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Sweden: TV team gets warm Muslim welcome while investigating radicalisation

Google is responsible for the English translation – so, thanks google. Unfortunately the Swedes did not translate the radio report in the link redirecting to Granskning Sverige so we could share it with you.



“Fucking whore”: SVT was chased away from Rinkeby — shielded in “news”

Published August 25, 2015 at 18.37, Fria Tider

Sweden TV station receives Fucking whore welcome in Rinkeby

It went wild when SVT’s “news” did a feature about Muslim radicalization in the Stockholm suburbs. In Tensta journalists got threatened and had to flee after their car had been vandalized — something which, however, was covered up in the final story.

In the report the team followed somalian SVT islam critic Mona Walter to Rinkeby. They are soon confronted by a group of men who act aggressively and spits.

This is not Sweden. Eat shit, man. You are standing with a woman who had become a Somali Christian. Fucking whore! say the men among others.

Aktuellt’s report, which aired last night, briefly mention that there was an “intimidating atmosphere” and that the journalists then left the suburb.

But according to Mona Walter SVT cut away the threats and hid entirely that the State television company’s car was vandalized with eggs.

— “They did not include the group of Muslims who forced the photographer to turn off the camera. Nor did they show the vandalism of SVT’s car and that we had to run and hide in the car in order not to get beaten up. The two policemen who were with us couldn’t even protect us. Afterwards the journalist and photographer very uptight and it took a long time before all calmed down,” she wrote on Facebook.

Ulf Johansson, editor at SWEDISH TELEVISION News, believes that element gave a fair picture of what happened. He does not think it was relevant to mention, for example, that SVT’s car was exposed to egg throwing.

– “This is a very sensitive subject. We clearly show how [Walter] is met out in the suburbs but that part would have been quite wrong if it had been the main focus in the story,” he told [radio station] Granskning Sverige.

Ex-Muslim of Somali origin, Mona Walter, converted to Christianity. Here, showing the cover of the book favored by Muslim terrorists, Reliance of the Traveller.

5 thoughts on “Sweden: TV team gets warm Muslim welcome while investigating radicalisation

  1. The Muslim evil doers snubbed the TV team . They must realise that evil to the Muslims is pleasure to Allah – surely the moon god that the Muslims tried to pass off as God Jehovah!


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