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Sweden: Nighttime grenade attack almost kill police in city suburb Muslim ghetto

The Islamic civil war has already started in Sweden but the Swedes continue to sleepwalk their way into it without doing anything. Daily rapes, bomb attacks, arson, and deliberate targeting of police patrols, police vehicles and police precinct’s in various Muslim enclaves across the country – and they still don’t seem to get it that Muslims are warring against them. All according to Sharia.

And of course, as usual, they have no details of the perpetrators. Just pretend to the public that nothing is happening. Isn’t that what the socialist Nazi party was doing while they were leading the Jews by the hand to their incinerators?


Sweden grenade attack against police bus
It was a similar police van as pictured here that was subjected to a hand grenade attack during the weekend.

Police source: Hand grenade was thrown at police van – could have ended in carnage

Published 24 August 2015, Fria Tider

A hand grenade was thrown against a police bus in the Stockholm suburb of Tumba last Friday night. This according to a police source for the newspaper Nyheter Idag. Had it not been for the heavy protective shield of the police bus there would probably been several officers killed in the grenade attack, says the source.

Around midnight on Friday police officers in Tumba were greeted with stone throwing by 10-20 people [a specialty by Muslims in Palestine, Israel and across the Arab world], thereafter followed by a fire attack on the police station in Tumba centrum.

About an hour later a powerful explosive was detonated next to a police van in Tumba, where four police officers were seated inside.

— “I have no details, but there was some shrapnel damage on the vehicle,” said Lars Byström at Stockholm’s police to Fria Tider on Friday.

A new police source said that it was a sharp hand grenade that was thrown against the police van.

I’m pretty sure it was a hand grenade. There are hundreds of shrapnel injuries, but also other indications that it was a hand grenade, said police source for News Today.

Thanks to the police van’s heavy construction, a 4.6-tonne Ford Tristar, the four police officers who sat in the vehicle survived without physical damage.

– “If it would have been another car we had in all likelihood had a couple dead colleagues now,” said the police source.

The investigation of the grenade attack on the police currently have special priority within the Police Department and is being investigated as attempted murder.

— “There is a separate staff department that is processing with investigations,” said Lars Byström to Fria Tider on Friday.

Police authorities have not yet officially confirmed that it was a hand grenade which was thrown against the police van.

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