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Sweden Importing Terrorists: ‘Majority of Refugees Are Isis Supporters; Aim for Islam to Rule Sweden’

[h/t to our Swedish reader Hans for the story and the translation into English]

Swedish blogger Merit Wager was a Swedish legal representative (ombud) for asylum seekers during 15 years and have been involved in matters pertaining to asylum and migration since 1996.

Merit Wager is writing a book about the massive immigration problems in Sweden and is accepting donations on Kickstarter for those wanting to support her work. If you want to contribute, please follow the instructions through this link.

Mrs Wager has for several years been applauded as one of the most knowledgeable and balanced debates on issues that concern Swedish asylum policy. She is also known for having a wide network of contacts and enjoy great confidence among employees at the Immigration Office and others working with asylum management.

Merit Wager published a letter on her blog from an anonymous contact within Sweden’s Immigration services. Names of towns and places been replaced with “X” and “Y”.

The following is an excerpt from the letter:

I got to hear the other day, how violently things are progressing at the new refugee camp X next to Y. An Arabic speaking Iraqi have been hired by the immigration services as an interpreter for the more than 500 asylum-seekers who are placed there. He told me that most of them say they come from Syria, and that a majority of them are supporters of the Islamic state. When the asylum seekers realized that the Iraqi interpreter was an ‘apostate’ from the ‘only true faith’ they began to put death threats against him and even against his family.

They even made considerable efforts to find out where he lived and where his children attended school, and vowed to murder his entire family in the way they kill all ‘kafirs’. The interpreter reported the threats to police who took some of the individuals, and it is said, but I don’t know for sure if it is true – the police apparently arranged that they were expelled from the country. Or that they were moved to another asylum accommodation.

But the asylum camp is still majority Isis-supportive. So the threat remains against him and his family (and all the rest of us) and he has therefore quit as an interpreter, and to serve as the communcation link between the asylum seekers and the Swedish authorities. So this is how things are in this country and the interpreter says it’s completely insane that Sweden does not control who it lets into the country — and who can disagree with him?

The interpreter says that the asylum seekers consist of a mixture of different religious backgrounds who absolutely do not get along or harmonize with each other; and that they could not live in harmony in their home countries either, so why would they be doing anything different in this country? The police is constantly dispatched to the facilities in an attempt to restore calm. And we should not even talk about the opinions locals have to suddenly get confronted with a sharp increase of people with completely different culture, different traditions, different religion, different perception of what is right and wrong and different ways of thinking and understanding. Especially as it turned out, according to the Iraqi man, that a majority of the asylum seekers are Isis-followers, who announced that their goal is to establish a Caliphate in Sweden where only sharia law should apply. So this is what we are dealing with here. The Iraqi interpreter is terrified of what might happen to him and his family.



There are so many Muslim countries they can relocate to that is safe enough for them and where they adapt immediately and need not learn a new language, so what is their true purposes for aiming to relocate to Sweden?

The future that new ‘asylum’ seekers want to see in Sweden:

ISIS executing 21 Egyptian Christians - 33 ISIS executing 21 Egyptian Christians - 22 ISIS executing 21 Egyptian Christians - 20b ISIS executing 21 Egyptian Christians - 4 syrian children kept in cages by isis isis execute man for witchcraft

12 thoughts on “Sweden Importing Terrorists: ‘Majority of Refugees Are Isis Supporters; Aim for Islam to Rule Sweden’

  1. When will the west get a back bone and slaughter the islamics they are the evil perpetrating civilised cultures.
    An evil that should be eradicated from the face of the earth. If not then the world goes to hell.
    How can the Swedes even look at these people, let alone take over their country?
    Get a backbone Swedes and ridx your country of this evil


  2. Ignorant leftist dhimmi politicians are everywhere but maybe most profoundly in Sweden. Their overall political ethos is that of political correctness and it will be their fall too. These social liberals have lost an important human trait: that of survival! When did it start? Long ago but the late PM of Sweden, Olof Palme was certainly a character who made things worse for his countrymen. Palme was a prize hypocrite proclaiming appeasement here and everywhere while selling deadly weapons to dictators in fresh cash.
    Poor Sweden a beautiful Nordic country the land of the midnight sun fallen prey to bloodthirsty muzzies.

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  3. Sweden welcomes Isis terrorist. These Muslims will soon spill blood in Sweden & will get rid of peace loving people to set up Muslim majority. The devil wants dominion over everything! But God forbid! The devil would be crushed!

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  4. sweden your karma bus has arrived – instead of taking care of your beautiful country u have interfered incessantly in the affairs of other nations @ your peril ..Palmo..Wager etc & ilk. Stop acting as self appointed angelic guardian of the muslim world @ the expense of your sovereignty …btw humankind have our own does not need another power hunger Lucifer..unless u owe or sold your soul to the islamic devil…


  5. And, not just Sweden, but in the U.K., and in America (with as it seems, the “Aid” of Pro Islam, Pro Muslim, Anti America, Anti Constitution, Barack Hussein Obama’s Administration, by Obama’s OWN well Documented Words, Actions, and Deeds), PLUS the entire World, under Forced Sharia Law.

    If the World doesn’t fall for Islam’s “Religion of Peace”, Taqiyya and Kitman (Islamic Lying and Deception) Line, THEN by FORCE with Bloody, Butchering Islamic Bloodshed.


    • Tony Abbot, the only leader of a major Western nation has little time or regard for the barbarian.
      Once other such leaders like Farage, LePen and Wilders are in power, perhaps other Western leaders will see they are onto something and set a glorious precedent.


  6. Sweden with its multi-culturalism will watch it’s citizens enslaved, murdered, raped. This is happening today and will only escalate … blood will run in the street.

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