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Video: British politician tries to talk sense to European Parliament on Islamic asylum boats – tone deaf

#nuts. That’s what they are. #TotallyNuts.

Europe According to Britain

Try to talk reason to the most unreasonable of people. The Eurocrats are only one notch above Islamists. It seems British politician Nigel Farage gets nowhere trying to talk sense to these left-wingers in the European Parliament who have hijacked over 27 countries with their failing and delusional commie-socialism policies. And let’s not forget they demanded – demanded – the rest of the members to speed the entry of Turkey into Europe. This was Erdogans big dream and he behaved himself for a few years waiting for it to happen. When has Turkey been European?? Just imagine the lunacy! With Turkey’s 76mil pop and 50mil Muslims in Europe, Europe would have turned into an Sunni Islamic country overnight with a Muslim majority population affecting votes, security, policies, everything.

And look at Greece. Who created their tragic situation where many plunged into such abject poverty they had to give their own children up to orphanages, hoping that would guarantee them a square meal a day? It’s the EU that caused the collapse of Greece by forcing their lunacy liberalism on a tiny little country that had no economy to sustain endless socialist mental delusions, open door immigration policy, enforced superficial “civil and human rights” to all and sundry, and with no right for the country to govern itself and its borders. Greece was not allowed to stop Muslim immigration pouring in from all directions. Walk around in Athens and be surprised if you’re not robbed within 24-hours by these unpleasant new stock roaming free across the country.

Video Debate:
The latest tragedies in the Mediterranean and EU immigration and asylum policies
– European Council meeting (23 April 2015)
European Parliament, Strasbourg

11 thoughts on “Video: British politician tries to talk sense to European Parliament on Islamic asylum boats – tone deaf

  1. No wonder they make every attempt to paint Farage in a negative light, he is the only one talking sense on this issue, and they want people to dismiss him. The Green shaking his head as if Farage is being unreasonable is a disgrace, and his attempt to paint the acts of violence in the UK as being “national” or domestic in nature is disrespectful and disingenuous.

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