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German jihadist says Isis ‘will conquer Europe’

German jihadist says Isis 'will conquer Europe'

Published: 15 Jan 2015, The Local


A German Muslim convert fighting with Isis has warned his compatriots that Germans should “brace themselves” for terrorist attacks.

The German jihadist Christian Emde issued the warning in an interview posted to Facebook by Jürgen Todenhöfer, a journalist who has reported extensively from areas in Iraq and Syria controlled by Isis.

Emde, who was expelled from Britain in 2012 for possessing jihadist publications, said Isis would eventually seek to take over Europe.

“We will one day conquer Europe. We don’t just want to. We will. And we are sure about that.”

Speaking in Mosul with armed men in the background, the one-time German Protestant said Isis would continue to behead and enslave people it considered its enemies.

Christians and Jews would be allowed to live in an Islamic state, but only if they paid a form of protection tax. Otherwise, “they will all be killed”, he said.

By contrast, the world’s 150 million Shia Muslims would not be offered the chance to pay a tax. Isis would kill any Shia who refused to “repent” and convert to the Sunni faith, said Emde.

“150 million, 200 million, 500 million – we don’t care about the number.”

Asked if Germans should expect terrorist attacks on home soil, he said:

“They should brace themselves, definitely.”

Todenhöfer released the video just hours before Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the German parliament and said Germany would use “all legal means” to fight “hate preachers” and other extreme Islamists.

The Chancellor also vowed to continue arming and training Kurdish fighters battling Isis in Iraq and Syria.

“Hate preachers, violent delinquents who act in the name of Islam, those behind them, and the intellectual arsonists of international terrorism will be rigorously fought with all legal means at the disposal of the state,” she said.

A separate Isis video released on Wednesday also named Germany as a possible target for terrorist attacks.

9 thoughts on “German jihadist says Isis ‘will conquer Europe’

  1. The sooner we attack and extinguish/obliterate/expunge/exterminate them from the earth, the better it will for all concerned. All are rodents (rats) and must be thoroughly and completely exterminated. Let’s bring in Wilders, who has some sense, and get on with it.

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  2. Don’t forget, amongst the beheadings, the slaughtering of innocents from Africa to Paris, from India to USA, the kidnap and rape of schoolchildren, the firing of aimless rockets into civilian populations, please don’t forget that Islam is a religion of Peace. Keep saying it children, and you might believe it is true, like the tooth fairy, and Santa.

    But when you grow up and use your brains and eyes – you see the awful, mind-numbing truth. Islam is out to slaughter non-Muslims, and turn the world into Satan’s hell-hole.

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  3. I just wonder looking at this Fat MoFo, He is got to wait around 350 lbs or more what sort of a ‘fighter’ is can he be? Me thinks this fat boy can at best be a spokes person for hate speech. In fact I can’t even picture him having sex his belly is way too big, he is just a moron, a hate mongering moron. May be we can roast him and feed half the starving world?

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  4. SOPHISTICATED SOCIAL ENGINEERING This tactic of ISIS and ISIL (the Levant) recruiting nationals is part of an internationalist Divide and Conquer scheme! It is epic in its ominous proportions! ISIS and ISIL are merely fronts – shields – useful idiots, if you will – for the globalists who want to Divide and Conquer nations and turn them into globalist colonies (see Foreign Affairs Journal). Their goal is to do worldwide “community organizing” Saul Alinsky style, reducing everything to rubble and ashes then rebuilding from the ground up (as stated in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals dedicated to Lucifer his favorite revolutionary). This way Christians and muslims kill themselves and not so many UN troops are made expendable. They come in at the end to bring peace and order as the “protectorate,” as WWII Russia was the “protectorate” of Finland and the Nazis were the “protectorate” of Denmark. North America and Europe will soon be under the globalist control under the pretense of “UN protectorate,” unless someone like Wilders starts getting it together.

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    • One must remember secularism is also a religion as is Masonry the State Religion (with a global infrastructure all set up and ready to go. If you don’t believe this, ask your Freemason governor or Senator). It is a religious war in the sense the social engineers want the world religions fighting and wiping each other out, so the globalists can move in.

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