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Sweden: Unconscious woman is raped in Malmo in broad daylight, in front of eye-witnesses

How can someone be arrested ‘on the spot’ but the identity still not be known? Funny how the identity is never known on Muslims. It always seem to somehow slip the police. Do Swedish police know their own identity or are they in doubt of that as well?

And guess where she was raped? Right around the corner from the Swedish Migration Office. Check the map with your own eyes.



Unconscious woman was raped in front of witnesses on lawn in Malmö

unconscious woman raped in Malmo

Published 24 August 2015 at 19.34. Fria Tider

An unconscious woman was raped last Sunday morning, in front of several witnesses, on a lawn in Malmö.

According to Sydsvenskan the rape on the woman, who is reported to be in the 25-year-olds, took place at about ten o’clock in the morning on a grassed area at Rönnblomsgatan.

According to the Skane Police spokesman Lars Förstell the woman was probably under the influence of alcohol and did not react to the assault.

“She was, as the witnesses are understood, so the rash that she basically did not react on what happened,” he told the Sydsvenskan.

Several people have been witnesses to the assault, and one of them is reported to have taken up his cell phone and filmed the event with it.

The offender’s arrest on the spot by the police and was taken into custody on Monday, but his identity was not yet known.

7 thoughts on “Sweden: Unconscious woman is raped in Malmo in broad daylight, in front of eye-witnesses

  1. Swedish women are having their freedom curtailed. For years the women of Sweden have felt safe walking and being alone. The mention of alcohol is no excuse, only a sick bastard would take advantage of a woman asleep which is probably why the rape was so easy. Apart from this how do we know the sicko didn’t drug her?

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