has implications for the history of Muhammad and the Companions.’

Keith Small, from the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library, added: ‘This gives more ground to what have been peripheral views of the Koran’s genesis, like that Muhammad and his early followers used a text that was already in existence and shaped it to fit their own political and theological agenda, rather than Muhammad receiving a revelation from heaven.

The pages were carbon dated by experts at the University of Oxford, which showed it could be the oldest Koran in the world

The pages were carbon dated by experts at the University of Oxford, which showed it could be the oldest Koran in the world.

However, these claims are strongly disputed by Muslim scholars, with Mustafa Shah from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London also telling the paper: ‘If anything, the manuscript has consolidated traditional accounts of the Koran’s origins.’

The Prophet Muhammad is thought to have founded Islam sometime after 610AD and the first Muslim community was founded in Medina in 622AD.

During this time the Koran was memorised and recited orally but Caliph Abu Bakr, the first leader of the Muslim community after Muhammad’s death, ordered the Koranic material to be collected into a book.

The final authoritative written form was not completed until 650AD under the third leader Caliph Uthman.

Professor Nadir Dinshaw, who studies interreligious relations at the University of Birmingham, described the discovery as ‘startling’.

When it was found last month he said: ‘This could well take us back to within a few years of the actual founding of Islam.

‘According to Muslim tradition, the Prophet Muhammad received the revelations that form the Qur’an, the scripture of Islam, between the years AD 610 and 632, the year of his death.

‘At this time, the divine message was not compiled into the book form in which it appears today. Instead, the revelations were preserved in ‘the memories of men’.

‘Parts of it had also been written down on parchment, stone, palm leaves and the shoulder blades of camels.

Muslims believe that the Koran they read today is the same text that was standardised under Uthman and regard it as the exact record of the revelations that were delivered to Muhammad

Muslims believe that the Koran they read today is the same text that was standardised under Uthman and regard it as the exact record of the revelations that were delivered to Muhammad. 

‘Muslims believe that the Koran they read today is the same text that was standardised under Uthman and regard it as the exact record of the revelations that were delivered to Muhammad.

‘The tests carried out on the parchment of the Birmingham folios yield the strong probability that the animal from which it was taken was alive during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad or shortly afterwards.

‘These portions must have been in a form that is very close to the form of the Koran read today, supporting the view that the text has undergone little or no alteration and that it can be dated to a point very close to the time it was believed to be revealed.’


The ancient pages were found bound alongside those of a younger copy of the Koran from the seventh century AD.

It is thought they had been put together because the Hijazi script on the parchment was similar.

They had been collected during the 1920s by a Chaldean priest called Alphonse Mingana who put together a huge collection of documents from the Middle East.

His expeditions to the Middle East were sponsored by Edward Cadbury, from the chocolate dynasty.

A special library was built at Selly Oak Colleges in Birmingham, a group of colleges set up by a group of Quakers led by George Cadbury.

When the colleges were merged with the University of Birmingham in the 1990s, the collection was brought under the care of the Cadbury Research Library at the university.

The fragments of the Koran then lay undiscovered until they were sent for radio carbon dating at the University of Oxford.


The Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca in Saudi Arabia in 570AD.

Although Muslims believe that Islam is a faith that has always existed and was gradually revealed to humanity by a number of prophets, Muhammad is the one said to have made the complete revelation in the seventh century.

The traditional story of the Koran tells how one night in 610 Muhammad, a deeply spiritual and religious man, was meditating in a cave on Mount Hira when he was visited by the angel Jibreel who ordered him to recite.

Once Jibreel mentioned the name of Allah, Muhammad began to recite words which he came to believe were the words of God.

These revelations continued for 23 years and are collectively known as the Koran.

When he began to recite the Koran, Muhammad and his small group of followers suffered persecution from unbelievers. In 622 God gave them the command to migrate from Mecca to the city of Medina, some 260 miles to the north, which marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar.

After several years, Muhammad and his followers returned to Mecca and forgave their enemies.

Shortly before Muhammad died, at the age of 63, the majority of the Arabian Peninsula had become Muslim. Within a century of his death Islam had also spread to Spain in the west and as far east as China.

Islam is now the second largest religion in the world with over one billion followers. The 2011 census recorded 2.71million Muslims in the UK, around 4.5 per cent of the total population.


In the Hadith Zaid bin Thabit gives testimony that the Quran “was compiled from various written manuscripts” – basically verifying plagiarism.

Hadith Koran compiled from many different manuscripts

42 thoughts on “Oldest Koran predates ‘prophet’ Mohammed: Islam was plagiarized for political agenda

  1. there is a story regarding that hadith. It was when Abu Khuzaima owns the mushaf but he’s the only one having it. But then Rasulullah, peace be upon Him, told in a hadith that Abu Khuzaima’s testimony is the same as 2 people’s. So therefore the verse is accepted.


  2. The manuscripts to which the Hadith of Zaid bin Thabit,may God be pleased with him, refers mean the individual manuscripts of several Companions, may God be pleased with them, which were used to compile the standard manuscript of Quran, that’s why it mentions another Companion, not a Jewish or Christian scholar. Also, the range of dating shows that current scientific methods are not accurate. And parchment can be older and the ink can be newer. New methods need to be devised to date the ink. Scientific progress is moving in the direction of Islam, not vice versa, otherwise, dating would not have been possible in our time.


      • Do you think you will cheat death?

        You do understand that upon your biological death your contentions will not be validated? Instead, you will be dead.

        You will escape disappointment. You won’t even know about it, because you will be dead. Exactly like everyone else.


    • !!! – “Ishmael, the Son of Abraham, sired to Hagar, who was Abraham’s Wife Sarah’s Egyptian handmaiden! The Lord God of Israel, DID say that He would make of Ismael, a “Great” Nation! However, The Lord God of Israel ‘also’ said: Ishmael will be like a ‘Wild’ Ass, and that every Man’s hand would be against Him [Ishmael] and His [Ishmael’s] hand would be ‘against’ ‘Every’Man!


  3. What is clear from the speech of this product and commentators is clear coated Islamophobia of intellectualism, and some doses of messianic Christianity, this utlimo so full of hate, and the last 2000 years. Now aided by atheists, another formula born of the worst scourge of world Zionism. You have a nice day, and do not consume so many drugs. You have the brain level.
    Peace is impossible with those who claim to be peaceful, but take 2000 years killing his fellow man, trying to impose their culture, religion is peilgrosa of Westernism.


    • Isn’t it amazing that you Muslims seek to come to these so called “hateful” societies, who are the pinnacle of equality and humanity in the world, in millions? Wouldn’t you want to keep your unwanted presence as far from them as you can be?

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      • They come to these “hateful” societies, and make them in the image of themselves. What this strikes me as, is a deep-seated feeling of jealousy. Of feeling the fraud or outsider. I know this feeling. The difference is I own it. In their case, they have allowed this insecurity to eat them up. It pervades the wide-scale plagiarism, the invasion and violence of other countries, etc. If anyone needed to proselytize the Muslims, it would be the people least likely to do so. The Taoists. They could teach them how to be at peace with themselves.


    • Statements like that are why I discount the idea that there is this world Jew conspiracy of control. The only difference between them and Christians is the Jews didn’t get the memo that Jesus showed up.

      Meanwhile all Islam does is forcefully spread. Nobody would care if that weren’t the case. The only time in history when Christianity was being spread in any way similar to that was after they tossed out Islamic influences. So after they had dealt with the curse of Islam, they spread what saved them.

      If you doubt this, just ask how the zoroastrians feel about Islam. Oh, wait you can’t anymore – you converted or killed them all.

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  4. “Many Muslims argue that the Koran promotes peace.”
    The koran only promotes peace towards muslims. To non-muslims, the koran promotes perpetual war until they are conquered.
    Of course the message of islam is to promote peace towards other muslims. No point in warring against other muslims. That would only weaken the muslims in their war against non-muslims.
    This alleged message of peace (but only towards muslims) is just one of the very many ways in which the koran builds a fighting force to conquer and plunder non-muslims.

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  5. The. Bible proves no prophets. After jesus…………………till the second comming…nuke all arab states.bless a pure white race as it was ment to be.. worship the best or die like the regod saidst


  6. Arabs. Are inbred whites adam was white..muslems in the arab states hate nigros…. they don’t care if a negro goes to mecca they just use them to push the koran………all lies…


  7. Muhammad admitted that he copied from the previous scriptures. “Nothing is said to you, O Muhammad, except what was said to the Messengers before you.” [Kuran, chapter 41, verse 43] and “Verily, this is in the former Scriptures – the Scriptures of Abraham and Moses.” [Kuran, ch.88, v 18,19]
    The kuran was never claimed to be an academic paper or creative piece it may not be a terrible offence to have conveniently picked concepts from other Scriptures into it. The unforgiveable offence Muhammad committed was that he exploited people’s fear of god to his personal benefit.

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    • Let me clear up some confusion here which is crops up quite frequently. According to islam, every thing in the koran is the word of *allah*. Nothing which is within the koran comes from mohammad. So mohammad can admit nothing in the koran, however much it suits your proposition.
      What undermines your explanation further, is that their is little real evidence that mohammad ever even existed.
      Let us be quite clear. No explanation of words of the koran can be based on the false assumption that it comes from mohammad.
      Of course, the fact that the words of the koran don’t come directly from mohammad in no way demonstrates that the koran came from *allah*.
      We can in no way prove absolutely what occurred in seventh century Arabia, but there are better explanations than the belief that the koran comes from *allah* or mohammad. Some of that is touched upon in the original blog above, which merits very careful reading.

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      • Given the fact that allah does not exist it is conceivable that koran is all mohammad’s verses. otherwise we cannot explain who the bloodthirsty, xenophobic, illiterate greedy person to compile the bullshit ayats of koran. However, the fact is that koran was not compiled in today’s form until well after mohammad’s death. It was Osman, the third successor of mohammad who took the effort of compilation of the book and enjoyed complete freedom in editing it. He, in fact killed some of mohammad’s companions who objected some parts of Osman’s koran. Hence today’s muslims better be termed as osmanites than be mohamedans.
        So we agree on the point that koran, like anything else on the earth, is not comimg from allah/god and it was not written by mohammad either. I am, however, convinced that a mohammad really existed in seventh century to lead a group of ruthless bandits in the desert of Arabia.

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    • you can not convince a man against his will those who do not see the contradictions and nonsense of something will not be convinced by a million arguments . stop trying to talk to muslims about the koran, they dont use common sense if they did they would see all the contradictions there, beware of false prophets ! Jesus is the son of God ! someday they will se him in all his glory


    • Quran is the updated version of the previous scripture because Islam came to renew the teaching of Jesus. Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him, was decendant of Prophet Abraham, Peace be upon Him.


    • You don’t tend to make parchment if you aren’t going to use it at some point. That would add 50 to 75 years at most, especially given lousy means of preserving (finished parchments were encased in urns but there is no reason at all to preserve blank parchment). So, that’s unnecessary. I’d give only a few years margin for error, starting with the oldest scroll.


    • That’d be a whole new ballgame to do. The ink would have to be organic in nature, you’d have to remove the ink, without removing any paper, and the amount you’d need to remove would probably be higher in order to pull that off when compared to the parchment. So you’d have to be more destructive as well.

      As far as the shroud we know for sure that Indulgences were rampant.


  8. while I am no fan of mohammed, peace be NOT on h is name, the claim for this Koran is ridiculous by its own account. the dates for it overlap the dates for mohammed.

    Far more to the point would be to determine what differences exist between this and the standardized one. that would tear up the view of perfect preservation. Extensive study on THAT would do more good.

    As for “plagiarism” that isn’t being admitted rather that the statements were collected by hearers, and plagiarism wasn’t an issue until mid 1800s it was rather an honoring of the person plagiarized from .

    I hate islam, but this kind of attack is worse than useless. you are so blind with your intensity on the questionable theory of non existence of islam until later, that you can’t see the obvious contradiction between the dates for the text, which range from before and after mohammed placing his time squarely in the text’s time and NOT afterwards.

    this approach is silly. Islam is better critiqued on internal contradictions, historical errors, which make it look a lot less authentically divine, or at best the result of cobbling together of erratic memories making it not authentic whatever the origin and content of the original statements were. For those who have the sense to recognize that demons exist, mohammed’s own worries at first and the behavior of the so called “Gabriel” which is unlike biblical angels, should put the lie to the Koran also.


    • What a bizarre comment. “plagiarism wasn’t an issue until mid 1800s it was rather an honoring of the person plagiarized from”

      This is purely your own invention. The quote from the Hadith that the Koran was written from existing manuscripts is itself contradicting your idea that the world never had plagiarism until mid 1800’s. The claim is pretty amusing. The Koran itself describes all the raids and collection of booty, and the fact that 360 different religions existed in Arabia before Mohammed and his gang destroyed them completely.


      • What that person is saying isn’t that it didn’t happen, but that nobody was interested in who was the first to say something. That all that mattered is that whatever it was was not forgotten, and that it continued to be used or known. I wouldn’t know if that’s so or not, but it would explain misattribution occurring.


    • One proof of the fact that the Qura’n is NOT inspired is found in surah 19:88 – “And they say: “The Most Beneficent (Allah) has begotten a son (or offspring or children) [as the Jews say: ‘Uzair (Ezra) is the son of Allah, and the Christians say that He has begotten a son [‘Iesa (Christ) ], and the pagan Arabs say that He has begotten daughters (angels, etc.)].”

      No Jewish person would EVER call Ezra “the son of Allah.” So this surah is a complete falsehood.


  9. Muhammed was clearly schizophrenic. Hearing voices urging you to kill Jews and others would these days result in involuntary confinement. This beast founded a cult on it.


      • But how come other prophets received their “revelations” even as children while Mohammed was an old man at 40 before he got the idea that he was a “prophet”? Doesn’t that sound suspect to you?


    • Spot on!! Expect a convenient fire to suddenly happen at the Birmingham university library though. Cannot have any loose ends can we?

      I have always had the opinion that the warlord came well before any god turned up. Ideological fanaticism will only go so far (as will 80% of the loot) you need life after death and 72 houris for that last 10m push and conveniently god came on the scene when things were tough for Mo.

      In 1944 Germany Nazism was being organized into a religion with Adolf as its prophet although his opinion of this was somewhat facetious(“I though that we had escaped all of that rubbish”) as , again, ideology by itself was insufficnetn and a rewarded death in combat seen to be needed.
      The contradictions, the Muhammad convenient Allah rulings, the absolute bullshit, all within the Koran ensure that it is not even worthy of being on the same table as the bible of the Veddah, let alone being called a work of god.

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      • In so many ways the Edited and Edited and Edited Bibles cannot be compared or equate with Holy Quran. All this script above are nothing but jargon upon jargon.


      • …Bibles cannot be compared or equate with Holy Quran.

        Of course not. The Bible was open-sourced. No one but Muhammad heard the words from Allah.

        If he did, of course. There’s a reason you guys are called believers.


      • Re: the Old Testament. The Jewish attitude to the OT is that it records the lives of historical figures of the Jewish people but their actions are in many cases a warning not to repeat their mistakes. In other words, not one of them is considered “the perfect man” to be followed in anything more than their service for God. Re: the New Testament. Jesus is considered not a perfect human being but a manifestation of God. Everything he said and did was moral and humane. He is not reported as telling anyone to cause pain and He did not even demand revenge against those who executed him. (OK, the Church has not followed His teachings too well but this was their own initiative, not instructions from Jesus).

        It therefore does not matter if you think that things have been added or edited or even invented because you cannot find in the holy books of either Judaism or Christianity any explicit command to force conversions, or to kill or suppress members of other religions — and this is the important bit when you are looking at how these religions fit into the community of the world.

        The above is not true of Islam in its present form. The version of the Koran that is used by every modern Moslem makes positive orders to subjugate everyone else and lists some very cruel punishments for unbelievers. If you really believe that Mohammed is God’s prophet, you should be deeply interested in finding out whether this version really does reflect his thoughts. You would want to know if parts were added by later tyrants who might have possibly been less interested in the purity of Mohammed’s vision than in consolidating their own political power.

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