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Sweden: Arab Muslim immigrant beat 12-year old boy for having blue eyes

There are thousands of Muslim shenanigans happening on a daily basis, we can’t keep up. This story was from last year and we missed it but we’ll publish it again as it illustrated how violent and unsuitable Muslim are as immigrants into the West. Civilians are not safe anymore thanks to this medieval mindset being placed into society all across the West.

D e p o r t  them all.


blue eyes boy

Unbelievable: A 12-year-old boy in the Swedish city of Helsingborg is beaten up by an Arab immigrant because he has blue eyes. [This is a stock photo and is not related to the story]

Boy had wrong eye-color, was beaten

from Fria tider

A 15-year-old boy in Helsingborg has been sentenced for assault and threatening another boy because of his blue eyes.

The 15-year-old immigrant had asked the Swedish boy what color eyes he had, according to the District Court. The boy replied “blue green”. The 15-year-old [Arabs] took this as a provocation for unknown reasons.

“Are you teasing?” the 15-year old asked and hit the boy in the face.

Two witnesses say they saw the 15-year-old slap the boy in the face and say he would continue beating him at the school break. The 15-year-old was convicted for illegal threats and beatings with a daily fine.

The 15-year-old denied the crime, claiming that he was misunderstood because of language difficulties – since his first language is Arabic.

The incident has not been reported as a hate crime.

39 thoughts on “Sweden: Arab Muslim immigrant beat 12-year old boy for having blue eyes

  1. Why put a pic up thats has nothing tp do with the story, you should be charged for posting over exagerated bullshit just to draw attention to you site.


    • Are you serious? Stock photos are used all over the world all the time in reports, media – and especially in Palestinian propaganda. Is this the first time you wake up to that fact?


    • The incident has, as is sometimes the case, basis in truth. There was an incident where a 15 year old boy in school was tasked with gathering data about other students eye colour and an altercation with a 12 year old boy who told the 15 year old to go away. It has been reported that there was no evidence in the note from the hearing that the altercation happened as a result of the older boy disliking blue eyed people. The source used by this blogger is a strongly anti Muslim propaganda site which is also well known to change news stories to suit their agendas. You don’t fight propaganda with more propaganda. You don’t fight lies with more lies. Truth will out in the end.


  2. FAKE story. Using a picture of a child that was mauled by a dog in England SEVEN years ago and claiming that it was a (much older) child beaten by an immigrant in Sweden ?
    PATHETIC is too soft a word. There is NO story on the major (i.e. REAL) news sites like BBC, Reuters or AP. The only sites carrying this story are special interest (anti-Muslim) hate groups.


  3. Idk this photo is fake or real though u can see the same crimes in arabian muslims .countries , but Sweden isnt really safe from immigrants dangers today.


    • I’m from the U.K and lived and taught all over the Middle East.. They have more strict laws with regards to assaults, hate crimes… Stop posting B.S you ignorant retard



      • On this site especially, with it’s high apparent Muslim readership, spurious postings by Islamic apologists under non-Islamic names have appeared regularly. Accusations of treachery by the Islam-o-aware are standard fare.

        I’m an American and I’ve seen enough of Islam to know I want us to have nothing to do with it.

        Islam is un-American. And I want the USofA to be as un-Islamic as possible. Completely and forever.


      • True, the picture has no relation to what has been published, but the photo is the first thing people see, and think that the way the child stay, this is a very low form of how to adulterate news, who i personally think it does a disservice to those who fight daily against Islamic barbarities.


      • Total nonsense. Stock photos are used in news reports all over the world and always has. If people are lazy and don’t bother to read, they make assumptions – whether it is this report or anything else. They are responsible for their own laziness.


      • dear admin the story is word in word copy paste from zionist page when people are making fool of yourself by pointing this out you made a note under the picture.How lame.The story is hoax and you by spreading this further just loosing credibility.Only far right nazi scums and islamophobes will ramain your fans from now on.Is that what youve been hoping for?Please check your stories before sharing your wisdom case otherwise its just pathetic.


      • At this point I find the mindset of the Scandinavian countries, the EU & Canada repulsive. History has shown that the infiltration of peaceful countries by Islam result in the destabilization of society, the loss of individual freedoms & mass discrimination. They are becoming a clear & present danger to western civilization and the American people.


  4. its up to his parents to find out who the 15 year old is and bash in his fukn skull,its as simple as that even if you have to do it in the classroom,bash his fukn head open.the media make sure no one else knows so someone else doesn’t go down there and bashes the niggr.if that were my son his days would be numbered I woud beat him black and blue.


  5. @PIGASUS “We want solutions now, today. Real ones.”
    this is like small fragments of the BROKEN CUP. Every one has a little part but no one has the whole cup. We need to pull these fragments and MAKE the cup.
    Anti Islamic’s in Europe : some kind of Financial and Political resources BUT lack the numbers ( population )
    Anti Islamic’s in Asia : Have very feeble political resource but relatively HIGHER number ( if united )
    Anti Islamic’s in Israel : Somewhat better political and financial resource but LACK numbers . Get a Lot of -ve Media publicity
    Anti Islamic’s in US : Similar to EU.Get a Lot of -ve Media publicity




    • Yes, Islam has the advantage of unity of purpose. Even the youngsters apparently, though their parents for sure, understand that they are to advance the interests of Islam at the expense of all other religions and cultures. And mosques are established willy-nilly to keep the faithful on track and on purpose.

      The real innocents here in the US, are the naïve Kufr who seem astonished by the advise that anyone would target them in a grandiose conspiracy. Infuriatingly, and in spite of all evidence, they simply do not want to accept it.

      The alarm bell, I hope, will be the anti-sedition laws the US has kept under wraps for decades. The followers of Muhammad are leading with their chins in felony conspiracies to subvert Constitutional government. After the number one cheer leader for Islam vacates the Presidency, we can at last purge the American security apparatus of the Muslim Brotherhood operatives, that have compromised us.

      For you US readers, there is another issue, it may be small but then again, maybe not. It is the fact that our Pledge of Allegiance was de-secularized in 1954.

      Here is our Pledge Of Allegiance from 1942 to 1954:

      I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      Here is our Pledge Of Allegiance with the 1954 “improvement”:

      I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      I submit that, if we are seriously intending to defend our Republic against Islamic conspiracy to replace our Constitution government by invoking our existing anti-sedition laws, our Pledge should reflect our national secular intent, as in:

      I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation free from theocracy, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      I simply don’t want anything inferring with successful prosecution.

      If you have friends, neighbors, co-workers or family queasy about “taking God out our schools”, let them watch Frank Gaffney, explain our predicament and peril.

      And if they know nothing at all about Islam, I recommend Islam: What the West Needs to Know produced a decade ago.


  6. As has been said often the combination of blue eyes, fair hair and fair skin will become an endangered species as the scum of muhammad target them , male and female directly. In pre muslim Europe these were common and especially in Spain, southern Italy and Greece before the invasion of conquerors’ genes and rape. The classical mafia family is full of Arab genes while the average Greek is rife with Turkish genes To see what they were like before look at northern Italy and the mountain villages of Macedonia, the latter where I saw a young man the absolute image of Alexander the Great: blue eyes, snow white skin and naturally curly yellow hair.
    muslims contaminate and pollute everything and everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Most of Syria and the Levant who have an Islamic majority are fair and have different coloured eyes to what you’re programmed to believe and think


      • Let the next shoe drop, Marcus. Why do these members of a “Muslim majority” have non-Arabic features?


  7. PPL Just shout DISCRIMINATION RACISM etc when we try to push out these white capped black beard ( I meant the long mulla black beard . Not others ) ..UGLY GORILLA look , APE like islamists. BUT THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED REVERSE DISCRIMINATION TOO and no one really even ack. that this form of discrimination exists NOT JUST IN SWEDEN BUT ALL OVER EUROPE esp when moslems ( from pakistan & saudi ) are pitched against Europeans. The Europeans are REVERSE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. THIS IS A GLARING EXAMPLE. INDIA IS THE LAND OF REVERSE DISCRIMINATION.
    In India if you come from an intelligent & illustrious non moslems family – these APE LIKE PPL WILL DISCRIMINATE AGAINST YOU. I think we need UNITE AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER , UNFALTERED AND UNCONDITIONALLY.
    Otherwise ,
    –Europeans will perish ( already happening )
    –The Judeo-Christian Culture will dwindle
    — Hinduism will perish ( already happening )

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    • Yes, but God the father of the Bible knows. This boy and all muzzies will get their just rewards, sooner or later. Breaks my heart to know our innocents are getting beaten, imprisoned, raped and martyred unmercifully, for now. But a new day is coming, soon. Romans 12:19, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay saith the Lord.”


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