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Italy: “Asylum seekers”, who illegally forced themselves on the country, moan and riot over ‘poor living conditions’

How truly offensive can these fake, criminal fuckers be??

Immediately handcuff them, and deport them back to Africa. Africa is one of the fastest growing economies, so no need to bring even one of these nasty elements into Europe. Install electric fences everywhere where they can electrocute themselves should they venture to trespass.

These vile animals, who are already raping and attacking people at exponential scale need to be shot on trespassing borderlines.

Look at these videos from Italy at the behavior of these asylum animals. This is just the beginning of massive problems to follow.


Asylum seekers protest over living conditions

Published: 24 Aug 2015, Youreporter Italy

About 150 asylum seekers protested on Monday over poor living conditions at a Red Cross refugee centre in the outskirts of Milan as Europe grapples with an unprecedented influx of migrants.

Holding pieces of cardboard saying “we’re tired, we want our documents”, they also called for Italy to give them residency permits, Corriere reported.

The impromptu demonstration was captured below.

Traffic ground to a halt as the asylum seekers protested on viale Fulvio for almost two hours on Monday morning, before returning to the centre in Bresso, in Milan’s northern outskirts.

They also protested over being made to sleep in tents, with up to eight people, which had had been set up by the centre and became waterlogged after heavy rain last week, Corriere said.

The protest followed a weekend in which Italy’s coastguard picked up another 4,700 migrants.

The latest arrivals will lift to more than 108,000 the number of asylum seekers and other migrants to have arrived in Italy this year.

Italy’s Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Sunday that the deepening migrant crisis is threatening to rip the “soul” out of the European Union.

He said the kind of chaotic scenes witnessed this weekend at the Greece-Macedonia border represented a real threat to the free movement of people across the bloc.

“On immigration, Europe is in danger of displaying the worst of itself: selfishness, haphazard decision-making and rows between member states,” Gentiloni told Il Messaggero.

Gentiloni urged Italy’s EU partners to stop squabbling and start working on a common solution to the crisis.

Watch these criminal savages on this video holler and argue in Italy for not getting a free house and free government money.

6 thoughts on “Italy: “Asylum seekers”, who illegally forced themselves on the country, moan and riot over ‘poor living conditions’

  1. The story keeps using the words “migrants” and “immigration’. It is an invasion of illegal economic scavengers. Round them up and ship them back at the barrel of a gun if you have to or at best imprison them till they agree to go back. What in this case is Italy doing to itself. By welcoming them as part of some sort of genuine refugee / asylum seeker program it is only encouraging more to come. Australia was having the same problems till we elected a government that imposed a ‘turn back’ military operation and introduced offshore processing of genuine refugee / asylum seeker claims. Not a single illegal chasing economic benefit or welfare benefits has stepped onshore since September 2013. Would Italy be reacting the same way if it’s borders were penetrated by another nations armed military force ? If Italy does not want to protect it’s own sovereignty bad luck for them.

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      • This is why we have sedition laws. Islam leads with its chin in this regard.

        Why aren’t we prosecuting? We lost three thousand of our people within an hour’s time. What will it take?


      • That’s what I’m asking. The only answer is that Obama is on their side, not ours. I personally don’t think we can wait another 14 months for an election. It’s suicide to wait. Terrorists in the White House should not be immune to prosecution.


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