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Spain: Worst EU-unemployment found in highest Muslim population – the Caliphate target Andalusia

… By its geographical location, the Muslim settlements are higher in the southeastern half of the country, Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia, followed by Murcia, and the clear percentage of Ceuta and Melilla; having smaller presence in the northwest quadrant of the Peninsula. …

Summary of the [2012] Demographic Study of Muslims in Spain

The number of Muslims in Spain has reached almost 1.6 million [2012 figures] (1,595,221), of which 1.1 million are foreigners in opposition to the 464,978 Spanish Muslims, according to the exploitation of the census of the Muslims in Spain made by the Andalusian Observatory, the autonomous body of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (UCIDE).

The study reveals that the community with the highest number of Muslim citizens is Catalonia with 427.138 Muslims from which 66.029 are Spanish; and 361.109 are foreign; followed by Andalusia, with 252,927 Muslims from which 93,579 are Spanish and 159,348 are foreign; and Madrid, with 248,002 Muslims from which 123,952 are Spanish and 124,050 are foreigners.

On the other hand, communities with fewer people professing Islam are Cantabria, with 4.146 Muslim citizens (472 Spanish and 3.674 foreign Muslims); Asturias with 6.386 Muslims (677  Spanish and 5.709 foreign Muslims); and Galicia, with 13,151 Muslims (1.647 Spanish and 11. 504 foreign Muslims).

Source: Euro-Islam info



Alhambra in the region of Andalusia

A view of the Alhambra in the region of Andalusia, where unemployment rates were the highest in the European Union in 2014. Photo: ángel mateo / Wikimedia Commons.

Andalusia is worst region in EU for unemployment

Published: 22 Apr 2015

The southern Spanish region had the highest unemployment rate in the entire European Union last year, according to a Eurostat report released on Wednesday.

All of the five regions with the highest unemployment rates in the EU last year fell within Spain.

Andalusia had the worst rate at 34.8 percent, followed by the Canary Islands (32.4 percent), the north African Spanish territory of Ceuta (31.9), Extramadura (29.8) and Castilla-La Mancha (29).

Four of these regions also had some of the highest rates of youth unemployment across the EU – Ceuta (67.5), Andalucia (61.5), Castilla-La Mancha (61.3) and the Canary Islands (57.4).

Ceuta also had one of the highest rates of long-term unemployment, with 72 percent of those unemployed being out of work for more than 12 months.

Throughout the EU, in almost one out of three regions, more than half of the unemployed had been out of work for at least a year.

Spain’s national unemployment rate was 24.4 percent – more than twice the EU average of 10.1 percent.

Four Greek regions also fell within the ten worst regions for high unemployment, while the five regions with highest long-term unemployment were all in Greece.

German regions topped the charts for the lowest unemployment rates, with upper Bavaria tied with Prague in the Czech Republic at 2.5 percent unemployment.

Swedish regions had the lowest rates of long-term unemployment rates, which refer to the number unemployed people who have been out of work for more than a year.

2 thoughts on “Spain: Worst EU-unemployment found in highest Muslim population – the Caliphate target Andalusia

  1. The spanish need to protect their borders, and the eu need to change the rules on free movement. Do not accept the muslim invasion that is taking place throughout the western world.


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