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Video: Bengal Rohingya persecution of Buddhists in Myanmar: ‘We live peacefully with other people. Only Muslims kill us.’

Muslim crowds came running out of the mosque and started yelling and shouting: ‘May Allah grant us victory, may Islam grow all over the world in jihad and cut the necks of all the Rakhine (Buddhists)’. Mobs came in front of our house throwing rocks through our windows, yellow, branding knives, and screaming ‘come out, we are going to kill you!’. Suddenly they opened our door and stabbed my husband to death and killed young children.

— Rakhine Buddhist witness account (see video). Text is condensed from witness account to make it readable.

We will keep repeating this until it sinks in to new readers.

Why is there conflicts in Myanmar / Burma between the Buddhists and the Muslims? And who are the Rohingya and Bengal Muslims in Burma?

Bengali-Muslim terrorists from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) Kalarzoes receive military training from the Bangladeshi Army, supported by local Bangladeshi authorities, politicians and mosque-Imams right next to Burma-Bangladesh border. They are funded by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar to spread salafism.

Allah has given the world only to the ownership of one people: to Muslims. Therefore, all peoples who do not submit to Islam and willingly convert are branded enemies of Islam. They are interpreted to oppose and fight islam – and become targets of Muslim hatred, violence, and religious racism. In Sharia jihad against all non-Muslims are therefore fully legal and permissible as fighting is committed against those who are “attack” Muslims. Rejecting Islam is deemed aggressive and an attack against Allah and Islam.

As Myanmar (Burma) is positioned back to back with Bangladesh, this religious Islamic racism is being pushed across the borders into Myanmar/Burma, persecuting the Burmese people.

A Bangladeshi army strategy is to gain occupation in neighboring Myanmar to proselytize Islam. Myanmar has therefore been suffering from illegal Rohingya and Bengal Muslim mass immigration pouring onto their shores through boats reaching Arkana, the sea side of Myanmar.

arkana state

The population of Bangladesh is 167,000,000 people. According to the 2001 census, the religious profile of the population is: Islam 89.7%, Hinduism 9.2%, Buddhism 0.7%, Christianity 0.3% and others (such as Animists and non-religious) 0.1%. The majority of the Muslims are Sunni consisting of 95% of the Muslim population, and the remaining are Shi’a and other sects. The non-Muslim population is rapidly declining. In 1941 the Hindus formed about 28% of the population, which declined to 22.05% in 1951 and has declined to below 8%.


The Muslims want to carve out an Islamic region for themselves in the Buddhist country to spread salafism. The reason for this is because Buddhism and Hinduism is considered idol-worship and an ‘infidel’ faith that is insulting and forbidden to Islam, and which must be replaced by Islam. Since Allah has granted the world to Muslims, and everyone else is Allah’s enemies, the desire to extermine the other faiths is the driving force.

The actual ‘Rohingya’ Muslims that the media refer to and portray as ‘victims’, but who are actually causing all the violent clashses between the Buddhists and the Muslims, only began to appear in Myanmar in large scale in the past five+ years. Prior to the 1940’s there were barely any Muslims at all in Myanmar. The Muslim population mainly activated with the forced partition of India in 1947, pushed by Indian political leader Mohammed Jinnah. From there the illegal entry of Muslims only grew and grew. It became particularly large with the 1971 war between Bangladesh and India where over 2.4 million Hindus, Buddhists, Yezidis, Zoroastrians, Kalash were killed and over 200,000 Hindu women were raped by Bangladeshi Muslims.

The new illegal and violent Rohingya Muslims who are and have entered are being pushed back out of the country on boats by the Myanmar army and government to protect the country’s security – who openly offered to pay for transport to remove them all from their country and transport them back to their homeland Bangladesh – but Bangladesh refuses to take them back (just as with Palestine, where Saudi Arabia and Egypt refuses to take back their natives sent to encroach in Palestine and pretend to be “Palestinian”).  The Myanmar government is constantly being pressurized to stop protecting their country and to open their doors to the infiltrators, by the (Muslim dominated) UN, the Arab states, the EU and the US.

The conflicts have their root and origin from Bangladesh and is spilling over into Burma. In Bangladesh the Muslims are violently persecuting and killing the indigenous Buddhist, Christian and Hindu people. They provoke and threaten them, try to ban them from exercising their own religion by imposing “permits” for all religious functions that are difficult and time consuming to obtain. Muslims, however, need no permits to exercise religious functions. The Bangladeshi army harass and stalk the native non-Muslims. To the Buddhists they army slaughter animals in their temples to provoce them since Buddhist in Bangladesh do not kill animals. The killing of animals destroy their Buddhist temples and make them impure and unfit (illegal) for Buddhist worship, according to the Buddhist faith, which is exactly what the Muslims want.

Both the Bangladeshi army and the Muslim civilians are engaged in deliberate and consistent persecution of non-Muslims. They put Buddhist and Hindu homes on fire, beat and rape Buddhist women and children, and threaten to kill the Buddhist unless they convert to Islam. Many are killed, hacked to death with machettes or shot point blank, while unarmed and unable to defend themselves.

Bangladeshi politicians and Imams attending a RSO graduating ceremony at Naikhongchari in Bengal

Salafi Rohingyas gathered in Bangladesh being trained solely to infiltrate and attack Myanmar and its natives.

Bangladeshi blogger has been identified as Washiqur Rahman Mishu

Bangladeshi blogger Washiqur Rahman Mishu, 27, was hacked to death on March 30, 2015, for questioning Islam. The same crowds and ideology that persecute the Buddhists and the Hindus, and infiltrate Burma committed this atrocity.

25 thoughts on “Video: Bengal Rohingya persecution of Buddhists in Myanmar: ‘We live peacefully with other people. Only Muslims kill us.’

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  3. Muslims in the Middle East who have been living peacefully side-by-side with other Muslims and non Muslims were convinced by Islamist Fundamentalists that they had to perform Jihad on their neighbours to kill infidels, which may also be Muslims of other sects ~if they were to be considered good Muslims. That is what happened in Mali last year. Eventually the Christians fought back and took their land back.

    Apparently the Rohingya Muslims are part of a similar scenario. In Myanmar the Buddhists are now “fighting back” against the Rohingya Muslims. As in Mali, the world was led to believe that the poor Muslims were being abused, until someone explained the sequence of events and the “whole story.” We need more reporters who explain and make connections, rather than just report the news of that minute.


    • Muslims have NEVER lived peacefully with anyone. Study the history of all the victims of Islamic brutality for the past 1400 years. Since the birth of Mohammed, no one has been left in peace. No one has been spared the savagery and shaitanism of Islam and Muslims.

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    • They are not Rohingya. They are lying as Rohingya. They want to wipe out all the Rakhaingtha from their ancestor land. That is why Muslims killing a lot of Rakhaing people in Rakhaing State, Myanmar and Chittagong Hill Tracts. Some educated Bengali Muslims and religion leaders told new generation to fight and kill all the Rakhaing people who living in Rakhaing State. Even they lies their newgeneration the Rakhaing (European called Arakan) kingdom was ruled by Muslim kings. That is why they had to take back their own land. That is root cost of Muslim killing Rakhaingtha (European called Arakanese). UNHCR and Human Right Watch group still supporting them as Human being. But, they don’t care the world minority native Rakhaingtha have a Rights to prevent their identity, their land. That is a Their Human Right. No one can’t use their identity name. No one can’t hijack the Rakhaing’s History. Shame on liars. You don’t know who is your real father yet ?
      Check your DNA.


  4. Pingback: Video: Bengal and Rohingya persecution of Buddhists in Myanmar: ‘We live peacefully and don’t have problems with other people. Only Muslims kill us.’ | The Takfiri Report

    • They all are liars. Who don’t lie they are not Islam. Muslims (Who don’t follow Islam) can be good person but who follow Islam can’t be a good. ( According to Quran teaching and my experience.


      • People who call them selves “Muslim” should read the Quran. If they cant believe or agree with it …dont be a Muslim. or call your self Muslim… for the TRUTH elsewhere..


  5. Kill all the Moslem filth. Time to stop being politically correct. Moslems show no mercy and don’t deserve any. They are demons. Keep them out of your countries.

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    • Yes, we should do that way first time Bengali Muslim came to our land. We better not to accept them. By the time we didn’t know they using taqiyya. We found out 1942 May first week. Within one week they organized by educated Muslims killed Native Rakhaing people who had gun or who know how to use the gun were killed by Muslims. They had no problem with the Muslims. Later we found out their leader ask to kill all the village leaders, monks and School teacher. One of my grand father was behead by muslims on the way came back from Market because he is a former soldier. My uncle als
      o almost kill by his Muslim friends when he came with full of rice on his canoe.

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      • Like so many other countries around the world, the Burmese had no direct experience to know that Muslims as a whole are a extreme and dangerous and pose a growing problem once they are given entry into a country. After all, other people have a few bad apples here and there, but not an ENTIRE community being a problem, so how could you know?


  6. The United States has increased pressure on Myanmar amid the migrant crisis in southeast Asia, calling on the government to treat Rohingya Muslims as citizens, just hours before President Barack Obama warned Myanmar to end discrimination against them.

    Washington also urged Myanmar’s leaders, especially democracy activist and Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, to speak up against the human rights abuses in the country, which they believe is the root cause of the “boat people” crisis.

    Myanmar does not recognise its 1.1 million-strong Rohingya minority as citizens, rendering them effectively stateless. Many have fled the apartheid-like conditions of the country’s Rakhine state.


    • They don’t recognize them anymore than America would recognize a sudden influx if illegal Chinese people, trying to infiltrate the country through the Mexican border.
      Rohingya have their home in Bangladesh. Exactly as in Palestine with the Egyptians and Saudis posing as Palestinians, Bangladesh refuses to take the Rohingya back to their own country because they know this will push the Rohingya to spread elsewhere to expand Islam.

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      • Seems to me that wherever religion disallows contraception and encourages expansion of ethnic numbers there will always be a need for violence to make room for the overwhelming numbers of desperate human beings for food and for shelter. Your home or my home becomes Your Home is my HOME – Your food and jobs are MINE = Invasion


  7. Meanwhile, doesn’t Obama intend to import 10,000 Rohingya Muslims to the U.S. to avoid persecution? Duh! I think he is emigrating the wrong people.

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  8. What a pity that god in all of his wisdom is so useless that he cannot even drop a small nuke upon these scum. But I guess if he did , the Israelis would be blamed and the west’s soul would bleed to help the poor muslims. Mind you, the oil rich Arab states don’t seem to care overmuch about their fellow Muslim, let alone their fellow man. So why not one or two on mecca, medina and a few other choice sites while he is at it. I would be happy to provide coordinates.


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