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Canada: 70 Muslim organizations advocate Sharia Bill 59 to criminalize criticism of Islam

Canadians have been debating all week in the Quebec legislature about potential passage of a bill called, Bill 59. What is Bill 59? It’s a hidden Sharia model of how to implement phase 1 of sharia blasphemy laws. However, when the enemy lives right amongst the people how many decades does it take before this presence manages to gradually picks the freedom apart, in small pieces at a time? Eventually left-wingers will give them the freedom to block everyone else the access to freedom.

The full clip from the National Assembly of Quebec, in French, can be seen here. Listen to the Muslim duplicity, weaved into careful wordings, that would endorse the condemnation of the non-islamic world and views, while islam will be exclusively protected. A subtle threat is given by stating that laughing at Islam or criticizing it will give Canada “many problems down the road”.

Watch the clip at 1:04 minutes as Imam Salam Elmenyawi of the Muslim Council of Montreal tries to conceal his agitation when Quebec politician Agnes Mailtais, a Member of National Assembly of Quebec, suggests that criticism on religion is discussing ideas and not a reference to hatred and to propose a ban on criticism of religion would be ‘rather extreme’:


Muslim Groups ‘Troubled’ By Stephen Harper’s Mosque Remark
(French) Couillard promet d’amender le projet de loi 59
Bill 59 and the hate speech dilemma in Quebec
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290 thoughts on “Canada: 70 Muslim organizations advocate Sharia Bill 59 to criminalize criticism of Islam

  1. I’ve oft said that we don’t have to wait for militant Islam to be the destroyer of Western civilisation, we have our own highly destructive, misaligned leftist forces among us. It’s the ‘enemy within’ that is of more concern to me than a bunch of screaming Muslim activists.


  2. Incroyable! The Human Rights President in Quebec says that they want to amend the law re. 59 so general comments on Islam, NOT THE OTHER RELIGIONS, will constitute a hate crime. The purpose of this law as the HR President in Quebec says is for muslims to get financial compensation. So If I say, FGM is a terrible torture and I am against it. A muslim can complain about me and ask for compensation that he or she will get. Utter nonsense. What the muslims have to understand is that we are not muslims and that those laws in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for example are used to persecute minorities in those countries. HERE GET IT: Our government is in cahoot with muslims to put into place a law TO PERSECUTE EVERYONE WHO IS NOT MUSLIM. They want to persecute and intimidate non-muslims.


  3. It’s all going to come back to bite Justin Trudeau on the proverbial. He followed Merkel’s ‘come one, come all’ holus-bolus policies, inviting them all in without off-shore vetting as the Australians are doing. Now he’s got thousands of new Muslims who’ll easily get turned by the whingers and radicals already in Canada..

    In Australia we get criticised for our low and slow intake of ‘refugees’ but as the MInister often points out the government’s first duty is towards security at home. We already have around 30 jihadis in jail and another 150 in the field who’ll try to come back to wreak havoc in our cities.

    I think Trudeau’s bitten off too much in his virtue enhancement and will regret his irresponsible approach in times to come.

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    • Father Jon…..

      Trudeau is not allowing them in like Merkel is in Germany. For one thing….they all are being vetted by CSIS agents in Damascus who are looking into the Syrian archives for birth certificates and passports issued by the Syrian government. One can not show up on Canada’s door step and be allowed in…they must apply and have the proper paperwork done before they are given the go-ahead to travel here.

      Canada is taking in mostly Christians, Jews, Yazidi and Kurds with a few of the other minority muslim sects in Syria, who are being persecuted for their brand of faith.

      Turd-boy has not changed any of that legislation which has been in effect for quite sometime. He has not changed the legislation that PM Harper put in giving the Canadian Intelligence Agency new powers, nor has he changed the fact that all Law Enforcement agencies and CSIS must share information with each other.

      It takes over 9 months for a family to be allowed into Canada…even with a job waiting for them here. So…turd-boy has only been in office for a year now…..meaning that all the refugees that have arrived here this year (2016) were being vetted under the Harper government. They are not Trudeau’s ……


      • According to the info I’ve been reading Canada is being reckless in bringing them in without rigorous checking. Their Syrian passports may also be very good forgeries, apparently there are very sophisticated copies on the black market over there at a high price. Looks like we’re both privy to differing accounts.

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      • The perfect counterfeit is undetectable. Only duplicated or impossible serial numbering gives them away.

        Iran was accused of printing indistinguishable fakes years ago upon the exact make of presses we use.

        If Doctor Moriarty were granted eternal life, he would be renamed Muhammad. Don’t work; steal. The hours are better.

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      • Father Jon…..

        What you have been reading….. the authors of those stories obviously don’t know what Canada is doing. They don’t speak to anyone in the CSIS to get the truth nor have they actually read the Canadian Legislation concerning Immigration and Refugees.

        Yes…..passports can be bought on the black market. They won’t be traced back though to the Syrian archives. If any of the passport and information is in question…CSIS agents can call on MOSSAD to help them out. Most of the false passports being used by ISIS were issued by the US government and were produced in a special facility ( United States Government Passport Forgery Center) in Maryland……

        You have to know that Canada never went to war with Syria….which is why CSIS Agents are allowed access to official Syrian records which were never destroyed. The US declared war on Syria with a mercenary army that American media call Syrian Rebels…except none of them are Syrian. The US can’t vette any of the Refugees.

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      • The Thought Offender…

        The perfect counterfeit…there is no such thing when you have archives that can be searched.

        MOSSAD can find things out that most other Intelligence agencies can’t.


      • Mel…..

        Companies and businesses in Canada look for Canadians first to fill the job….if they can’t find one then they look elsewhere. It is Legislated for this to be so! The people they hire from outside Canada costs more for the Company….as the Company must provide medical insurance, Living expenses and Housing for the first year of employment.

        There are over 2 million Americans who have benefitted from being hired by Canadian businesses and companies also!! Maybe Canada should deny Americans access to Canada who come for a job!

        One of the families I had spoken with ( My comment above)…..the Father was a Aeronautical Engineer! The job wasn’t for cutting the lawns around the Company grounds!

        Canada doesn’t do things the way America does! Anyone who comes here for a job gets paid the same wages as any other Canadian worker! The company isn’t allowed to set up a single dwelling home and fill it with over twenty workers in bunk beds from ceiling to floor throughout the house! Each worker must have medical insurance paid by the Company. Each individual must have a working visa to work here! They can’t be criminals from another country…..even a DUI will get you banned from entering Canada!


      • Which Muslim are you?? It has been reported that most of these immigrants, cannot speak English, cannot answer questions except with an interpreter! Most do NOT have proof of birth so the majority are given Jan 1, 2016 as, their birthrate! They spend approximately 5 mins with the immigration agent, because they are coming through at a rate they cannot be properly vetted!! This from the mouth of a sitting Conservative at Parliament Hill! Unidentifiable Person, you have not a clue about what you are spewing! Surely, you are not a Canadian!

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      • BRobinson…..

        I’m not a muslim…. I am an informed, born and bred, white Canadian!

        Funny that the Syrian refugees that I have spoken to speak English! Don’t know who you are listening to or reading BS from!

        Most do have proof of birth that are coming into Canada! Canada has access to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Damascus! All the records are still there!

        Only are refugees coming into the USA spend 5 mins with an immigration agent! In Canada….we have our CSIS agents in Damascus checking out the records for birth and passports! The CSIS agents are also taking in the immigration paperwork from the refugees and asking them questions while going over that paperwork! Then when they do arrive here in Canada…..they once again are screened by our immigration agents to check that the ones arriving are the same ones that handed in the paperwork and were given the go-ahead to come into Canada! So…YES! Canada is properly vetting them! Most of the Refugees coming into Canada are Christians, Jews, Yazidi, Kurds and a few of the other minorities in Syria. BTW….not all of them are uneducated goat herders! Many have University degrees such as Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Engineers. Most will be going back to Syria when the murder and mayhem is over so they can re-build their Country!

        Only the USA is not doing the job properly! America can not check out the Bureau of vital statistics in Damascus cuz…..Syria knows who started this war of conquest, knows that ISIS was funded and trained and given military weapons by America! Knows that America is the puppet of Saudi’s and even helped the supposed Syrian rebels! Knows that America is wanting to overthrow the legitimate Assad Syrian Government!

        Which sitting Conservative on Parliament Hill said we can’t vett them properly? Name that person!!! They obviously don’t have a clue as to what our CSIS is doing nor that the MOSSAD is helping out when they are asked for information…nor that we have access to Syrian records! My information comes from Friends in CSIS and other government agencies! I have also talked to a few families from Syria…they have given me information on the process they have gone through to get here! I also looked up Canadian immigration and refugee legislation! So…where do you get your information from? Websites like this one, TV News media?

        Believe what you wish to believe…it matters not to me. Be a mushroom for all I care!

        BTW…..where do you live? Canada or the USSA? If you are a Canadian…..congratulations! You have caught the stupidity virus that is running rampant in the USSA and there is no cure for it. It makes one deaf, dumb and blind to truthful information when given.

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      • The ones or at least a great many of them were allowed in with no vetting…and that comes from a Top Dog in CBSA. He stated that the majority were NOT refugees but people who had jobs and living in apartments/homes. Trudeau promised them the virtual “Pie in the Sky” scenario just so he could meet his mandated targets and he still fell short. Now the privately sponsored ones are being dropped ny the sponsors and we are responsible for feeding, housing, clothing and educating them. Trudeau has been entirely irresponsible this whole journey into immigration. Many of the new immigrants were stranded in hotels (my friend had 40 of them in a hotel he managed in Vancouver) and many are now forced to go to the food charities so they can eat, although they get a huge amt or were to from our Government…AKA our tax dollars at work!! Now he wants to up the ante??? Talk about breeding discontent in the immigrants. No jobs,no language skills and going to food banks and welfare?? Great way to run things. I am all for the women and young children. The men who are military age need to stay and fight for their country!!!

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      • The refugees are not getting vetted. There is no Christians coming in they are being left behind to be killed. The ones her are going to have problems as there is no work for them they don’t want to learn our language. So what is next.


      • Refugees coming to America are not being vetted…..but the ones coming to Canada most surely are.
        I have friends in CSIS who are doing the vetting.


      • Cindy…..

        Yes…the refugees are being vetted that are coming into Canada! Read my comments above! They aren’t being vetted going to the USA!

        I’m not sure where you live….but if you live in Canada, you should know what our legislation is concerning ALL Refugees and Immigrants! Turd-boy hasn’t changed any of it! If you don’t know ….I suggest you do your research from reputable sites that will give you the current Canadian Legislation!

        Canada does not pick and choose according to belief system…..we can NOT disregard any Syrian Christians due to their beliefs! Canada has already taken in many Christians, Jews, Yazidi, Kurds and other minority sects from Syria. The USA has different legislation and Obama has been allowing in mostly muslims and leaving the Christians and Jews behind.

        Many of the Syrian refugees are working in Canada already. The ones not working yet are in ESL programs to learn English! It is Legislated that they need to know English in Canada! They can’t work here unless they can speak the language and either English or French are our official languages…..though speaking French will only get one so far in Canada…..the Western Provinces speak mainly English!

        Quit listening or reading American news and thinking it applies to Canada! It doesn’t! Canada has it’s own laws and they don’t coincide with American laws! Quit listening to the CBC and her affiliates in Canada….they are as bad as the American Alphabet news for giving out truthful information!

        Now…you may or may not believe what I have written here on this matter…..that is up to you but, my information comes from CSIS friends and sources that do not rely on the media for information.


      • Greg…..

        Which ‘top Dog’ of the CBSA would that be? Give us his name! The CBSA is the Canadian Border Services….they don’t vet the refugees who have applied to come to Canada! That is the CSIS Agents who do that who are in Damascus! The CBSA only sees these refugees when they arrive in Canada and they just check them to see that all their luggage and paperwork is in order once they have been given the go-ahead to come here!

        Trudeau could not fill his promises as that would mean that legislation would have to be changed and that hasn’t been done! The sponsors only have to look after the refugees they sponsored for one years time…..most of the refugees that were sponsored were under the Harper government and the time ran out on their sponsorship. They could not just be dropped once they were sponsored!

        As for the refugees stranded in hotels…..that was the fault of the PROVINCIAL governments! They were not prepared to take the refugees in. The refugees did not get a HUGE amount of monies! They got the same as any other immigrant new to Canada and they now only get what every other welfare recipient gets in the Province they reside in! BTW…..If you have never been on welfare….you wouldn’t know that it’s not easy living!

        Trudeau can not ‘up the ante’ as you put it! He would need to change the Legislation and he isn’t doing that! He can tell the CSIS to disregard our laws and just let the Syrian refugees come to Canada without any background checks, but the CSIS agents aren’t about to put their jobs or lives on the ground if they did this and something occurred to jeopardize or harm Canadians, as they know that Trudeau wouldn’t take the blame for any of it!

        As for not knowing English…..many of the refugees already know the language and have jobs here. It is up to the Provinces that are taking them in to provide services for them to learn the language if they don’t and to provide training for skills needed in the job market! BTW…..Not all the refugees are illiterate goat herders! Many are educated and have job skills…..engineers, Doctors, etcetera.

        You say…”The men who are military age need to stay and fight for their country!!!”…..
        I ask….. How does one fight chemical weapons being used on them? How does one fight if one doesn’t have the military training, hardware and weapons that the USA has given the rebels and ISIS? Do you think that you could fight for Canada if we were invaded by an American force such as ISIS or the Rebels who use chemical weapons on the general population and you don’t own a gun or are not a part of a military trained group who could respond at a moments notice?


      • How many of these so-called Organizations are Fronts for the TERRORIST Organization “The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD”.


        The Mandate of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is the Destruction of Western Civilization, the creation of an ISLAMIC CALIPHATE and the enforcement of SHARIA LAW over the World (ISLAMIC WORLD DOMINATION).

        MUSLIMS that are members of these organizations are in fact acting as FIFTH COLUMNISTS For ISLAM.

        Fifth Columnists are people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. In this, case ISLAM and the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

        The activities of a Fifth Column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of subversion, sabotage, disinformation and espionage executed within defense lines or a Nations Borders (CANADA) by secret sympathizers with an external force.

        Please refer to the article below for more details on the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.


        This attempt to influence and impose Censorship over the Canadian People is a direct Violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Violates Canadians Rights to Free Speech.

        These people are in Fact acting as FIFTH COLUMNISTS For ISLAM Extremism.

        Fifth Columnists are people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. In this, case ISLAM and the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

        The activities of a Fifth Column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of subversion, sabotage, disinformation and espionage executed within defense lines or a Nations Borders (CANADA) by secret sympathizers with an external force.

        The More power and Special Status these Traitors are afforded, the more they will demand.


      • Lies Trudeau says canada will be number 1 ahead of Germany for number of refugees accepted and Syria decides who comes to canada


      • Sorry Jax….it is not lies! I highly doubt that you know the truth…..if you did you would then not be compelled to accuse me of lying!
        Canada is bringing in Syrian refugees…but they have all been fully vetted by CSIS agents. Germany is not vetting any of the refugees pouring into Germany across the German border!
        Syria does not vet any of the refugees coming to Canada. CSIS agents in Damascus are going through the archive records for births, marriages etc.
        You do not talk to anyone within that intelligence agency or any other for that matter! You are just another useful idiot who believes the lies and tripe being put out by the media and blogs!


      • Trudeau is an idiot. Germany doesn’t get to say how many refugees she will take…they are allowed to just cross over the border and no tally is being taken! Canada is vetting and knows exactly how many will be coming to Canada.
        Turd-boy may want 300,000 but he won’t be getting that many!!


      • I am unconvinced the long-term goal of vetting is achievable. Yes, the folks under consideration, may seem docile enough, but the problem with Islam is that the worm is already in the fruit. Jihad and the push for subjugation are foundational to Islam. As this gentleman explains:

        FWIW Bea, declaring anyone disagreeing with you an idiot is unhelpful.


      • I don’t lie…. obviously you are an idiot who can’t handle the truth. You wouldn’t even know the truth if it came up and bit you on your fat ass! Go eff yourself and come back when you actually have a working brain cell or two in your empty gourd!


      • You have a lot of information wrong. Although you appear to speak sensibly. Why is the Canadian government letting in jihadist Syrians in Canada since they know they are jihadists? 95% of Syrians who came here are muslims. I know for a fact. So to say they are yazidis and other religions is incorrect. There are only of few of those immigrants in Canada. Christians continue to be persecuted in the middle east when they should be the ones invited to Canada. But Trudeau prefers to have a society that clashes and fight where Canada is getting destroyed.


      • Christine….

        My information is not wrong and I don’t lie either. I’m not a liberal, Progressive, Socialist!

        Yazidi’s are another sect of Islam. Kurds are another sect of Islam. There were other minority sects that also arrived here…but most were Christians and Jews. I know where I got my information from and they don’t lie… where do you get yours from?

        Canada is fully vetting refugees before they come to Canada….so pray tell, how are Jihadists getting in with the refugees? Oh right….they AREN”T!!! They are being screened out with our vetting process….but most of those jihadists were allowed into the USA cuz….the USA couldn’t fully vet them! This is what happens when you start shit in another country….you don’t get access to the vital statistics to do the vetting! Do remember that the Syrian refugees started coming into Canada before Justine Turd-boy came into power! Turd-boy did not change any legislation concerning the vetting of refugees and immigrants into Canada…they are still be vetted as they were before under the Harper gov’t.

        Now Christine….you better post where you get your information from cuz I highly doubt it’s the same places I get mine from!

        From your comment….I believe that you listen to the talking heads on blogs and from the media outlets who don’t have a flippin’ clue of what is really going on.


      • Wow…nice to know that you have a steel trap mind…..nothing gets in and nothing of value comes out. Go ahead and keep believing the gobbled-gook of the media….especially from the UK. which you posted. They are all such a fount of truth. I would have thought that people would have by now researched for themselves and figured out some things, but I guess I have expected too much from my fellow humans. They seem to like being mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bullshit. So sad really…. as they are so closed minded and thinking just like those that are in a cult… just like the ones they are ranting and raving against.


    • I don’t understand how anyone in there right mind would listen to the teachings of a 50 something year old man that would marry a 6 year old or have sex with a 9 year old. That is a very sick man.

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  4. What you don’t know about Islam is they are ‘permitted’ to lie in the name of allah the worthless in order to promote their fraud religion takeover. Their worthless book says that anyone who’s not willing to convert to islam (infedel) is to be killed. Soo much for a “peaceful” religion. More like a human virus that’s trying to spread ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP THIS IS NOT A JOKE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MODERATE MUSLIM… THEY ALL WANT WORLD DOMINATION THROUGH WHATEVER WAY THEY CAN GET IT. THEY DROVE A PLANE INTO A BUILDING AND KILLED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN THE US. THEY ARE SLAUGHTERING AND DROWNING PEOPLE ALL OVER THE MID EAST BECAUSE THEY WON’T BECOME MUSLIMS AND ARE TAKING A STAND AGAINST THE HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN THE NAME OF alahh. IF WE DON’T FIGHT IT WILL BE OUR REALITY HERE ON CANADIAN SOIL. WAKE THE FUCK UP AND SPEAK OUT NOW!!!!!!!! THIS IS REAL SHIT!

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    • I’m glad someone is concerned. I want them removed, first from the Western Hemisphere [Canada to Argentina], then the Northern Hemisphere.

      I don’t care how they feel about it.

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      • fk them inbreeders, rapists, pedophiles, women, beaters, in 1000 yrs they could not builds anything or create anything in there country , there just too plain dumb but they decide t to take over our country , bring it on you pigs, welcome to my world , where waterboarding is a game like checkers , u win some n lose some

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    • I thought Canadians were on too of this Muslim problem
      One asked why Americans haven’t protested and stood up against our Muslim living in our whitehouse.

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      • America has never removed a sitting President by any method other than assassination.

        I shook Richard Nixon’s hand in Autumn of 1960. Voted him in with my absentee ballot while serving on the far side of Pacific. He diddled with ending the fighting in Vietnam for three and a half years, until he could milk the event for his 1972 election. And twenty-five thousand American servicemen died in the interval. I knew the son of a bitch was guilty of the crimes revealed after the Watergate break-in. And he had been my guy.

        At least he had the decency to resign.

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  5. A headline in the news lately read “82% of articles about shariah law were negative”, as if that were a bad thing. I guess the same percent of articles would be negative regarding the introduction of smallpox to Canada.

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  6. The politicians in Quebec have obviously forgotten all the teachings of the Bloc Quebecois and the FLQ. They concentrated their hatred on Anglophones in order that they could receive special status for their “distinct society”. Pass this bill into law and they can kiss that ‘distinct society’ good-bye.

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  7. The support network for the Exploding Muhammads takes exception to you laughing at their moon god. This is not a problem for western society, it is a feature of the multicultural diversity that our moral betters imposed upon us for our own good. Thank you progressives!

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  8. Blessed B Who and What are you. You sound like a True believer of Islam, Where were you borne. It says in your Karon that you can tell a lie if and only if it benifits you then it is acceptable. That is what you sound like to me. Have you done anything about speaking out against them trying to change our way of life. Yes I am A Canadian born and bred, and yes I will Fight. What will you do talk your talk or help.Other wise SHUT UP.

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    • Arlene…..

      Don’t assume! It makes you look silly! I am a born and bred Canadian…..I am not Islamic. I don’t follow the Koran either.

      It’s obvious that you don’t like hearing the truth, so you must personally attack the messenger! Quite liberal of you BTW!

      Your days of fighting are over…since you probably voted for Trudeau or mulCAIR! Canada had a PM that was informed about Islamism….but most Canadian eejit voters decided that legalizing marijuana was more important! 39% of voters decided that!

      I have free speech in Canada still and I will voice my opinion and tell the truth of what is happening in the Government, whether you like it or not! who the heck are you to tell anyone to shut up? Perhaps you should shut up and actually listen with your ears for the truth instead of flapping your gums and loving your own voice!

      I have said often that those who immigrate here to Canada must assimilate to our culture. Not the other way around! Follow our laws! Canada was built on Judeo-Christian values and we shouldn’t change for anyone.

      BTW…..what exactly are you doing to help…..have you taken any muslims out yet or have you just been blogging about it and talking your nonsense?


      • You sound like a pig and maybe you should shut up! take your sharia law and go back to the rock you crawled out from under


      • Sue…..

        You must be a Liberal….another useful idiot!

        You sound like you are missing quite a few brain cells. If you don’t know what is truly happening in Canada it would be advised that you should keep your mouth shut!

        You don’t know me, you don’t know who I know and you most assuredly don’t talk to any of them.

        You suffer from Cranial Rectumitis. Take your stupidity and shove it up where your head is!


      • Long open seasons along with liberal bag limits and low licensing fees are ideas in the right direction, but I’m waiting for a system of bounties to be offered so I can put Muslim-harvesting on a sound business basis. Even at a measly $200 per hide, a city like Calgary with its 100,000 Islamic hide bearers offers quite an opportunity for the motivated shoot and skin team.

        Yupe, when we have a social ill that requires remedy, nothing works better than a little applied capitalism.

        Not that I’m opposed to the sporting opportunities, but I think the good paying jobs this makes available to working Canadians should take priority.

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      • We need some of you to come talk with us and make a plan to remove all Muslims from both of our countries. I’m willing to bet it would be a great cleansing of Canada and the USA.


      • Sharon,

        I anticipate that Islamists will perpetrate such horrendous atrocity, that there will be an abundance of Canadians ruing their presence and calling for their expulsion.

        Vet, schmet. One cannot vet barbarism from barbarians. One cannot vet supremacism from supremacists.


      • The Thought Offender….

        PFFT! Just because the USA can not vette refugees even if they wanted to…that doesn’t mean that no other country can’t.

        Canada does not do things the same way that the USA does them. Canada never went to war with a mercenary army with Syria. Canada never paid, trained or armed a mercenary army to take down a legitimate government for the Saudi’s…..


      • I’m uninterested in a Blame-athon.

        I am concerned with removing an incompatible ideology which intends us harm. Regardless of filtration and pasteurization I am unconvinced Islam can be rendered benign.

        So if we can become umma-free and a bedrock of preservation of Enlightened Civilization, we will be what, the Un-Islamic States of America, with a two thousand mile border with what could be the Islamic Republic of Canada?

        Accepting the truly persecuted by the Islamic Orthodoxy (Wahhabi and Shia) is unquestionably laudable. And they deserve the help. But this is far less than a partial loaf, as their removal from their historic homes undeniably points toward validation the theft of the lands of Christendom as a fait accompli.

        Ninety years ago disgruntled Egyptian Islamists, smarting over the dissolution of the Ottoman hegemony, proposed an assault upon the remaining non-Muslim world, and the insufficiently Muslim world [the secularists]. While it may have seemed absurd at the time, the Muslim Brotherhood has, through agitation and infiltration, reached tremendous success in completing their stated goals.

        If they can plot, we can plot.

        How about taking back the two thirds of Christendom stolen centuries ago, Morocco to Turkey and especially Constantinople, I want it all back. NATO has a perfectly good army. Think about it.

        I absolutely guarantee you, B, that I am not soliciting your antagony. But with a million Orthodox Muslims inside your borders, Canada’s Islamic density exceeds ours, and our experience with them inspires their expulsion.

        If anything, Canada’s willingness to host these dubious people contributes to our need to expel them. Our concerns are legitimate.


      • The Thought Offender….

        LMAOROFL… are not uninterested in a blame-a-thon…you are uninterested in the truth.

        That 2000 mile border…..that will perhaps get you part way across the Province of Quebec! Do you even understand how big Canada is compared to the USA? Most of Canada hasn’t even seen a human footprint yet. Canada could take all of America and put it inside Canada and then spend a lifetime trying to find it!

        You think that Canada has more islamists than the USA? Another LMAO! The USA has many more than we do and most of them are in no-go zones and Islamic compounds in the USA…something that Canada does not have! Your FBI has stated that there are islamists that have gone missing in the USA. They came in on Visa’s but never left and they can’t find them. You have thousands more that have poured over your Southern borders since 9/11…..that doesn’t happen in Canada! We know who is in Canada and where they are located.

        You believe that your concerns are legitimate concerning Canada…LOL! Perhaps you better look at cleaning your own backyard up first before you try cleaning the one next door! When is the USA going to start deporting them and all the other illegals from within? When is the USA going to actually start fighting ISIS in the ME? When is the USA going to stop interfering in other countries election processes or stop starting inner turmoil in other countries? When is the USA going to stop being the puppets of the Saudi’s and doing their bidding? You have a lot of mess to clean up on your side….you should stop worrying about Canada.

        BTW…..I bet you also believe that building a wall between Canada and the USA is a mighty fine idea! I do too…except for a different reason than you have! It would stop the infection of the American stupidity virus from infiltrating Canada on a regular basis.


  9. If the government change our law for the Muslims then they have to change for all race and cultures this is canada not Europe or Asia it’s canada our law stands why is canada falling for this shit if they don’t like our law them get the fuck out

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    • ZORENA, Obama, your PM and the Western European liberals who at present occupy the highest offices in their nations all share a common antipathy for western civilization, considering it the cause of all the worlds misery. The Islamists also have a well known and often voiced hatred for western civilization.
      Western liberals are so ideological focused (tunnel vision) that all they allow themselves to see in the Islamists are like minded fellow travelers. Ironically, the Islamists greatest target of their dislike of the west is it’s “vile and immoral culture ie. movies, music, women’s fashion (How ironic they see western culture as warped considering what they find acceptable) What liberals fail to either acknowledge or refuse to acknowledge is that western culture such as entertainment, fashion and music is mostly driven by liberals. If the left manages to successfully be that useful idiot that helps the Islamists achieve their goal of becoming the dominate and only remaining religion in the west, imagine how confused they are going to be when they are the first ones having their heads separated from their bodies or enslaved.

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  10. No bloddy way. Canada is OUR country and there’s no way we should change our laws for the Muslims. If we do, we’ll destroy our country and freedoms for them. WHY? If they don’t like our laws they can go back where they came from and leave us alone. DO NOT APPEASE THESE PEOPLE!!! Look at the wreckage in Europe because politicians gave into these people.

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  11. I can solve all of the problems the world over with one simple fix, get rid of all religion. Do you people ever read the comments on here, you all think your God or religion is better than everyone else’s. Wars have been created and millions of lives lost over religion. Hell, some of you are ready to go to war on here. Who needs this shit. Bill C-6000, no more religion of any sorts. Problem solved.


    • If you can find a country without religion, you’ve just found the most lawless and brutal country on earth. Can you imagine a world that was never influenced by religion?? You probably can’t, that would be too deep. There are more atheists complaining about religion than vise versa. My solution would be to get rid of you, and the rest of the atheists. Problem solved.

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    • Religionists are blinded by our simian heritage.

      One might assume that as we’re the only lavishly vocal simians, not restricted to living in troops and abiding by a head monkey, that we would be vastly different. But read the commentary from the religionists who wish death upon those who think as opposed to believe.

      The planet has a good billion plus years left in it. I’m not sure I give the human race another half a millennia. Thanks to faith-based leadership and willful ignorance about the consequence of runaway birthrates.

      The fucking Muslims not only have the highest birthrate of any culture, the fucking barbarians cosanguinate.

      So here is the skinny for you believers: Religion is evil and Islam is proof.

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  12. Id you don,t like Canada law then take a plane and go back were from or a boat but don,t be coming hear and casing problem because as twisted sister would say were not going to take


    • Many domestic Muslims need to stand up and make it clear that we are not interested in Sharia law, that we are happy and PROUD to be Canadian, that these groups of Muslims do NOT represent us. It is being done, slowly but surely, younger people are joining in and hopefully the trend will continue into the next generation. It is a slow process because there is a lot of fear to get past. Modern day moderate Muslims, SPEAK UP! The number of Muslims who do NOT support Sharia law outnumber those who support it. I personally do not like my religion being criticized, but with these radical society disrupting people as the “voice”, where this is all people see, do you blame people for being afraid? Australia and France got it right. You are welcome to live here and believe whatever you want, but do not tell us what to believe and do not impose it upon us. Hmmm, fellow Muslims, does that sound familiar? We are told that in our Book, yet why do you not practice this simple rule that God requires of us?

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      • There is no such thing as moderate Muslims. Notice how so called moderate Muslims stand around watching people get their heads cut off by radical Muslims. They are all the same. These Muslims don’t want assimilation. They want Islam, sharia, Muhammad and most of all, they want to spread the word of Allah around the world by invasion and by force. Do not be deceived.

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      • B.Jay….

        So…you are telling a muslim, who lives in Canada, that they are wrong because there are other muslims elsewhere in the world, who have Sharia Law! in their Country that stand around watching beheadings? Really?

        So, you are saying that Canada has beheadings and sharia law? PFFT! I suppose you don’t live in Canada though do you? You are most likely American and only see things through the ignorance and arrogance glasses that seem to come from within that country.

        You are saying that all muslims are the same? Gosh…..I guess you don’t know that there are many different sects of Islam! The Wahhabi sect is the most violent. There are others who are not like the Yazidi and Kurds.

        Many Muslims assimilate to the cultures that they are in. Canada has many and yet we do not experience the same madness displayed in other countries. We have many who are quite happy here and do speak out on the violence towards women, violent jihad, and such. Raheel and Tarek Fatah come to mind, who are calling on all muslims to change the radical ideology within the faith.

        Perhaps you should not be deceived by those who like to propagate the deceptions and propaganda cuz they make great headlines right now.


      • There is another problem also that I have seen repeatedly……Many folks think that the muslims in Canada are just as extreme as they are in other countries like the USA…which if the muslims in Canada would stand up and tell people that they don’t want sharia law and are happy in Canada to assimilate and to follow along with Canadian Laws….it would help to show that Canadian muslims are very happy to be able to live in Canada and to have a better life than they would have elsewhere.

        Nobody likes their beliefs or faith to be mocked or criticized. I haven’t heard of or seen the same violence in Canada that has been reported elsewhere.

        You are correct that it is the Imams who are spreading the hate. If you have one of those in your mosque, then it is up to you and others who think like you to do something about it. Get rid of him! This type of hate speech must be eradicated by muslims themselves.

        Only those of the Islamic faith can change the hateful ideology within. The time to do so is NOW! Before the problem gets out of hand in Canada with Imams brainwashing the younger generation and making violent jihad sound romantic!

        Thank you Burak for your comment here! have been trying to tell folks on many sites that the Canadian muslims are not as others portray them to be. It is ignorance and fear that makes others believe that all are the same within a belief system. I hate to say it…but I’ve met many a Christian from other faiths that I wouldn’t trust and that I don’t like. We are all individuals and should be held accountable for our reactions with others regardless of our belief system. If everyone would treat others as they would like to be treated…..we could possibly all live peacefully on this planet together! Imagine what that would be like!! 🙂


      • Wow finally a sane Muslim. I always found it hard to believe that any one would want sharia law. Especially the women. Look at every Islamic country who implements sharia… Do Muslims believe that a 7 Th century disipline model is the trick to forming perfect people who obey the laws. Do we really need to be so barbaric. I do agree with certain crimes there should be harsher penalties, does it also have to be Death.
        I personally think that if you have a lot of time to think about what you’ve done and have it eat away at you knowing you will never have freedom to do anything being in jail. I think that would be much worse then just being killed.
        And besides sharia is very UN fair as well to women. Many women are stoned to death because they were raped oand can’t prove it. And or charged with adultery.
        Yet I see women out there fighting to have sharia implemented. Why??? Isn’t it time we stop the endless killing of our self as humanity. We are supposed to be smart rational and intellectual creatures……are we thou…..

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  13. Coming to your country by millions! Soon their number will be large enough to influence the votes and law, especially in smaller European countries such as Sweden, Finland or similar civilised nations, who allow these savages in with open arms.
    If Sharia was any good, these savages would not want to leave the Sharia ruled countries for the civilised nations. Unfortunately, they blame everyone and everything but their Sharia and Islamic ideology.
    I don’t like Islam, and am not ashamed of saying it out loud.
    Be careful what you allow in your countries!
    Stop letting Muslims in, it is stupidity, not Liberalism.

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    • Bta…..

      Could you please show me exactly where you got the information that Canada will be having MILLIONS coming in?

      BTW…they can’t just come over to Canada and claim refugee status…..they must be vetted outside the country by the CSIS agents. They must have all their paperwork done!


      • No Anthony….I am not joking!

        You don’t seem to understand that Canada does things different than the USA does them.

        For one thing…Canadian CSIS agents are actually allowed into the Syrian government records in Damascus! American agents aren’t allowed as Assad knows exactly who started the war of invasion in his country! CSIS agents are able to go through the Syrian passports to find out if the Syrian government issued them or not! CSIS agents are allowed to go through Birth records to see if the person was actually born in Syria.

        So Anthony… is pretty useless for them to try to pass as a Syrian refugee with a false passport. They will be turned down to come to Canada…..but they can always go to the USA easily.

        Most false passports which are used by ISIS and the Rebels have been government issued by the USA….because Obama has had them militarily trained! He supplied them with weapons and ordinance in Yemen! They even know how to do chemical weapons!

        The USA can not vet any of the refugees! The enemy is already within the USA awaiting orders! Most have come in on cargo flights at night or over the Southern border and are in the many no-go zones in the USA.


      • Saudi Arabia started the Syrian civil war by sending in thousands of Sunni’s into the country faking an uprising under the name “Arab Spring”. Because the US is an allie with the Saudi Barbarians they constantly follow and adapt to the Saudi Wahhabi narrative, which is why their foreign policy is a complete disaster and always supports the wrong end.


      • Yes they get vetted, but they lie about a lot. Take the Shafia family where the father lied about his second wife, and that’s not including the honor killings him, his son and second wife committed.

        They sneak out and marry second and third wives, and then illegally bring them back claiming they are cousins or other family members. Polygamy is illegal in Canada, but because it’s practiced by Muslims, they choose to ignore and abuse this law and violate our immigration laws. Here’s an excerpt from an article,

        “The families receiving benefits didn’t want their identities released because it can lead to questions by authorities on how they entered Canada and can mean an end to their benefits, Ali said.”

        Vetting or not, they know how to lie and manipulate the system all too well. Where are the honest ones turning them in to authorities? They know it’s fraud and a violation of immigration laws, but I guess their interests overrides the rest of Canadians, especially the hard working taxpayers who support these freeloaders.

        How about Zunera Ishaq who fought to change Canadian Laws so she could wear a veil during her Citizenship Oath. She had no problem showing her face prior, or for her drivers’ license. Also, what is this Pakistani Muslim doing here if she believed Pakistan didn’t follow the teachings of Islam strictly enough for her? Is Canada somehow stricter, or is she hoping for it to change or perhaps slowly trying to do so? And let’s not forget when she was caught commenting on Canada’s need to be segregated boys and girls, but back peddled when reporters pushed for her to elaborate. What else is she lying about? What other schemes or deceptions is she planning?

        If, as you’ve commented, that Canada is full of moderate Muslims, where were they to fight against this veil business and to protect the integrity of Canada’s Citizenship Ceremony? Where were the throngs of outraged Muslims for the Shafia killings, Toronto 18 terrorists plots or the attacks on Parliament Hill, just to name a few? Where were these so called “Moderate Muslims” to fight against the return of Ahmed Khadr to Canada, or better yet to speak out en masse against the Khadr family members who live in Scarborough, Ontario and go about badmouthing Canada in public?

        They lie to immigration, they cheat the system for welfare, taxes and other things, they profess hate publicly, twist our laws to conform to them, yet we need to believe you and these moderates who’ve done and said nothing against any of this?

        The videos above do nothing but support every concern Canadians have about the lengths Muslim will go to to change Canada’s laws to support their causes and only theirs. It also shows just how manipulative they can be in their wording to get their agenda across. No one believes that there are moderate Muslims who support Canada and it’s laws, and the reason they don’t, is the simple fact they have not used their voices in any way to speak out against these atrocities or these actions against Canada’s Democracy its Rights or its Freedoms, or even for the Muslim victims in honor killings.


      • KBEKEI…..

        “Yes they get vetted, but they lie about a lot. Take the Shafia family where the father lied about his second wife, and that’s not including the honor killings him, his son and second wife committed. “……

        ~Shafia family was brought in under the old immigration/refugee laws. Those were changed by the Harper government to tighten up security and fraudulence. Harper gave CSIS more powers under the Bill C-51 and the RCMP and Provincial/ municipal police force are able to share information with one another.~

        “How about Zunera Ishaq who fought to change Canadian Laws so she could wear a veil during her Citizenship Oath.”……

        ~Do remember that Harper Government had that changed but now with the Turdeau government in place, that will be allowed.~

        “If, as you’ve commented, that Canada is full of moderate Muslims, where were they to fight against this veil business and to protect the integrity of Canada’s Citizenship Ceremony? “…….

        ~ There were Islamic groups that were against the wearing of the niqab……ever hear of the MCC ( Muslim Canadian Congress)? Tarek Fatah was the President of that group…..Raza Raheel, who is with the Clarion Group, also was against the niqab and other Islamic cultural/political ideology of Islam. Just because you don’t hear of these groups of muslims speaking out about such things …it’s not like the Canadian media is going to make a peep about it….doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.

        Someone here in the comments section did post that many Islamic groups were against this Bill being passed in the Quebec legislature! I’m sure that most of those groups are also against the niqab and other such things that most of us are upset about….especially if they came here with the intentions of assimilating into Canadian culture and following our laws, cuz they wanted a better life for themselves and their family.

        So sorry but there are those Canadians in the know who do know that not all muslims in Canada are liars, cheats, thieves or want to change our laws. Not all muslims are like the ones being portrayed by the bad apple ones.

        BTW…videos are not exactly infallible with their information they impart…..especially if the ones doing the videos want a certain message to be imparted……

        Don’t assume that all are going to tell the truth or report the truth! It is up to you to do the research and to be able to discern the truth!


      • Blessed B: there have already been be headings in the USA! In Oklahoma a woman was dragged from her job and beheaded, another woman in the same place was also dragged and beaten and would have been beheaded but an off duty policeman man shot him. For reasons I don’t know the man was taken to a hospital where unfortunately he survived. A Muslim woman who was supposed to have been vetted, killed 14 people in California, I don’t believe there are moderate Muslims. Many will watch as others kill.


      • Sharon D….

        Yes…you are correct, there have been beheadings in the USA. You have also had more jihadi attacks than Canada has. Wanna know why? Cuz your country is allowing them to come across your Southern border unchecked! Obama is bringing them in by the cargo plane loads…all unvetted! America allows anyone from Saudi Arabia to go through passport control without being stopped and asked anything!

        Obama has given many of his mercenaries fighting in Syria and elsewhere ( ISIS) government issued passports so they can get around the no-fly list!

        America has many ( over 20 according to the FBI) no-go zones and compounds…..Canada doesn’t have these as they are not allowed to exist.

        America is not capable of vetting any refugees…..Assad in Syria will not allow any American agents into the Syrian archives, let alone the country, to look at them. This is what happens when America’s leader starts a war of conquest and occupation, paying, training and giving military weapons to mercenaries to take down a legitimate government.

        American intelligence agencies ( FBI, CIA, NSA, etcetera…) do not share all information , if any at all, with the other agencies. They each have their own little fiefdoms that they guard. If your agencies are not sharing information with each other…then you will find many criminals are slipping through the cracks with no one to track them.

        You might not have to worry though about the jihadi’s inside America already…..if on November 8th the criminal Hillary gets the POTUS seat. You will have a much bigger problem to contend with…..a war with Russia. Hillary will ratch up the propaganda against Russia and NATO will antagonize. I pray American’s make the right choice…otherwise Life in North America is going to get very dark indeed and islamics will also be in the line of fire.


      • Is there really any difference between Radical Muslims and Moderate Muslims?

        Yes, of course. The difference is very pronounced and unmistakable.

        Radical Muslins want to kill you, then take over.

        Moderate Muslims want to take over, then kill you.


  14. Islam is a joke. If you don’t want freedom of speech or human rights, don’t come here. It’s that simple. I’m tired of the complaints of how offensive it is to say Merry Christmas, but you don’t hear anyone complaining when they get the paid time off work. Enough is enough. Believe in what you wish, but don’t threaten democracy and the lives of others who don’t praise Allah.

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    • We should fight and lobby for a secular society, secular laws, secular politicians, secular education giving no rights to any religions whatsoever. Religions have never play well with others, or even fair for that matter, and always have their own hidden agendas, just look at the evangelicals. As for “Merry Christmas”, that holiday with all its adornments originated from Germany and Austria along with the original story of St. Nick which came from Finland, and was later commercialized by Coca Cola in the US to the Santa we know and recognize today. It’s origin (Christmas) goes back even further to the holiday Romans had, which was Saturnalia and celebrated the same time. Christmas is celebrated by atheists, Jews, agnostics, Christians and others. People love Christmas trees, what can I say, and they shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. The holiday was later hijacked by the Roman Catholic Church since they couldn’t get followers to celebrate Jesus birthday, which was either in May or the Fall. Christmas is more a “western culture” than a religious one, and as such should not be offensive to anyone, least of all the allah lovers. How can anyone be offended by an atheist saying “Merry Christmas”? If someone gets offended, just enlighten them to the origins of Christmas and let them know it’s cultural. If they’re still offended, then chances are there’s more going on. Maybe they’re just hateful inside and can’t relate to a holiday full of peace, love, hope, presents, family, friends, turkey or goose, stuffing, fruitcake or the concept of celebration. Maybe it’s the fruitcake, that one offends a lot of people, lol.

      I agree though that Islam is a joke, but then I don’t really care for any religions. I do believe that everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and human rights, and to live free of any religious persecution, religious doctrine, religious laws and religious influence over our rights, liberties and our government. Anyone who feels different should find another country to live in, or crawl back into a cave and come out in another 1,000 years. So, does anyone want some fruitcake? 😝

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  15. You Canada needs to fight back and tell these fucken dogs there law doesn’t work here and will never work here .you let them do this you guys are fuck and they will kill every Canadian

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    • !!! GILBERT: – “Please do NOT impugn the living’ species we ‘fondly’ refer to as “DOGS” and equate them to Jihadist ‘MUSLIMS’! No ‘Dog’ deserves to be so grossly “Stigmatized” because these Creatures are our “PETS” and Service Dog animals!”

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    • !!! – “Gilbert, – Canadians’ Voted overwhelmingly for the ‘Muslim’ Prime Minister we have installed in Office! Justin Trudeau AND Barack Hussein Osama Obama, are ‘Great’ Buddies, because they now share the same Theocracy and philosophy! Most Canadians’ are lethargic about Politics, and really don’t care a whole lot, about who or ‘what’ holds the reins of Power! Most are Socialists’ at heart, and will vote for whatever Party will ‘offer’ ‘it’ and the people who vote for it, – ‘anything’ it wants, as long as ‘somebody’ else foots the Bill! This phenomenon is actually known as “a Prostitute’s ‘Loyalty’ and Faithfulness!”


  16. I am sick of people coming to Canada and trying to impose their beliefs and lifestyle on us and Canada changing Canadian laws to suit refugees etc. It has been reported that Syrian refugees no longer want to be sent to certain parts of Canada because it is to cold. Obviously a war torn country isn’t so bad of ur gonna be picky on where u go. There is no longer the Lord’s prayer in schools because of all the different religions and soon we will be like Britain where they are not allowed to hang their flag unless u are royalty or government because ot may offend the Muslims. If it is so bad in ur country and u have to leave and u have a country willing to take u in and give u free money free housing etc then u should shut ur mouth and do not make us change OUR Canada for you. I will not welcome you and I will hang the canada flag I will talk about u if I want to. Get over it or go back to ur own country and leave ours to the ones that love it

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    • Stacey….

      Canadian Laws haven’t really been changed. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives more power to minority groups & Special interest groups than it does to single individual. We can thank Turdeau Sr. for that!

      Syrian Refugees….If you are talking about the family that refused to go to Winnipeg…that was due to them not knowing ( or having explained to them by government workers!)….they didn’t know that it was only a different city in Canada. They thought that it was a different “Country”! It was never explained to them that the place they were residing in was temporary until other accommodations could be found for them. They were just told two hours beforehand to be at the airport to go to Winnipeg. Not knowing the language or being able to actually find out for themselves…..they panicked. Put yourself in their shoes… have had your home and country seized by paid mercenaries ( aka ISIS) and have ran for your life with the family so that you wouldn’t be killed…..taken to another country where you don’t understand the language or anything in that country…..wouldn’t you be somewhat distrusting if they just told you to pack your belongings and get on a flight to who knows where?

      As for the “Lord’s Prayer” being taken out of Canadian Public schools. It was not due to all the “different’ religions in North America! It started in 1962 in the State of New York with the “Engel v. Vitale case” in 1962. In 1963 in Pennsylvania the “Abington Township School District v. Schempp case”. Actually…you will find that prayer was never actually Taken OUT of the US government schools….it just couldn’t be promoted.

      IN CANADA….it started with our “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” back in the 70’s. School sponsored prayer is disallowed under the concept of “Freedom of Conscience” as outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”. In Sudbury, Ontario a Jew, a muslim and an atheist filed a law suit in 1985. Philip Zylberberg and two other Sudbury parents won a decision saying the reciting of the prayer — and non-Christian children opting out by sitting in the hallway — violated the Charter of Rights. In September 1988, they won a decision against the Sudbury school board which had the Lord’s Prayer removed from all Ontario public schools. In British Columbia it started back in the late 70’s….. until In 1989, Joan Russow challenged, in the British Columbia Supreme Court, the Public Schools Act’s requirement that in British Columbia all public schools were to be opened with the Lord’s Prayer and a Bible reading. The argument was similar to the Zylberberg case and the result was the same: The offending words in the Public Schools Act were removed as being inconsistent with freedom of conscience and religion guarantees in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Further following the Zylberberg case to strike down use of the Lord’s Prayer in schools, the British Columbia Supreme Court incorporated the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in Zylberberg in its entirety. Our Charter received Royal Assent in 1982 and became Law when Turdeau Sr. signed it into our Constitution.

      I do agree though that if one comes to Canada…then they should assimilate to our culture and way of life. Following our Laws! Not the other way around!

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  17. if u dont like it here get the F out and go back to your war torn country and wait for the bombs to come rooling in…and now as of last year our kids are not even allowed to say merry christmas or happy new year because of u birds and your fu$$$$ bs religion u are in CANADA be grate full we just dont d port your rappen ass.. we half to say happy holdays well i told my kids u are CANADAN u say merry christmas and happy new years and if u dont like it get the f out of our free schooling sistom

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    • Michael….

      What part of Canada do you live in? I have never heard that our kids can’t say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year…. I live in Alberta and my kids have never been told that by anyone! Good thing too, cuz I’d be raising a ruckus!

      If it was your kid’s school…I’d be raising some hell over that if I were you!


      • I live in saskatoon and there was an asshole that tried to get a law passed that our city transit cannot have merry Christmas on the buses.


      • Stacey….

        But that didn’t pass did it? So…you can still say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Happy Easter,… still have that right and freedom! It wasn’t taken away from you. WE still have the right to religious freedom in Canada.


      • No schools can sing religious hymns like Away in a Manger or Oh Little Town of Bethlehem.etc…..anything that has any Christianity….no Merry Christmas only Happy Holidays..I’m sure you’ll find that in Alberta as well


      • Dianne….

        No schools can not promote religion ( other than Catholic schools or other Private Religious schools) due to our “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” which was brought into Effect by Turdeau Sr. in 1982 and it was given Royal Assent.

        It does not stop any child in Canada from saying Merry Christmas to their friends who celebrate Christmas…..not even in Alberta! As I said….my kids have never been told they couldn’t. If someone tried to stop them then I would be on the war path!

        My oldest child in grade 5 was being told by a muslim child to hide her crucifix necklace inside the shirt or take it off cuz it made him feel sick when he looked at it. I told my child to tell him that he shouldn’t look at it then cuz it wasn’t about to come off or be hidden cuz he didn’t like it. A week later I made a shirt for my child with a large cross with wings on the front to wear to school! My child was never told to go home and change when it was worn, as it may offend someone…..also the muslim child never said anything more! Which was a good thing!

        A few years back we left over a thousand dollars worth of toys, clothing and other Christmas presents at the till of a large department store cuz the cashier wouldn’t say “Merry Christmas” and she wasn’t muslim! I wrote to the CEO of the company and complained about it! If the cashiers couldn’t wish me a Merry Christmas when I was spending my hard earned monies on Christmas presents, then they didn’t really need my business! The store’s policy changed the next year…..the cashiers were saying “Merry Christmas” to each customer at the till!

        Sometimes we just have to fight back and stand up for our religious rights and freedoms!

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      • what part do you live in,in certain schools in Toronto it there,no merry christmas,no christmas tree calling,no xmas basket from Salvation Army,its called the Holiday basket and these are true facts from a friend who works for the school board there


      • I live in Alberta. I have been to Toronto a few times and didn’t like it any of those times. Even the Caucasian people are rude! Guess that comes from the mindset that they are the center of the Universe.

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      • This is the case in Ontario. It is strongly discouraged to say or advertise Merry Christmas. We are suppose to say happy holidays. All retailers changed their advertising to happy holidays. Also there are no more Christmas parties or celebration or promotion of Christ unless you attend a Catholic school. Even the trees are called holiday trees. However, in the last few years enough people complained about this nonsense and are now saying Merry Christmas again including Muslims. It was not them that wanted this but a small group of lobbyists that insisted that the word Christmas be banned. And of course our fine Fiberal Criminal government agreed.


  18. Think whatever you like DipShit. Just because Canada has a Fuckhead for a Prime Minister at the moment, you will not convert the country to follow your brain-dead cult. Even the idiots who voted him into office aren’t stupid enough to buy what your selling. It’s too bad he was dumb enough to let ya into our country, but I’m an Infedel 4 life. And I am not alone. Keep pushing motherfucker. We will push back..

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    • “The only country ready for the twenty-first century” because of its natural wealth and absence of population pressure has decided to play Russian Roulette with an automatic, having discarded its revolver as an irritating anachronism.

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      • SHAME! You’re just as terrible as Trudeau for being on board some of his worst policies!

        Trudeau is using the charter as a reason to drag this country down, claiming that, by picking those most vulnerable, who are at greatest risk of persecution, and who can best resettle in Canada, that is somehow tantamount to religion persecution!? We may have to change the charter, just so ill-informed people like Trudeau do not try to act like Islam does not have unique problems which set it way apart from other belief systems!

        Trudeau is working against the goal of reforming Islam. It is imperative that Islam is reformed, especially in the Middle East, or more Muslims will die in the long run. More will die? Let me explain.

        Right now, even in the greatest war zone of the world, Syria, there are three times as many citizens being born as there are dying from war and natural causes. And the nature of many 3rd-world Islamists is not one of integration, nor is it advisable to continue to try to integrate them until the religion is first reformed. If you’ve noticed, Islamic stability has not been on the up and up over the last few decades. This is because the fertility levels of Muslims with barbaric cultural practices, especially in the third-world, is high. All Western societies now have negative fertility levels, which have become steadily more negative since the 1970s. While one cultural group shrinks with birthrates below replacement levels of 2.1-2.2, another grows, with rates as high as 6.0.

        Also, it is unfair to Yazidis, Christians, Druze, Secularists, etc., who have the least amount of affiliation to Islam, and have been targeted with extermination, that they are not granted refugee status over Muslims. Not only is this unfair to these folks, but these other population groups are known to have less trouble integrating in Western nations.

        But the main point you have to take home is all of this is that granting refugee status is actually not charitable, but detrimental. Iraq was destabilized by its more peaceable and educated being relocated elsewhere, leaving open a vacuum in which the uneducated and violent could seize power. Because the birthrate is what is is in Muslim nations, the number that leaves under refugee status is quickly replaced (, and that population is forced to grow up in a region that is even more volatile than before, since it is now a nation with less peaceable and educated in it than before. Refugee camps serve a better purpose of relocating population temporarily, until hostilities end, for resettlement afterward.

        With this PM’s futile strategy, the third-world Islamist population will continue to infiltrate Canada, due to poor immigration policy, due to Islamic fertility levels and increasingly unstable Islamic societies (thanks to refugee policy) until our Canadian landscape is scorched.


      • Hussein….

        Turd-boy Turdeau doesn’t realize either that most of those Syrian refugees coming to Canada are Christians, Jews, Kurds, Yazidis and a few other minority sects of islam that are being targeted for extinction by ISIS.

        He hasn’t changed any of the Legislation that Harper put into place concerning refugees or immigrants. Turd-boy doesn’t know that the CSIS is doing the vetting and are checking each individual out fully with records from Syria. He can’t fast track anyone either…it takes approximately 9 months for a refugee family to arrive in Canada…most have sponsors…most have jobs waiting for them when they arrive in Canada.

        AND…..Most will be leaving and going back to Syria once the murder, mayhem and chaos has been stopped…so they can rebuild their lives in their country.


    • Pigasus…..

      Canada is not playing Russian Roulette….. quit the fear mongering BS!

      Canada is still vetting every single refugee and immigrant who wishes to come into Canada! They can’t get in without this being done.


      • !!! Blessed B: “Just give Justin a ‘bit’ more time! He will see to it, that will be ALL changed! He and his good Buddy Barack, will use their combined influence to introduce the ‘needed’ changes to do away with that irritating ‘vetting’ problem!”


      • there is a reason dick head is bringing all the 35000 people here is because they can vote for him 4 years from now and we are fucked….


      • We” see exactly how many that turd-boy will be able to bring in….he only has a few thousand since he came into power. Most of the refugees that came in already were under the Harper Gov’t.

        Turd-boy doesn’t realize either that most of those Syrian refugees coming to Canada are Christians, Jews, Kurds, Yazidis and a few other minority sects of islam that are being targeted for extinction by ISIS.

        I doubt that they will all be so gung-ho to vote for turd-boy once they know that he is considered a Wahhabi convert.


  19. Lets just say for arguments sake, that Islam is a religion of peace (which it isn’t) and it’s just a minority of bad apples causing all the terror. Ok, now they’re a bit iffy, but the following are fact, they breed like rabbits, they bum of welfare and their Greatest Human that ever lived was a pedophile. Case closed. Islam, and any fool who follows it, should be destroyed.

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    • But I guess there were no child brides in the bible ( but there were) xtians dont breedlike rabbits? C’ mon now dude! Many many many more so called xtians on welfare than any other group (fact). Even the god worshipped by xtians was a genocidal maniac and you “peaceful” folk never cease to show your true colours by stating that those who do not share your beliefs should ge destroyed. Hilarious. Now case closed.( Sound of mike dropping) come back at me with your feeble attacks, I can do this all day.


    • Hey Karl. You’re very wrong and it’s this sort of ignorance that is the problem today. I am Muslim, I do NOT believe in Sharia Law or the crap that a lot of the radical Imamn’s are spreading to the modern day Mulsim, who by the way outnumber those who you so hate. I enjoy Christmas lights because I like the season and hang up some at our house. That my Muslim friends is NOT blasphemous, it’s called FUN. And Karl, my religion has taught me morals that I have lived by my entire life, because Islam has taught me to be as good a person as I can be, and strive to be better, based on peaceful moral codes within the teachings of Islam. I do not subscribe to the interpretations of those who use it for bad things, nor do I subscribe to YOUR interpretation that is based on an even more ignorant view and lack of knowledge. Any religious doctrine can be misinterpreted and used for evil or deemed violent. People do good or bad things, and people interpret God’s words and use them or twist them depending on each individual. I agree, there are powerful radical Islamic extremists out there spreading a very violent message and brainwashing children to carry out their horrific deeds for political reasons. That is only part of the problem. Ignorance is another problem and it exists on all sides of the world.

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    • Karl…..

      “Islam, and any fool who follows it, should be destroyed.”

      WOW! How very Christian of you to say so…..yet you think that ALL Islamics are violent.

      Would you mind telling me where in the Bible God or Jesus said that it was up to you to pass judgement. Who exactly gives you the right to call for violence against ALL Islamics?

      Please do remember…judge not lest you be judged in the same manner.


      • !!! – “Appearances are, that ‘Some’ posting here, are desperately trying to master the Art of “Sucking” AND “Blowing” simultaneously! “Moderate” MUSLIM? – Any ‘Muslim’ professing to be a “Moderate” is “NOT” faithfully following the ‘Teachings’ of ‘Mohammad’ the Holy Prophet and “Interpreter” of Islams’ “Holy” Qu’ran, – Islam’s Bible! What we have here, is on par with being “Slightly” Pregnant!”


      • Robert…..

        There are many sects of Islam and not all teach the same as the wahabbi sect. Just like not all Christian sects teach the same doctrine as the Catholic faith.

        Tarek Fatah and Raheel Raza call themselves muslims but they also don’t follow the teachings of mohammhead like the Wahabbi sect does. These two Canadians who are muslim don’t believe in child marriages, FGM, stoning, honor killing, polygamy, etecetera. They have received death threats from other muslims who don’t see them as being their favorite brand of Islam.

        So…yes, there are moderate muslims and many have assimilated into Canadian culture.


      • Blessed B, if we waited to be sure a Muslim isn’t going to kill someone, we would all be dead. I’m an American, I’m not going my country up to be changed into a Muslim country and let it become as war torn as much of the middle east has become.


      • Sharon D….

        Your America is a muslim country you just haven’t noticed that yet.

        Canada is not allowing them in by the thousand across our borders…..America is!

        Worry about your own country, before you start preaching to the one next door that they have a messy backyard!


  20. Don’t like our freedoms to speak and criticize, get the hell out and go back to the countries that provide you with “RIGHTS.” DON”T YOU DARE come to a Western nation (YOU CHOSE TO COME HERE), and expect to curb our rights. This bill is extremely offensive to the Canadian people who ARE tolerant. If you aren’t tolerant of others, GO TO AUSTRALIA. Oh right, they don’t want you. As many countries don’t because of your intolerance. I believe in my religion, do people make fun of my, others religion? Yes. Do I care, no. They can think what they want, I am free to THINK and SAY what I want. DON”T YOU DARE THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME OR ANY OTHER CANADIANS. YOU’RE NOT- AND YOUR RELIGION IS NOT BETTER THAN MINE.


    • Almost every Province has a “Human Rights Tribunal”…… They are used mostly for muslims and First Nations folk who are offended or believe that they have been slighted in some way.
      Most minority and special interest group’s rights do trump all others in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms! We can thank Sr. Trudeau for that screw up!


  21. If a Canadian man or woman rapes a 6-11 year old girl – WE CALL THEM PEDOPHILES AND RAPISTS! If a Canadian man or woman kills thousands of people – WE CALL THEM MURDERERS! If a Canadian man or woman says that they are ashamed of Canada and to be Canadians because we don’t CHEER or SUPPORT their demented reasons for wanting to KILL men women or children of other religions-WE CALL THOSE PEOPLE DEMENTED BLOOD THIRSTY PIGS!! So why would we have to shut up- when it comes to a religion of murderers, child rapists that wish only to kill multitudes of people, just because they don’t agree with their religion, beliefs! I AM SHOCKED that this EXCUSE TO MUFFLE THE CRIES OF PEOPLE AGAINST RAPE AND KILLINGS OF BABIES (SHIT BILL59) !! What is wrong with you people!!! Get away from my daughters!


    • Bill 59 — “to prevent and combat hate speech and speech inciting violence”— introduces an anonymous procedure for reporting hate speech to the Quebec Human Rights Commission (HRC) and would grant the commission new powers, including the power to investigate.


  22. Really? Religious mockery. Get off it. The middle East has been “mocking” other religion as far back (documented) as the 1300’s. Your own history of trying to save the godless savages and force all infidels into your own religion is as tortuous as the Catholic churches history. In your history you invade another civilization and force under penalty of death and dismemberment that civilization to your ways completely. The Catholic Church was stopped from forcing conversions why do you think we in this progressive age would allow you to do the same. We will not allow history to repeat itself. You ask for tolerance and respect but don’t give the same. When the Lord’s Prayer was spoken in schools, Muslims and other few religions were allowed to leave the classroom so as not to infringe on your religious rights. We didn’t force it on you. Don’t force yours on us. This is Canada, we are a free country, stop defacing our freedom of rights.

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  23. This is enough you don’t like our laws leave we don’t want you here. Your rape married to 6 year old girls beat women honour killings this not human evil culture. Please go back fight for your own country


    • !!! – “Bill Derun: “Your ‘Plea’ will fall on barren terrain and deaf ears! Islam is ‘here’ in our/’your’ Country, and it has NO intention of leaving, – ever! The intent is to ‘overwhelm’ Western Culture and ‘subdue’ and forcibly convert ALL Infidels to ISLAM and Shari’ah Law! “IF” we do not convert and Submit, annihilation will be implemented, to cleanse ALL intransigent non-believers! ISLAM KNOWS NO COMPROMISES!”


  24. If I know that your prophet Muhammad married a six year old child then I have the right to call him pedophile. If I know he used slave girls for sex then I can call him rapist. If I know that he fucks even his cousins like zaynab then he is incestuous man. Ii also know he has 11 wives more than what your Koran preaches and he can have sex with any woman he is a sex maniac and big-time polygamist. I also know he murdered 600 to 800 young boys and men therefore he us a murderer.I’m not mocking your religion but stating facts. When you choose to idolize this maniac you are making a mockery of your ibtellect. Thats the difference!

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    • This is just another move to chip away at our freedom of speech. If what we say is offensive to a religion, that is unfortunate, but it’s still our right to do so. Many people in the past have been discriminated against. Italian and Irish immigrants were discriminated against. Being of Italian descent, I recall many times being called a ‘D.P.’ a ‘daygo’, and a ‘wop’. But Italians were hard workers and they tried to assimilate. WE wouldn’t let these expressions of disrespect offend us.
      However, according to what provisions muslims are calling for, I should, as an Italian, complain to the Human Rights Commission about TV shows such as the ‘Sopranos’, and movies like ‘Wise Guys’, and ‘The Godfather’, which depict Italians as gangsters, and hurtful to Italians. And what about Germans??? Are we going to ban movies and books depicting the ‘Holocaust’. The current generation of Germans had nothing to do with the death of 6 million Jews. How does that make them feel????
      I think you can see where I’m going with this. Where it’s going is, ‘too far’ and shouldn’t even be considered lest everyone on the PLANET starts finding a pet peeve that offends them.

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      • Yes, well said. We’re going through the ‘age of offensiveness’ whereby everyone takes offence at anything and everything they don’t like, and expects their idiosyncracies to be taken into account. Personally I put much of the blame on the media, ever ready to make hay while the sun shines.

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      • The comments against religion specifically islam is theological in nature and was not meant to degrade a person or group of person. Islam trancends race, values and culture. Any criticism should be met by counter criticism not prohibition from freedom of expression. And all religion holds same status. Prohibition of any criticism is unfair and would elevate islam as supreme to our democracy and way of life. Islam is not just a religion. Its an entire lifestyle that includes governance in all aspects of human behaviour. Hence it is even contrary to democracy. They should rather put it as a political party and see how people would endorse it. Therefore it has no right to empede my voice and freedom of speech.

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  25. Where do you get that 70 muslim organizations are in favor of this bill? i know you arent a journalist so i am not asking for documentation from two credible sources or anything, not even a link, just tell me something so i can go do my own research.

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    • !!! – “The thing is, – ALL theological Scholars are in concurrence on the question of whether Islam even ‘qualifies’ in academic terms, for recognition as a “Religion” as to more appropriately categorized as a “Cult”, its origin being rooted in ‘hallucinatory’ Schitzoidal attributed ‘mental’ visions and claimed ‘voices’ the originator ‘Mohammad’ was said to have experienced!”


      • Islam is an identity, exclusive of and hostile to all other identities.

        A true Muslim declines allegiance outside of Islam and feels himself entitled to ignore any constraint over his behavior towards non-believers, whose lives and property [property includes all females, regardless of age] are “permissible”, as a function of Divine Edict from their proprietary God, Allah, as revealed by this God’s sole witness, Muhammad bin Abdullah, an orphaned illiterate.

        Shariah is the expectation of Islamic Privilege based upon the presumption of Islamic Supremacy. Failure to acknowledge the validity of Sharia is a Capital Blasphemy justifying, if not demanding, public execution..



  26. There will always be criticism…….if this bill passes I will still criticise. ……!!!!! You see,it doesn’t matter what race of people we are referring to; there will always be good and bad… will criticise in Canada and I will exercise my right of free speech……bust me if you like…….let them have the bill… won’t change anything…….just the same as gun laws, people will still get robbed and shot !!!! Don’t let Government Bills bully you in Canada !!!!!!

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  27. And this is with just 2% Muslim population in Canada. What will happen when the percentage is 7% or 10% or higher? A country’s laws will always reflect the wants of it’s people, specifically the wants of it’s majority. While I dislike ALL religions equally and am fine to live side by side with any person of any faith I AM NOT fine with anyone, religious or non, attempting to infringe upon my basic human rights and my rights as a Canadian.

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    • Jenjiyo….

      You do realize that there are Human Rights Tribunals in every Province in Canada already don’t you?

      It’s not just for muslims but for every minority group in Canada who get offended by what is said or a perceived slight of any kind.


  28. Mocking your neighbor, IS democracy! It’s called freedom of speech. We are not going to give up our rights to “prevent radicalization”. Our freedoms are NOT negotiable! If you and you religion are so insecure that you cannot handle criticism, then our society is NOT for you! Leave!! Note to Trudeau, and any other politician…you do NOT have the right to dictate our speech. If speaking the truth about a religion that calls for and is practicing the execution of anyone who disagrees with it is unpleasant to you – too bad!!! Christians have been mocked and ridiculed, marginalized and discriminated against forever, but because we don’t threaten to kill anyone, nobody calls for “protection”. We don’t want protection from the speech of others because the truth is never intimidated or threatened. These people know they have an indefensible ideology, and they want special protection to prevent its exposure! Hell no!!!
    Speech shall remain free, let the chips fall where they may…darkness cannot withstand the light.

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    • The Separation Of Church And Hate:

      There is a good reason why Church and State must always remain separate. Let’s get something straight, right from the start: A theocratic state is not a free state, and never will be. I’m sure it was never Jesus’ intention nor was it His will that anyone should be dominated in His name, the name of Christ. That is the will of men. To be accurate, the concept in itself is anti-Christian. You can only follow Christ by choice, not by legislation.

      It seems some people are more intent on casting stones at perceived sinners than propagating the love of Christ. ~ “Above all else, I command you love one another”. ~ This was the message that Jesus preached, and as far as I can see, the worth of a soul will only be measured as such. But I can assure you of one thing, when your time of judgment comes, you won’t be asked to recite scripture, but rather, if anything, the question will be: Did you get the message and live by it?

      For all of you people out there on the religious right, you should try to remember that looking for sins to condemn, and people to persecute in the name of God, is simply Satan’s way of keeping you from seeing what is good and praiseworthy. It’s Satan’s favorite means of deceit; getting people to hate and kill each other in the name of God and Christ Jesus. Twisting scripture to incite hatred and division.

      Understand this; that by doing so, you are defaming the name of Christ, associating Jesus with bigotry and hate. Jesus was never cursed with these feelings, these sins that you commit in His name. It’s widely agreed that He rose above it all, and to use His name for the justification of spreading contempt and hatred for anyone is true heresy. It isn’t Pro-Christ byany means, but clearly Anti-Christ.

      ~ It doesn’t really seem to matter at this point if you believe in God and Christ or not. What we have are Anti-Christians, the antithesis of the persona Jesus, and they are attempting, through legislation, to declare America to be a theocratic state and nation, legitimizing discrimination under the false guise of “religious freedom”. If you’re not one of the “chosen” you’re fair game for persecution, oppression and abuse. It’s a perfect “us” and “them”scenario. If you express opposing views to the “Order” or you’re a non-believer, or in any way perceived as a “sinner”, they’ll be coming for you.~ Anti-Christians: You will know them by their bigotry, their hatred, and their contempt for “others”.

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    • The Christian Dilemma:

      The greatest threat to America, and indeed to the rest of world, at this point in history, comes from the staunch advocates of right wing ideology, and I must submit this warning to you: There is a grave problem with the right wing movement, in that; they seem to possess a distorted sense of entitlement. They’ve set themselves apart, and seem to think that their faith gives them the right to view the world from a platitude of conceit, through condescending eyes, and with a false sense of superiority. They actually believe themselves to be superior beings, with a manifest destiny and some strange notion that God is on their side. A people with a desire to conquer, under the false guise of Christianity, seeking to dominate in the name of Christ, their view of humanity being reduced to nothing more than a matter of “us” and “them”.

      What they fail to realize is; if the Christ you believe in leads you to view other humans as lesser beings, then you are a follower of the anti-Christ. The plain truth is; God doesn’t have a religion and God doesn’t discriminate. Any religion that professes to be the only true religion, or that they‘re special in the eyes of God preaches false doctrine. If the Spirit of God is truly with you, it will only be known by acts of “unconditional” love and charity. No religion can claim exclusive rights to God. He belongs to all that He has created, and to foster a belief in “us” and “them” is to divide humanity, not unite it.

      And so it will be, in The End, that those who have set themselves apart from their fellow man will find that they have set themselves apart from God. The worth of a soul will only be measured by how much it has loved, nothing more, nothing less. Woe to those who have taken the widow’s mite and built castles and empires in His name. They have incurred a great accountability, their suffering will be unending.

      Even Jesus will not claim to be Christian, but will only proclaim the glory of the Father. And when He returns they will shout: “Here we are Lord!” And He will respond: “I never knew you”. They have forsaken the Word and have become prisoners of the Numbers.

      Those who have put themselves first will be last.

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      • Reply to GWMARKLE: No ‘exception’ is taken to the ingredients of your commentary, although it is somewhat idealogical! You should be commissioned as an an Ambassador to ISIS! Your prudence and zeal, just ‘might’ be taken to heart! Carry on, and I fervently ‘Hope’ your philosophical approach, works! Keep in ‘mind’ that ISIS and its minions, are not exactly prone to ‘reason’ so I caution that when communicating with them, (if you are allowed to ‘live’ long enough to do so) – wear some sort of body armour! When those ‘people’ first hear you present your most persuasive argument, – their Islamic ‘Killer’ instincts erupt and take over! Good Luck!”


    • !!! – “I ‘Like’ the ‘cut’ of your jive, Dave! However, – with an acknowledged Muslim in the Whitehouse, now ‘Testing’ the waters to assess the level and number of anti-Gun supporters, and another one recently ‘elected’ in Canada, people are well advised to Start paying serious attention! I won’t be holding my breath, awaiting for ‘that’ to happen, though! At best, ‘Both’ Nations’ are decidedly “Reactive” rather than the converse! In the U.S. – Martial Law is ‘reach’ and the Constitutional 2nd Amendment is subject to immediate “revocation” and No One but the POTUS has any ‘aspirations’ other than to go with the flow, and comply! Oh, BTW, – did you know that Trudeau appears to have pledged membership in a Wahabbi Muslim Sect? – Yes I was a bit taken aback too! But its “trudeau!”


    • !!! – BRAVO, Dave! Well spoken, and ‘every’ ‘reasonably’ intelligent individual will perceive the Logic and Wisdom of your asserted contentions!”


  29. One basic respect they can do for women here and their own women they won’t even do. They will cut in front of you in a line-up for the bus in the grocery store etc. Am I calling for a law to prohibit you all from being so disrespectful to women here. We know you all don’t have respect for women so we tolerate your less than thou treatment without curtailing your freedom. The impoliteness of your group towards us is appalling yet we are not calling for laws to curtail your behaviour. I could go on but I hope you understand my inference. Live and let’s live stop trying so hard to turn North America into what you had. We never had what you have and we don’t what you are seeking to push over on us. Just stop. We can’t change your Muslim world to what we have here. We have to wear Hijab in your countries whether or not we want to, plus others things. So just seek to understand North American and live and if you can’t then start packing. Please let us vote on any decision taken. We believe in our values and should stand strong for it.

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  30. If you are that sensitive then why are you in North America? Why do we have to curtail our freedom of humour because you consider it offensive? Why don’t the Pope or other religious leaders take offense to the cartoons they make of them. Some Pope’s have died and can’t respond. There are living ones in the Vatican who can respond but don’t. It simply humour. It is not preventing you or your Muslim groups from getting any service or employment. It is not degrading your prophet So what is your issue? You don’t like our kind of humour then pack up and go home. If you can’t laugh at life then what can you laugh at. We don’t need to live in a straight jacket to please you. You choose here. You were fully aware our life-style is quite different from yours. Live and let’s live or just go back home.

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  31. !!! – NOW HEAR THIS: “All so-called Christians “Legitimizing” this ‘Request’ by even acknowledging it, are committing ‘Blasphemy’! “IF” YOU want to transform North America into an ISLAMIC CALIPHATE, – Go AND LIVE UNDER THAT ‘SYSTEM’ AND GET THE HELL OUT OF NORTH AMERICA!

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more. This arrogant ideology called islam actually believes it has the right, because they are muslim, to demand its’ shariah laws to be enacted over and above the laws of their host country. Not only should these demands not be officially acknowledged as valid, but the political correctness needs to be put aside and those pushing for the barbaric shariah law should be not only reprimanded publicly but criminal charges should bed instituted to keep this backward ideology in check. They have to learn to respect the countries culture that they are taking advantage of. Ask this moron that if we went to Saudi Arabia and wanted to enforce some Canadian laws over and above their shariah courts, how they would respond. Muslims believe they are the truly enlightened and chosen ones of the one and only god, Allah, because the koran and their other holy texts tell them this. As they have been taught this all their lives, they truly believe that all other people are below them and not worthy of respect, if they do not follow Allah. Despite what muslim apologists and some liberals say, the koran teaches hate and intolerance throughout it. There are no translation mistakes, as its messages come through clear and definite, no matter the translation. Many ex-muslims have declared the same things that, as muslims, were very aware of, such as the directive to not take the kiffar as a friend or trust, though it is okay to pretend to trust if it serves the muslims better interest. These muslim concepts have been well documented, though the ill-informed leftists will still downplay all these less than admirable traits and think that the snakes they feed won’t bite them. We just have to look to what is happening in many European and English cities to see our future if we continue with this islamic invasion.

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      • !!! – As a individual intensely interested in the psychological appeal of ISLAM to ALL of its Adherents, the ONLY conclusion possible, reachable and clearly ‘apparent’ – is: BRAINWASHING! – To pursue attempting to ‘Warn’ adherents’ and ‘Converts’ to ISLAM what has happened to them, is pointless! Once the “Brainwashing” process has been accomplished, – ‘deprogramming’, an undertaking that is a ‘long’ and intensive process can be effective, but ‘incarceration’ in a professional Medical facility is required! As well, the ‘cooperation’ of the Subject is an ‘asset’ but unfortunately cannot be relied upon, – even if ‘apparently’ voluntarily rendered and secured!”


    • 😲 “Clearly, Western hemisphere ‘Civilization’ harbours a ‘Death’ Wish! Prediction: “It is going to have it Granted in Spades! – Alternative suggestion: “Why is no ‘alternative’ reciprocal suggestion NOT being advocated? How about ‘Criminalizing’ the advocacy by CAIR to be fully LAWFULLY “Reciprocal!”Robert Arthur Gillis

      Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 17:29:06 +0000


    • I think you’ll find this hitler is a multitude of Imams preaching poison to their congregations and resurrect the past to ensure their future..
      However … not in my country fucker.


    • Damn skippy brother.. I’m down with that.:) but we can just stop there.. we have to ensure that this coup by cultural attrition never happens again.
      We square our own away first. After that, if we choose to bring in foreign workers to fill voids… they either accept our culture and customs or stay where they are…
      Time we start drawing sand we have been more than accommodating for too long.
      We have an.inch now they want a mile…
      Look up
      You’ll be shocked at who’s walking around our country and getting gophernment grants ( not a typo I meant gopher-ment because.they are all rodents who care more about retiring rich and famous or infamous rather than the welfare of the people..
      We need to all come together as.Canadians and stop this before we.have to.come together as.Canadians to forcefully drive it out of our country..if not for your sakes then the sakes of our children…
      Some parents.out there must care enough to stand firm against the big government.
      They are human not gods.. they have human armies.. our children who will stand with you against this tyranny .
      Canada is no more if we don’t.
      We will be
      With us out of the equation or paying non muslim tax and being a segregated minority in a Muslim controlled calibrate.
      Wake the Fuck up people.. they need to have your faces before you say no?
      My people are fucking hopeless and I am ashamed of you canada my once proud home.
      You invited the.enemy to our tables and have starve yourselves by eating last..
      Fools all of you.
      You let the Christians do it to you now your letting the Muslims do it to you.. Wil you ever defend yourselves? Now that we have a real enemy on our shores? Or deny their existence till you have proof like um … parliament hill and Nathan Cirrillo…

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      • Let’s gather together and fight this! What the hell are we doing?! Let us write up a Bill 60 where we can all gather and fight this frightening intrusion of demented rapist and killers!


  32. This is Canada and I won’t stop talking about whatever it is I want to talk about. STOP trying to change our Country to revolve around them. Go back to the Middle East if you don’t like it here. STOP COMING HERE.

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  33. We are CANADIAN
    When those people step on CANADIAN soil, and want to CANADIANS they lose the mask when they come here… Not force there religion on us, if they believe their religion is right –stay away from CANADA

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  34. Multicultural dose not work as Canadians think it will. The Canadian Government is setting up it’s cirvilan’s to civil unrest. A situation that is seening in Sweden. . Germany. .and third world country’s. My advice is too fight, it is your basic Human right. For the sake of your family and your childrens children.

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    • The New World Order Western global mafia is doing this by design throughout Europe, the UK, Canada and the U.S. in order to create absolute order out of engineered chaos. In the U.S., gang bangers and hood rats as well as Muslims will be used for this purpose. I don’t know what we can do except to try and wake people up to this agenda and fight it, as you say.

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    • Eddy…..

      Canada was sending the Islamic zealots back to their place of birth…not even their place of origin on their immigration forms. If they had an outstanding warrant of arrest from another country…we shipped them to that country to face the music of that legal system!

      In Canada…under the Harper government….they were expected to follow our values and laws. Under the new Liberal government that was just voted in on Oct. 19th, 2015…..that just might not be the case now….as PM Trudeau has taken the Shahada in a Wahabbi mosque last year!

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      • !!! – “The ‘Prime Minister’ of Canada has ‘Now’ become a participating ‘Volunteer’ member of the Shahda Wahabbi Muslim Sect faction?! – Well, – Justin does NOT want to be ‘outdone’ in the Nominations’ in the contention for a “Caliphate” Muslim Leader in North America! It has been said that U.S. President Barack Hussein Osama Obama is a “Top” Contender as well! Good ‘Luck’ with that, Justin! All of Canada is rooting for you! – YOU are in the ‘BIG’ League now, and Obama is sure to be an enthusiastic and vigorous Contender!”

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    • yes dont allow any more muslim to enter the country or accept any muslim to be citizen. They do not respect the law just like the hijab case. Shld have ask her to leave instead of accepting her as citizen.


  36. This will be the start, look at EU,Countries, , That is why, we should not open our doors to them, PM TRUDEAU, is all for Muslims, and so called refugees, Canada must not change to please Muslims , These scum are invaders, against Christians, Ask, POLAND, SWEDEN, FRANCE, NORWAY, GERMANY, ENGLAND, ,AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, USA, HUNGARY, IRELAND

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    • !!! Reply to Mary T. Marks: “Whether or not, we are amenable to ‘accepting’ it, a “Prophesy” is unfolding right before us, Mary! Because of our world-wide complacence, apathy and general detachment, – cultural Societies’ no longer harbour any ‘real’ tangibly ‘effective’ sway in progressive development of their own societies! ‘That’ has been relinquished to ‘Special’ interest factions and power brokers’ pursuing their ‘own’ agendas! The ‘trend’ currently prevailing, is decidedly to ‘go with the flow’ – consistent with ‘our’ Human nature and populist leaning tendencies!”


  37. Cmon. Is this guy for real. Wake up Canada. Make everyone follow our rules and put an end to this bullshit.
    Walking all over us for too long.


    • Jason. I agree with you whole heartedly. This is only the first step for Islam. If you take a look at what is happening in Europe right now with Islam, you will see that it is on it’s way here,, unless we, as Canadian’s, put down our foot and say NO NO NO. If you want freedom of Islam, there are other countries that have Islam as a way of life — Move there and leave Canada as a Christian nation…..
      Does this also mean making sure Athiests can’t be mocked or joked about? How about Agnostics, or Christians??? This would put an end to athiest’s being able to voice their opinions, because according to them, Christianity is a joke…

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      • Just in case there are some Muslims that would like to know the truth… take a look here. This is what you are not being told:


      • “This Video presentation has been viewed, and has reinforced my faith in who and what we (humanity) is, and why we are here! Christian ‘believers’ must NOT fail to defend out Christian Faith against ALL who endeavour to usurp and seek to overthrow it in favour of a “False” entity which aspires to corrupt and ultimately “Destroy” the ‘true’ and incorruptible Gospel of Jesus Christ!”


  38. Illegal to insult all religions, not just Islamic ideas. This headline is terribly misleading, maybe the article too but I didn’t want to read that.

    That said, we finally make it one step forward and this Muslim is taking us two steps back. I understand not wanting people to insult a religion, that’s childish. But I’m not going to stop criticizing them. How can we grow if we can’t criticize or debate.

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  39. You don’t like it here? NO! Then leave and go to where you feel more comfortable. You wanted it more like your country? Go back! Simple, and don’t be so rude to think that you can change this country to be exactly like your! ANSWER Go back to where you came from NOW !!!!

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  40. woow u people are all pieces of shits, u guys are the real terrorists, we supply u guys with oil and gas if we didjnt then their wouldn’t be no Canada or United States, the Middle East is way more beautiful then Canada and U.S, maybe if u mother fuckers didn’t invade the Arab country’s and fucking it up then we would all still be in are country’s and not urs, but aye if u not aboriginal then u ain’t a real Canadian or American so why don’t u go back to your country to? I wish I could go back to my country but I can’t because the Israels kicked out my family from their own homes in the middle of the night…. You people are so ignorant


    • LMAO! You supply blood oil …… Canada has it’s own oil and lots of it! Yes…we do take in some of that blood oil..for now…but not for long!

      As for there being no Canada or the USA if it weren’t for you….what type of goat turd have you been smoking in your hookah there pal? It’s frying what little brain cells you had. Guess you didn’t know that the USA buys Canadian oil to make gasoline and such…. Canada is just waiting for the moslem sheethead who is occupying the WH to expire, so that Keystone XL pipeline can be built from Canada to the USA.

      Even if all of the ME was miraculously turned into a black glass museum…..Canada and the USA would still be here.

      BTW…… screw you and your anti-Semitism! Israel didn’t kick anyone out of their homes….you lie, but then, that’s what you have been programmed to do with your satanic cult isn’t it?

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      • Yeah im in the middle east drilling and there is a reason we are here you couldn’t tell your sisters pussy from your goats asshole you people are so fucking useless. With out expats doing all the real work you would be fucked!!!

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    • Are you are one person I would not let live in my home. And you say you wish you could go back to your home country. But your family was kicked out. Well do you really think we are going to stand by calmly and watch you try and change our laws and inforce your religion into our school systems or take money from our gouvernment that you never earned! Think about how you speak to a person that put the food on your table and the roof over your head and the job at your reach! Watch what you say about our country before what you say starts so ethi g that put you without what we provide you.

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    • So you got kicked out of your county that is so great and Canada welcomed you and we are a piece of shit. Your brain washed into believing a bunch of ideals that are pushed on you to have power over you. (I’m Agnostic BTW cause I don’t need a god to make me happy). Think for yourselves for a change. Analyze what that means to have laws that limit freedoms put in place. You have the freedom to practice your religion but we don’t have the freedom to analyze it. Hypocritical. God doesn’t have power the redicals preaching it does.

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    • YZ…’s MORONS like you that are fucking up OUR lives. STAY THE FUCK IN YOUR OWN G.DAM COUNTRY!!! If you love it so fucking much then get the FUCK OUT. NO ONE is keeping you here. Maybe if you weren’t such a little BITCH, you could have fought to stay in YOUR OWN country. Some one tries that shit here, they’ll end up fucked up real quick!! Also just so you know, Canada has MORE oil then Middle east. It just takes us more work to capture then refine it. WHO gives a shit that you got kicked out. Maybe if you weren’t such an ass you could have stayed… but keep talking like that and you wont have to worry about leaving here and going back home to be killed. It’ll happen here, real fast with that attitude!!!!! You also don’t have to go back to your country, try going over to Europe, I hear they love all you terrorist there. Your the IGNORANT COCK SMOKER that has no fucking clue. You come into OUR countries and try to tell us how to live…you better check yourself before some one beats the living hell out of you or better yet just put’s a bullet in you. Your mouth is starting to write cheques that your ass can’t cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day soon someone like me will come wanting to cash in those cheques!!! We all know you’ll try to run away when that time comes. As you’ve proven you won’t fight for anything, like your own home country and life style. My only hope is that they catch you when you run!!!!! You little Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • why can people not have reasonable debate with out the swearing, Acyually funny the one person’s grammar is atrocious, but he knows all the English swear words,


    • Listen, people are aloud to voice there opinions in this country… Even you, but don’t insult our constitution or rights to free speach. We are a multicultural Country and respect every walk of life here. When we hear of the Muslim community’s in your country disrespecting Christians and Jerusilum… How can you sit there and cry wolf about protecting your religion while countless Christians and Jews get persecuted by your religion ?

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    • You are correct about western governments and corporations invading and committing War Crimes in the Middle East. Israel is run by ZIONAZIs. Your family should not have been violated like that. That being said you are fucking clueless. That entire region would still be existing where your fucked up religion does, in the 14th century. Western nations made it possible for your nations to access the wealth under your feet. Otherwise that region has nothing. We already have enough retarded religious bullshit in the Americas and we sure as fuck don’t need Islam trying to force your brand of Paranoid Schizophrenia into our government or society. We already have enough shit with Christians and their version of “God’s Law”. Allah, Yahweh etc. are fictional characters from ancient mythology. If you’re too stupid to figure that out I pity you.
      Neither of your twisted Abrahamic Death Cults are going to turn these nations into theocratic nightmares. When you come here, leave the bullshit behind. You are guests on this continent, and you are making yourselves unwelcome. You must either adapt and change your ways or get the fuck out.


    • Remove religion and insert respect. First you need a lesson in history about aboriginals. Calling Canadians pieces of shit and mother fuckers will get you nowhere. Why are you here if you believe beauty is in the Middle East? Why are you here if you don’t like Canadians? If you want a piece of identification uncover, if you want to fly on a plane uncover, if you want to work for the RCMP (Royal CANADIAN Mounted Police) the uniform consists of a hat NOT a turban, if you want to speak to me uncover. I was born with the gift of vision, therefore I feel safe, secure, respected when I am speaking to a person and can see their face. Want or need surgery? Please let me know of the Doctor that will allow your turban or face covering to remain on while this is being done. You commit a crime in this country and our federal prison or provincial jails will not allow you to wear a turban or face covering however they cater to your meal requests which is disturbing to me not only for your religion but for all religions, vegetarians and vegans. The only ones that should get a different meal is one of an ill person ie: diabetic etc. So once you have had your history lesson and once you would like to apologize for your disrespectful behaviour. Please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way back to your beautiful country where there is only wonderful people that are not pieces of shit or mother fuckers.

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    • This is a conspiracy to block free speech. So that they can continue their work of wrecking Canada. This great nation was built on Christian and Jewish faith. You have no business to come here to dictate terms. Back in Pakistan you kill Hindu, Christians and Sikhs. There is no freedom in your religion. You people are coming here to make this great country just like yours. Forget it go back

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    • I beleive you an agent ‘provoceteur’ and lying about your past as it sounds to stereotypical a victim role, so you can stop thinking that North Americans are ignorant. Canada did not colonize the natives the same strong armed way that the states did, though even they were reacting to native aggression to the white settlers. So don’t get so fucking sanctimonious about judging us (Canadians), when whatever your cultural background is, probably sacked a few villages and claimed the land as your own, especially if you’re a muslim.

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    • Our country not are country. Don’t be an asshole. You came here to seek refuge from a bad place. Respect the ones who let you come in and don’t try to change their ways to yours.

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      • You are asking him to stop being Muslim. He’s there to implement change alright. And you aren’t expected to like it. They are there to whelp the non-Muslim world into oblivion. By the time the most popular baby name is Muhammad, you may as well move to Beirut.

        They are facilitated by Pollyannas like Blessed B, who think everything is going fine because “Canadian” Muslims are different. Anyone thinking there is an acceptable incidence of Islamic demographic density is delusional. What are they planning to do, keep it fixed by having veterinarians spay and neuter them all.?

        Expulsion, meaning zero mosques, zero Muslims, is the solitary policy for Western survival. Do it, or we fall into a dark age.

        I wonder which train wreck of democracy will prove the greater catastrophe, Hussein Obama or Justin Trudeau.

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      • Little piggy…..

        LOL! I’m not a Pollyanna as you deemed to call me…..I actually know what is happening in Canada and it is obvious you DON”T!

        It is true that Canada has a lot of muslims that are actually very happy in Canada. They follow our laws and accept our ways. They appreciate the freedoms that Canada has given them! Have you not heard of Raza Raheel or Tarek Fatah? They are muslim but do not want Canada turned into the shitholes they left to immigrate to Canada! They don’t want sharia law implemented here!

        I never said BTW that Canada would be fine because of our muslim population….I said Canada would be fine due to PM Harper governing Canada and that we had many muslims who actually agreed with his ways. So sorry if you are not smart enough to actually have understood what I was trying to convey.

        Turd-boy Trudeau is a convert to islam…he took the Shahada at a wahabbi mosque about a year or so ago… us Canadians who are informed actually know where Canada will be heading! Right down the sewer pipe, like our southern cuzzins! At least we had Harper who implemented legislation like Bill C-51 to help us before we had many vote for legalizing pot!

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      • Keep your insults to yourself.

        Tarek Fatah actually advised that Canada had best discontinue Islamic immigration. But what would he know?

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      • LOL! You can insult me by calling me a Pollyanna but…I’m to keep my insults to myself? PFFT! If you fling poo do not think it will not be flung back at you! You must be a Liberal with that kind of thinking.

        Tarek Fatah wasn’t privy to what actually was being done by the Harper Government on the issue of muslim immigration. If he had been…he wouldn’t have been so against it.

        Wonder what Tarek would have to say now about the Turd-boy trudeau who wants to bring in 25,000 muslim refugees by the end of this year? None of them BTW are going to be scrutinized or vetted to be non-criminals or non-terrorists in that short of time!

        At least with immigrants…they still have to be cleared before they get to come to Canada! One doesn’t just come here and say they want to immigrate. Paperwork needs to be done beforehand and the okay needs to be given first. It will take turd-boy longer to screw this up and hopefully he’ll be out of the PM seat before he gets to do so.


      • Isn’t a Pollyanna someone who is misled by optimism? Do you recall three months ago when you felt that US security concerns over the growing Islamic presence within Canada were overstated?

        Do you still feel these concerns are overstated?

        The very concept of betrayal by Quislings who “seed” [ominous wording: the irreversible amendment of the subject gene pool] the West with ideologues committed to procreating their way to social supremacy over us, might seem abhorrent enough to take precedence over opportunities for cheap shots. But that’s up to you.

        Halting immigration should, one might suppose, be axiomatic.

        But the toughest question is what is to be done about the greatest mass of them who will never be secular Muslims like Tarek Fatah or Doctor Jasser.

        All of this (or most) would have been avoided if we had followed the simple advice of a half-century ago by populationists who warned of the consequence of the immigration of high birthrate cultures.

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      • Pigasus…..

        In August when we started this conversation Canada still gad Harper as the PM of Canada…..I was very optimistic about what his government had and was doing. They put in quite a bit of legislation that was essential to keep Canada and Canadians safer from the Jihadi agenda.

        The security concerns of the USA towards Canada has always been a farce! There is more of a concern within the USA than there ever was in Canada! If anything….Canada should have been more concerned with the security risks from the USA!

        Canada was not giving out new government issued passports to terrorists….the USA is still doing that! Canada was not training and paying muslim mercenaries and arming them….the USA is still doing that! Canada was not Arming and giving military weapons to terrorist organizations…..the USA is still doing that!

        In knowing what I do know and having a reliable source for information on what is happening not only in Canada but the USA, Israel, Russia, Syria….yes….I still think that that the USA’s fear about Canada is definitely overstated!

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    • I think you should eat some bacon an an take your oil an go an fight for your freedom in your own country instead of trying to change another one fuck Islam an your gay lord Allah


    • Hoping you get a call in the middle of the night and are sent straight to hell. Israel shouldn’t have kicked you out. They should have eradicated you.


    • How does that justify rape, beheadings, murder, and suicide bombings? You want to come to other countries to as “refugees” but you want to implement the same policies and religious statism that destroyed your home. How does that solve your problem? If you believe that these forms of terrorism against your own people are justified, then what the hell makes you think you I can trust you not to kill me or my family? And if your family was forced out and you know that feeling, why would you want to do that to anyone else? Especially from people who are trying to help you? I get that there are political forces at work. There are some within your own community. Sunni, Shia, etc. But instead of trying to work through these differences, you just break into someone else home and claim it as your own? If you don’t want other countries as bombers, rapists, killers, and terrorists, then stop being bombers, rapists, killers, and terrorists. Put down your guns and pick up your shovels, fix your own communites, and leave the rest of the fuck alone!


      • Islam recognizes no right for anyone to be unmolested. Molestation is obligatory.


    • FUCK YOU!!! How dare you! The difference between you and us Canadians is…we don’t KILL each other just because i am not Christian, jew or Atheist! You Leave our HOME ! We aren’t kicking our own Canadian values out….WE ARE KICKING YOUR VALUES OUT! So you think we should SHUT UP…When we are forced into marrying our 6 year olds out to men!! Get the hell out of Canada! Keep your stinking oil! We have our own oil! As a matter of fact…..I DARE YOU TO NOT TO SUPPLY US WITH YOUR DISGUSTING OIL!! GET OUT!!




    • @Kelly….

      I sure hope you are not saying that Canada is your home. If you do and really believe that it is run by a dictator….then you surely do not understand what that word means.

      Perhaps you would feel better in the likes of Saudi Arabia or Iran….then you would understand what a dictatorship truly is…..especially if you are a female.


    • LOL! I highly doubt that any of the other commenters here would have researched to find the true story. Thank you for posting this link Overhang!

      So….there are muslim groups in Canada that don’t want another law imposed to help the Human Rights Commission ( aka Kangaroo Court!) take away freedom of speech even if it means the truth coming out about Islam.

      What most Americans don’t understand is that Canada already has laws that the muslims must abide by or they will get charged and do jail time after that they will most likely be shipped back to their country of birth if they are immigrants.

      Muslims in Canada do assimilate better than in the USA because they have to. They don’t get a pass for bad behavior and have it blamed on racism or a misunderstanding of their cultural norms.

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      • Our Muslims in Australia are also protesting about our Federal Government’s proposals to deprive naturalised citizens of their Australian nationality if found to have joined ISIS or any other terrorist organisation. The Muslim associations are complaining about ‘discrimination’ because the likely offenders are bound to be Muslim, not surprisingly.

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      • Does Canada already have in place a law to deprive naturalised citizens of their Canadian citizenship, should they be found guilty of crimes against the country? Australia is still struggling with that one.

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      • @ Father Jon…..

        Canada passed Bill C-51 , which you can read here:

        Canada has made the passports of those they know who have gone over to fight with ISIS or other terrorist orgs., null and void. They are not allowed back into Canada. Many have tried getting back in with passports issued in America or Britain which have different identities and names to by pass the “No fly” list….they have been caught and sent back to either their place of birth or to any country that has an arrest warrant for them.

        The Canadian Intelligence Agency ( CSIS) works with Israeli Intelligence Agency and is able to track these individuals.

        Canada also can deprive those of their Canadian citizenship , ( not those born in Canada) If they have done a crime that they have been charged with and found guilty of…..after they do their time in prison in Canada. Once again they are deported.

        On the pamphlet that all new immigrants or refugees get it clearly states:
        Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, honour killings, female genital mutilation, forced marriage or other gender-based violence. Those guilty of these crimes are severely punished under Canada’s criminal laws.

        So…it’s not like they truly don’t know what is expected of them.


      • !!! “Sorry, Blessed B: “That is ALL changed, now that Canada has Elected its ‘First’ Muslim Prime Minister! “Though the ‘Heavens’ fall, – ‘every’ Muslim wish will be accommodated, – with utmost expedience!”


      • Robert…

        This Bill actually has nothing to do with our Federal government. It is a Provincial power that will decide if this bill goes through or not.

        Turd-boy has not yet changed hardly anything that was legislated before by Harper….except a pay raise He won’t be able to do much if he is never in the House of Commons while on his vacays and world tour….taking selfies and having photo-ops.

        If you want to know what is being discussed in the House of Commons google Hansard/Canada… All Bills before the House and how they were voted on are there. Or watch CPAC, as they do have every session video taped. Discussions within the House of Commons are also transcribed and on-line.

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  42. What the Muslim society has got to accept is that they choose to come into Canada a country that already has a legal system in place that works find for a multicultural society they knew this when they choose to come here so if they aren’t happy with the laws then they have a choice accept them or leave this country again with sharia law it Imprisons every other cultures and society and we can’t have this in this country to pass any law that restricts our freedoms of speech is totally unacceptable and will cause Canada a lot more trouble in the future courts tie up with lawsuit of all kinds over jokes and other nonsense and as for Muslims threats our laws will deal with them

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    • Too late.

      Allah has already made the believers “heirs” to the lands. Islamic Supremacy is mandatory, not optional. Your opinions don’t count.

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      • What Tanits (below) fails to acknowledge (realise?) is that, according to *allah* in the koran, the whole world must submit to islam. That means the world belongs to islam. Is Tanits denying the word of *allah*. I can assure him/her that muslims do accept unequivocally the word of *allah*. That is why muslims, in one form or another, have been waging war against non-muslims ever since the doctrine was created almost 1400 years ago.

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      • No shit, Sherlock. If you would think about what you read you may ultimately appreciate the underlying concepts.


      • What most people do not realize is that MOST Muslims have no clue as to the content of either the Quran or Mohammad teachings. If the were to read all of it, they would see that the Quran actually says that Allah instructs them to look at the Bible because it is the truth.


    • !!! Reply to CARSON: “Appreciate your Head’s up, – however. ISLAM and Muslims’ Will acquiesce to Canadian Civic laws, our of recognition that to NOT do so, reflect ‘unfavourably’ and put the in the ‘limelight’ until their ‘Numbers’ are up! No one should ‘ever’ drop their guard and vigilance! Make NO mistake, – ISLAM “Never” sleeps! The ‘Faithful’ know that when ‘Time’ was made, it was made in abundance! They CAN afford to ‘wait’ and allow ‘demographics’ to favour them!”


  43. Just an FYI to those here…. this is only in the Province of Quebec. It is not in ALL of Canada!

    As for Sharia law to be implemented in ALL of Canada….that has already been voted on in our House of Commons a few years back, with all political parties present. The Unanimous vote was a resounding ‘NO”. I have never heard of a vote being unanimous for anything the government and all political parties have ever voted on.

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      • WE can hope…but I don’t have much faith that Quebec is that smart. The Liberals are the governing body. Liberals don’t believe that there is anything wrong or evil about Sharia Law.

        I totally agree that Sharia Law is not needed in any Western nation! If they love Sharia Law so much then they can live in those Islamic countries that follow that.

        If they live in a Western Country then they must assimilate and follow the Laws of that country, no if’s, and’s or but’s.


      • If they live in a Western Country then they must assimilate and follow the Laws of that country, no if’s, and’s or but’s.

        You are on the verge of understanding.

        They are here. They don’t assimilate. They demand that Sharia, the expectation of Islamic privilege, be recognized world-wide as superseding all “man-made” law, no ifs, ands or buts.

        The religion that-tells-everyone-what-to-do has just spit in Canada’s face.

        What are planning to do about it?

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      • @Pigasus….

        Canada is doing something about Islam…..but I don’t see what the heck America is doing about it, except aiding and abetting the enemy. Of course what can one expect when you have the muslim enemy governing your country.

        Worry about your own country Pigasus…it’s about to get nasty.

        Phoenix Area Invaded by the Cartels and ISIS While Obama Does Nothing

        Take four minutes and watch the video here:,
        regarding the Mexican drug cartel invasion of Pinal County, AZ, which borders metropolitan Phoenix, in which this invading army controls vast swaths of land on American soil and the Obama administration refuses to act against this organized invading Army.

        ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources, which include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector. During the course of a joint operation last week, Mexican Army and federal law enforcement officials discovered documents in Arabic and Urdu, as well as “plans” of Fort Bliss. The implications are obvious.

        According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, the Juárez Cartel helps ISIS terrorists move through the desert and across the border between Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, New Mexico. The report goes on to state that east of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, cartel-backed “coyotes” are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the unguarded border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas. The Judicial Watch documents specifically state that

        these particular areas are targeted by ISIS because of “their understaffed municipal and county police forces as well as the already existing relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling.”

        ISIS Targets Identified

        According to Judicial Watch, “ISIS is conducting reconnaissance of regional universities; the White Sands Missile Range; government facilities in Alamogordo, NM; Ft. Bliss; and the electrical power facilities near Anapra and Chaparral, NM. In other words, these are not going to be victim-less crimes which has its origins in the Oval Office and the Office of the Secretary of State.”


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  44. This is a very useful law.

    Every time I hear somebody say something I don’t like, I’m calling in SWAT. Unused police power is wasted police power. I can’t wait to start informing, so we get the law enforcement we pay for.

    Have they considered financial incentives? A realistic bounty system would allow us Thought Commandos to clean up the intellectual neighborhood while collecting a decent income working from home.

    As I recall in Puritan New England, there were municipal employees paid to snoop and peek in windows, and drawing the curtains was a violation of town ordinance. Since then, the task has been left to unpaid volunteers who are stymied by the proliferation of venetian blinds.

    This overdue legislation will restore the proper tilt in the playing field, allowing us to round up the felonious social critics we as we discover them. I expect we’ll be uncovering nests of these unrepentant, trouble-making blabber mouths and will have to work with Civil Defense and Animal Control to adapt the Electric Drill and Heated Coat Hanger Lobotomy techniques to a program of mass administration. Why, I can almost hear the soothing White Noise now.


  45. Sorry for my muslim brothers, but their Kuran is an insult to Christian beliefs.First man who sought the insult was the Roman Emperor Nikiforos Fokas,who launched a Holy War against insulting Islam.Voting the Bill actually send all Canadian Muslims to court for insulting Christianity. Looking at another point of view, the truth is very raw for those who are trying to lead Canada at Muslim-sharia paths.


  46. Someone should tell this rag head that protecting free speech is mainly protection for speech you don’t like not the ones you like, guess he doesn’t know what democracy stands for, typical


    • ‘Don’t diss the prophet!’ We’re seeing a slow but deliberate move to curtailing freedoms of speech and expression where Muslims are concerned. We thought that the Western world was moving towards even greater freedoms to criticise or even to mock religions and other sacred cows, whether on stage, screen, writing or in cartoons. But the recent events staged by Muslims who have chosen to emigrate to Europe or North America show clearly that they can never be a 100% assimilated group and will use their growing power to turn back the clock on our freedoms. Personally I think it’s time to tell our politicians we don’t want any more blow-ins from the Muslim world. But maybe that’s too late…………?

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      • Yeah maybe more than the muzzles its our own politicians who need to be reminded as to what freedom of speech/democracy stands for. Of course these people aren’t in Western countries to assimilate, if they wanted to they would stand out with their beards and their hijab & niqabs. But there is no curtailment to all the hate speech against the kuffars unleashed in the mosques is there?

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      • It is not necessary to look at the behaviour of muslims to determine whether muslims can be assimilated. The whole aim of islam which the follow as “the most perfect system for humanity* is to subjugate non-muslims, by conquest or otherwise, and to subordinate the interests of non-muslims entirely to those of muslims.
        muslims have no intention of being assimilated into non-muslim societies. The examples refer to only give added confirmation to what can be quite clearly seen in the the doctrine of islam.

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      • !!! “Virtually ‘everyone’ will acknowledge that there are ‘exceptions’ to exceptions! However, – North Americans’ cannot ‘ever’ adopt ‘that’ philosophy where ISLAM is concerned! That ‘malignant’ Theocratic philosophy, will continue to endure and ‘survive’ every effort to impede its spread and advance, in the “same” context as a Stage four matastasizing Melanoma! Islam will continue its ravages in the same fashion, ceasing its relentless inexorable advance ONLY upon expiration of the Host, and NOT before!


  47. They are liable to get hoisted on their own petard, when someone lodges the long overdue complaint about their own “holy” book, as nasty a piece of hate literature as has ever seen the light of day.

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  48. A subtle threat is given by stating that laughing at Islam or criticizing it will give Canada “many problems down the road”.

    Yeah, they’d better be aware of “problems down the road”, like when US combat divisions spill across the border to enforce the Monroe Doctrine.


    • I would NEVER laugh at Islam. I just want to kill the fukin lot of the heathen shit that want to take my freedoms and way of life. Curses to the fools that allowed them to start infiltrating free Countries and stuff them up. Death to every single one of the evil scum.


    • I don’t believe it will give Canada any problems down the road. It will give Quebec the problem….and Quebec doesn’t govern Canada.

      As to the US combat divisions spilling across the border…..that was tried back in 1812….America lost that war with Canada. Kicked arse once we can do it again.

      America doesn’t have to worry about Canada…..America needs to worry about itself and all the Islamic terrorist camps and jihadi’s that are right inside the country.

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      • Actually, people need to be extremely careful of policies passed on a local level because they tend to be emulated and adapted nationwide in due course. This is what happened with the Eurabia situation. It initially started as a French project, and then expanded into the EU and was made a law – and eventually discussed and enforced on an international level. So we must never underestimate the power of small local regions. Islam must not be given even a tiny footing anywhere.


      • I’m afraid I’ve offended B, which was not my intention.

        America doesn’t have to worry about Canada…..America needs to worry about itself…

        According to Pew Research, in 2009 the demographic density of Muslims in Canada was two and one-half times that of their density within the US (2.0% v 0.8%).

        And it already shows.

        So, in order for the US to worry about itself, we must worry about Islamic metastasis in Canada. Because Islam is an ideology calling for the dismantling of our civilization the stakes couldn’t be higher.


      • @Pigasus…..

        You said” According to Pew Research, in 2009 the demographic density of Muslims in Canada was two and one-half times that of their density within the US (2.0% v 0.8%). ”

        How about some info a bit more up to date…..

        ◾The number of Muslims in Canada is expected to nearly triple in the next 20 years, from about 940,000 in 2010 to nearly 2.7 million in 2030. Muslims are expected to make up 6.6% of Canada’s total population in 2030, up from 2.8% today. Argentina is expected to have the third-largest Muslim population in the Americas, after the U.S. and Canada. Argentina, with about 1 million Muslims in 2010, is now in second place, behind the U.S……

        ~Argentina has 1 million muslims in 2010. Canada has 940,000 in 2010.

        In 2014….Canada’s total population 35.3 muslim percentage 3% muslim pop. 1.06
        ….. USA total pop. 316.2 muslim percent. 2.11% ( that you know of!)
        muslim pop. 6.67

        Now being as America is a much smaller country than Canada….. you have more muslims per demographic density in your cities….that you know of…this doesn’t take into account of how many have illegally come into the USA through your Southern border.

        ~ Now for some other info.~

        Canada is bringing in more muslim children from Syria who were orphaned due to the on-going war. These children are being adopted out into families that are not necessarily muslim.

        Canada will be bringing in Yazidi muslims ( mostly women and children ) that were sex-slaves to ISIS. Children without parents will be adopted out to Canadian families who are not necessarily from the muslim faith.

        So….. it maybe that more muslims are coming into Canada but not all of them will be staying muslim!

        America has an open Southern border…..You don’t even know how many muslims are flowing across! Canada does not have Islamic terrorist camps! America has 22 of those.

        According to the FBI, there are at least 22 Islamic paramilitary communes in the US. These communes are operated by the Pakistan-based group Jamaat al-Fuqra and its main US front group, Muslims of the Americas.

        So….America better clean up her Islamic problem before worrying what is happening in Canada.

        PM Harper and his government have put into play some new laws in the past years concerning immigration and who is allowed into Canada. Harper has also stated that Canada will not be a safe haven for criminals or terrorists.

        Obama says he will stand with his muslim brothers during conflict! The USA along with Britain are giving Islamic terrorists new passports with new identities so they can travel without worrying about the “No-Fly” list.

        I still stand by my comment….. America doesn’t have to worry about Canada…..America needs to worry about itself and all the Islamic terrorist camps and jihadi’s that are right inside the country….including the President.


      • @ Admin….

        This vote by the Quebec Government really doesn’t matter to the rest of Canada. It’s like Rhode Island voting on a law…. it really doesn’t affect anyone in America except for those who live in Rhode Island.

        Canada already has hate speech laws. Anything that is said that produces violence against a group of people is considered hate speech.


      • You’re ignoring the fact that these small votes have indeed mattered in Muslim issues everywhere else. In addition, the claim that Muslims are “more integrated” into Canada is a worn-out one that has been used by both the US, Sweden, Netherlands and France for many years – and look at them today. There is no integration for the majority. How can they integrate when Islam teaches them that others are “filth”. It’s only a matter of numbers. Once the numbers grow, the problems start. Canada is a massive country with only 1 million Muslims. You’re not seeing their activities yet. They disappear into the background. Just wait and see.


      • A Muslim is writing about signs of growing extremism, lack of integration and anti-Canadian sentiments amongst his fellow Muslims:

        “There were also small signals that all was not well with the Muslim communities in Canada, especially those of Pakistani origin. For example, the mother of one of my children’s classmates of Pakistani origin, asked me why my kids sang the Canadian national anthem when it is haram, forbidden.”

        “Upon investigation, we discovered that some mosques were giving sermons against loyalty to Canada and at other places; the sermons were different in English and Arabic, the English version being toned down. Added to this disagreeable situation was the fact that many immigrants were enforcing cultural values and ideas that were at odds with Canada’s established traditions of democracy, freedom, and equality.”

        Extreme elements are growing fast:

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      • B,

        I think you may be needlessly defensive. I’m not a jingoist picking on Canada. I am concerned about the Islamists “seeded” a snowshoe’s walk away from our borders. Border penetration is easy. During prohibition carrying whisky into Maine on a toboggan was a cottage industry.

        I appreciate that you are aware of population trends. I used 2009 as a base period because that is what Pew uses. FWIW, the concentrations in Argentina and the anti-Semitic bombings are hardly coincidental.

        I lack your optimism in how things are developing. Let me ask you. Is not the most potent weapon in the Islamic arsenal the ovulating uteri of their faithful? They may have lost the capacity for military frontal assaults, but they recognize a WMD when they see it.

        Life is cheap in Islam. And they need only be present long enough to out-whelp us to shutter the lamp of civilization.


      • @Admin…..

        Have you ever heard of any muslims turning in another muslim to the authorities cuz they have overheard a conversation that the muslim is planning on joining ISIS?

        We have had here in Canada, muslims turning in their own children to the authorities when the children started to act more aggressive, have more radical Islamic ideals.

        We have muslim groups in Canada that do not advocate for Sharia law, the wearing of burkas, hijabs or niqabs.

        You say that my claim that Muslims are “more integrated” into Canada is a worn-out one that has been used by both the US, Sweden, Netherlands and France for many years . With all due respect….there is a big difference…. Canada actually has laws that they enforce concerning what will be tolerated and what won’t be. Also….there are no “no-go” zones in Canada…and there never will be, as Canada already has a law concerning that BS that other countries have not dealt with. In a community there must be a diversification of cultures….. this came about after the Sihks and Punjabs started a small war in Vancouver, B.C over housing …they both were buying up large quantities of homes beside each other , trying to maintain an exclusive community for themselves. The law then came into place that a community could not be more than 40% of any one culture.

        As for the video and link to the Mackenzie Institute article….. yes, there are mosques that do that in Canada. Though these are known to the Canadian government and CSIS and are being monitored. These mosques could have their books looked at by the Canadian Revenue Agency. If they are found to be channeling funds to the numerous terrorist organizations…they will have their non-profit status removed. Under the new anti-terrorism law…they also could be in for a stint in prison and deported.

        The Canadian government under the leadership of PM Harper understand about Islam. I guess that comes about when one has been threatened to be beheaded as Harper has had with the Toronto 18. It was after that incident that he started to put things into place for the safety and security from Islamic evilness for all Canadians.


      • @Admin….

        BTW…..the article you gave a link to was written in 2013…..lots has happened in Canada since that time that Raheel wrote it.

        Bill C-51…the anti-terrorism law…. is one of them.


      • @ Pigasus….

        I am not needlessly defensive….. most people do not know what exactly is happening here in Canada concerning muslims and what the Canadian government has been doing about it. When I read silliness about it…I respond to it.

        You say…”Border penetration is easy”….not as easy as one might think. Back during prohibition…yeah, it was relatively easy to walk over the border with a toboggan….but not quite that easy anymore. There are cameras and other technology that is in use to protect the border between Canada and the USA. Not just being done by Canada either….. I’m pretty sure America is using her drone technology.

        Islamic women here are not having the large families like they once were….. probably due to no sharia law in Canada and actually having gender equality.

        BTW…did you know…that even in islamic countries, many women are leaving islam with their daughters. There are organizations that are helping these women to get out from the brutality. 250,000 women a year ( for the past 5 years approx.) and that’s not counting the daughters. So…the numbers that the demographics state are not what is in reality. They have taken the numbers from before and computer generated numbers on that criteria and come up with a number of how many muslims there will be in 2030. Much like what was done with the “Global Warming” BS.

        I can understand your lack of optimism concerning Islam. I happen to be lucky enough to know some people who keep me apprised of what is going on with the Canadian government and other countries. Not everyone has that information. I find though that not many folks want to actually hear the information and would rather stay within their mindset.

        My belief is that Islam is evil…a satanic cult of brainwashed idiots…..but I also believe that there are some islamics who just want to live in peace, if they can find it. Like Tarek Fatah and Raheel Raza….. a couple of muslim families that have actually assimilated to Canadian culture.


      • The number of Muslims in Canada is expected to nearly triple in the next 20 years, from about 940,000 in 2010 to nearly 2.7 million in 2030.

        It occurred to me, you may not appreciate the impact this rate of increase indicates. A doubling every thirty-three rears means an octupling in a completed century. The rate you cite, a tripling five times per century, makes Canada an Islamic Republic before this century ends.

        Why are you warning me? Because I mentioned the Monroe Doctrine? People in Iran are still angry over Alexander the Great. I don’t think it helps them.

        What were the beginnings of Islam, other than the machinations to divide up the world as loot? I don’t see how it’s possible to reform piracy.

        If you envision a solution other than expulsion, please share it. And, you’re right. America’s plate is very full. Like it or not, we are in this boat together.


      • We must also take a look at statistics. The average birth rate of the muslim community is about 8.1, the average birthrate of Canadians is approximately 1.6. This means that in time, Canadians as we know it now will cease to exist and canada will be nearly 100% muslim.


      • The average birth rate….sure hope they didn’t use a computer model to calculate this, like they did for global warming junk science!

        The average is more than likely correct for muslim countries but they fail to take into consideration, into the equation, of what happens when those muslims move to a country like Canada. The birth rate drops for the majority of muslim immigrants as they find it too difficult to sustain the family they already have… prices, clothing and shelter are dramatically more expensive than what they anticipated them to be. Having a car and buying gas and insurance……. Lots of things to consider.

        Not all muslims are on welfare in Canada. Welfare in Canada also is not like it is in the USA. Living on welfare is not the land of milk and honey here. There are limits as to how much one can actually get… one with a family of four gets four thousand dollars a month and lives in a 10 bedroom home with a swimming pool in the back yard. Canada operates differently than the USA, which is something that most Americans do not understand. Heck…not even many Canadians know how Canada operates……


      • “The birth rate drops for the majority of muslim immigrants as they find it too difficult to sustain the family they already have.”

        This statement is built on the assumptions that Muslims live by a Canadian cultural background and thinking. The Middle Eastern solutions to “difficulties to sustain themselves” is to have MORE children, not to have less children. Children serve as social security to people from the Middle East and Asia. That’s why these countries have such high population numbers. Your children are utilized to earn to sustain you, whether it is by work, crime or welfare.

        If Canada’s welfare system, healthcare, childcare and prisons was not majority Muslims in percentage comparison to other groups, Canada would be the first and only country on earth without this common problem. And we doubt you have the numbers to prove that. You have to also remember that the overall Muslim population is relatively small while their dependence on handouts is absolutely massive (up to 10x higher) than other groups.

        There doesn’t exist a single Western country where the Muslim problems are significantly less than in another Western country. Left wingers have tried to create statistics that are lower than reality due to privacy rules and political correctness but eventually the real figures come out. In the UK, for example, they tried to downplay the numbers officially until wikileaks revealed the truth. There was a massive difference to the public claims than internal notes.

        Whether we look at Sweden, UK, France, Netherlands, the US – the figures remain more or less the same: an average 70-80% of Muslims collect welfare. 50% of prison inmates in the highest security prisons are Muslims (In Spain and France the numbers are 70%).

        The claims of Muslims having less children is also untrue. A recent report in the UK, for example, where they have argued for years that Muslims have less children than assumed it has now been revealed that due to multiple wives a Muslim male will have up to 20 children each. Each wife also collects welfare as a separate case, giving a Muslim household four times the welfare of any other household.
        20 children is quite a steep increase from the usual claim that Muslims in the West have lesser children at roughly “2.3” children each.

        In early 2011, the Mounties charged Ahmad El-Akhal, a Quebec immigration consultant, with “providing Canadian citizenship documents to hundreds of people in the Middle East so they could collect benefits and tax refunds” to the tune of $500,000. Adding an original twist on the venerable scam, none of the individuals receiving benefits actually lived in Canada. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the scheme had been going on since 1999.

        Muslims represented 3.2 per cent of Canada’s total population in 2013 while immigration projections had estimated they would be 2.8% by 2020. They were 2% in 2001. In 2015 their population was set at the 2013 number (3.2%) which indicates that either the gov doesn’t want to release the updated numbers or they are not keeping a track of it. And Islam, like elsewhere, was the fastest growing religion in Canada by 72.53% in 2013.

        Among all recent immigrants who arrived to Canada between 2006 and 2011, roughly 661,600 or 56.9% came from “Asia” (including the Middle East).

        Muslims had the second highest unemployment rates in Canada with 13.9% of the population being unemployed, as compared to 7.8% national unemployment rate. This doesn’t include figures such as sick leave rate, disability, long-term or permanent welfare due to health issues which also tend to be exceptionally high amongst Muslims.

        These numbers alone reveal that claims of lower child birth and lower population growth and less welfare is not true.


  49. The Prologue to the novel “For Anastasia” –

    “As this is written the world lurches towards a precipice, threatening to plunge into a dark age the likes of which it has never before known. Fanatical Islamic forces have become nuclear capable and the lauded age of enlightenment and sensitivity now draws to a close. The era of hatred, persecution and true terror is about to begin, unless…”

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    • “The ‘real’ truth, supported by the ‘Facts’ in evidence with regard to the discourse Posted by Admin, – New York, is ‘reaching’ a ‘Readership’ audience which does NOT care, or is unable to ‘read’! No Matter! – “Everyone” will soon be “Living” the experience (and ‘Horror’) under a ISLAMIC Caliphate administration! For ALL those, which are now ‘disdaining’ to ‘hear’ and ‘read’ the “WARNING” – predictably ‘they’ will have the opportunity SOON to “Learn” the experience through actually “Living” it!”


    • !!! – This CANADIAN is prepared to “Die” in Combat “Against” ISLAMIC incursion into the Western Hemisphere before acknowledging the “Legitimacy” of this totally “Outrageous” proposal! – Death to ALL and ANY North American Politician who supports this Treasonous Proposal!”

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