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Paris terrorists identified as Islamic state members: Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad

Hadith - punishment of those who wage war against Allah
Wage war against Allah and his apostle = kill anyone who refuses to follow and abide by Islam and Islamic law.

With French army deployed over Christmas to maintain security in France from daily Muslim violence, threats, and attacks, the civil war against Islam in the land of Eurabia has now started. The more Muslims provoke the quicker they will reel in a new crusade. Really dumb people. Media is in denial and want to promote the drawings as the cause, not the real cause: 1,400 years of Muslim ideology to kill and terrorize non-Muslims. They don’t need excuses. They’ll make them up their own excuses if there are no reasons.



Charlie Hebdo

The car of the assailants had been abandoned after the attack in a street in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

Muslim murderers have been identified

From and

Moments ago, French Le Point revealed the nationality of the three Paris terrorists: via Bloomberg: PARIS ATTACKERS ARE FRENCH-ALGERIAN, LE POINT SAYS

Le Metro added that two of the three men, aged 18, 32 and 34 were actually born in France.

And finally, according to French sources, their names: Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad:

METRO According to our information, the three individuals wanted by the police after the attack that occurred Wednesday morning at the premises of Charlie Hebdo have been identified.

Their names and dates of birth are in the hands of the police. This Wednesday evening, a few hours after the terrible attack on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, the identities of the three suspects were known to law enforcement.

The investigation is moving towards Reims (in Champagne-Ardennes, north east France, bordering Belgium).

It is three men aged 18, 32 and 34 years. Two are of French nationality and are brothers born in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. They are named Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi. The nationality of the youngest, Hamyd Mourad is not yet known. We know however that he was registered in last year’s class in a school in Charleville-Mézières, in the Academy of Reims (Champagne-Ardennes). The local newspaper, L’Union en Ardennais, indicated late in the afternoon that the investigation was leaning towards Reims.

Searches are being conducted and special forces of the RAID have been sent there. The Croix-Rouge district has been totally closed off and police helicopters are flying over the area.

One of the alleged attackers, Cherif Kouachi, would already be well known to the police. He has been tried in 2005 to have been part of a chain of dispatch of jihadists in Iraq, dubbed “the Iraqi sector of the 19th arrondissement of Paris” (“la filière irakienne du 19e arrondissement de Paris”). With a dozen companions, he induced a dozen young people for combat in Iraq between 2003 and 2005. He was arrested in 2005, where he was preparing himself to go to Iraq. At the time, he justified before the President of the Court in these terms: “the more the departure approached, the more I wanted to go back. But if I retract, I would pass for a coward.” He was sentenced to three years in prison, with 18 months suspension.


paris attack finger
paris terrorists

Here are just a few of many terrorist reports happening in France:


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35 thoughts on “Paris terrorists identified as Islamic state members: Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad

  1. You sure have a lot of information on this topic. This post could not be written any better! I have never in all my years thought of that until just today. I don’t even know where to go from here now that I have seen this. It’s wild how much this industry is changing everyday but I like how much this blog always is up to date withcurrent news and information.


  2. Muslim in the world.
    We must keep the world in peace. We must make peace not war.
    Forgiveness is what we do for ourselves. Life is beautiful. We live once.
    Let´s make a wonderful world without revenge. Let it go. Not killing.
    Please, no killing anyone. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL FOR EVERYONE.
    Thank you. I love you!


  3. Good on Leyla (below) for speaking out; but how can we take it seriously? Muslims kill and slaughter and when they get a backlash some then speak out, but it seems like a trick because they know that society is turning against them and they are not ready to take over the world just yet. They want to breed more so that they are the majority in every western country,,, and by then they will have already completely infiltrated all governments and all muslims will then be honest about their true aims instead of some muslims denying that they want all jews and infidels to kneel before allah and play with his homosexual balls. I have no issues with gay or lesbian people but muslims do; which is quite ironic considering who they pray to.
    A moderate muslim is a muslim who has converted to a religion and not an Ideology or has become an atheist.
    They hide the TRUE teachings of the arse wipe paper of the koran by incorrectly translating it into other languages. Translate the koran correctly so that all the western do-gooders can see the TRUE islam !


  4. Islamic world war is multi branded but all fronts are islamic. This escalating genocidal conflict can not be controlled by police or army.
    I see technology being engaged to identify who each person is and their security status at virtual check points. Unidentifiable persons to be immediately held for checking and DNA swab. This way each person is granted the appropriate freedoms. Much of this idea is already in place and only an upgrade is needed. Not a happy prospect but would control enemies within.


    • Like the first part of this article speaks well, get them all out of your country if they have no serious business in your country. They recruit the dumbest minded people they can and then feeds them their Allah bitch crap, that all non-Muslim must die. The world code is a person needs to have a country and can’t be exiled, well, send them to the caliphate (northern Iraq and Syria)they have created, corral all them up in one country, and kill them all. The innocent people should leave the caliphate because they know they will become slaves or worse. After the Islam radicals are wiped out, go get Boko Haram, those cowardly murderous dogs. I can’t stand for these groups to make up something just to kill. I believe they are all mental retarded to the point, you can tell them anything and they will believe it. Mohammed the prophet is nothing but figment of their imagination. Jesus is the Messiah and no one else. Let these animals have their caliphate and then send in the troops from all nations if you consider peace. Let all civilian who are peaceful leave that area for their safety. I don’t understand why the French let those sick people back in the country when they knew where they went. The U.S. knows where the American nationals are and they shouldn’t let them back in. They have a caliphate they can resort too. Australia knows of this, so does Russia, Canada, Asia, and other nations. Get rid of the problem and let them not return and then you know what to do. Terror is a tool N. Korea uses on their own people and it works well on them. The Klan terrorized Blacks in that country and it worked well. Boko Haram uses the same tactics and it’s going to stop when people start to defend themselves. Take the guns from them cowards and they will cry like little bitches because then they would be afraid of being hung. That’s the only thing they really fear is being hung by the neck. They are so ignorant that they believe if hung, they won’t see Allah the bitch. That’s how stupid they are.


  5. I’m not a Christian, but I embrace the Golden Rule and think everyone should. Islam rejects the Golden Rule, and insists upon asserting supremacy. This attack is a direct result of their “scripture” and demonstrates why Islam should be removed from the West, and the consequence of not doing so.


  6. For a change, the french authorities must round up these terrorist families and shoot them off , later hang them terrorist.
    any terrorist act must be repaid to the terrorists 10 times in cruelty


  7. Hi proudmuslima and others. I have never read the Koran and know little of Islam. But the problem is this, so many muslims i meet are so intolerant its scary. I would say the 4 most intolerent people i have met have been muslims, inc one in my last job who use to come back from the mosque and go on about murdering people. Your religion has a serious world endangering problem with extremeists, dont deny it, dont pretend it has nothing to do with islam, except it and try to explain it to non muslims.


  8. As a muslim, killing innocent people in the name of Islam is much, much more offensive to me than any cartoon can ever be. Why do people kill in the name of my beautiful religion… When Brevik killed 80 innocent people he was just a psychopath but this is terrorism… Media can be so empowering


    • When has it ever been beautiful? When it killed 11 million Muslims in the past 50 years in the name of the Hadiths and Sirath – or when it slaughtered 590 million non-Muslims since the birth of Mohammed???
      When has it ever been beautiful? Please explain to all of us.


      • Well the problem starts with uneducated people like you, who start a blog about a religion that they never ever studied. The quraan does not promote killing non-muslims those people are sick, the average muslim is someone who tries to be a good person and helps others. Prays 5 times a day and respects everyone. Go read a book about the islam, watch a video on youtube, don’t spread hate about something so complex as islam is you don’t even understand it. And my religion has always been beautiful, it learns me to be peaceful towards everybody. The sad thing is that will despise my religion because those morons.


      • get out with your education, it is fiction, i might as well study harrie potter or something. You are just a cult member.


    • Leyla, why not inquire what the credentials of the several personalities who compose the Admin comments are before announcing they don’t have any?


      • Leyla may have read the koran But probably the edited translated one that hides the true teachings of islam, probably skipped a few pages too.
        if islam was a truelly peacefull cult then ALL muslims would be condoning these acts. But only a few ever do… its a trick so to stop a full on backlash against muslims so that they can continue to grow amd expand whilst pretending to be your friend. Musls can not be trusted


  9. Are you all freaking kidding me? Do you guys even know what Islam is? Extremnism is never good and these people are not real muslims, it’s not even permitted to kill people. Go read people, educate yourself, do you know how many people are muslim? 1/4 fourth of the world is muslim people wake up you guys, these sick people are the problem not the islam.


  10. I hope they got away clean. I hope they hide inside a “no go zone” enclave. I want everyone in the world to understand that this is what they are, this is what they do. Always. Everywhere. And they aren’t gonna change.

    The danger won’t go away till they do. We lost 3,000 and did nothing. They gotta go. It couldn’t be more clear.

    Liked by 1 person

      • What are you talking about? Do you want people thinking the “problem is solved” because three guys are caught or killed? These three enemies of civilization are instantly replaceable.

        Three guys aren’t the problem, Islam is the problem. Just because you and I understand doesn’t mean everyone else does. I want everyone, every single fucking one to understand they GOTTA GO!!!!


      • Only now did I snap to it. ZORG is one of them. Note the brevity. This is as far as his inbred brain can span. There is an influx of them, attempting to dilute the just vitriol with a flurry of downwards thumbs and disingenuous commentaries.


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