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Video: Jesus Appears In ISIS Terrorist’s Dream, And Says: “You Are Killing My People”

Theo Shoebat gives the story:

(Note: this video post does not mean that we endorse ideas that other people have to be converted into anything. Its just an interesting story because it would be blasphemy for an Isis fighter to read a Bible or refer to Jesus.)

8 thoughts on “Video: Jesus Appears In ISIS Terrorist’s Dream, And Says: “You Are Killing My People”

  1. I believe there is a Christ ( or for that matter – Krishna, Buddha , Moses or Allah ) sitting in every moslem. Its just that Mohammed & his actions pull him towards the side of Satan and make him do these Satanic things. No wonder St Martin Luther , who originated Lutheran form of Christianity called Mohammed the 1st born child of Satan based on what he did and what continues to be done on his name. If Moslems talked directly to Allah without following Mohammed ( no prickhead middle man ) , …..we would have a green world with white ( peace ) flags
    ……but instead we have a red ( blood ) world with green flags
    Such is the nature of islam.

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  2. Maybe he just wants to go “home ?” To the west. He’ll be back screaming that he must be allowed in because of religious persecution !

    Any wanna be terrorist should be executed at the border; they treat joining isis as a holiday break, most normal people go on holiday with their friends to go to the beach, meet the opposite sex and have fun. A muslims idea of fun on holiday is totally different, once you’ve have waged war against innocent people you should NOT be able to come back to your addopted country and carry on as normal. Execution is the only answer for this pig raping scum.


    • I have always believed that a real Christian religious ‘conversion’ could occur in the USA at some point in the future that involved Muslims. It’s ‘possible’ – perhaps, not likely – but, it is possible. What it would take (besides the return of Jesus!) is the question. Maybe a catastrophic event. The point here is this, Muslims are being exposed to freedom and Christianity as never before, right here in America. Will it eventually have an effect? Like the dream the ISIS supporter had – it’s possible that with supernatural phenomena (like dreams, or miracles) MANY Muslims could be converted to Christianity here in America over the coming century. FIRST, we have to STOP the influx completely of Muslim immigration into America. As they grow in numbers and power, their religious leaders exert influence on them, building more mosques, and keeping them in the SLAVERY of Islam, making it impossible for them to even look into other religions. The immigration of Muslims into America MUST cease!


  3. IMO we have the classical case of a Christian child forcibly converted and old memories resurfacing and evoking a conscience. That is unless you want to believe the religious approach.


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