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While media blames Pamela Geller for 1,400 years of Jihad, ISIS shares her personal address on Twitter

This is absolute insanity. Pamela Geller is being blamed for receiving Muslim death threats. Muslims have been threatening to behead people for 1,400 years, long before Pamela Geller ever existed. If the government doesn’t protect Geller – then they won’t protect anyone else either; your children, your family, your future, and the would deserve nothing but violent opposition. The vile and revolting dhimmitude the media has shown to this topic, trying to imply that Geller is somehow responsible for the attempted Texas attack shows how delusional people are about Islam.

Pamela Geller did not invent Jihad. Jihad is 1,400 years old. It did not begin in Texas on May 3rd. Cartoons did not create Jihad. Islam created Jihad. There is nothing that we, non-Muslims, can do that does not offend Muslims. Being dressed without the black gallon sack is offensive to them. Democracy is offensive to them. Being friendly with each other, from different ages, genders, status is offensive to them. Celebrating Valentine’s to honor those you love is offensive to Muslims. Love is offensive to them. Freedom is offending them. America itself is deeply offensive to them. Women liberated to make up their own mind is offensive to them. If you don’t submit, surrender, and permit Islam to rule over you – you are provoking Muslims and they get offended and have the legal right to call for your execution.

In other words, every single non-Muslim and ex-Muslim provokes them and aggravates them, according to their way of seeing the world.

So WHO exactly is the real provocateur? Pamela Geller has NOTHING to do with Muslim extremism and threats. She is just one of millions of Muslim targets.



ISIS Jihadist Tweets Pamela Geller’s Personal Address In Call To Kill ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest Organizer

Clark Mindock  on June 12 2015, IBT

Pamela Geller, an anti-Muslim activist and creator of a draw Muhammad contest, had her address tweeted Friday by an alleged pro-Islamic jihadist. Reuters

The personal address of an anti-Muslim activist was tweeted Friday from a Twitter account bearing the name of a man believed to be a British Islamic State jihadist kingpin. The tweet about Pamela Geller, who heads a group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative, came just hours after a third man connected to a plot to kill her and murder Boston police was arrested.

“#GoForth,” the Tweet urged via a hashtag after revealing Geller’s New York City address, apartment number and all. The Twitter account that sent out the address has since been suspended.

In May, two gunmen were killed and one security guard was injured in Texas during a controversial “draw Muhammad” contest that was organized by Geller. ISIS soon after claimed responsibility for the attack at the contest, which welcomed renditions of the Prophet Muhammad, a provocative act for many Muslims who believe that the prophet should not be depicted or mocked in any way.

In spite of that shooting, a man in New Hampshire was planning another “draw Muhammad” event, according to Seacoast Online. Jerry DeLemus, a resident of Rochester, New Hampshire, plans to hold the contest in spite of the shooting. The event is expected to take place later this year. “I’m not worried about taking a risk,” DeLemus said Thursday. “It’s more important to defend our way of life in this country, our constitutional rights, for everybody,” he said.

DeLemus recognizes that the event could be offensive and blasphemous to Muslims but is unconcerned. He has said that the need to protect and defend free speech rights is more important than the risk associated with another draw Muhammad event.

The contest in Texas was organized months after the January Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris, where nearly a dozen staffers were killed for the satirical publication’s provocative depictions of Muhammad on a series of the tabloid’s covers.

The two men charged in Boston with the plot to kill Geller reportedly were working with a third man who was killed by police last week.

18 thoughts on “While media blames Pamela Geller for 1,400 years of Jihad, ISIS shares her personal address on Twitter

    • Pam Geller’s act is that of a “Freedom Fightor” since she fights for her freedom and the freedom of others.



  1. Its a Non Sequitur to associate bravery with acts of insulting others.
    Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) is obviously working to get Geller a big free lunch. The Israeli way is to fabricate lies for personal unearned gain. Look back on the origins of Israel. Jacob lied regarding how he threw out his hip and took the name Israel.

    The battle he claimed he had with god in the dark of night where there were no witnesses and the people he was with were all across the river giving him assurance no one would be witness to challenge his deception. His battle was whether or not he’d lie. He chose to lie as are many stories, including the exodus (nothing more than volcanic activity and hundreds of miles away from Cairo)


    • “The Israeli way is to fabricate lies for personal unearned gain”
      You need to replace the word Israel with Muslim to get better accuracy to your drivel.
      The world has no problems with Israel. The entire world has problems with Muslims, no matter what country, what culture, what history they have and in what region.


      • @Administration – NO I don’t need to substitute Israeli for Muslim, why … Because it isn’t Israel “Beheading” people. It isn’t Israel trying to subjugate the world, to bow to allah. It’s Muslims!

        Since Islam began Muslims have murdered “over” 270-million men, women and children (infants/babies). That figure doesn’t include those individus who were tortured, raped, forced to convert to Islam or sold into slavery, including sex slavery (the very same sex slavery Muhammed engaged in). Muslims through the centuries committed these murders and atrocities, because the Quran mandates this and Muhammed said, “jihad warfare is the highest form of service to allah”.
        It’s you who needs to engage in substitution; and that would be your research material; the garbage you’ve been using is just that garbage.


    • @(extremely tiny), Tim- There is no “but” in freedom of speech; you either have freedom of speech or you don’t.

      Pam Geller lives in America as do I, American’s have and are guarranted freedom of speech by the Constitution. Therefore, since we Americans live in a multi-religious/cultural society, everyone (including Atheists), will insult and be insulted by someone else. That’s why “Tiny Tim” we are taught “Tolerance”. In Islam Muslims are taught the opposite, which makes them “Intolerant” and since they have declared war on “us” our enemy.
      So get with the program! We are in a war, we didn’t start it, but we better “ALL” start fighting it. Anyone who doesn’t like that “Fact/Truth” can/should/must leave, go to the enemy, you’ll either bow the knee to their moon God or “Die”.


  2. If they succeed and she is killed then you can be certain that many similar sites will be closed down as fear of Islam dominates the world.

    Oh for some with the balls to teach these Muslims bastards a total lesson. Everywhere I look I see the influence of these scum.

    First step IMO would be finding a way to use radioactive oil without problems.


    • Im not US citizen ….you should blame the idiots who voted for him(Obama)…..unfortunately many people go by trivial things when making a choice ..


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