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More Muslim praise for Germanwings co-pilot appears on new Facebook tribute pages

Islamic Facebook pages praising Lubitz are deleted as quick as they are made. We managed to take a screencap of one yesterday, and here is another one captured by British newspaper the Mirror. This is so typical for the Muslim mindset; the endless celebration and praise for the death of innocent people.



Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz called ‘a hero’ in sick Facebook tribute page

14:21, 26 March 2015
By Anthony Bond

The Facebook page – called Andreas Lubitz, world champion in Flight Simulator – was set up after officials confirmed he deliberately crashed the plane

A sick Facebook tribute page calling the Germanwings co-pilot who deliberately crashed a plane into the French Alps ‘a hero’ has been set up.

The page – called Andreas Lubitz, world champion in Flight Simulator – was set up after officials confirmed he had flown his plane into the mountains.

One post claims to be from ISIS calling the pilot ‘the French hero’.

It reads: “OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE : The Islamic State apologizes for misspelling in the title of the page and take the opportunity to remind you that the French hero is always spelled with an s .

“The community manager was removed from office and will be beheaded to serve as a lesson.”

Another post says “Already a lot of messages of support for our hero . Thank you all .”

Facebook page in support of Andreas Lubitz
This sick Facebook page was set up in tribute to the Germanwings co-pilot.

Officials today said Andreas Lubitz locked himself into the cockpit before smashing the plane into mountains.

The dramatic revelations have horrified people in the German town of Montabaur who said Mr Lubitz had showed no signs of depression when they saw him last.

Peter Ruecker, a member of a glider club who watched him learn to fly, said: “He was happy he had the job with Germanwings and he was doing well. He gave off a good feeling.”

Mr Lubitz had obtained his glider pilot’s licence as a teenager and was accepted as a Lufthansa pilot trainee after finishing a tough German college preparatory school, Mr Ruecker said.

Andreas LubitzHe described the co-pilot as a “rather quiet” but friendly young man.

Mr Ruecker was a member of the LSC Westerwald flying club in Montabaur.

The club has paid tribute to him, saying: “With great dismay, the members of the LSC Westerwald e.V have heard of the crash of Germanwings flight 4U9525. With horror we acknowledge that among the dead is a longtime member of our association.
Montabaur castle in the evening in Germany
“Andreas died as First Officer on the tragic flight.”

It emerged today that passengers on the doomed Germanwings plane only knew they were about to die in the terrifying seconds before it crashed into the French Alps.

The horrifying final 10 minutes of the plane crash – which killed all 150 passengers and crew – have now been revealed.

The co-pilot of the plane deliberately slammed the jet into the ground after locking himself in the cockpit, Marseilles prosecutor Bryce Robin said at a press conference today.

But despite the huge plane rapidly plummeting towards the ground as the pilot attempting to get back into the cockpit, it appeared passengers were completely unaware of the danger they were in.

Mr Robin said the victims would only have known they were about to die in the terrifying seconds before the crash – and the cockpit voice recorder picked up their screams.

He said: “On the recording you literally hear the screams only on the last moments and nothing else.”

He named the co-pilot as 28-year-old Andreas Lubitz and told reporters: “We have managed to get the transcript of the last 30 minutes.

“In the first 20 minutes the pilots talk in a normal fashion being courteous with each other like two normal pilots during a flight.

“Then we hear the command asking the co-pilot to take over and we hear the sound of a chair being pushed back and a door closing. So we assume that he went to the loo or something.

“So the co-pilot at that moment is on his own in charge of the plane and it’s while hes alone… that he uses the flight monitoring system which starts the descent of the aeroplane.

“This action on this attitude selection can only be done voluntarily.””We hear several cries of the pilot asking to access [the cockpit]. He identifies himself on the intercom system but there’s no answer from the co pilot.

“He then knocks on the door to ask for it to be opened and he has no response from the co-pilot.

“We hear at that moment breathing and we hear this breathing from inside the cockpit, and we hear this breathing until the moment of impact so we conclude the pilot is alive at this point.

“The tower then ask them to do a distress signal but again there is no response from the cockpit so the aeroplane becomes a priority for a forced landing.

“Other planes try to contact this Airbus and no answer is forthcoming.

Germanwings crash
“There are alarm systems which indicate to all those on board the proximity of the ground and then we hear noises of the door trying to be broken into.

“This is the cockpit door, which according to international measures is reinforced.

“So these alarms go off on the plane which are to indicate the proximity of the ground and just before the final impact we hear the sound of the first impact.

“It’s believed that the plane may have glided or hit initially before the final impact.

“There is no distress signal, no mayday signal received by the control tower.

“No distress signal has been received and no answer was received despite the numerous calls from the tower.

“The interpretation on this day, and I’m talking today 48 hours after the crash… is the most probable interpretation is that the copilot due to a voluntary abstention – a voluntary abstention – refused to open the cabin door to the pilot.

“He refused to open the cockpit door and action the button which starts the descent procedure.

Germanwings crash
“I remind you that in the last eight minutes this aeroplane went from 12,000m to 2,000m.”

He added: “It’s normal breathing. He didn’t say a single word after the pilot left the cockpit. Apparently it’s impossible to override the system.”

When asked if it was suicide he said: “I’m not even going to mention this word because I don’t know.”

He added: “He had no reason to do this.

“On the recording you literally hear the screams only on the last moments and nothing else.

“The co pilot had only been working a few months and had a few 100 hours on this aeroplane.

“At this stage nothing indicates a terrorist attack. Obviously we will see how this investigation progresses.

“When you suicide you normally do it by yourself. When you have 150 people with you, you wouldn’t normally call it suicide. That’s why I’m not using this word.”

19 thoughts on “More Muslim praise for Germanwings co-pilot appears on new Facebook tribute pages

  1. Reblogged this on Patriotic Gofer and commented:
    Well, lot’s of theories flying all over the place & that’s the one and only fact that’s apparent, since he flew the jet into the mountain.

    People love to GUESS, to HYPOTHESIZE, DEMONIZE, and even go so far as to “make up” blogs, just to give themselves that “superior” feeling, that so many crave.

    I’m not accusing, nor defaming any of those opinions, because having worked in Mental Health for 17 years, I have my own opinion on the most popular opinion….Depression.

    I have worked with and helped treat thousands of truly depressed people. I will admit, that most of them had depressive problems for years, with numerous spikes in depth of depression….. from a flat affect & inability to find motivation to even get out of a chair, to feeling suicidal, but not wanting to act on it. So, for me to define this dude’s depressive state, I’d have to say that he was high enough functioning, to get past everyone at the airport, looking “normally happy”, to get aboard that plane. So, THAT eliminates “flat affect” or inability to function.
    MY OPINION …. He was mad at the world, because he’d lost his girlfriend. Truly. Some people blame everyone else for their own actions. Without going into any diagnosis ( because I can’t ) there could still be a lot that’s transpired through the years of seeing his shrink. And in most cases, without a court order, most physicians will not breech Dr/Patient confidentiality. So, we may never know where this guy’s head truly was, unless his shrink decides to tell. Of course, if he does… litigious society that we are… the family or someone else will sue the Dr and everyone else involved.

    What a world, we live in. Lord Jesus… please come home soon.


    • Accepting he was depressed doesn’t address the question about his Islamic conversion nor why he hung about the Bremen mosque notorious for its radical teachings and the people who hung out there. These are allegations which should be either confirmed or absolutely and convincingly refuted.

      It’s becoming clear that many, if not all, of the Western converts who flock to ISIS suffer various forms of mental derangement. Depression and the breakup of Libutz’s relationship with his girlfriend could be almost pre-requisites for joining some kind of out-of-this-world millenarian movement like ISIS, Al-Quaeda, Al-Nusra inter alia once having taken the conversion at a place like the Bremen mosque.


  2. There was something very fishy about the way the identity and actions of the co pilot Libutz were released. IMO the fellow revealing the last words was obviously embarrassed as if he knew that he was lying and IF Libutz was a cryptoMuslim we will NEVER hear of it as the EU communists will censor it due to the obvious ramifications as according to the EU and Europol Islam can do no wrong although one million UK schoolgirls might disagree.

    Liked by 2 people

    • My bullshit detector tells me that’s already happening. The news now is that the ‘new’ information the German police had located was only a torn up doctor’s certificate for the day of the flight.

      Surely there’s nothing particularly significant about that other than perhaps showing that Libutz’s dedication to his goal overrode his GP’s recommendation to have a nice lie down for the day.

      I have yet to read anything from the mainstream media that acknowledges his adoption of Islam and his frequenting the notorious Bremen mosque, while the blogs are melting down with the info. Even a denial would be something.


      • Ditto re bullshit detector.

        French main News have gone into overdrive to broadcast his “psychological problems” even doing a long interview with some “psychologist” who confirms every bit of the “official version”. AND the photos they now publish show him cuter and cuter and blonder and blonder. Note that Jihadis who mow down stationary folk in the street with their cars suffer from the same “psychology” and are just “nothing-to-do-with-islam-mad”

        So: he “tore up” his medical certificate for exactly THIS day? I admire his precise planning in this case. He could even predict the bladder-movements of the Chief Pilot?

        In the Australian main media it’s now an item 3rd place behind Cricket and Footy as in “nothing to see here, it’s just a madman”.

        BUT I fear, we will never know – or sooooo belatedly that the story will have no longer any emotional currency.

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  3. *They* seemed to take a little longer than usual to publish the Identity of the killer co-pilot, however they seemed to strategically plant little seeds like “broke up with girl-friend”, “stressed”, “depression” before you could say allah-u-akbar.

    I do not know if we will ever know. The language used to “inform” seems deliberately the one used when one “speaks” to mushrooms: one keeps them in the dark.

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  4. Those Muslims may know more than you think.

    The liberal European media doesn’t want to face the implications of the crash. They’re still considering how to release this information without inciting even greater hatred against Muslims.

    Reality is that the ‘religion of peace’ must now be seen more as a manifesto of war against non-Muslims, certainly amongst the radicals who are now calling the shots.

    This is Germany’s 9/11!

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    • Its too early to tell. We have some doubts that he was a convert and we would have to see more results from investigations. We’re just pointing out how Muslims praise this kind of acts, demonstrating over and over again that Muslims are inappropriate immigrants for the West. The website and link to the German journalist is down.

      Liked by 1 person

    • The link you give in your post mentions Michael Mannheimer from PI as the author. I have a lot of respect for both, Mannheimer and PI who are both relentlessly defamed by assorted dhimmified German Media/Politics/Churches.

      Liked by 1 person

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