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Video: German writer meets Isis: ‘Isis much stronger than assumed. Their mission is to destroy all religions and democracy’

German writer Jürgen Todenhöfer gets a quick lesson on Islam and Islamic law straight from Isis. Todenhöfer traveled to Syria while researching content for his upcoming book on Isis.

Isis believes the West ‘has no strategy’ to fight them because they don’t understand them. The West doesn’t understand that the problem is with the ideology of ALL Muslims. The problem is Islam itself. You can arrest individual Muslims in the last minute before they commit a terrorist attack, while a thousand more are groomed constantly through every mosque by using the ideology of the Quran. It takes only three months of intense Quran to turn a “moderate” Muslim into a terrorist.

Isis tells Todenhöfer that fighters in Syria and Iraq are disperged in all directions and avoid to cluster or congregated in groups and living separate making it difficult to target them. Their desire is to die for Allah, not to survive. Their aim is to destroy all other religions who refuse to bend to Allah’s laws. Isis wants to kill both Muslims (considered the coward ones) and non-Muslims that refuse or hesitate to abide by the fabricated Islamic laws that the criminalized prophet Mohammed invented 1,400 years ago.

We’ve repeated ad nauseam that there is only one way to deal with this problem: deport Muslims, ban Islam, tear down mosques, isolate the Muslims into their own countries and regions and don’t let any of them entry into other countries. All weapons and transport sales must be banned to Muslim countries. All trade, travels, exchange with them has to be sanctioned. Isolated from the world, at some, point they will have to face the problems of the terrorism they have funded and created themselves and decide if they want to live with it or extinguish it. If this is not done, their terror will spread worldwide and pit nations and people against each other to created civil wars between the left-wing idiots who support their “struggle for democracy and rights” (like WW1) and the rest. They will infiltrate every department of the government from police, national security, army, local state governments, every educational institute indoctrinating youth – and it all caves in.

The second option is… well, you can figure it out yourself.

But Todenhöfer may think he is clever, but reveal that he is clueless because no one in his right mind will bring his SON along with him to meet with terrorists. Todenhöfer was only lucky to not be kidnapped and used as pawn for political negotiations. Clearly they wanted to use him for their propaganda. The now beheaded American journalist James Foley and British volunteer Alan Henning were also promised Isis protection but that promise was broken.

German author Jürgen Todenhöfer spent 10 days with Islamic State group fighters inside Syria and Iraq after securing a safety guarantee from its leadership. He tells Gwen Ifill what he saw and what he thinks about the militant group’s capability.

German writer meets Isis 3

Todenhöfer interviews Isis for his upcoming book.

German writer meets Isis 4

German writer meets Isis 6

Todenhöfer received “an official letter” from the Caliphate office granting him “protection” and access to Isis.

German writer meets Isis 7

Todenhöfer brings his own son with him to meet ith Isis.

German writer meets Isis 1

13 thoughts on “Video: German writer meets Isis: ‘Isis much stronger than assumed. Their mission is to destroy all religions and democracy’

  1. Todenhöfer stinks to high heaven. I just looked at his blog (there is also an english version of it). The “assurance” he got from ISIS worked because he is one of them! He calls Israel an apartheid state, names HAMAS as the poor victims of big bad Israel, defames Netanjahu more than Iran does, in fact the only JEW he mentions in a positive way is dead little Jewish girl – Anne Frank. (so, under his shiney veneer he seems to be one of those for whom the “only good Jew is a dead Jew” – preferably a little girl)

    Profits from his book will go to build lovely things (playgrounds etc.) for the victims of big bad Israel ie HAMAS and Gaza’s children.

    Apparently, while a member of German Parliament, he was of the hard right in the conservative CDU – well (as I see a lot through the prism of Jew Hatred which is the second fastest growing global cancer in tandem with Islamism), I would in this case class him on the right side of the Nazis, those who today are on the Left.

    He is, in my opinion after reading his blog, a slimey opportunist who will go to bed with ISIS and their ilk. I would not believe his very manipulative tales, they are not meant for our good.


      • The more I look into this Todenhöfer, the more I feel the urgent need of a vomit bucket. This guy is dangerous, have a look on his facebook page: here he brags about having contributed with the “highest dignitaries of Iran” towards peace between Iran and the US – and beat the big bad warmonger Netanjahu who kills the poor little children in Gaza etc. etc. Have a look at his son too, if he is not among the “hierarchy” of IS – I will eat my handbag.


      • Rita, you are spot-on about Todenhöfer. Thank you so much! Just one small correction: The CDU is, and never was, a “conservative” party. If anything, they are Sacred-Heart-Socialists who have dropped the “Sacred Heart” bit some time ago. They used to be the successor of the old “Zentrum”, but have degraded into a totally spineless bunch of Islam-asskissing opportunists.


        I only saw your answer and correction just now. Thank you very much. At the time I left my native Germany I was a complete naive where politics was concerned. I just knew vaguely that Dad voted SPD and Mother voted what the Priest recommended….it that the “C” (Christlich) in it 😉


  2. So TRUE – “Isis much stronger than assumed. Their mission is to destroy all religions and democracy”.

    ALL Religions EXCEPT Islam that is. However, Most of the World already knows this by now.

    Islam KNOWS that it can ONLY Exist through, Deception, and FORCED World Domination, Territorial Acquisition, and Subjugation of the “Infidel” as Kafir “Subjugated Slaves”.

    Given Islam’s WELL Documented and Publicised Atrocities, that Muslim Islamist’s now OPENLY Boast about, it is difficult for the World to accept Islam’s “Grand Deception”, the Religion of “Peace” Lie, and their “Taqiyya and Kitman” Lying and Deception that advance the cause Islam by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

    Islam FALSELY claims it is a “Religion” ONLY to take ADVANTAGE of the Religion\Religious “Benefits” of Countries with “Religious Freedom Laws” like America.


  3. Islam is now directing Western Banking through Sharia Law. HR HSBC Saudi have openings in! Citi and Goldman Sachs already Sharia banking laws find out why! UK under Cameron want to get their hands on the 2.6 trillion dollars of Islamic funds go figure. We are never gonna deal with Islam if they are running the banks. As the fg Arabs say ‘he who owns the gold makes the rules’ Do we all get it?


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