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Isis smuggles jihadists to Europe disguised as desperate refugees, warns Nato chief

Glad someone is speaking out. We’ve said the same from day one: the massive growth in refugees arriving on ships is 100% terror related. In fact, most of these ships are even paid for by terrorist groups. No ‘people smugglers’ can afford to buy $30-50 million dollar huge cargo ships to smuggle people who haven’t even paid a small fraction of the cost of the ship. A dozen of cargo ships were “rescued” off the Italian coast a few weeks ago. The Italian coast guard sent their navy ships to try and stop more ships to arrive. Guess what the EU did? They forced the Italian government to stop blocking the ships from arriving because some “refugees” drowned. It’s insane. “Refugees” have been drowning for years trying to make the illegal journey (=trespassing) from the Northern African coast, or from Syria and Turkey, into Europe.

Terrorist groups arrange and fill the ships with their own fighters dressed as civilians. The ships are then padded with women and children to serve as a bait for coast guards to help them onto shores, pretending to be asylum seekers running away from a warzone. None of the refugees have been in need to run from terrorism. In the latest shipments Muslims from Mali, Sudan, Erithrea are the main illegals smuggled on these ships. Christians have been used as padding and then killed once out on sea. Here you have thousands of Muslims heading into Christian countries in Europe, killing Christians on ships pretending to carry “refugees”! The media needs to get real on this issue and stop this “poor-refugees-we-must-all-save-them” propaganda narrative.

A real victims of terrorism leave a warzone instantly with nothing but clothes on their backs. They rarely have any monies to pay to be shipped or transported to another country. They flee on foot. Nor do they arrive on illegal ships with clean designer clothes.

The viral “pity” media all over Europe reporting over these refugees is plain dangerous because it builds up the delusional low-brow mindset of the left-wing public, who tend to have no in-depth knowledge at all to much of their beliefs or causes. The career politicians are even more clueless and respond to the media by insane and irrational policies that opens doors into the West to terrorists from all over the place. And since Western countries from around the world more or less collaborate on similiar policies, this insanity spills over on U.S., Canadian and Australian policies as well. This is why it’s so important to implement treason charges on politicians managing irrational policies on immigration that damages national and civil securities.

If the West doesn’t ban Muslim immigration, mosques, Islam and begin to deport the faithful Muslims, they better have some strategy for their finances. They will need to double their police force, army and national security budget every 2-3 years because this problem will only increase the more the Muslim population increases.


Dr Jamie Shea Nato Chief

Dr Jamie Shea has been working with NATO since 1980 in a wide range of areas including external relations, press and media, and policy planning, and currently serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary General for the Emerging Security Challenges Division. This division was established in 2010 to deal with a growing range of non-traditional risks and challenges including terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, cyber defence and energy security.


IS smuggles jihadists to Europe disguised as desperate refugees, warns Nato chief

ISLAMIC State is exploiting the Middle East refugee crisis to smuggle jihadists into Europe, a Nato security chief has warned.

By John Twomey, Express
PUBLISHED: 16:28, Tue, Apr 21, 2015 |

IS terrorists are hiding jihadists among migrants trying to get to Europe, said Nato chief

As thousands of men, women and children flee the war-ravaged region, terrorists are being infiltrated into the mass exodus heading to Europe.

Dr Jamie Shea said Britain and other countries must be “on our guard” to combat the threat.

IS chiefs have seized on mass migration from the region as an “attractive” way to get hardened terrorists into the West under the cover of refugees.

He was speaking as Britain was being urged to take thousands of African migrants following the sinking of a refugee ship from Libya with the loss of almost 1,000 lives.

In a speech to the Counter-Terror Expo in London, Dr Shea also gave a chilling insight into the scale and enormous wealth of IS.

He likened IS to a Mafia-style organisation with a £4billion fortune which was recently raking in £1.3million-a-day from oil revenues alone.

Referring to the migration chaos, Dr Shea told security industry delegates: “You can see it in the Middle East crisis, in the influx of refugees from Syria, the tragic capsizing of boats and also the sheer volumes of numbers – 5,000 in the last three days already entering Italy.

IS is using this to infiltrate further terrorist operatives into Europe.
– Dr Jamie Shea

“There is no sign whatsoever that this flow of people is going to stop.

“IS is using this to infiltrate further terrorist operatives into Europe.”

“This is going to be a very, very big question to deal with for the refugee agencies.

“But we will need to be on our guard.

“Migration is certainly one thing IS finds attractive.”

Refugee camps pose enormous challenges for Western intelligence and security agencies.

The second largest “city” in Jordan is a refugee camp and a quarter of the population of Lebanon are refugees, he said.

The over-crowded shanty towns are the breeding grounds of a future wave of jihadists, warned Dr Shea, Nato’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges.

IS coffers have been swelled recently by £335,000 from the sale of looted art treasures and £1.3million from ransom payments.

Revenues from seized oil Iraqi fields is down to an estimates £335,000-a-day from £1.3million-a-day, said Dr Shea.

Around 31,000 foreign fighters have joined IS in Iraq and Syria.

But not all have joined the terrorist ranks for ideological reasons.

Many are simply mercenaries and are fighting under IS colours because they are well-paid, said Dr Shea.

illegal muslim migrants arrive at Pozzallo harbour in Sicily
You think these are “innocent” Muslims fleeing from warzones?

illegal Muslims arriving by boat onto Italian coast illegal Muslims arriving by boat onto Italian coast illegal Muslims arriving by boat onto Italian coast
ISIS executing 21 Egyptian Christians - 22

Dr Avijit Roy
Coming near you soon through the coasts of Italy and Greece and the southern borders of Spain. All endorsed by the EU.

screenshot-themuslimissue wordpress com 2015-04-12 13-4a

Bangladeshi blogger has been identified as Washiqur Rahman Mishu
Pakistani blogger hacked to death for criticising Islam.


8 thoughts on “Isis smuggles jihadists to Europe disguised as desperate refugees, warns Nato chief

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  3. Perhaps a little urban warfare on the streets of Rome, Athens, Madrid, Paris, Berlin and London, ect, ect, ect, will finally enable the dangerously naive fools running the EU just how ignorant and incompetant they have been until now, and how traitorous to all of Europe they are.
    So enjoy, boys and girls, you earned it 🙂
    And a front row seat, to boot.


    • Deep down inside, perhaps wrapped in aluminum foil to ward off that dreaded cosmic radiation, Richard is home to a kind and gentle nature.

      What good are H bombs if we decline to employ them?

      Hell, no one likes government waste. We paid for a bunch of corpses now cough’em up.


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