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Indian media concealed that 2012 juvenile Delhi gang-rapist was Muslim

A young medical student in Delhi, Jyothi Singh, went to an evening movie with a male friend. The pair start heading back home after the film, and while waiting for transport they get lured by a young Muslim male onto a bus on the pretence that the bus is heading their direction. But the bus is operated by six brutal rapists. Several of the men were serial rapists. Delhi has a staggering Muslim population. The male friend is beaten unconscious and the girl brutally raped. After taking turns to rape the girl the Muslim rapist, the youngest of the six and underaged, raped his victim twice and ripped out her intestines with his bare hands. The Muslim rapist used a wheel jack to stick up Jyothi’s vagina. They use so much force that pieces of her organs get pulled out with the rod while they laugh and hollered.

The beaten bodies of the girl and the boy is stripped naked and dumped into bushes on the freeway roadside. A samatarian responds to their feeble calls. He tries to get help to cover their naked bodies with a cloth. Onlookers gather but no one steps in to help. He goes across the road and gets hold of a bedsheets, brings it back and tears it in two to cover their bodies, while waiting for help to get them to a hospital. After investigations and arrestes, her rapists blame the girl for ‘asking’ for rape. She should just be silent and allow the rape, he says, and she would not been beaten so bad. That’s the reasoning. That’s Islamic reasoning as well in relation to women and the imaginary Muslim idea of honor.

A documentary was made about this rape case, called India’s Daughter, which has caused an outrage in India. The documentary has so far been banned in India.

In ancient India women used to walk bare chested without causing any rape epidemics. So where does all this savagery against women come from? After 800-years of Muslim rule the Hindu population is unaware that they are contaminated with Islamic ideals, and exercise all the barbarities and habits identical to Islamic societies and imported through Islamic rule. It should serve as a lesson to the rest of the world of the risks of bringing inhumane additions into society. In India today, the people assume Islamic savagery is part of their own “culture”. It has no background or part of their culture at all. They would be wise to do everything in their power to eliminate all Islamic traces from their culture, laws, and habits.


The juvenile accused in the gang-rape and murder of an Indian student has appeared in court where he pleaded not guilty to all the charges and said he would contest the allegations.


Juvenile in Delhi gang-rape and murder case pleads not guilty to charges

Andrew Buncombe Independent
Delhi, Thursday 28 February 2013

[h/t ex-Muslimah]  According to several Indian media reports, a juvenile court in Delhi formally charged the 17-year-old with murder, rape, unnatural sex and conspiracy. According to a court schedule posted outside the building, police had brought a total of 17 charges against the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The juvenile, who was originally from the state of Uttar Pradesh and who moved to Delhi as an 11-year-old where he took up a series of menial jobs, was one of six males detained after the attack last December on a the female student and her male friend.

The pair were assaulted and beaten and the young woman was repeatedly raped when they boarded a bus after a visit to the cinema. She died two weeks later in a Singapore hospital.

The five men have been charged with gang-rape and their trial is proceeding in a fast-track court, from which the media and public have been banned. No detail of the evidence being heard in the Delhi court has been made available to the media, despite an appeal a higher judge.

The proceedings for the juvenile are taking place under similar conditions of privacy. On Wednesday, the judge hearing the case, principal magistrate Geetanjali Goel, declined to confirm to reporters even the most basic details. “At the end of the proceedings we will issue a judgement,” she said.

Two weeks ago, The Independent reported details of a statement purportedly recorded by police from the juvenile and presented as evidence. In the statement, the juvenile said that on the day of the attack, bus driver Ram Singh, one of the five adults charged over the killing, had told him “let’s go and have some fun today”.

The juvenile added: “Then Ram Singh was the first one to rape the girl. The girl kept screaming and howling but, in the moving bus, everybody raped her one by one. And they bit the girl on different parts of her body.”

The juvenile, who belongs to a Muslim family that lives near the town of Islam Nagar, also told police that after the six males had dumped the student and her male friend from the bus, they washed it off and then divided up the spoils of what they had stolen that night.

“I got one mobile and 1,100 rupees from the looted goods,” he said. “[Ram Singh] gave me one ATM card and asked me to keep it safe, [saying] ‘We will use it later to take out money’.”

jyoti-singh-pandey 2

The decision to try the 17-year-old as a juvenile rather than an adult, caused considerable consternation in India. Many argued that the law should be changed and that the age at which an individual is considered an adult altered to 16 rather than 18. The government declined to change the law and the authorities accepted school records that suggested he was born in June 4 1995.

As a result, while his five adult co-accused could face the death penalty if convicted, the maximum sentence he could face is three years detention in a juvenile facility. A member of his legal team previously said that the juvenile had been traumatised by watching television news reports that showed crowds demanding that he too should face the death penalty if found guilty.

The attack on the young woman and her male friend, 28-year-old Awindra Pandey, stunned India and triggered an unprecedented national debate about the role of women in Indian society and the ubiquity of sexual assaults. The government established a panel to come up with suggestions on how to improve the situation, some of which were taken up.

According to the Press Trust of India, the next hearing for the juvenile’s case was set for March 6 when the juvenile court will hear evidence relating to his alleged involvement in the assault on the young student.

The court hearing came as the Indian government announced a fund of Rupees 10bn (£125m) to help women’s safety. The fund will be called “Nirbhaya”, or fearless, the Hindi name that the Indian media has given to the 23-year-old physiotherapy student who tried to fight off her attackers.

“We have a collective responsibility to ensure the dignity and safety of women. Recent incidents have cast a long, dark shadow on our liberal and progressive credentials,” said finance minister P Chidambaram, as he announced India’s budget.

He added: “As more women enter public spaces – for education or work or access to services or leisure – there are more reports of violence against them. We stand in solidarity with our girl children and women and we pledge to do everything possible to empower them and to keep them safe and secure.”

According to Reuters, experts say the fund could be used for shelters, compensation and medical support for victims of rape, helplines, or public campaigns to change age-old patriarchal attitudes which promote violence against women.

jyoti-singh-pandey 1


The BBC is bringing forward the transmission of a hard-hitting documentary about the gang rape of a young woman in Delhi following the decision by Indian authorities to ban the film.

India’s Daughter had been scheduled for Sunday, International Women’s Day, but it will now air on Wednesday night on BBC4.

Documentary-maker Leslee Udwin, meanwhile, was reported by India’s NDTV channel to have decided to fly out of India due to fears she could be arrested.

The television channel also broadcast what it said was Udwin’s last interview before she left India. “I’m very frightened what’s going to happen next — I predict the whole world will point fingers at India now,” Udwin said. “It’s a tragedy — you’re shooting yourself in the foot.”

The BBC said it made the decision to bring forward the airing of India’s Daughter following international interest in the programme about the brutal rape in December 2012 of 23-year-old physiotherapy student Jyoti Singh.

BBC4 editor Cassian Harrison said the decision to move the “powerful and compelling” programme was made, “due to the international interest” in it.

“From our perspective, given the strong public interest we feel it’s important it gets out”, said Harrison, adding: “it is a shame that the authorities in India don’t want it to be shown.”

The BBC has not received any correspondence from the Indian government but said it would be unlikely to be able to ban it in the UK due to it being under a different jurisdiction.

The move was made after Indian authorities banned the domestic broadcast of the film and said they were also trying to prevent it from being shown worldwide.

India’s parliamentary affairs minister M Venkaiah Naidu declared: “We can ban the film in India. But this is an international conspiracy to defame India. We will see how the film can be stopped abroad too.”

Udwin appealed to Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, to try and help get the ban overturned and “deal with this unceremonious silencing of the film”.

India’s Daughter includes interviews with one of the men convicted of the crime, who is now in prison in Delhi and waiting for the supreme court to hear his appeal against the death sentence.

In it, Mukesh Singh suggests his victim would not have been killed if she had not fought back against her attackers and appears to blame her for not behaving like “a decent girl”.

He says: “When being raped, she shouldn’t fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they’d have dropped her off after ‘doing her’, and only hit the boy.”

Although it has been banned in India, India’s Daughter is due to be aired by broadcasters in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Canada, as well as on BBC4.

Full documentary here:


34 thoughts on “Indian media concealed that 2012 juvenile Delhi gang-rapist was Muslim

  1. This is the dumbest shit I have ever read. How insensitive of you this is a problem of a patriarchal society not Islam… if one of the rapists was a Muslim the other 4 were not so if were looking at numbers and making sweeping generalizations might as well blame all Hindus as that would fit your twisted logic. Also he was a JUVENILE which means his identity could not be revealed. YOU ARE SO DUMB.


    • Islam is very big on rape. It is foundational to Islamic “Civilization”, whose founder, Muhammad bin Abdullah was an enthusiastic rapist, who recommended it to his “troops” [ aka bandits and thieves ].


      And I advise you to carry a loaded firearm if present in a Muslim-rich area [ and, unfortunately that includes the occupied areas of Europe. ]


    • Well what about honour killing? How do you explain that? I don’t see any Christians killing their daughters around because ‘they brought shame to the family’you fucking idiot! Wake up! Your religion is extremely violent!!


  2. I want to say something new, we make ourself (as women ) ungrounded, when we trust that MBBS, political science, economics and such subjects (western) are actual sciences, they are not, make at least one year study of Ayurveda mandatory with MBBS, and that is not all, one must be humble to and rever gods and saints, else what is the point in living, the mbbs doctors today don’t even seem to care for the massive physical stress construction workers go through, they don’t seem to have any solution and we think of them as know it all’ s, movies and television are massive brain wash, and 50% of urban teenagers , girls, woman(I am a woman so I know) are crack-pots, hopefully they get married before any thing wrong happens and they don’t set about to using people after that(I have read metro women do), one person uses another gets abused, but the end result is the same, women wake up, learn about peace, earth, love, simplicity, soul else no one billion will help anyone


  3. Funny how ONE of the rapists were muslim and now everything is his fault. Haha.
    The rapist in the interview isnt even the muslim one. They were all hindus. If you want to blame a religion, blame hinduism.


    • The blog is not about rape but about Indian media hiding the fact completely that the last one was a muslim man. When they declared everybodies name why they hid the muslim man’s name. This is relly suspicious behaviour.


      • Moreover, The decline in moral values and religious teaching maybe attributed to the reason for such act. These low life people coming from farther remote area of country living lone without any family are away from mainstream society. In other words these people are cut off from civilized society though living in same world.
        These are people very angry with westernization of Indian culture and see this anger comes out. This is really very disgusting way. I am in favour life sentence to such people. This was an innocent girl.


  4. The writer is such an ignorant and should be ashamed of using religion in such a sensitive matter.

    I am sure there must be 100000 of Muslims in India and across the world, who have attended the protest, shed their tears and voiced against this brutal act. And I am certain, that Indians, educated and wise brains are aware of it too.

    Writer must gather facts on the number of rapes happens across the world and the religion of rapist, before coming up with such comments.

    Writer will also be shocked to know how much rape is condemned in religion Islam and the punishment is death for it set long ago in Islam; today, after centuries that’s what India is fighting that the punishment for rape should be amended to death, this was set a long time ago in religion Islam.

    No religion teaches bad things, its the misinterpretation. Islam and other religions never teach hatred and evil. Read the facts said by the top scholars about Islam and different religions.

    I just saw the documentary on BBC and could not stop crying and praying for her and the family.

    As the issue and grief has nothing to do with the caster, creed, religion and nationality.

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    • Sherry, you are totally misguided, or perhaps brainwashed. See my other two comments in this article. Lady, get your head out of the sand! Have you heard of ISIS and their vicious beheadings? The Muslim male mentality was demonstrated in this violent, vile, evil rape and murder. Accept reality, assign responsibility where it is due, publish the facts and stop your cover-up of an evil, Satanic, insane cult.

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    • @sherry, I am an Indian. Lets clear your doubt about Islamic ideology.
      There is no punishment for a muslim for raping or even murder of Kafir in Islam. Because Kafirs are people from Land of corruption and a muslim can kill, rape, enslave a person from land of corruption.(for more info read Quraan:Al-Maida)
      Ironically, Muslim had rule India for almost 700 years and rape and brutality was on its peak during that time. They destroyed our temples built their mosques, people were slained for not converting to Islam. Boys from royal hindu family were castrated and sold in slave market while their girls were sold as sex slave. According to muhammad the prophet, Muslim can have ‘n’ number of sex slaves so muslims took pride in keeping hundreds of hindu ladies as sex slaves. If we consider this madness of a person like Hitler, then I would say hold on check it once again the Indian History is filled with this islamic barbarism throughout Islamic era. There was no end and even today, Muslims see Hindus with such loath. They hate us and they think Hindus are ignorant about religion and god. The problem is with muslims who think only Quraan is truth and rest is false.
      When you say there are 100,000 muslims opposing the act, I would say yes you maybe true but these are not real muslims. They are muslim by birth thats it they are people who are ignorant about Islam and Quraan.
      At the same time there are 1,000,0000 Muslims who support the act and justify it on the basis of Quraan. You will never know cause they will simply not come infront of you. Islamic teachings are most clear cut and simple straight in the book called Quran (I am not telling followers themslves call it in that way) there is clear message for waging war against non-believers and every one understands it. At many place you will find Muhammad the prophet instructs his follower tobdo evil work and justifies on the name of Allah. You can find it in quraan and Hadees.


      • Pallav Arora you are totally mad and spreading rumours about Islam without knowing it in actual. I have been brought around muslim people and infact very religious ones- who do prayer 5 times a day, fast for whole month and give a lot of charity to poors. i have never seen them being violent or doing anything wrong. they are so busy with their prayers and routine life they have no time for such non sense. You have twisted the whole Indian history which is not true at all and such rumors are spread by right wing hindus to create rift between hindu and muslims in the country and make India a hindu nation. You seem to be among one of them.


      • What’s wrong with a 100% Hindu India?

        Good Americans are laboring to make the USofA 100% Muslim free, in spite of our turncoat President and his treachery on behalf of Islam.

        Real Americans want to roll up their sleeves and bounce those inbred rape-murdering troglodytes right out of the American Hemisphere. every disgusting and dangerous one of them.

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  5. Rape should be seen as an Adult crime and therefore anyone who commits rape should be tried as an Adult;
    Western countries should change the law so that “All the perpetrators of rape are to be executed”; this would also reduce the amount of muslims wanting to live in the west.

    Islam = Rape

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  6. This is more proof that barbaric, brutal, medieval, vicious, demented Muslims have NO place in a free society. Remove the Islamic factor and half of the world’s rapes would disappear. Muslims need to be expunged, eradicated, obliterated from ALL freedom-loving nations and forcibly returned to their origins in the Middle East. They are totally incompatible with freedom-loving peoples. The free world needs to come to our senses and abolish the political correctness that allowed this vile, vermin animal’s identity to be concealed.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think you are a right wing psychopath and you need to be charged with spreading rumors , promoting hatred and violence. Creating false stories and defaming fellow citizens because of your extreme views.


      • Sumit,
        I guess you are totally ignorant about Islamic Ideology.
        You do one thing, Keep quraan in left side and keep any muslim croniclers book of middle age in right side.
        Read any violent verse in quraan and see the action in muslim cronicles.
        Do you think Qubbatul-Islam Masjid was build peacefully? It was made by destroying 27 Hindu Temple
        Do you think Jama Masjid in Mathura was build peacefully?
        Do you think Temple of Kashi Vishwanath is original temple?
        DO you think Mahakal temple is the same original one?
        Do you think Baburi Masjid was build peacefully?

        There are 3000 more examples like this………
        Read its basis verse ” la illahaillallah muhammadur rasoolullah” -> “There is no god except Allah, and Muhammad is the only last messenger”

        The wording is clear that I do not believe your religion is true, and Muhammad was the only messenger”. This means there is no other prophet, what about Sikh gurus?


  7. When do all the world’s Feminist’s Libs groups take up arms against Islam’s anti-femininity. The women are treated in Islam as Jews during Nazism in Europe. Especially in Moslem countries or Moslem dominated areas is it urgent to form resistance. All the NGO-organizations organizing everything from well-digging to counseling state authorities on decent governing should leave what in hands and instruct women in self-defense and gun-handling.

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      • in islamic countries punishment for rape accused is death penalty and it is not permitted at all, so don’t spread rumours.


    • How come you muslims never ask questions like why are all the UK grooming gangs made up of 99% muslims? Sweden is fast becoming the rape capital of the world thanks to muslims why is that? Would you be too surprised if I told you that isis operates purely on a perverted sex driven ideology ?

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      • Do YOUR research. The rapes in Sweden are committed by a mere 4% of the population who happens to be Muslims. Sweden is not the only country that reports rapes. In Norway the police announced that 100% of ALL rapes in the capital Oslo, was committed by Muslims.

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    • It’s very simple! Muslims are known, as demonstrated by the incident, to be predominant rapists. They have NO respect for women! They view women simply as slaves, made to meet their sexual needs. It is dangerous, especially for females, to be around them! Muslims do NOT meet the standard to be classified as humans! The hijabs, shrouds, tents, etc., that they force on their women are control devices to keep them from being members of civilization.

      Would you identify the Nazis of WWII as simply humans? NO WAY! We want them to be identified as Nazis – Satanic vile, vicious, demented animals to be totally avoided.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Are you mentally insane haha… Comparing dangerous Salafists to Nazi I can understand, but comparing Muslims to Nazi it’s ABSURD and it’s all the more nonsense to me that you say so as nobody on that blog or whatev has yet pointed out how wrong you were…. Each religion has its extremists, and all Muslims are not extremists (am I learning you smg?), all muslims don’t think that women are not equal to men and that they’re the only culprits of their own rapes! A majority of Muslims are GOOD PERSONS for god sake!! And this is calumny there are as much white catholic rapists on earth as there are Muslims ones.
        I’m really struggling to stay polite but what I’m reading is so..heinous and unjustified. Or maybe it is just ignorance – hope so.

        Listen to this and tell me that Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam is a Nazi!! SHAME ON YOU! I’m deeply atheist but I tolerate religions because moderated religious can have very good values to share all Muslims don’t think that rape is good, OBVIOUSLY, they’re not all violent, and all three monotheisms share profound similitudes, for instance traditional patriarchal catholic families exist too nowadays, the catholic clergey doesn’t allow woman priests either, how about that, what you say about Muslims is also valuable for Christians! BUT NOT FOR MODERATED ONE, for extremists ones. I though it went without saying, so how come i feel the need to justify myself you’re not six you’ll be able to understand by yourself if you’re not too retarded (which is clearly..uncertain. And please go to Auschwitz one of these day I’m sure you know nothing about this place if you were a little more informed perhaps you would pay more attention to the words you choose.


      • I am very much convinced that not every muslim is terrorist but on the other side I am equally concerned that every muslim has potential to become a terrorist. No body is terrorist by birth it’s only Quraan and religious teaching which makes a muslim blind to an extent that he forgets humanity. Quraan and it’s creater Muhammad is pure evil that is proved, Religion and philosophy are human creation it has nothing to do with divine but people like muhammad associted it with fabricated god and made divide human in muslims and kufr. What a disgusting idea.

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    • Because, Hindus/sikhs or christians were not involved in oxford sex mutiliation case where muslims had pushed somewhere round 1300 teenage girls in sex slavery.
      Because no hundus, sikhs, or christians had kiddnaped 200 girls in somalia and raped them using them to born new bred of jihadis.
      Because no hindu, sikhs, christian raped a 70 years old nun in bengal.
      Because no hindu, sikhs, christians are terrorist on the name of Islam.
      Because no Hindus, sikhs, christians are trying to establish islamic khilafat.
      Because no hindus, sikhs, christians are demanding separate country in china, India, phillipines, east europe etc.

      In the end Islam is an evil and it must be uprooted from civilized societies.

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      • I’d rather be dead than Muslim, which is the choice offered, is it not?

        The better solution is the Muslims all be dead, and the good people go on living. And this can be arranged.


      • You are a psychopath too and believe what you want to believe after fabricating stories in your mind. In India biggest terrorists are RSS/VHP/BD/Shiv S and BJP and no other organisation. Don’t live in denial and do some self reflection. Nearly highest rates of AIDs cases in India, highest rates of rape and child sexual abuse in India and is commited by the majority popultaion there. Google it and you will find it.


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