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Sweden releases murder accomplice while ‘asylum seeker’ killer proudly admits IKEA decapitation jihad

Two Muslims walk into IKEA, grabs one of the large butcher knives on display and start hacking away at a woman and her son. And what do the socialists think the solution to this is? Bring in more Muslims but ban the sale of knives in IKEA.

Sweden rewards foreign rapists, murderers and terrorists. They have already released the younger accomplice. No wonder the Muslims laugh at them while occupying them in a steady stream. Sweden is the favorite destination for these criminal fake asylum seekers. These socialist Scandinavians are so stupid they deserve their islamists. They deserve the violence, terrorism, and attacks they import onto themselves.

To repeat the sarcasm in @BullshineBilly tweet: Swedish cops say motive behind #Ikea attack is unclear. The attackers left a clue when they shouted Allahu Akbar.

Swedish media STILL insist to hide the Muslim background of the terrorist. They call him “the 35-year old”. The Swedes suffer from some bizarre self-hatred. Had he been a native Swede his face would have been blasted all over media and the hard left would have been aggressively promoting his eternal detention. But he is African and Muslim, so no pictures are released and his identity is hidden. They must now find some excuse to pardon this animal for his ‘mental condition’. Are these people really that incapable to common sense that they can’t connect the dots and look at the situation and behavior in Africa and grasp what they are importing? Africans are the absolute worst immigrants you can import. No matter where in the world they end up, they bring a trail of violence. Add Muslim indoctrination to their psyche, and there is no hope left.

The Swedish media still refuses to reveal that the Swedish victim Carola Hedin was beheaded in broad daylight. They continue to call the murder a “stabbing”. A brutal decapitation can hardly be called a stabbing. How can they dishonor a victim of such a brutal crime by not revealing the truth?

These left wing nutters have released the 23-year old accomplice (!). The accomplice came with the main suspect to the store, was with him as he left the store, and was with him at the bus station when police showed up arrest him. Yeez… sounds like he was completely innocent! His attorney says, “He did not know the 36-year old very well”. Good grief! Is there some Swedish sharia law that requires an accomplice to be a blood relation before he can be tried?? Why does he need to ‘know him well’? Do they need 4 male Muslim witnesses as well? The jihadist in ISIS do not know each other at all. They come from all over the world. Yet they kill together. Why do they need to be close friends of some sort?

The Swedes have proven over and over again that they are completely incapable to manage Muslim immigration. In fact, they have no clue what signs to look for, how to deal with them, and what they have amongst them. No clue whatsoever. The Swedes are a danger to their own existence.


From the land of the mentally challenged hard left, translated via Google. You can find the original article here:

23-year-old is released for Ikea-murders

Published 13 aug 2015 09:44
Expressen Muslim IKEA decapitation

The 36-year-old murder suspect has admitted double murder at Ikea in Västerås and has been arrested.

The 36-year old’s defender Per-Ingvar Ekblad, told after the detention hearing:

– He admits that he is guilty of murder in the two cases on the Department store Ikea in Västerås, which means the arrest motion is granted.

A moment later the District Court chose to put the 23-year-old free.

– He came with his familiar to Ikea and it just carried out this attack, said lawyer Maria Wilhelmsson.

The 36-year-old man admits that he is guilty of murder in the two cases on the Department store Ikea in Västerås. This was announced by his lawyer Per-Ingvar Ekblad when detention hearings began.

The District Court decides to detain the 36-year-old as the likely suspect in the murder, as well as permission to notify him of his restrictions.

Detention hearing against the 36-year-old began at 15.45 in Hall 8 of the Västmanlands District Court. Expressen reporter Johan Ronge is in place and reports directly from the District Court.

After the prosecutor Eva M read out the allegations, Per-Ingvar Ekblad replied:

— The 36-year-old admits that he is guilty of murder in the two cases on the Department store Ikea in Västerås, which means to arrest the motion is granted.

Photo of woman beheaded by Muslim asylum seekers at IKEA in Sweden
Sweden IKEA stabbing victim was decapitated by new African asylum seeker
mohammed IKEA knives

Lawyer: “It’s awful”

After the detention hearing, the lawyer said:

– Setting is short that he admits that he is guilty of two counts of murder at the Department store in Västerås. I’ve talked with him and gone through the investigation.

– Sadly he admits that he committed two very horrific murder in Västerås. It is terrible that this has happened, “said Per-Ingvar Ekblad.

He did not want to give more comments regarding the 36-year old’s state of [menta;] health. The lawyer would not comment on how he will put up the defense in the future – if he for example will invoke the client suffered from some form of mental confusion at the moment of the crime.

Renowned Attorney

36-year-old had earlier in the day awakened at the hospital, where he nurtured. He can also answer questions. It confirms Eva Lindahl at the County Västmanland for Expressen.

Västmanlands District Court confirmed earlier that the 36-year-old will not attend today’s detention hearing, however, he was on the phone.

According to the District Court, there is the option to include [take testimonies] people from the hospital bed via video connection, but there is nothing that the Prosecutor has asked for today’s hearing. The 36-year-old is represented in the Chamber of his Defender, lawyer Per-Ingvar Ekblad.

Earlier on Thursday the lawyer was named as the defender of the man. Ekblad has previously represented double killer Christine Schürrer, who was convicted of the murders in Arboga in 2008.

23-year-old is released

Shortly after the 4 p.m. hearing, pre-trial detention was initiated against the 23-year-old. He sat in the courtroom with a green fleece jacket slung over the shoulders and the lower part of the face covered.

Prosecutor Eva M demanded that the 23-year-old should be arrested with restrictions while his lawyer Maria Wilhelmsson disputed the claim.

The District Court then decided to [hold the hearings behind] closed doors. And at 16:45 the decision came – the suspicions are not enough to detain and the 23-year-old will be let free.

– The District Court delivers the following decision. [Based on] The following evidence the 23-year-old is not considered reasonable suspect of complicity to murder. The claim is rejected and the decision of detention warrants is to be lifted, “said Alderman.

Prosecutor Eva M explained afterwards that the investigative mode changed after the 36-year-old confessed to the murders.

Armed police arrest one of the two murder suspects after a knife attack at an IKEA warehouse in central Sweden

[Armed police arrest one of the two murder suspects after a knife attack at an IKEA warehouse in central Sweden on Monday]

ikea attack - Twitter Search 2015-08-14 06-58-42

[IKEA witness saw photos of decapitated victim, taken by other shoppers on their mobiles. Meanwhile Swedish media continues to hide the truth from its readers and refers to the execution as “stabbing”.]

“In need of protection”

The 23-year old’s lawyer Maria Wilhelmsson was thrilled [?nutter!] and relieved after the client had been let loose.

I think it is absolutely right. It is a good decision by the Court.

She explains that the man was with a friend to shop at Ikea when the murders occurred.

-He came along with his friend who wanted to shop, and he didn’t really know where they would go, but he came with him. Then he did just this, “she said, referring to the suspect who carried out the murders. [*his 23-year old friend sure didn’t do anything to stop the murders, nor reacted to it afterwards. The Swedish reasoning is simply unreal].

According to lawyer Maria Wilhelmsson the 23-year-old did not know the 36-year-old man very well.

How is your client feeling right now?

– He was clearly relieved and glad that he does not have to remain in detention. It is a stressful situation.

Police have previously judged that there is a threat against asylum seekers. Maria Wadia now hopes that her client will be protected – this despite the fact that the District Court declared that the evidence against him is not even enough up to reasonable suspicion for aiding and abetting.

I hope that he gets the patronage. For if one reads what is written on Flaskpack, he is in great need of protection it can be said.

Amended criminal suspicion

Before detention petitions were filed, there was an intensive investigative work by the police in Västerås. Just before a quarter to ten came the petitions submitted to the District Court. Both men then stood as suspected on probable cause, therefore, the suspicions strengthened against the 23-year-old.


Racist African Muslim asylum seeker gets arrested for decapitating Carolin Hedin and her son while shopping at IKEA:


The initial rap sheet filed against the second accomplice, with the faked name Yohannes Maharis to gain illegal entry by exploiting asylum laws, can be seen here:

#ikeamorden - Twitter Search 2015-08-13 06-31-12

11 thoughts on “Sweden releases murder accomplice while ‘asylum seeker’ killer proudly admits IKEA decapitation jihad

  1. All fake religions require the death of innocent people. They are being sacrificed to the various different idols of old. That black rock or hajar aswad in Mecca is no exception to the rule. The arab tribes that came from Ishmael worshipped this black rock along with the other 364 idols centuries before muhammad was born. Many other pagan nations have been tainted with this phony religion. While the allah of the qu’ran may have promised you to inherit paradise for committing these kind of wicked acts, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will hand you your just reward for these same wicked deeds, which is eternal punishment. The Swedish authorities might have let you off, but not the Creator of all. Prophet Daniel makes that very clear in Daniel 12:2. You think you’re doing allah a favor, but you’re only digging a deeper hole for yourself.


  2. Sweden is importing Africans, Muslims and Arabs on vast scale. Once these people have citizenship, they will invade the rest of Europe. Thus Sweden has allowed itself to become the entry point of the Islamic invasion of Europe.

    I feel that Sweden has to be invaded by us, for its, and our own good.


  3. Clearly the Swedes understand nothing about Taqqiya, one wonders have any of them ever read the Koran or even know their medieval history outside of Sweden? A dull and stupid race, anyone remember the Swedish Chef from the Muppets? This just about sums up the Swedes in one.


  4. I agree the Swedes are doing this to themselves. Liberalism I think is a disease; it rots the brain, rendering it incapable of independent thought.


  5. I never realised how thick the swedes are.
    They need to go back to their childhood and learn the difference between right and wrong, then both of these savages will go to prison for the rest of their lives. Have the swedes no compassion for the poor families of the innocent victims. If it was a relation of mine I’d happily put a plea together for diminished responsibility when I hunt the evil down and cut their heads off.

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  6. In my world he would be dead already: summarily executed as should be his accomplice 15, 5 or 25. I have NO compassion for Muslims and see them as plague vectors and IMO sterilization is what is required. Even the slightest knowledge of public health measure points to this being the only solution. I am not dehumanizing muslims as they have done it themselves by their violent behaviour or their failure to stop it in others. This categorizes them as sub-humans IMO and they should be treated so.

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