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Left-wing media slander Lutz Bachmann Pegida leader’s “Hitler photo” – taken from hair salon prank

An image is circulating with Lutz Bachmann having his hair cut at a salon. He is posing with his wet hair and the apron still on. Cut pieces of his hair is humorously used under his nose as a moustache, giving him unwanted resemblance of the Muslim world’s favorite leader in European history. This obvious prank is now used in media all over the world as “proof” that Bachmann is a Nazi sympathizer. No one who is anti-Islam could ever be a Nazi sympathizer. Islam itself is fascism.

This is how desperate these left wingers are.

Islam and Nazism go intimately hand-in-hand through modern history that even the holocaust was an imitation from the Ottoman genocide of Armenian Christians, and later adapted by Hitler in the German concentration camps on bequest of Amin al-Husseini, the Palestine jihad founder. Muslims are strongly pro-Nazi and have been the largest buyers of Mein Kampf since its release in Arabic in the 1930’s. Muslims are certainly not anti-Nazis so the entire narrative is as distorted as it can come. Let’s not forget that Britain’s Prince Harry went to a party with a Nazi swaztika armband but has the royal family resigned from their positions for that?

These left-wingers should be fed as Isis fodder. When it all hits the fan no one should come to the rescue of these deplorable people who are serving as a constant nemesis to national freedom and safety.



Pegida leader’s Hitler Facebook photo emerges

Published: 21 Jan 2015, The Local

Pegida leader's Hitler Facebook photo emerges

New ire has come from the leader of anti-Islam movement Pegida after newspapers revealed on Wednesday that he once posted a picture of himself dressed as Adolf Hitler captioned: “He’s back”.

The picture from earlier this year, showing Lutz Bachmann with his hair gelled to the side and a toothbrush moustache just like the Nazi leader’s, was submitted to the Dresdener Morgenpost (MoPo) tabloid by an anonymous source.

The MoPo also revealed that in comments captured by the paper’s anonymous source, Bachmann, 41, referred to immigrants an asylum seekers as “cattle”, “trash” and “brutes”.

Bachmann has emerged as the defacto leader of the Dresden’s weekly marches organised by Pegida, which stands for “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West”. The marches invoke the populist Monday Demonstrations that started in Leipzig in 1989 that became the social movement behind the dissolution of East Germany.

The social media postings all stem from September 2014, a month before the first Pegida march assembled on the streets of Dresden.

Bachmann has dismissed the photo as nothing more than “a joke”.

He also updated his Facebook profile picture of a still of Charlie Chaplin as “The Great Dictator”, which satirises Hitler, with the caption: “He’s allowed to do Satire… not Lutz.”

On Bild’s Facebook page, Bachmann said “I published the photo in response to the satirical novel “He’s Back” and posted it to Christoph Maria Herbst’s wall”.

Herbst was the voice of the audio book for the novel “Er ist wieder da”, written by Timur Vermes. The novel tells the tale of Hitler as he wakes up 66 years after his supposed death and takes a stroll through Berlin’s Mitte neighbourhood.

The MoPo said that all posts were deleted after they contacted Bachmann regarding the posts.

But another post from 2012 showed a picture of a man in the white-hooded robe of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) with the words “Three K’s a day keeps the minorities away”.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, said that Bachmann blocked her from his profile after she argued against his political views.

“He spoke in a derogatory manner about other people who didn’t agree with his ideas,” the source said.

Pegida founders have long fought against the idea that their group is made up of right-wing extremists.

Their habit of calling the press “Lügenpresse” or the “lying press” stems from the way German journalists have reported on its association with right-wing groups like Hooligans Against Salafists.

The movement has also taken pains to distance itself from the National Democratic Party (NPD), Germany’s neo-nazi political party.

In an interview with blu-news published on January 11th, organisers Kathrin Oertel and René Jahn said their group was made up of people who voted for the Christian Democrats (CDU), the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and euro-sceptic upstart Alternative for Germany (AfD), “But no one among us votes for the NPD,” said emerging spokeswoman Oertel.

While their movement does attract right-wing extremists both online and at their demonstrations, it has been a long-maintained  position from the organizers that they aren’t responsible for who shows up.

Bachmann last made headlines on Monday when the weekly Pegida march was cancelled after authorities said there was a “credible” jihadist threat on the organiser’s life.

“We will not be silenced,” he and Oertel said at a press conference held that day.

Bachmann is currently under police protection following the threats.

3 thoughts on “Left-wing media slander Lutz Bachmann Pegida leader’s “Hitler photo” – taken from hair salon prank

  1. It is incredible, how far both left-leaning multi-cultis, Islamic apologists, and Muslims themselves (in the guise of the propaganda machines, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR etc.) will go to discredit ANYBODY who does not fully support the concept that Allah, and Shariah law should dominate the world.

    Hitler worked hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood in the second world war. And who did they target? (I’ll let you figure that one out.) And who is singled out as deserving annihilation in the Koran? And which nation has to survive daily within a cordon of Jew-hating Muslims ? (Sorry to be so blunt – but you should read some of the propaganda that spews forth hourly from the Palestinian media – it would make Hitler himself blush.)

    Muslim Brotherhood acted as spies for Hitler in Egypt, against the allies.

    To think that Hitler was against Islam is just laughable – he based his genocide on Islamic history (the Ottomans) and Mein Kampf on the Koran. Even his moustache was taken from facial hair concepts of Islam (and the power associated with it.)

    Search trop thereligionofpeace


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