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Arson grips 5,000 hectars in southeastern Spain

Does no one pay attention that arson miraculously increase with the increase of the Muslim population? Sweden has become the land of arson, curiously always focused around Muslim no-go ghettos. The country rarely had arson reports before they began opening the doors to these future citizens of theirs.


Spain wildfire forces evacuation of 1,400 people

Some 1,400 people, with holidaymakers from mountain campsites, evacuated overnight to nearby towns in western Spain.
A fire in Canon de Almadenes, Cieza, southeastern Spain
A fire in Canon de Almadenes, Cieza, southeastern Spain

8:07PM BST 07 Aug 2015

A wildfire raging in western Spain on Friday forced the evacuation of 1,400 people from towns and campsites, officials said.

The blaze, which broke out on Thursday amid scorching temperatures, has burned over 5,000 hectares (12,400 acres) of land, the government of Extremadura region said in a statement.

Some 300 firefighters backed by water-bomber aircraft battled the wildfire, which was fanned by strong winds.

Some 1,400 residents of the villages of Acebo and Perales del Puerto, as well as holidaymakers from a number of mountain campsites, were taken overnight to the nearby towns of Caceres and Moraleja, the government added.

A helicopter drops water near the village of Hoyos (AFP)

“We hope that later in the day we may have better news than we have had throughout this difficult night,” the head of the regional government, Guillermo Fernandez Vara, told reporters.

The cause of the fire was still undetermined but “everything seems to indicate” that arson was to blame, he added.

Roughly 600 firefighters were battling four other wildfires burning in the southeastern region of Murcia.

The fires have so far burned 620 hectares (1,500 acres) of land.

The head of Murcia’s regional government, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, said firefighters were “working intensely to stabilise” the blazes.

The aftermath in Canon de Almadenes (EPA)

The risk of wildfires was high across most of Spain on Friday due to soaring temperatures, strong winds and parched vegetation, the agriculture ministry warned.

Wildfires have destroyed over 54,000 hectares of agricultural and forest land in Spain this year, exceeding the amount burned during all of the last two years combined, according to the ministry.

Most of the wildfires happened in July, which was the country’s hottest month on record according to national weather agency AEMET.

The average temperature in Spain last month was 26.5 degrees Celsius (79.7 Fahrenheit), the agency said Wednesday.

August 2003 had previously been the hottest month on record with an average temperature of 26.2 degrees Celsius.

3 thoughts on “Arson grips 5,000 hectars in southeastern Spain

  1. i think thats a bad story,you can´t say everything is a muslims fault.

    in spain its like in california,this idiots using to much water(much more then in north europe where is enough water).also moneymakers burn down forests because they want to build something there…


  2. It is exactly the same in Australia where the incidence of non natural(see “man caused”) arson attacks( primarily directed towards forests) is rising in parallel with the numbers of muslims here. I know what I would do about it but not PC to post it although the NKVD had the right idea if the wrong people.

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