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Sweden: Police hide identity of four migrant gang rapists

“Police have descriptions of the perpetrators but don’t want to go out with them”. Is there no law in Sweden or the EU that makes it illegal to protect and facilitate criminals?

Not only is Sweden importing the most violent and barbaric immigrants, but the police does not even resolve 90% of reported crimes. In Europe crime is so widespread from Muslim immigration [in particular] that police don’t even show up to crime scenes, giving immigrant criminals complete free range to attack, rape and kill civilians. Media reports in various countries across Europe claim that the police force needs to be 400-600% larger just to cope with violent crimes, and double that to deal with all crimes.

What people commit 80+% of rapes in Sweden? Muslims. And who dominate gang rapes in Sweden? Muslims. And of all Muslims who are the most notorious rapists? African Muslims. And why can you be certain that the rapists in this case too, were Muslims? The police hide the identity of the suspects. Had it been a native Swede their faces would be blasted all over media. Instead, police won’t even publish eye witness descriptions to protect the identify of some criminal Muslim or Muslim asylum seeker. Muslims are always de-pixelated in any crime shots or have their names erased in Swedish media, so rest assure these rapists were just another group of Muslims having “fun” in Sweden.

Here is a brief list to sample some more Muslim and immigrant crimes in tiny Sweden within the last 48 hours. We’d need at least two full time employees and translators just to manage Muslim crimes in Sweden. Wish we had the budget. You can Google translate the stories.

Related Muslim crimes in Sweden within past 48-hours:

Man shot in Uddevalla: Man ihjälskjuten i Uddevalla
Young woman killed (by African boyfriend) in Vargarda:  Ung kvinna mördad i Vårgårda
Beggar robs 93-year old woman – gets six months jailtime:  Annie Lööfs tiggare bestal 93-årig svensk pensionär – fick sex månaders fängelse
Stabbed by girlfriend – blamed “racists” –  Knivhöggs av flickvän – skyllde på “rasister”
Police suspects asylum seekers behind wave of robberies – Polisen misstänker: Asylsökare bakom rånvåg
Gang tried to cut his head off – Gänget försökte hugga av hans huvud
Young woman found dead, former boyfriend wanted for murder – Ung kvinna påträffad död, ex-pojkvän efterlyst för mord
Brothers arrested for gun murders in Uddevalla – Brödrapar anhållna för dödsskjutning i Uddevalla
12-year old girl robbed in multicultural Orebro by two adult women – 12-årig flicka i mångkulturella Örebro bestulen av två vuxna kvinnor
Gun shootings in Gothenburg suburb – Skottlossning i Göteborgsförort
15 asylum “youth” vandalise school and hurl rocks at police – 15-tal ”ungdomar” vandaliserade skola och vräkte sten mot väktare och polis
Two Arabs arrested for separate bomb attacks in Malmo – Två araber anhållna för separata sprängdåd i Malmö
Man is shot in mouth in immigrant infested Gothenburg suburb – Man sköts i munnen i invandrartät Göteborgsförort
Pakistani student knife teacher in the stomach – Pakistansk elev knivhögg lärare i magen
16-year old is robbed with knife on moped by gang – 16-årig knivrånad på sin moped av gäng
Teenager shot gun during robbery in Sodertalje – Tonåring avlossade skott under personrån i Södertälje
Immigrants suspected behind murder in Gothenburg – Invandrare misstänks för knivmordet i Göteborg
Older women brutally assaulted and robbed by four young boys in multicultural Vasteras – Äldre damer grovt misshandlade och rånade av fyra småpojkar i mångkulturella Västerås
Iranian charged with rape and drug crimes in Gothenburg – avoids deportation – Iranier dömd för våldtäkt och narkotikabrott i Göteborg – Slipper utvisning
Gun carrying gang roaming in Gothenburg robbing people – Pistolbeväpnad liga stryker omkring och rånar folk i Göteborg
Afghan ‘asylum minor’ charged with rape – Afghanskt ”flyktingbarn” åtalas för våldtäkt
Uniformed Swedish soldier stabbed in Skara by two men – Uniformerad svensk soldat i Skara knivskars av två män
Asylum seekers gain free travel cards through threats and violence – Hot och våld från asylsökare gav gratis busskort till asylboende
Malmo police helicopter targeted by laser from Muslim ghetto of Rosengard – Malmös polishelikopter utsatt för grovt misshandelsförsök – besköts med laser från Rosengård
Swedish TV report intentionally lies about ‘diminishing’ murder statistics – Jerzy Sarnecki & SVT ljög medvetet i Rapport om minskad mordstatistik
Swedish hard left media paints sob story in support of Muslim IKEA executioner – Nu börjar media med snyftare om asylsökaren som misstänks för IKEA-mord
Muslim IKEA executioner was illegal but cannot be deported – En av IKEA-mördarna var illegal och skulle avvisas från Sverige – nu kan han inte ens utvisas
Swedish politicians want to install a support line for families to Muslim terrorists – Mona Sahlin (S) och Bah Kuhnke (MP) vill inrätta stödlinje för muslimska terroristers familjer


Bing translated:

Gang raped by four men outside the Cathedral

Published 13 August 2015 at 16.25

During the night of Thursday, a woman born in 1987 was attacked and raped by four men outside the Cathedral in Karlstad. Police have descriptions of the perpetrators but don’t want to go out with them.

The group rape took place at half past two o’clock at night. The woman had visited a restaurant and walked towards the Cathedral when she was pulled into a shrubbery.

– The woman have indicated that four men forced themselves on her, says Jonny Thomann at Värmland’s police to FriaTider.

No suspect is found at the moment. The police do not want to go out with descriptions of the men.

“We have some information but we do not go out with,” said Jonny Thomann.

Police now want to get help from any witnesses who may have made the observations at the Cathedral and at a cash machine at the nearby Swedbank in the corner of the main square.

“We are interested in comments on the site at half past two o’clock plus minus, says Jonny Thomann.

Potential tipsters are urged to call the police at number 114 14.

5 thoughts on “Sweden: Police hide identity of four migrant gang rapists

  1. They do that in Australia as well. Hide the names of criminals. They can do as they like but it is done to protect them in case they are bullied they never care about the victim.
    They particularly do it when a baby or toddler dies or goes missing. The child means nothing that is how they get away with things.


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