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Muslims stage mosque vandalism with Swastikas – media blames Pegida

Swastikas is a very common symbol of vandalism that Arabs and Muslims use against each other (as worn-out as the raised shoe in insult, or “I’ll fuck your mother” Islamic slur that is notorious in the Middle East). Muslims have no understanding how sensitive the use of these symbols would be for a Westerner. The media is completely bonkers if they don’t understand the notorious staged hate crimes Muslims constantly commit, while trying to pin the blame on anti-fascist protesters who are merely middle class parents with children.

In a recent Swedish documentary [SVT Uppdrag Granskning] about Islamophobia (!) translated to us by a reader, the interviews in the program revealed that mosque attacks were made by Muslims themselves. In the few cases they were real, they were committed by other Arab minorities against Sunni majorities with a history of centuries of persecution and massacres of their people. Sweden, like other Western cultures, have imported all the warring tribes of the Middle East. They now bring their enmity and battles with them while the unwitting local people get the blame by media and politicians who do not understand the Arab mindset.



Swastikas on mosque as Pegida march looms

A police spokeswoman told AFP that the graffiti, found on Sunday morning, were being “investigated by the national security agency”.

It is the latest in a series of anti-Islamic — and anti-Semitic — acts of vandalism in EU member state Austria.

In December unknown culprits left a pig’s head and intestines in front of the door of another mosque in the capital. A street sign was changed to read “Sharia Street” in September.

This weekend four swastikas and the word “Hitler” were found drawn and etched on walls on the former Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen.

On Saturday night two men were assaulted in central Vienna by four others shouting anti-Semitic slogans such as “Scheissjuden” (“shitty Jews”), media reports said.

This followed clashes between police and demonstrators protesting against a traditional Viennese ball attended by far-right figures when 54 people were arrested.

Pegida, which has drawn thousands of supporters on the streets of the German city of Dresden in recent months, was due to hold its first march in Austria on Monday evening.

Small “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident” offshoots have also sprung up in other German cities and in European countries including Denmark, Switzerland and Spain.

The Vienna march in the city centre was expected to attract fewer than 300 people. A counter-demo was also planned, with 1,200 extra police on duty in case of trouble

Muslims stage hate crimes on their own mosque in Sweden.

Muslims stage hate crimes to play victims in Germany.

Muslims stage hate crimes in France, blamed on French native “fascists”.

Muslims stage hate crimes in Brooklyn, New York.

Muslims stage EDL-hate crime on mosque facade in England. EDL would crawl to the second floor of a mosque without being caught either on camera or by people at the mosque? Hm…

Muslims stage fake Jewish hate crimes encouraging people to “kill Arabs!”.

Muslims vandalize Jewish synagogue in Switzerland.

Painted Swatikas found on the Temple Mount in Israel.

Muslims hold up symbols they commonly use in their hate crimes, in Palestine.

Palestinians with their favorite symbol.

Swastika’s embedded in mosque design at the renovated sections of Jameh Mosque of Isfahan is in Isfahan city, within the Isfahan Province in Iran. The Swastika originates from ancient India as a symbol for Time and Karma, but was designed in reverse by the Nazi’s as their symbol for fascism and power.

Set of swastikas shaped in the garden at Islamic Azad University in Iran.

See the repeat pattern in what they worship and use in their vandalism and hate crimes?

More phony Muslim vandalism attempts:


California: Muslim arrested in mosque vandalism
Vandalism against houses of worship in Germany. A study in contrasts

6 thoughts on “Muslims stage mosque vandalism with Swastikas – media blames Pegida

  1. Dear Administrator,

    I have no difficulty believing that Muslims are responsible for vandalism to their own mosques, because it happens so often in many different countries. However, I do not see any evidence in the article that the mosque in Austria was self-vandalized. Is there something missing here.

    The Australian video is a good one, but again, it doesn’t support that the Austrian mosque was vandalized by its own Muslims.

    If there is some proof, and it just happened to be inadvertently omitted, I would be grateful if you could supply it. Thank you.

    BTW, when did this Australian Sheikh Halili thing happen?


  2. We have had a similar spate of attacks on mosques in Australia. In one case it was the Lakemba Mosque Sheik, the Grand Mufti of Australia no less, who vandalised his own mosque, caught on his own CCTV!

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