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Surreal: Muslim beheads woman in IKEA. Swedish police reinforce security – for Muslims…

Photo of woman beheaded by Muslim asylum seekers at IKEA in Sweden
Photo: A witness from the IKEA attack took this mobile photo of the decapitated woman Carola Herlin, 55 years of age, from Hemvattnet outside of Skelleftea. Her son, 28-year old Emil Herlin, may also have been beheaded but there is not enough witness accounts to confirm this yet.

You can read one (of several) witness accounts to confirm the beheading here.

Swedish media has shined with its absence on revealing the truth of this brutal murder of a shopper at IKEA. From the country where Muslim rape of a child ended in community service, the Swedish police chief referred to the reported “stabbing” as an “act of madness” while the Swedish media is covering the whole story up. There exists no free speech in Sweden in 2015. The socialist system is a pseudo free society.

When has an execution-styled beheading been called a stabbing? Only in Sweden. Yes, it’s madness to the normal modern world. But it’s an act of heroism to Muslims and to Islam. The nearly one million Muslims across Sweden will be celebrating within their communities today.

The man is supposed to be from “Eritrea”. That’s hardly likely. When has asylum seekers ever entered Europe with authentic documents? They don’t even use their real names. They throw away their real documents and acquire forged names and passports connected to some area under conflict to assume the role of a victim. They pretend to be Christians while they cut the throats of suspected Christians on the dinghies heading to Europe. They pass through half of Africa to reach to Libya to pretend to be stuck in conflicts. Guaranteed he has no association to Eritrea at all. This is an al Shahaab or Boko Haram affiliate, probably a Somali.

Welcome to Sweden year 2015 where left-wing imported islamism doesn’t even leave their natives safe to shop for furniture.


Thanks to left wing politics Carola Herlin had to end her life by being brutally attacked and beheaded by a Muslim African illegal who was allowed to force his way into the country.

The Muslim “asylum seekers” behind this terror attack on an unarmed innocent woman, did not behead another Muslim from one of the many feuding tribes around the world. They beheaded a native Swedish woman, Carola Herlin, and her son Emil Herlin. They attacked them at random in accordance to islamic commands to attack any kafir civilian and kill them “wherever you find them”.

And what does the most surreal insane country in the world do in this situation? They send security – to guard Muslims! The Swedish government has over 100,000 newly barbaric Muslims in the country to monitor after granting them asylum rather than banning them entry. But, oh no, don’t be bothered about these pro-islamist affiliates. Point suspicion on the natives instead…


While they’re at it, why don’t they just distribute machetes to the asylum centers?

And it’s not only in Sweden. These brutal Muslim “asylum” based crimes are happening everywhere. In Italy they are going mental.

From last year alone a string of nasty news stories emerge revealing the extent of the problems; Muslims “asylum” seekers cutting people’s throats with broken bottles; Muslims stalking and attacking pregnant women with knives and verbally abusing them; Muslims causing a rape-wave in the country; Muslims robbing Italian homes and putting them on fire; Muslims teens stalking and attacking young girls; Muslims attacking children wearing Christian necklaces; Muslim kidnapping prostitutes after a sting of rapes and robberies; government funds being wasted to restore 700-year old castles to house arson-trigger Muslims; Italian police force having to buy ‘diapers’ to protect the interiors of their patrol cars from tropical and contagious diseases from soiling Muslim refugees who intentionally defecate in the cars; Italian students robbed and assaulted by Muslim teen gangs; theft of cables, copper, electricity… It just never ends. The more reason to DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS FROM THE WEST AND BAN THEM RESIDENCY, VISAS, CITIZENSHIP.

Police and military need permission to shoot all these fake asylum seekers at trespassing onto European waters. They are criminals in hiding, forcing their way into Europe by illegal means and must not be rewarded.

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Sweden Ikea knife attack: Security boosted at refugee centres

from BBC

A police car in front of an Ikea store in the central Swedish town of Vasteras on 10 August 2015

The Ikea store in the Eikslund shopping centre re-opened on Wednesday but police surveillance continued.
Police in central Sweden have increased security at refugee accommodation centres after two Eritrean asylum seekers were arrested on suspicion of murdering two people at an Ikea store.

Local officials feared a backlash from “dark forces” who wanted to exploit the case, police chief Per Agren said.

A mother and son died in the knife attack which took place inside an Ikea store in Vasteras on Monday.

The store has temporarily stopped selling knives following the killings.

It re-opened on Wednesday and manager Mattias Johansson said he hoped staff and customers could return to “as normal a day as possible”.

Security around the store was stepped up, while police officers also strengthened surveillance at refugee camps in the region, including at the centre where the two suspects live.

‘Ordinary shoppers’

Officers were called to the Ikea in the Eikslund shopping centre at 13:00 (11:00 GMT) on Monday and found three people with knife injuries in the kitchenware section, police spokesman Per Stromback said after the incident.

A mother and her adult son – described as “ordinary shoppers” – died at the scene. A 35-year-old man found seriously injured was linked to the attack, reports say.

Vasteras map

Police confirmed on Tuesday morning that they had arrested two men from Eritrea who lived in asylum accommodation in the city of Arboga.

The youngest suspect, 23, had been questioned and denied the attack, police said. The second man remained in hospital with life-threatening injuries and had not yet been interrogated.

‘Act of madness’

The motive for the attack is unclear, but police said there were no political overtones.

“It is an act of madness,” Mr Agren was quoted as saying.

Ikea has not confirmed whether knives on sale were used in the stabbing.

The store in Vasteras, which is about 70 miles (115km) west of the capital Stockholm, is one of the largest in the country.

[No mention of Muslims in either of these two news reports]

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  1. Historically Islam is not known for
    Being peacefull. It was George Bush
    Who called it the religion of peace
    The first time.


  2. Disgusting crime regardless of his religion, in this case he was a christian and nothing else. Don’t start talking about muslims when the guy wasn’t even a muslim, he was a mad shithead christian taking revenge on innocents because he had received the message that he was refused to stay in Sweden and was gonna be sent back.


      • Disgusting crime regardless of his religion, in this case he was a christian and nothing else. Don’t start talking about muslims when the guy wasn’t even a muslim, he was a mad shithead christian taking revenge on innocents because he had received the message that he was refused to stay in Sweden and was gonna be sent back.


  3. People must know these are Wahhabist Sunnis. There’s no such thingn as beheading nonmuslims in both of the oldest schools that are Shia or Sunnism of Turks which ruled the Islamic people for 1200 years. These wahhabis are just a minority. Just please look at the true leaders of Islam. Look what Mevlana or Haji Bektash-i Veli said. These people are two of the true greatest Muslims lived us Sunnis and Shia agree. Turks ruled Mecca for hundreds of years. Yes Turks are Sunnis too but their understanding of Sunnism has absolutely nothing to do with these Wahhabist people. In fact these Wahhabis claim us Turkish Sunnis are infidels. Wahhabis attacked to Mecca which was under the Ottoman Empire rule but failed countless times. Neither Irainian Shia nor Ottoman Sunnism did allow these Wahhabis to exist. These guys appeared after the Ottoman Empire was defeated by British. I know you are upset how could one dont be but i invite you to stay away from ignorant hate and learn the truth behind all this isis thing. Just read “Memoirs of Mr. Hempher” It will give you some idea.


    • Is it your position that the ideology born from the practice of piracy as a business makes a fine religion and a superior social order? Tell it to them. I want nothing to do with any of you.

      I see Islam as a conspiracy to attack government by the consent of the governed, and the motivating unifier of our traitors. I look forward to seeing the Islamic conspirators against us, including our elected turncoats, entering federal detention.


  4. I am a Muslim , our religion is peaceful . Like misinterpreted, pieces of holy books it’s the extremist that read and misinterpreted the readings their way. Don’t tar all Muslims with the same brush


    • We don’t want to be killed or mutilated. We won’t convert or modify our social conventions in any way. We want to be left alone. So kindly remove your Muslim self from my continent and stay gone.

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      • Disgusting crime regardless of his religion, in this case he was a christian and nothing else. Don’t start talking about muslims when the guy wasn’t even a muslim, he was a mad shithead christian taking revenge on innocents because he had received the message that he was refused to stay in Sweden and was gonna be sent back.


    • You lie when you say Islam is a religion of peace. History tells us that Muslims have been causing terror for centuries. Islam is of Satan.


    • yea, anyone who does not share your opinion needs to get beaheaded. This is the mindset you have. You have a lot with Adolf Hitler in common. You are NOT any different than these so called islamists with your comment. These so called IS are sponsored by western governments to get rid off unwanted governments. Bin Laden was trained by the CIA. It’s easy to point your finger in one direction, that’s what you puppets are sent into. Compartmentalized in a box! Soon there will be a worldwide economic meltdown and you either pick the right enemy or you will end up being cannon fodder and another figure in a war statistic!


    • Disgusting crime regardless of his religion, in this case he was a christian and nothing else. Don’t start talking about muslims when the guy wasn’t even a muslim, he was a mad shithead christian taking revenge on innocents because he had received the message that he was refused to stay in Sweden and was gonna be sent back.


  5. What is this? some sort of Klu Klux Klan? This seems to me like a bunch of hill billy israhell proaganda. No other way explaining it or do you wanna have all Muslims killed? Good luck with that, you will loose. No need to have a phd in math for that moron! This is a globalist agenda and you guys better wake up before becoming another compartmentalized entity of the globalist! That’s how they operate! Divide the people into race, religion, believe and watch how you kill and destroy each other while the elite sips on their private islands and zip their Martinis watching you get killed! Way on!


    • Hmmmm NO, all muslims will end up killed eventually. 5.5 billion can kill that number relatively easily. Islam always lies about its numbers, part of jihad. They never mention the millions leaving it either. Six million in Africa alone, Two million in Indonesia every year. Though I did see an Iman talking about if once on TV. He was worried and scared. Al Sisi, president of Egypt is a rare muslim realist. He says trying to enslave or kill 5.5 billion is impossible, all that will happen he says is the total destruction of Islam. Indeed. The day will come, that wherever muslims are in the world the ordinary people will kill them in the street. They will no longer care about their traitorous govs or police. It will be an honour to be arrested. Mob rule leads to a bloodfest. Islam thinks it can conquer India again. hahaha. They are on verge of having the worlds highest population, taking over china. They have almost as many people as muslims in the world. Islam was so brutal to them when they invaded and conquered, they murdered 9 million Indians before the Indians got rid of them again.
      This invasion etc of one culture over another is still considered the most brutal ever in human history. That’s saying something. Never trust a muslim said Genghis Ghan after they murdered 200 of his trade emissaries who had gone to discuss trade, not war etc. He enacted a terrible revenge for this and killed 2 million of them. He had wanted to totally annihilate them as he said they are too evil and dangerous to the human race. He left a message for posterity…. ‘never trust them, because they will destroy you and your culture if you do this’ Right on Genghis, we will get every last one eventually.

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  6. Greece have big proplem with boat people!
    Turkish coverment is sponsor of ISIS and they also take 4000 euros per head to bring those jihadist to Europe.
    Europe is in deep shit with muslims that O said 20 years ago and everyone just laugh to me.
    Now it is too late because all the European leaders are same sosialist who just want to be everybodys friends.

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  7. Sharia Law
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    • Nice try but it is so far off… But the scripture is good just bad interpretation really bad whats up? The white horse is the Antichrist he leads Armageddon forces against Israel. the Lion represents Babylon (thinking more like Mystery Babylon of rev 17) the bear is Persia (IRAN IRAQ) not Russia remember the context of the Statue. Iran is the side rising up as Iraq lays down on its side. The bible is Jerusalem centered not american western center. snap out of it…

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  8. A SONG WE SHOULD ALL KNOW: too many heads off, too many lives lost, too high too high the cost. TIme to take off the mask and find . . . religion of peace!! HEY ISLAM!! Too many fatwas tossed like beheaded heads. Time Islam got tossed!! We want to dance and sing. We want to love and bring that loving to the world. Music for counter jihadis – got freedom on our mind!!! For more, including the full lyrics, and to buy, come to:

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  9. Not sure what kind of shrooms you’re on but no Muslim, in Sweden or elsewhere (bar the satanic ISIS) is celebrating this. The fact is, religion of Erithrean asylant is yet unknown but presumably christian.
    The population of Eritrea is equally divided between Christian (Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic and Lutheran protestants) and Muslim religions. Muslims make up about 36% of the country.

    So yeah, as someone who lives in a city where that happened and live just fine along Muslims all i can say is that your amount of hate is subject to judicial persecution.


    • Not sure what kind of crack YOU are on, BOB, but this attack was 100% ISLAM all the way. Seriously, could you possibly be more ignorantly, embarrassingly, monumentally deluded?!?!?!?!?!

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    • This is why Sweden will become the worst country in the world with the most rapes. Because the liberals walk around with their heads in the sand. Cor do the swedes really think that it was this innocent ladies thought because she didn’t wear a rape protector so it is the right of a Muslim to cut off her head.
      You and your like will be slaves to the muslims.. you better run along and start cuddling all the muslims, and dont forget to bow when you walk past one as you walk in the road as they ban you from the pavements . GOOD LUCK,,,,it will too late to say I told you so as they are arse raping you.

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    • Muslims make up 36% to %0% of Eritrea’s population.. I love the way apologists and the dumb Swedes keep jumping on this. Trying to shift the ‘blame’ sort of thing. Desperate to prove something, it isn’t always Islam and other brainless idiocies. No IT MUST BE A CHRISTIAN!!! Yay!!! Shakespeare’s famous line ‘Methinks she/he dost protest too much” rings a bell here. Christians do not behead and they wouldn’t start now. Plus they are rarely into attacking innocent people in the street. They come from a base of love. Of course they will self defend when under direct attack as they should, but beheading innocents in shops NOT their style at all. Its incredible how the Bob’s are obsessed with clinging on to the Christian connection, anything to take blame of their precious Islam. Because its showing up their flawed politics and they do not want to be proved wrong.

      Also I can see by your comment you are unaware of the considerable number of underground clips from the so called non radical mosques where ISIS is being held up as heroes. The congregation is being asked to provide what help they can give to ISIS. In your ignorance you even say NO MUSLIM IS CELEBRATING THIS. On the surface they appear as you say so the endlessly stupid and profoundly gullible ‘useful idiots’ like the Bob’s of the world swallow it hook line and sinker it may not at first seem apparent. However v large numbers of muslims agree as the endless polls asking them questions on this sort of thing say. In polls they are anonymous. Well over 50% of England’s muslims agree. But Bob considers himself morally superior and cleverer than those who have the nerve to say otherwise to what his bombastic pontifications declare. God we are getting sick of this outdated (by decades) crap. Its all over, Bob’s of the world, deflecting away from Islam the horrendous crimes they do everywhere, not just ISIS does these things in Islam. The useful idiots try every trick they can to disguise Islam’s huge representation in crime stats by blaming whites and hiding the convicts cultural origins. Sweden is a world leader in this.

      When the answer is in their ‘scriptures’. Islam says only muslims own the earth and they all believe this , even the so called moderates ( a misnomer). Therefore they say we are withholding what is already theirs you see. You and I are the thieves, not the other way around. Stealing from infidels is never a crime in Islam. The sexual perversions are also in those ‘scriptures’. Small children totally allowed and its considered normal. The smaller the better according to the ayatollah Khomeni’s instructions to Iranian men on his return to Iran in 1979. He wrote a booklet for the men on sexual permissions and I was v sick when I read it. Check it out, its name begins with TAHRIR….. Its beyond belief. Islam is obsessed with sex, esp perverted sex and it has used it since its inception as bribery for filthy males. Also that person was obsessed with sick sex as well. ISIS openly admits that’s why many fighters go there. Its beyond disgusting.

      This is whats going to happen….. The world will get sick of all these lies and cover ups and deflections by apologists and useful idiots. They will get sick of those who believe totally in these beliefs and perversions and the people will react. With govs cover ups and traitorous behavior they will take the law into their own hands. Hence apologists and useful idiots will find themselves between a rock and a hard place. The barely repressed fury will burst and mob rule will descend. They will go for those they consider traitors first. You would be a fool not to be aware of this. This is human nature and revolution is all through history when people feel powerless to protect themselves (and daughters etc) they have v little to lose. People power once its fully set loose is one of the most formidable forces ever. Govs are scared of it but their idiocy is taking them straight into it. No one cares if they are arrested by traitorous govs and their henchmen. No one cares if they die. Because everyone knows, the people will win eventually and you appear to be on the wrong side, but you cant/wont see that YET.

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    • Hahahaha you live in SWEDEN????? hahahaha. The whole world KNOWS that the Swedes are the dumbest people on the planet. That’s why the name ‘The Great Big Dumb Swede’ is used everywhere. The whole world knows how stoned you all are on welfare and stupidity. Your gov hides it all from you. hahaha. That’s archetypal Swede blind dumbness to swallow the party line that’s all over your media atm, to try and say ‘oh they are Christians because they come from Eritrea!!! You clowns MUST cling to the fantasy of Swede utopia rather than admit the so v obvious that you and your country are being eaten by the Morlochs!! You cant be proved wrong now can you??? Sweden just isn’t mature enough for that. You are all so brainwashed about ‘hate’ ‘racism’ etc its stopped all intellectual discussion. Your totalitarian gov just changes the constitution without the populace knowing (referendum stuff in normal countries), enacts laws to prevent free speech, especially if it attacks gov policies, (you will get thrown into gaol), then its immigration minster says ‘we have no more room’ for the huge influx of unchecked so called immigrants so we will be moving Swedes out of their homes for them. ‘We hope it will be voluntary’ he said but if not ‘we have enacted a new law to enforce it’. hahaha.

      You are all so stoned you just accept this. No one else would. My sister saw 500 elderly being evicted a few months ago. One was 103. The mayor of this council area said ‘quick, we must do it quick before the people realize!!’ But why worry about the people knowing or not?? Swedes are robots, trained parrots, they just say oh ok, we cant be seen to be racist can we???/ Racist??? Wanting to stay in your home?? The evicted get no help finding replacement lodgings. But what can the world think of the Swedes???? Who WOULD STAND BY AND WATCH THAT HAPPEN TO THEIR ELDERLY RELATIVE??? Sane non robotic people would defend their relatives home so world was alerted. Well I will tell you what the world thinks…. Norway hates you and says you are the most cowardly dumb people in the world. They point to what Sweden did in WW2, their usual tactic of appeasement (likely silent support of Germany). I do believe they are now building a fence to help keep them safe from Sweden’s idiotic rampant open borders philosophy. The rest of us regard Sweden’s idiocy as hilarious. You are so manipulated and brainwashed. Like the blonde Eloi in the famous book The Time Machine, a mob of BLONDE brainless wimpy imbeciles walking round with smiles on their faces thinking its all good when actual fact they are just being bred like cattle as food for the dark coloured Morlochs. Its a prophecy of the destruction of Sweden really, though H G Wells wasn’t aware of that.

      Hmmm also ‘Bob’ you may be surprised that most of us get on well with muslim neighbours etc. Its evidence of Sweden’s simple mindness that because Islam is being criticized and examined in other countries, Sweden calls it racist, hate etc !!!! hahahaha. Sweden isn’t capable of proper intellectual discussion. It is so backward (but it thinks it not of course) and all its citizens minds are strictly controlled through a barrage of propaganda and wimpyness. You are failures on all fronts. You have an ex PM (Frederick Resinfeldt) saying he deliberately did a massive immigration of totally incompatible migrants so it would impact on traditional Swedish culture like Xmas etc His words were ‘I entirely welcome this’. This is archetypal Socialism in its aim of world control. He wants Swedish culture destroyed. He has done a good job.

      All you little robotic citizens running around completely agree with anything the gov says. Also your media. Swallow all of it with not one thought. So the lying press and gov are pushing the Christian slander and libel. But Sweden doesn’t take any Christian refugees now as it upsets your preferred group, muslims. Also they like Christian festivals and that isn’t what Resinfeldt wants is it?? Someone said to you ‘my god, could you be anymore deluded’? in answer here. hahaha. Well yes you could be. Obviously that person wasn’t fully aware of the empty Swedish heads and the bit they do have is hotwired to control central. hahaha. Your police chief last week said he was sick of having to lie as he was instructed and announced there are 55 no go zones in the hellhole where police etc cant go as the attacks are now life threatening. Oh there’s more than that in the socialistic hellhole paradise of Swedenistan.

      No one wants to go to Sweden anymore. Your rape stats are gobsmacking even though I bet your unaware, so good is the propaganda and cover ups. So many women and children have suffered and you all do nothing. Like the primary school children raped by arabs on a school excursion. They werent arrested because ‘it might upset them’!! Are you all so dumb, demented and cowardly??? Oops, yes you are as the Norwegians say. How can you live with yourselves??? How can you live with yourselves trying to blame Christians for beheadings? How can you live with yourselves allowing tiny children on excursion be raped and let the perpetrators go free??? Don’t bother saying it isn’t true because frankly YOU WOULDNT KNOW. Because you are a brainwashed Swede and your media lies to you. We get the news though. The incident with the arabs is on the v respected Gatestone Institutes website and a doctor wrote under it ‘omg, this is beyond outrage’. So open your doors to every muslim in the world, we will advise ours that they will be far more at home in Sweden as they can practice all their usual habits and permissions and will not have to answer for them. Please take them all. They will have their sex slaves v easily, as they prefer blondes. Sweden will totally allow this. Swedish men will hand over their daughters for this purpose under the welcome to Sweden program. As muslims have a supremacist ideology they take this as their due.

      You idiots have forfeited your right to be considered a part of the human race, let alone the west. We all look forward to the total demise of your culture and people. Because you deserve it. Because we hold you up as the example of what not to do. Because we want muslims to hot tail it to Sweden and stay away from us with their supremacist ideology. You have read naught on these people and how they conduct their conquering. They have already written up a new constitution for Sweden and have confirmed that the Swedish women are for their use as invasion booty but also just as their right. They consider women as ‘your valued stock, your animals’. You can do what you want to them, sell them, etc. they say they have no souls or v weak ones. Since you are a male though you will be sucked in by Islam’s sexual bribery to males, allowance of sex slaves and rape. Sweden is a sickening joke, the butt of the world’s joke.

      You have NOTHING to be proud of in your destruction of your culture, your country, the sacrifice of your women and little girls, the lying of the murders, rape and theft and allowing no or almost no punishment for these crimes. Nothing to be proud of in trying to pin crimes on innocent Christians etc. Your cowardice is legendary and karma is now knocking on your door. Your socialist govs say the welfare state will end under the almost no borders policies. You will be destroyed, eaten by the Morlochs and I tell you we will all be rejoicing. We do not want such an appalling hypocritical people on the planet. Slowly but steadily the Swede will disappear. Classic socialist policies. Any remnant of what they looked like will be found in lands far flung from Sweden. Only a ghost of something way back will remain.

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  10. The murder scene was equidistant from an ophthalmologist’s office, a public library and a church. Crack investigators are rounding up near-sighted Presbyterians with library cards as we speak.

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