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Sweden: Grenade damages to police van revealed, that risked killing police in Muslim enclave

Again, the combination of Bing and Google has given us the clearest English translation of this article. This police van was used as grenade fodder in Muslim ghetto of Tumba, on the subburbs of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.



Sweden damages to police van after grenade attack in Muslim ghetto

This image has this week been spread in social media. Inset picture of a hand grenade of the type M75.

The damage to the police bus after grenade attack

Published August 29, 2015 at 17:11

During the week a picture of the police van that was subjected to a grenade attack in Tumba last week has spread on social media.

Yesterday, the Södermalm police officers uploaded the image too on their Twitter feed.

“Police van with markings by shrapnel from the grenade that was thrown at it. Luckily it was stronger.” Writes one in the picture.

Jari Kalliorinne is during Saturday station officer at the police at Södertörn. He says to FriTider that he did not know about the picture and did not want to answer questions about it.

– I do not have control of what images we have published in our media, he says.

According to reports in social media, the grenade that was thrown at the police was a model called the M75 and originates  from the former Yugoslavia.

M75 has a casing of plastic and consists of a plastic explosive surrounded by 3000 steel balls thrown in all directions when the grenade explodes. Hand grenades kill people within a radius of between 12 to 18 meters and can cause damage to over 50 meters.

Kalliorinne does not want to comment on details of what type of grenade had been used in the attack.

– No, I can not, because I have not read any official reports. I have read that it would be the hand grenade you mention in the media.

Do you have any other information on the matter?

– I have information, but I do not want to go out with it because I do not handle the case.

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